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rz and
Vtft < f i U V > 3 < < C < < I 1
j A l IEIi ISi a liillWS t
iIIJd < h
Js > io f
> < I f
7f J
0 J
r t
f Nth Y a
AI a fault of Two G Uiikru
rNc Whf a Plains Wcdc1c
kL day Morninj
injurer d
r 0 early Wednesday morning soy
ala riopsly as the result of
the engne and baggage car of
train oa the Illlinois Central
u wreck at WititPllilils
jTuosday aft ru ontwo freight
trains came together tit White
+ Plains and when the fast parser
J Her train carne through Central
City Weduestlny jnoruinc eight
1een or twenty meu were put
r aboard the baggage car and seut
to flip aceue of the wreck tocleio
Gtt away r
onto distauce ub v th bt re c k
t 1and the englue auUiJsujtfOge cur
Went on having received infoa
A iaatlou that a red light had been
plated on the debris Ovingto
the heavy fog however it wua
impossible to see the light and
J the engine hit the wreck
Shelby Carter who was riding
en the front of the engine had
Y both ankles so badly crushed
i tt that it will be necessary to am
f putate them and a man named
f > laHOB had one leg broken The
1t1lS other men in the baggage coach
j were painfnily though not tier l
ously hurt by uUing trunks uud
< baggage
All of them were taken buckI
to Central City with the excel
others who were rushed to PtlI
ducah for treatment I
Can be depeudea upon Is an ex
iresslon wo like to hear and exla
Lt is used in connection with Thep
berJalnsOoHe Cholera and Dlad
rhoea Remedy it means that it neve
er falls to euro diarrhoea dysontory
or bowel complaints It is pleasant
° to take and equally valuable for c
children and adults Sold by King 1
t Son
Engineer Barely Escapes When Empty
t ear Crash Down In the Night i
f 1
The Kington Coal Company I
suffered an accident early Wed a
nesday morning which crippled o
° their coal operation for the time h
being and while they are need a
lox to operate daily to keep up a
f1h r locomotive is undergoing b o
cirepaira and they are using an L t
= I ctN locomotive temporarily t
Monday night a string of empty
J gowas placed in track and S
left tor the next days operation i q
These oars were on a slope o
started runllin
running about three p
0clock TUosday morning and s
craihed into the locomotive e i h
badly demoliBhing it JIu
Hayes was in charge Of the lo tf
comotlye and dR lyins on thet
pOJt1 cak asleep but for e
tunatejy was awakeoed > by the
J fupuiug of the cars and jumped p
up In time to avoid being caught t
iifan v lW it df coal feotn the ti
fonder Hie locomotive elid 0
nine car lengths after being e
struck o
lJiLUb of a Fiends w
voald htra been about Ali waloniii 9
Co Ar Cooper of Oswego N Y ast
jnttrolleM lungracking cougn that
c defied all reniedles for years It ID
was moat troublesome ntnight be
wrte < nothing helped me till I
used Dr1 Kings New DIscover y fe
which ureo the cQUipletely I nev d
er cou h at nigh now failifoue fi
knoWlte aiatdhlesB m rlt for std bsot
nbOrp coldf obitlnate coughs Jojra I
lpigs JIJP ± ar < mtMtm91rhuf i
avuitK rhonphi T Hugh i 01 b YIer K
J t i rue Y quickly and oeer tai li 11
o r t l M Apeon 4 ncw c 60c 1f
1 Ypeai l bottle free it P9I E
1tfely rantend by all drUirgiatB
ict 0
r >
b er
J I f
iioM5 IIlLLI
i SAJC S1IL1 v
ktOklitkoeMa Some Uislq ue Methods of
SeNJfl the Red MM HwH < e
tta1ncleSatnt as a land auction
eer18 attracting considerable
attention ju Oklahoma by an un
aqua method of soiling the ted
good fallible laud Thitt the
the plan and have confidence in
it is demonstrated by the fact
that within the past twelve
months approximately one mil
lion dsllarp iiaye beeuX puid 0r
Indiana land to the United
States Government through ilh a i
United State Indiana Superin
tendent at Muskogee Oklahoma
For several years the question
Of land titles in that part of 0m
lahomn formerly Indian Tern
tory bus lot been looked Upon
> favorably by those debiring in
V slmetlts Land that will raise
one balexif cotton to the acre
sixty bushels of corn season
hundred u hulscJf gate two I
crogs of potUou4 lu one seascUl1
averaging one hundred bushels I
to the acre and adaptable toj
nrutsititt a corresponding crop of
any of the staples has gone beg I
sing and remained idle on tic
count of the title bugadoo c
The same trade of land in Mis j
data Illinois Iowa Kansas and
the other agricultural stages Ily
was bringing from 65 00 toJ
15000 peg tiara while tie Indi Q
an lauds in Oklahoma were taken 1
by the weeds for jhe lack of pur
chasers at ten alas fifteen dol
dre n
The land afiyertised through
tiara office of the United Statesc
oi f
every quality found in any a
state theebaing open prairi 1
timber first class agricultural I
land and large tracks of roughS
land suitable only for grazing I
purposes The better grades Ci
during the pnst year have sold
at prices ranging from 10 t o
20 per acre while grazing land n
has brought from 1 to 5per acre U1
In the Southern part of the e
State and along streams the
lands is covered to some extent tt
with merchantable timber and J
ia the Eastern part of the ttate i
the laud is underlaid with vast6
beds of mineral lead zinc iron i tr
and coal The central portion hl
of the State from North to South 5
has the famous oil pools prob
sells the largest in the world
aid the land oID red for sale is
from evory portion of that part 8
of Oklahoma formerly known as F
the Indian Territory so rich in w
these reflourcea °
Professor Charles N Gould f
careful investigation of this par at e
of the country and in his re a
port recently submitted to theh
Sate Offlciuls stated thAt i p t
his estimation tli6re are many
undeveloped pools ofail = in u
fact that this product may ex
teBrtJto many parts of the East w
era Jialf of the State ei
The United States Indian Su f
perintendant is note sending out if
the lists showing lands adver or
tised for sale daring the month
of toberwhich lists describe on
s out
every track offered give its 10ca
xjatioh and price at which sale
will bve made It is expected
that the October sales will bring
Nattily 225000th
When you have an aohey stretchy tl
feeling and you are dull tried fad
rdiAOtnrAeti itiiftBiKnof approaqhr of
Ipso malaria or chills You shout d oi
jwjt UlckIYtO ward off an at okLI
HERJlINEoft era1Qu tha help III LI
you iIea Itdst5oya the ra lal to lrs
rm drive out all fuipat ian d
make you feel < bright rigoi m tau < t
f illb i ktbf kf ffljrij
Bernard Mia fair COY Ipooryiora te d 1
Drag Department na
o I J
r 7
< v
t j 0
I Madisonuille Notes t j 1 ito
Mrs urt Powers was In this city
Monday i
base Virginia Tate was in Ear h
ihgtori Monday i
Mi Barrfkon Glvons left Mondc
H in for Nashville
Horace Beardlhi8 accepted a pbj
elution In the Dulin Store iII
Mr Oarr Rannftiy hat returned to
Danvilio to enter C entralUniverBityi
Mr Harry Taliferrq left Tuesday
morning for Swanee where he wilt
enter college
Mr James Sory Jr left WednesT
jdky ftor Nashville where he will
filter Vanderbilt i
MISS Louise and Marg ret Mc
Pherson and Lucy Fawcett ware itf
Earllngton Monday afternoon <
Miss Brad Stpdghill left Thursday
morning for Nashville to visit Mss 1
Belle Storyand al66 to attend the
State IFalr
Arch Qoodwlnj lately with Frank
el Bros Hopklnsvllla has accept d
a posltiop with the Dulln star °
recon t n
The new addition to be bulltt the
0anurE house Is to be two stories iThe
lower part will be used < by the sh I r =
aft mid the upper will bo made into
a toilet room
Will Nlsbet while working at an
anvil hud his loft arm injured when
apiece of steel flew from a tibia 1
and struck him Be la compelled to
carry his arm in a sling The fw
Jury Is very paitiYUl
MillS Lillian Robards who recent
ly returned from the Bowling Green
Business University lias again ac
copied a position with the municip
al electric light company as book >
keeper and stenographer
The WO T U medal contest i
which was to be held rhursday I
night has been postp6nbdB6 the
a 1
tune for preparation was considered
too short by the contestants Tho I
contest will be held later I
Mabel the little daughter of Mr J
and Mrs John Long who has been
ill with a mild case of typhoid fever
is much better It was rep rtCiJd that
she had diphtheria but the report IS
without foundation as ibe hasnotll
Ing of this nature and only a mild
ease typhoid
dDont Freak Down
Severe strains i on the vital organs
like Btralne ou machinery cause
stomach liver kidneys bowels bow
ale or nerves without serious danger c
to yourself If you are weak or runJ
down or under strain of any kind J
ttako Electric Bitters the matchless
tonic medicine Mrs J E Van de
That I did not break down while 1In
enduring a most severe strain for
three months Is due wholly to Eleo
trio Bitters Use them and enjoy
health and strength Satisfaction
ath ail
Draws MiMkm Clock
Mr and Mrs Ohas Webb and 1
son Buford attended the State
Fair at Louisville last week t
while there Mrs Webb secured a
chance on premiums given by
the Louisville Herald She
thought nothing more of itnot
expecting to secure anything I
and was agreeably surprised on E
her return home Sunday to fin d t
that she hud drawn a beautiful
10 Mission 0ock and that it I
had arrived home before her t
The moral is that same one
will draw the80 Hoosief ikitch n
etf Oobinotio be given away byl
the Bee Nbv 1 It loss bayou t
r you will either subscribe nov I
renew your subscription
farmers mechanics railroaders laborers f slylU
Dr Teomat Eclectic Oil Takes the sting
at cuts burns or bruises at once Vain can
cannot stay where it Iused
Stanley and EIloiVsp ak September 24 y d
04uKresgtnan A 0 Stanley B
audiGcnenvl Manager Win El
liptt of Blejadersou will address
the farmers of Hopkins county
file interest of the proposed pool i
ofh Steraming District Asso g
oiutiou nt theCOlll house illt
Madiaonville Saturday afteruoon fj
Sept 24 iiit 180 xnioa kiAU of o
the f Armf rs of the county are ln
fired lt It
able speakers speak for tAe poo t
0r ± o
c c
Endorse National Indian Monument In
New York Harbor
yVBhinpton Sept 21Adde4
impetus has been given the
movement to erred a spitaf le
memorial to the North Ameri
Harbor by the hearty cooper a k
tion of the various orders of R ± d
Men throughout the outfits
Bed Men in Kentucky are in
tnovz e
meats and resolutIOns exIrfss
ingrtheir Willingness to support
1itjl v been passed by many ot
lJthe Tribes Cherokee tribe No
ij Jof Louisville at its last reg
urier meeting unanimously
iplifdged its support Aid area D
jntiou passed donating from the
yafWamputn beltsof the Tribe the
toauinof 10 fuholua10I A
committee of three has been ap
kptlinted to open and conduct a
popular subscription to aid the
subscription n
to consist of two inches fro toa
each individual Red Man and one
hench from each paleface who
may contribute
toThe movement to erect this
gigantic memorial tothe Iniadu
Natioa i >
originated with Mr Rodman
Wauamaker of Philadelphia >
who for years has been a close
student of the Indian on his Na
tine groufid The bill providing
for the same was introduced by
Hon Joseph AV Gouldeh of
New York at the past session of
Qongregs and has been favor
ably reported from the Commit
tee on Lt Ythi h it was
referred A i similar bill was in
hotroduaed at the same time in the
Senate by Senator Depew It is
expected that the bill will bc
come a law at the coming sea
sion when work on the monu
and d
Diarrhoea Remedy IB today tho best
known medicine in use for the re
lief and cure of bowel complaints I
It cures griping diarrhoea dyeou
tory and should be taken at the
ts he
B0bowels It is equally valuable for
xhildren and adults It always i
erDares Sold by King Son
In the Appalachian Exposition Edition of I 1
Knoxville Sentinelj
The following is clipped from
the Appalachian Exposition edi
tion of the Knoxville Tennessee
Sentinel and speaks very high of 1
u former E1rJiug ion boy John
teItobinaon Superintendent of I
the Reliance riines near Knox II
ville TennI
Jno B Robinson from West 1
ern Kentucky as active SuperiU e
tendent although he still reat
mAins in charge and when not I
engaged spends hJs entire time f
there I
Mr Robinson is a very young
mine superintendent but one of
the best in the Mingo region
He is a practical engineer udZE
nothing about a mine is new to r
himiHe Us also popular with p r
the miners and their families as
is Mr Swab and has the forge etnerd
of every man woman rtndchildJ
in the iReliance camp
than at
cures biliousness malaria and con
stipatiom The first dose makes
you feel better a few additional
doses cures completely Price 60o
Sold ny St Bernard Mining Do In c
corporated Drug Department J
Marshal Bradky Gets Bootleggers
City Marshal William Bradley y
isjstraiight qut after the bootleg c
gers and acid dispensers around
these diggins He has ately1
caught two and turned file inN
over to the U S ieip uty lat 8
jghal Mt Bradley sayg he it de
tirmiiwd to breakup filial bnsi a
his at any tt I
iii < c i
r <
t 11
< i 1 0 < Xi i hZt
> 141
i wl
1 1 e
x xv
r BndtJ 1
IL Locomotive Blasts L CI
Mr Polk of the iJN is visit
log relatiVes in Bakers Teen this
f f
Mr John Brhikley flagman at the
Main street crowing who hal been
ilk l is again able to be at work
Lola Mulyaney and Paul Pilking
dtonotthls aitypasaed a successfui
ex minaticu in Howell this week
and have secured positions as as
Blatant machinists in the round
house at this place v
tFred Horse who has been bra C
> fog on this division for Borne time
Ihaa been promoted to froigbtao n
duotorlFred IB possibly one fthe
youngest conductors on the diva I
lyten being about 24 years olds His
friends hope this Is the first step of
Fe of
Bilious Feel heady alter + dinner Tonge
1Liver needs waking up Doans Regulets CU r e
ablllous attacks 25 centsat any driigttOre
r1HaVe Paid One Thousand Dollars in Three
The Ladies Aid Society ot ticl
isethodist church are out of dots
at last and the new parsonage is
paid for Ir has been a long
hard pull but persistent effort
has accomplished the work Tc
society certainly deserve creelr
for the good work done and whatI
riles have accomplished shows
ywhat can be done when a nun 1
their heads tOKether f
The Waste Baskefj
If sole day the newspaper j
man should print the eontelattf of
waste basket there would proba I
ly ben riot remarks an ex
change There would Certainly
be trouble in many homes ar J
rests in come direction shotguns I
in others trouble all arounf 1
waste basket He only glances
complains if one letter in fif y is
upside down growls his than p
poihtment if one name in five t
hundred happens to go wrong > j
krcks because his communication n j
Signed Tux Puyer has been
condensed into English frowns 1
becaase fire editor didnt rake I
his advice about publicly warn
ug his neighborhood aguil1 ht
throwing more melons in the nl 1
ley and is generally disgruntled <
not so much at what he fails to
find He knows his share to the 1
waste basket but if hcoud I
havo one look at the contriba
flour rade to that recertacle by
his neighbors and friends J e J
would thank God for the exist c
elite of a roan with sufficient is
telligence and courage not to t
print all he knows and to tern fj
dom es h
Swellings of the flesh caused by
inilamrnatlon cold fractures oft 7e
oflyohotoothache l our lg1a rrb em
atiini can bo relelved by applying
Jt should be well rubbed in over t
p art affeGted Its great healing and t
penetrating power eases trio pain T
theduces swelling and restores nat
ural conditions Price 25o 6Qc and p
Beet r r
nard Mining Co IncorporateS
Drug DepartmentI
Counterfeit Ten Dollar Bilc
ta en t
dollar notional bank note at
large but it is not likely to de c
Ceive an ordinarily careful hand a
Jar of nnn iTh Treasury D e g
partment issued a note warning t
poorlyexe e n
cuted photo utdhed production c
with a few pieces Asilk hreaat
in it = It as drawn on the home
N ioaJJBIDkqSt un bnc x 11
rieso f x1019OS hsk latter D R
Jd ll
ARltthe i t + tltli t bh
nd white Tu1fJ VJt tE q odd
prnpprl IfD
Kentucky Will Get the SLHtte Sum
f Ma 0o f t
1 Kentucky vyill f Jnearly
tieQ000 this e for the benefit
of her lnilitiaThemoney a
comes in allotmen ts from iJOOJ
000 appropriated by Congress
kbased impart upon ngr 5l8 oa
al representation and in part
upon the enlisted militia
strength of the State Kent o
kys allotment 1 divided as fol r
lows In basis of a represent <
Nation of thirteen in Congress
isthe State gets 2014481 for
Ifarms equipments noel camp pury
poses andI27J477 for the pro a
motion 6f rifle praoficea topal a
of 5085008 In the basis ofan
enlistedmilitia strength of 1 066
t he State gets 1116835 for scan
munition an allowance etualto
50 per cent of the regurlar army
allowance to soldiers for this +
purpose and l7tl50 7o for inili
tary supplies which include anIf vk
allowerice of 888 per r11Rlt or r
clothing The total underlie >
second appropriation 1283 SJ j
88 The arena total Of11Uot
meats for the blue gras State is a
t79J18196 and more may be = >
coming to Kentucky out of a
iteserve fund of 40000 for em
ergeucies The balance of which 1
will be destributed tthe close t
the enlisted militia strength
The Newspaper as Salesman U <
The majority of retail store Y zt
customers starting out on fall
Chopping foray study the news y
paper advertising THis habit is
a great time saver
The shopper escapes fruitless fp
VIsits to many stores and n e dIt fj
less bothering ofolerkebylenru3J rk r f
ing in advance where she is 11 eii 1
ly to find what she wants She < i
gives very little attentionto the
Jplnc es that fail to inform her as
to their offering
Many women too having be
come personally acquainted with r I
their places of business uul aJ l < Tr
they feel fairly Burp of buying ii1
They nvoid this embarassmeut 4 I
by learning in adv inqe through t
the newspaper where they can t
pfobably supply their needsi 1
Thus it is that many sales are
Dractically made before the buy rDr
er leaves her home It has been 0
toroved over noel over again Jthat YFi °
the trade will pass stores with a v
dtheta etf et location thaif Uto fYt f JW
advertise to bunt up poorly log JJP3
catedshop s Qn liuok stre ets th tf rfi m
are well advertisej Antor r
chant might HS w ell close letsi
shutters in bueinesshours as fail
to meet his competitors iuthec j
field where they are doing the
heart of their business the news
paper advertisement 4
r 4f
Wanted One Thousand Men ktSi <
J ar
For the parade representing > Tfi
the Mens Bible Classes of K e1iI f
I If
tacky to be held ab Winchester if
690d it
01 forming part of theStilte1c
theStilte1OouventJ c
rt t t 1 ff AK 1 if i tL
aouvbatiou ftbe Kentucky f11i
You areinvHed Bring seiner > i
one with yoniBrin your en > < >
tire 0 I nasii
ii > z
Notify B R Jouett of Win < X
chest r Ky thafyol1 will dine f
Dianad J t 4
Speoial renonttton will be given 5illrJ
the Class having the liariest 1lt
number in the parade and theLfhI <
class vyhpse members lntve como r
the largest number of milery tr s
There will be splendid music > rf fi
10d bj IJ 0 Ea cell and A W 1f4
Roper Addresses will be deg l
lrVd by rlrWO Pearce o f
ObiOKO and DrW H G sterw 3 1
well of Peoria TitA
f L

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