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i vCpt
i Q WM yWt if iII
0Il 1 d < t rkrnk r W > W siG3 = 3711 + s an > d t iiiyWt
pif r t td fi r 1 U C
1s u I t
l t
fI j
hstructions Relative to the Tak
ing of the Farm Census
k + c
< Vy Preparing an Accurate Statement
f Their Farm Operations and Mak
iY Hf an Inventory of Their Posses
t dens Farmers Will Speed the Work
may T preparing nil accurate account
s tho year ended Dec 31 100W
w and by making an inventory on
iftpril 15 1910 of all their farm pos
jAooa the farmers of the country
R < 4ata rentier the census bureau and the
imbUc at largo an Inestimable service
art Is not to be expected that farmers
rutll ever keep as complete accounts as
r ASRt4inaitufacturers and merchants The
dry nature of their occupationthe
it ± K hours and arduous labor of th
ifemcicr months are a partial bar to
J DIVI8109r
I Phuta
ri 1a Mrgo part of his daily bread Is sup
s 1 from his own farm Instead of
Hg purchased out of cash oh hand
OMturally causes the farmer to place
ara uncertain value on the products
r MBSumcd Jhlle home Nevertheless
a constantly4 increasing number Of
as their daily receipts and expenses
otad of the exact quantities of all
classes of products grown or raised
Iii order that the great majority of
i Joook records of their farm operations
q may be given an opportunity to famil
iarize themselves with the scope of
the census to be taken this year an
outline of the schedule Is here present
< elL Every farm operator is strongly
urged to study this outline carefully
and to write down the answer to each
question as soon as the necessary hl j
4formation becomes available vhcn i
1 Completed the notebook should laid
aside for reference when the cnument
yttor calls Questions to be asked con
t cerninjr farm property will be these
i < FJret Total value of arm with all
Buildings and Improvements
Second Value of buildings
Third Valuo of all Improvements and
1 machinery Including tools wagons ear
stages harnesses etc and all appliances
And apparatus used In farming operations
ITourth Number and value of domestic
animals classified ns follows
r cameIl Horn before Jan 11DOD Cows
ors not kept for milk steers and bull u
s Icepti
i for work
i tb Born in 1909 Heifers steers and
I bulls
< c Calves born in 1910
Horses All horses born before Jan 1
m Torn after Jan 1 1910
r Mules All mules born before Jan 1
a 3983 mule colts born utter Jan 1 190YJ
t onulo colts born after Jan 1 1910
Asses and burros all ages
t Swine Hogs born before Jan 1 1910
piss born after Jan 1 1910
Sheep Ewes born before Jan 1 1910
Tarns and wethers born before Jan l
3SM lambs born after Jan 1 1910
1Goats and kids all ages
Fifth Number and value of poultry
aver three months old Chickens ducks
jwcso turkeys guinea fowls pigeons
Sixth Number and value ol swarms ot
Tl census will not ask the value of
l c behold goods nor that of hay grain
ter other farm crops on hand on April
3fc These Items should be Included
1sever by all desiring a complete
c < sire ntory ot their farm property
1 The Actual Value
iSe as nearly as can be judged the
L1amoUnt that could be obtained for it if
Offered for sale under normal condl
tI ftfens Current market prices should
t lbecarefully considered In estimating
Tike value of Ilyo stock
r air ikatemcht Of total value of all Iraplo
jaaents and machinery It Is believed
i llint a classification of these Items un
der the following four heads will bo
t found valuable
First Vehicles comprising automobile
j wagons carriages and sleighs and equip
y ment used in connection with them as
o F harnesses blankets whips etc
Ala Second Heavy farm Implements com
pulsing all implements and machinery op
crated by any power other than hand
I power as plows harrows rollers renp
+ err mowers hay loaders feed grinders
etc Third Hand machinery and tools in
cluding carpenters tools hoes shovels
lt Kcytbes forks grindstones fanning mills
e4e 3Panrth Miscellaneous articles fnclud
° + rutr alt Pact minor equipment ait kettles
jttfl tearreW tasket ladders ropes
chains ete not included in the first thrli
classesMany farmers greatly underestimate
tho total valuo of their possessions of
this character when considering them
In the aggregate IlIHI It Is only by pre
paring an Itemized list ItS suggested
above that ah accurate estimate of
their worth can be made The value
assigned this class of Property In the
inventory should bo the estimated
amount it would bring at public auc
tion under favorable conditions
No special blanks or forms arc ncces
sary for preparing an Inventory An
ordinary notebook answers all pur
poses but It should be large enough to
admit of carrying the figures for at
least five years In parallel columns
This facilitates comparison of the fig
urea for different years Some may
find it more convenient or desirable to
take stock on Jan 1 than on April 15
It will be a simple matter to bring
such nn inventory up to date when the
census enumerator calls
As in the case of the farm Inventory
no special blanks are required for the
record of farm products of 1900 An
ordinary notebook with leaves at least
six Inches wide will be found conven
lent The following information wlll
be called for
First Farm expenses in 1P09
a Amount spent in wish for farm la
bor exclusive bf housework
b Estimated value of house rent and
board furnished farm laborers in addition
to cash was s paid
c Amount spent for hay grain and
other produce not raised on the farm Jfor
feed of domestic animals and poultry
d Amount spent for nmuuro and other
fertilizers i
Not Too Curious
No Inquiry Is made regarding house
hold or personal expenses or expendI
tures for repairs or improvements
Each of the four questions asked is of
fundamental importance in its bearing
on agriculture as an Industry
Second Iivo stock a Number of
young animals of each kind born on the
farm In 1909
b Number of animals of Inch kind
purchased In 1909 and tho amount paid
number gold and amount received and
number and value of those slauehtercd on
the fam
Think Dairy products
a Quantities and value of milk butter j
and cheeSo produced on the farm in 1C09
b Quantities of milk butter cre I1J1
butter fat and cheese sold in tOO unU
amounts received
Fourth Poultry and eggs
a Value of poultry of all kinds raised
in 1909 whether sold consumed or on
b Amount received from poultry sold
in 1909
c Quantity and value of eggs produced
In 1909 r
d Quanllts amltvamq oG eggs sold in 1909
Fifth Wodljind roqhair < fj
Ntlinber 91111 tptdl weight ot fleeces
shdrh in 1909 and amount redclVed frpm
Sixth Crops
SlxthCropsFor f
For each crop harvested on the farm In
1909 give the number of acres the quan
tity produced and the value of the prod
nets The < jimnber af acres ot earls crop
tobeplpnlgd for baM lt in11910 iill also
be called for l > ytno enumerator VJlila
capuot be determined much before the
data of tli enutneratlon Instead of giv
lug the number of acres In orchards and
vineyards give as nearly as possible the
number of trees and vies of bearlrg
age The quantity of certain fruit prod
ucts as cider 4ntJKar wine and dried
ruits productd In 1009 will be required
as will also the quantity and value of
sugar sirup and molasses produced from
cane sorghum sugar beets and maple
trees Seventh Sales of specified products in
A eon ll1crnlilo part of the annual pro
duction of corn oats barley Kaffir corn
milo maize hay flax fiber and straw
other straw cornstalks and cotton seed
Is usually consumed on the farm Owing
to this fact a report will be asked concerning
cerning the quantity of each of these
products sold in 1009 and the amounts
realized therefrom
Kighth Forest products
Tho value of all forest products cut or
produced In 1909 for farm consumption
will bo asked as will also the value of
similar products cut or produced for sale
Including receipts from the sulo of stand
ing timber
Ninth Irrigation
Farmers who irrigate their land will be
asked to report tho soureo from which
water is obtained the number of acres
of pasture land irrigated and the total
Irrigated acreage <
This outline covers every important
question that will be asked concerning I
the farm products of 1900 American
agriculture is so diversified and so
highly specialized In many of Its
branches that any schedule designed
to secure n fairly complete exhibit of
Slit resources and operations must nec
essarily contain a largo number of In
< IrlesIIhe average farm operator
will not be called upon to answer one
seventh of the printed questions hence
the somewhat formidable appearance
of tho schedule should occasion no
No ono should attempt to complete a
farm schedule in one evening but the
work should be divided as Indicated
In the above outline One evening be
lag given up to farm expenses a SOc
ond to live stock a third to dairy prod
acts and wo on through the list In
this way each topic can be given the
pouslderntlou it deserves and the re
sulting figures are certain to be more
iccurate than If compiled hastily
BILL FOR 10000
Measure Is Defeated for Nothing Says
George F Seward on Stand
Measure Was Discussed
In Sing Sing Prison
Now York Mar 23llIg Tim Sul
livan now a state senator offered to
kill an adverse insuurance bill in the
Now Yark legislature for 10Uuu
HeorgeiFV Seward president ot the Fi
delay and casualty company testified
at the afternoon session of the fire
Insurance Investigation
Seward nalrt he wired Sullivan to
go to hell and then went to Albany
and killed the bill without the pay
ment ot money to anyone
The offer from Sullivan was made
in 1891 or 1892 when Roswell P
Flower was governor and both houses
of the leglslaturue were Democratic
Seward testified Hotchklss askel
Witness Is Positive
Are you quite certain this demand
for 10000 was made of you through
Brown by Big ilm Sullivan now a
member of the state senate
1 am quite certain It was the same
Big Tim Sullivan the witness said
in the old days when one visited Al
bany one used to be met by members
in the hall who asked what bill om
was Interested in When one told
them they would ask Is there any
money in Itior me Such a demand
was made on me by a member of the
assembly named Goldberg from Buf
Insurance men are honest Sew
ard said but they are harrassed to
death by men wno want money This
particular bill aimed to sever fidelity
and casualty companies and prevent
them from doing a joint business It
was aimed onlyat my company AI
man offered to stop the bill I
Quick tell us about It interposed j
Superintendent ot Insurance Hotch
Goes to Sing Sing
VVll Ill tell you about It I re
cejvfid ti telegram from a man inAl
bariy lit which he referred 6 this bill
and asked Due to meet him iu Jjtngr
Sing prison and discuss It with him
His name was Brown and he was In
some executive position in the prison
I am sure It wag not Warden Brown
who was then In charge of the prison
Well I went to the prison and had a
fine dinner Then this man Brown
said Timothy Sullivan could and would
put the bill off for 10000
Seward then told how ho rejected
tho offer and of his certainty It wffB
from Big Tim Sullivan 41
Sullivan Nails Story as a Lie
Albany Mar 23ls a He saiil
Senator Big Tim Sullivan when
asked concerning the statement made
by G S Seward president of the Fi
delity Casualty company In the in
surance investigation in New York
that a man named Brown said Tim
Sullivan would kill an objectionable
bill which was pending In the legis
lature for 10000 Its one of those
hearsay stories Theres nothing
in it
House Near Webb City Mine Wrecked
One Man Is Killed Two Fa
tally Injured
Joplln Mo Mar 231n an explo
sign at the Red Dog mine north of
Webb City James Vinson was killed
and his wife and mother living across
the road were probably fatally hurt
The cause of the explosion Is fun
known i
The two small children of Vlnson
were found in the wreckage of his
house uninjured t
Walter Williams a miner asleep to
a boarding house COO yards fromthe
scene of the explosion was struck by
a boulder that was thrown through
the window of his roomi
Girl Jumps From Moving Train
Guthrie Okl Mar 23 Pansy Dyer
daughter of a farmer near Meridian
was badly hurt while alighting from a
moving train near Merllian station
She was not aware that she had
reached home until the train was
pulling out She rushqd to the plat
form and jumped off
Daniel Has Chance to Live
Daytona Fla Mar 23 trailed
States Senator John W Daniel slid
has a fighting chance for life accord
ing to a statement issued by hid phy
sicians Tuesday morning During the
night bE was more restful
Michael Cudahy in Chicago
Chicago Mar 23 Michael Cudahy
has arrived In Chicago from San Fran
cisco He refuses to discuss there
cent attack of his son John Cudafiy
upon tore Lulls the Kansas CJJty
banker v i
Chicago Registration Grows
CnicagOjt Mar 2Chicago has 41r
187 voters rejjlaterqd oyie blgfceat
previous total wig OM3l to 1104
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A Wyoming Girl
3Rushvllle 4
Rushville Opera House and the
show proved to be the best Western
Drama ever played here
Miss DaisyfHazelton who is star
ring in the part of Scissors Rave a
beautiful and picturesque creation
of a true weBternf girl The lights
and shades of the untutored girl
were handled with great care and
her devotion to her weak minded
father received much jnerited ap I
Miss Lillian Douglas who plays
the part of Holen Denver the
SehoolMarui gave a strong dram
atic portrayal of the part Her
scenes with tho Mexican the dl
vorcedj husband were particularly
stromtaud worked tho audience to a
high pitch of excitement
Mr William LeRoy who plays
the part of Peorge Washington
Augusta Nlbbs is certainly tho bet t
black taco comedian that has ap
peared here for many years
Lack of space will not allow us to
individualize the entire cast but
sulllce to say tho supporting com
pany are all capable actors and
handle their parts with strong
dramatic effect
Tho company carries all new and
appropriate scenery
The specialties between acts are
the best line of vaudeville
Mr C Fred Daunt the general 3
manager will always find a hearty
welcome should he play a return
date bore Bushville Banner =
At Totnple Theatre Tuesday night
March 29
Bankrupt Notice
f i
In the District Court of the United
States for the Western District of
Kentucky1rl the matter of Ell
Of dbkeftt bankrupt Jin bankruptey
No 696 +
otlcoUf lrst mooting of credit
ors To the creditors of abode
named bankrupt of Earllngtdn Iii
tho county of Hopkins and district
aforesaid i j i
Notice Is hereby given that on the
22nd day of March A1 D 1010 the
above rl med was adjudged a bank
rupt and that the first meeting of
his creditors will be held at the of
fice of the undersigned In Madison
vllle XYton the 2rict day of April
A D 1910 at 1 oclock In the after
noon at which time the said credit
ors may attend prove their claims
appoint a trustee examine the
bankrupt and transact such other
business as may properly come be
fore the meeting
Referee in Bankruptoy
Lifes Springtime =
Muiupr Youth Jatk ppforUalty
a do aometllngu to laeconiasome
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Meiinen Talcum Ponder
My Wifes Sa Ind Dressing
Sane Such Mince Meat
Iomptlan MnsoagcCrenm
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Kcruli lJC Scouring Soav
Sunny MonMay I iiimlry Soap
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Botk Company
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t wwwww
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