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Night Rider Cases Docketed for
This Term
HopkiUaville Ky June G
Circuit court opened Monday
trwhich will probably be extended
to eight weeks Judge Hanbery
having intimated that he would
call an eXtra session of fpui i
weeks JO follow the regular term
in order to clear the con este j
< docket us much as possi bJe1lic
docket for the term numbers 3
over 500 cases of which 102 are
appearances The divorce dock
et IB exceotionnlly heavy
Tile Commonwealth docket for
the term shows a number of im
portant cases listed which if
trials are held will make the
term one of the most interesting
d ever held here Among these
eases ire the following
The so called night rider case s
L in which Dr D A Amos New
ton Nichols John Robiuson Guy
V Malone and Irvin Glass are un
der indictment for complicity in
the raid on this city on the
morning of Dec 7 1007are set
for bearing on the fourth day of
the term HB DeTreville and
J B Galbrelith former presi
dent and secretary and treas
t rarer of the Acme Mills and
ijlfavntor company who were re
cently indicted for embezzlemdnt
in connection with the milU8af
fairs Will answer 5 qn ifh diiy
Arthur Wilson colored charged
with rape on the person of a
I white womau wjll answer oni
the third day Wilson has had
one trial and was sentenced to
death but tho case was reversed
by the court of appeals Er 0
Oatlavv who shot and killed W
Vf Littlefield as the result of
baypess troubles is under in
dictment for murder and his
case is set for the seventh day
Otto Armstrong also charged
with murder is set for the ninth
day Several other cases of
more than ordinary gravity are
sandwiched in between these
and the commonwealth part of
the term will be a busy one
Jekn Kelly Run Over By L It N En
J I Sine Near Hopkinsville
Hopjcinsyille K > June 5
Jo Jely agsd 23 Y ears was
run ofr 1
tie Louisville Nashville
Railroad at 2 oclock Kelly
was employed in a construction
camp nar here and had spout
the Bight in town On his way
back to cump he sat on the aid
of the track t it is supposed and
had fallen asleep when the loco
votive struck him His home
was at South Bend Ind where
the remains will be shipped for
New Officer for uo G C
A very interesting meeting
commandery y
last Saturday night it being a
regular stated meeting Mrs r
1 Minnie E Long tendered her
resignation as W Rof R and
Mrs Bertha Umstead was elect
ed and installed to fill the unex
i pired termsMrs Long has
o made a very efficient officer and
the members are very sorry to
o Jose her Mrs Umstead will
make excellent officer This
order is growing fast and new
members are being initiated e v >
tiJ erj ctiljgU1 nl
V 11
t vY rl
t y
Panther Like Creature Has Neighborhood
f errorized Shob Do Not Ar
feet It f
Providence Ky June 3 Un
injured by the hundreds of shot
which have been fired at it dur
inn the past I ween e
varmint which has taken up
its abode in the vicinity of the
Ruckmans mines is creating
much excitement in the neigh
borhood Children are not al
lowed out after dusk and men po
1armed Two calves and half a
dozen sheep have ben found
mangled in the fields
The mtiniiil is described as be
ins about a f t undone half tall
slid three fe tJong and re
Sen ble It panther Persons vho
have seen It declare that the
beast nuts fiery eyes which can be
seen in the darkness for a dis
preached it shows no tendency
to llee but is aggressive Rndad
fivauees upon the enemy with a
determination which strikes ter
ror into the heart of the bravest
was s
seen by a number of men while
passing the mines Its eyes like
two coals of fire penetrated tho
darkness and held them fascinat
ed ns the unknown animal ap
proached The men stopped as
would hesitate from advancing
dwithin shooting range but the v
were mistaken for the balls 0 f
Iness and the strange animal
showed uo sign of feur as it came
step by step neater b i
Vjjfheii within a < few yards Iron
al of the men opened fire upon
1the creature but it paid lie heed
it The men turned and ran
but were unable to say whether
or not they were followed
Plans are being made to pr
gnuKze a searching party and go
in hunt of the mysterious animal
The men in the party will arm
themselves heavily and will carry
sulliceut ammunition to fill the
hide of the beast uutil it is unable
to Kill it outright
Murderer of Alma Kellner is Described
Louisville Ky June 3001
H Watson Lindsey chief of the
Louisville police today gave out
a copy of the description of Jos
eph Weudlinff the janitor ofSt
Johns church wanted here on
the charge of murdering little
Alma Kellner Wendiing is de I
scribed as follows
Age 27 five feet 10 or 11 in
weight about 140 pounds blue
eyes rather squinting full pro
trudiug nose heavy black eye
brows black hair black mous
tache inc itied to curl narrow
stooped shoulders swarthy ctim
pleqfJQni rosy cheeks Is ai
Ffenchraau ° sometimes taken for
Qungarian or Italian speaks
decided French accent usually
stands very erect with one foot
extended walks with long
strides blue tattoo on one fore
arm j has gunshot wound in left
hand not positive about this being
ing left hand
Weudling left here Jan 14
1910 wearing a light checked
coat cheap clothes pointed
shoes j light alpine hat and wore
cheap pineflute design with
mother of pearls oh lapels of the
coatiOur information is that
he was born in Genus Cote dOr
France and that he is a deserter
from ills French army Since he
has been in this country he lists
worked as a common laborer is
drinking man and fond of women
Wendhng has been arrested
for attention to young + girls in
r tt
Jk t 1a
r i v
JWas Caught by a Loaded fri ail rl
Thrown Beneath the Cars I I 1
fcH 4 i
Friday morning aQ but sP O
o clock Rufus GatliDj an grn
ploye at the Victoria mines pfi i
Madison ville was caught bjvfc
laded trip and thrown beneata
theca e crushing his limbs a 4
hurting him internally He wp
brought to thetoprtnd the docje
torssent fory but nothing coulq
bed n to s vehis life He
died about 8 Oclock iti the Gird r
noon The stables Where Jvt
was employed are 11lthe miriejf
It was seen froth the first tliJtt
ho could notivu H
3 1
J1 Ttt
Mr Gatlin has been an > nxt
ploye of the mines several yyQar
and was u valuable trusted eyre
ploye He was about 83 years
old and leaves a wife and tiy J
f r
children His remains were I
buried at Grapevine cemetery
Saturday afternoon followed bv
a largecrawd of friends and rlujj
aatives fthe deceased vThfe
flornl offeriugewere r many and
very beautiful
eMrs Zorah J Eblen Will Be Arraigned
Next Monday <
i >
Henderson Ky June 3
The aminin trial M
T examitiinj pii
Mrs Zorah J Elilin charge
with the murder of her husbauplv
Bain W Eblfn will according
to the statements oilier attorne j
Judge Jahn T Dorsey und Rl 1
siciau Fonvood be held outMOil
day next The hitter say8thH f
the Intin witness Mattie lYhi g
cOlortdwrllb u 4lTJ1 Ji1i9lI
to sourt on that date and testify
as soon as this oman is able to
appear and that his client will
not waive a preliminary hearing
Mrs Ebliu waived her right toj
qualify us friiitrdian of her three
children wall on her motion the
Union Bank and Trust Company
was appointed iu such capacity
s i
Was Here a Few Weeks Ago With Dog
Pony and Goat Show
Prof Gilbert who was here a
short time ago with an animal
show consisting of a goat pony
and baboon was attacked by
the baboon and so seriously in
jured in JeiFersoiiville Iud
Saturday tlnit it is though he
willnot recover This is the
second time Since lie left here
that this fierce uiiinml has hurt
him the first rune at OveiiBboro
i 1 J Er EVANS
The above in a lilciMies tnkon
several tors Iw of Mr 1 E
Evans the uv 11ji tlllt ca luer
of the Eirlinitoii Hail Mr
Eyuufi entered 1n hianvt duties
last1P1I < aril we prpflict for
him n bright future in the bank
ipg World He has been s nshier r
of the L N at this place 1 for
several years
< > <
IOf Gen Morgan Was Selected
by His Comrades
noxlIJ ton Ky June 4At J
a meeting here of Jolty Morgan
Monument Committee of the
Confederacy theMocation of tinj
eqUestrain statue of Gen Joint i j
H Morgan was decided on and
the sculptor Pompeo Coppini
wI instructed to proceeda t
once to cast the statue and ar
rffnge for erecting it on the spot
seJecte1 in this dity
4fter carefully cpngidering i
the twp sites offered I for the
monument it was Decided td
select the One in front of the
court house instead of the loca
ion fin front of the Carnegie
Public Library on Second street
fab Y
bored One i easoi > for this de
biaion was the fact that Morgan
Ineh at their annual reunion at
Parkers Hill 4 last ° August recom
jnended l that the court house siteI
be cjiORen
j The statue will be located di
Jedtly in front of the court 1
douse just off the sidewalk on
he concrete walk leading from
the main entrance of the court
hoiiee to Main street This po
cities was n offered the committee I
and after its acceptance by th oI
committee a resolution was
pissedfchaukiug them for it
t rThe money I made by the 1J D t 1
0 at th ermovinnkiatuxe J12 t I
Saturday night onotwill go
to help this movement So come
out and assist these Indies
Morganfield Man Drinks Acid Then
Shoots Himself
Morgaufield Ky June 5
Lewis R Richards was found
dead in his storeroom on Maui
streets this morning atSoclock
He drank carbolic acil and then
bhot himself through the temple f
but it is not known at what hour
the deed was committed H °
ate breakfast at home and then
went to John Oroms drug store
where he bought the carbolic
acid asking the clerk to label I
tne bottle AS he left the store4
he joked with the firms em j
ployes about their soda fountain I
not being in keeping with theC
lefe t
the store in an apparently pleas I
aiiit frame of mind
Mr Richards is survived by
His wife nee Margaret Crom
well and two children Mary I
apd William and three broth
ers Dr William A lhom s
ane Aaton Mr Richards has I
been in the mercantile business
in this city since a very young I
main He was an elder in the
Presbyterian church
For some months he has been
despQiidenb about his health t I
having suffered greatly with in
somnin but other than this noI
reason can be assigned for hisI
Theodore Roosevelt Jr Geba Marri
age License
New York June 4 Theodore
Roosevelt Jr accompanied b >
hip fiance Miss Edith Butler
Alexander applied today at the
City Hall for a license to wed on
June 20
Young Roosevelt said he was
twentytwo years oldn manu
facturer and resided at Oyster
Bay Miss Alexander said she
was 1 twentyone and lived in this
i V
> I t t > > n n k
w l 1I mJ
1 l
Christian County Farmer Placed Under r j
Arrest OHvcrs condition Is x
Unsau f tory
Hopkiusvilie Ky June 8
Lieutenant Colonel E B i
Bassett arrived in the city this I
afternoon having in custody S i
Oaldwellcourity farmer whorti
ho arrested asB < Malone other = I
wise J B Malone indicted by
the last Christian CQunty grand1
jury for alleged complicity iq
night rider raids on Hopkinsville
December 7 1900
William H Malone and he de
nies any connection with the
Col Bassett will return tomor
row to Lamasco where he is in
charge of soldiers who are guard
ihg the residence of Milton OJiJ
ver on whom an attempt at as <
sassination was recently made 1
Oliver was wounded by a lead of
buckshot His condition is not
as satisfactory as at first and is
causing much uneasiness
He is one of the principal wit
nesses for the State in the nightrider
rider case set for the term of the
Circuit Court which be gius text I
Disorder Reported When + Pit Bosses Ant
Put U Work
9 f
Chic o Jtfne 5 According
to reports receiyed here tonight
there was trouble at some of thel
J < V
coal minesy o Illinois today as
the result of oall pqut of pump
men apd eitgigemeu At some
fplhces mijiiejriiK ° tgeiFi it bosses
bossesf i
fthe Illinois Operators associa
Hon to keep the engines working
were chased from their posts
0 L Garrison president ofI
one company said tonight that
he will apply for an injunction
against the striking miners to
Resolutions of Respect
Whereas The Great Spirit has
seen fit to call from the Hunting
Grounds of Stand Waitee Tribe
No 57 our beloved brother and h
keeper of wampum John
Thomas Denton on May 20 1910
Resolved That by his death 1
Stand Waicee Tribe No 57 has
lostIt faithful brother true to 1
the grand and noble principles
of Redmauship his wife afaith
ful and loving husband the com
munity a good true and loyal I
Resolved That the family
relatives and friends of the de
ceased have the heartfelt syrapa
thy of the members of Stand
Waitee Tribe No 57 in their I
sad bereavement
Resolved That it is hoped and
we believe our brother and keep
er of wampum is now resting in
the fairer and brighter hunting
grounds than this earth has ever
ebeen able to give
Resolved That a copy of these
resolutions of respect be sent to
the family of our deceased
brother and a copy spread o nF
our records and a copy sent ti
the Earlington Bee and The i
American Red Man for publica
Earlington Ky
June 3 1010
Take Text on Kellner Murder
Several preachers in Louisville
took their texts from the Kell
nor Case Sunday Nearly 10
000 reward has been offered forj
the capture and conviction of the
brutal murderer I
CA T FRAifx DItA H1i
A G Chapman His Been J jiaie Adja
tant and Capt Tandy CornmiMary t
Officer <
1 w
Frank D Rash who has been
captain and regimental adjutantf
of the Third regiment Kentucky f
State Guard has been promotqd l
to jnajor and subsistance otr cerr
on Brikader General RtfgerWil < i
Hams staff Major Rash is a < i t
careful epicentJ pain atakrng of ° r + lrf
fiver and his service in > her I rd
has been one line of premOti cit Y
A G Chapman has been juaae 1
adjutant and Capt randy zcot m i
miBsary officerk 1 t Ii
That Major Rash wjtll rle i4
liiissed goes without saying for i ftb
Jiethas worked bard p make the Ii t
tegiment the best iuT the State f
He i will be with the boys
pn ° their annual encampment as r r
major in charge > of the commit J f
j t
t Y
Physicians Puzzled by Death of Hopkins
> Yill lan < t
Hopk1l1svJJle YJun 5o f i
John Kennedy aged twentytwo i f
died in a physicians office here < J
this afternoon following a minor
surgical operation in which c1I
caine liad bpe i uded aea local + r
anesthetic i S
tj IM
A comp rJttiyelX small amount a
ol cocain ewasiueodand nodagt
ger was alpprehetided After the
p atienC began to 8JfdW ign ot 4I 11 < u > ot
collapsepliysiciAi > r workedflvea5 I a
hourR with hjim but Couldj nrrtr r
gave his life J J v i t 1
Physicians 8tatedtonighfc that V ti
Kennedys symptonis at all timer 11
tieXedirectly Pa li c
usually resulting from cocaine
poisoning and the case is a mya
terv to them
Prof CE Dudley Goes To Earlingtan r
The Pembroke Journal has the > r
following to say of Prof 0 E
Dudley the new principal of the
EarlingtonPublic Graded School 4 s k
been principal of the Pembrok
Graded School since its establish aid
ment ten years ago has resigned i
his position to accept the princj
palship of the public school at
Earlington Prof Dudley will
move his family to Earlingtoti 4
about September 1 During his
residence here Prof Dudley has
proven himself a thoroughly cap
pable school man trod his work tj
has resulted in making the local
school oneof the best in the state
His resignation is regarded as
a distinct loss to the school and
the removal of himself and fa hi
j i1
sly will prove a regrettable loss
to the town Hia new positioU
carries with it a handsome iuI
crease in compensation and ca
tkis accdunt hOdidhiot feel that
he could afford npl io accept Jfe
He was ree5iBQtedtO his post
tion here and nthe Bchool board
was greatly disappointed that hec
could not accept
Big Loss Coed by Central ° City Firsy
Central City Ky June 8
Fire that started at 1 oclock this
morning in the Gish frame block
situated on the south side of
Broad street between First street
and the L Nrailroad threat
ened to wipeout the railroad dis 1
Buildings occupied by Meu s
ser Woodruff and by Miller A
Bolus were owned by F M Gish
and were a total loss of about
8000 Loss of Miller Bolus
about 12000 to Meuser
Woodruff about 4000 and to
Lawyer and Congressman R Y
Thomas Jr on his law office
furniture and library about i2
000 This office was located over
thE dry goods storePY
PY e
r i > VTsirfPY <

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