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In Idle Hour Popularity Contest
All Contestants are Working
Thero b uo doubt quityj a great
deal of iuterest is being taken
in the Idle Hour Popularity Oou
test. All of the' Candidates are
hard at work and making good
Mrs. J. P. Hamer is in the lead
with 18,200 votes. There are
four others very close to her.
Following is a list of candidates:
Mrs. J. P. Hamer., 13,200
Miss Katherine Fonwick. . .12,475
Miss Nellie McManus 11,975
Miss Sue Wade Davis 11,000
Miss Elizabeth Long ..'..-. . 10,075
Miss Emma Vinson . . 10,150
Mis9 Gladys Whitford 8,1100
Mist Jimmie D. Emberton. .8,000
Miss Lelia Vanghu 7,400
MisB Agnes Mul,vauey 0,000
Miss Eunice Draper 0,400
Mi6S Veronica Hanna 0,000
Miss Mary E. Burke. 5,250
Mrs. Gilbert Long .4,000
Miss Verla Davis 3,050
Miss Sybil Ashby 8.700
Mips Audry Oobb '..... 8,400
Miss Florence Floyd 3,000
Mis Ida Lee Sisk .' 2,000
Miss Effie Stokes'. .-. 1.000
Miss Gertie Oavaness 1.000
Miss Kathrine Bhtir.. .-... .1.000
Miss Mollie Whalen ....:., .1.000
3Iiss Gladys Vaughn - 1 000
Miss Elizabeth Kemp.. .. v 1.000
Miss Mablo Browning 1.000
Miss Golda Salmon . 1.000
Miss Grace Forrester 1.000
Miss Margaret Atkinson . . . 1 000
Mrs. Charlie Doyle 1.000
Miss Gertie O'Bannou 1.000
Miss Susan M. Crutchfleld..l.O00
Miss. Connie Fen wick.. .. ... 1,000
Miss Frauds MoElfatrickT. 1.000
Mrs. Carrie Wyatt 1.000
Miss Margaret Kemp 1.000
'Miss Goldie Chandler.. ....1.000
Miss Zilpah-Moorohead., . ..1.000
Misa Kathleen Spillman.. . .1,000
Mrs. Lowrey" Todd . . 1.000
Miss Fannie Fugate 1,000
Fortune la Faces
There's often much truth in the
saying "her face is her fortune "
but its never said where pimples,
skin eruptions, blotohes, or other
blemishes disfigure it. Impure
blood is baokof them All, and shows
the ueed of Dr. King's New Life
Pills. They promote health aud
beauty. Try them. IK cents at all
Democrats Attentionl!
A Wilson and Marshnll Club
will be organized at the City Ha.ll
on Thursday night at 7:80, and
all those interested in the- tri
umph of Democratic principles
are invited and urged to be' pres
All signs point to a glorious
victory on November, 5th. Ear
lington Democrats should help
swell the majority and, by show-i
ing the heaviest vote ever polled
in our city, continue to be known
as the gamest fighters .in the
City Democratic Campaign
Committee. 4
' "i" -
Women Register
"Fifty-nine ladlee of Madison ville
registered in the four preclaota, as
Court House ,,..T.,. ?..,, ..'..16
Elk , 17
Mill , Y..f..l4
Klteben -. ....12
If you have young children you
have.perhaps noticed that disorders
,eC the -tomach are their most com
mon ailment. To correct this yoa
will find Onambenlain'g Stomach
and Liver Tablets exoellent.They,
'km iy Had pleaeaat to Uke, and
Sid and gutlt in aotc Fwc Ml
National Crusade on Tuberculosis Day
'Against Use of Fake Remedies
v for Consumption
From thousands of pulpits in all
parts of tho United States, fake
cures for consumption will be ex
posed and denounced on Tuberculo
sis Day, Oct. 27. This Is part of the
program for the mpve"ment announ
ced today by the National Associa
tion for the Study and Prevention of
Literature giving Information on
fraudulent and alleged "curoB" for
consumption will be sent to clergy
man all over the country, and an or
ganized crusade against the, traffic
in tlieBo drugs and devices will be
instituted. The literature will be
sent to ministers either directly
from the National Association office
in New York or through the many
state and local antUtubercnlosis as
sociations scattered throughout the
couutry. It is estimated that over
100,000 clergymen will bo readied In
this way.
From aclual'records on file in the
office of The National Association,
It is estimated that tho volume of
business done annually by the var
ious concerns who sell fake reme
dies for tuberculosis airounts to1
well over $16,000,000. The number
of these remedies now being used as
so-called "cpreB" is over 500.
Three classes of "cures.' are dis
tinguished by the National Associa
tion, In the first class are included
bundredsdf devices and drugs which
can be bought for any sum ranging
from ten conts to live dollars at a
drug store. The second class of
"cures" Includes the "institutes,"
professors," orcjpnipanleB of "doc
tors," who tor a consideration guar
antee to euro consumption by some
secret methods" of which they are
tho sole proprietors. There are
nearly one hundred-fifty ?f these in
stitute JrandB In the United States,
cheating tho people gut of millious
of dollars annually.
In the third class of t'oures" are
placed a number of homo-made rem
edies, which either through ignor
ance or supoutition have been ad
vanced as1 treatments for tuberculo
sis. Some of these are onions, lem
on b, rattlesnake poison, coal dust,
lime dust, pigs' blood, dog oil, milk
'strippiugs," and even alcohol.
None of these remedies will cure
consumption, declares tho National
Association. No drugs, gas or other
material has yet been discovered,
which, when eaten, inhaled or in
jected into the system, will kill" the
germs of tuberculosis without doing
serious injury to the body. -The on
ly real cure for tuberculosis recog
nized by The National Association
consists of the combination of fresh
air, good food, and rest taken under
the direction of a competent physi
cian. J. W. Copeland, of Dayton, Ohio,
purchased a bottle of Chamberlain'
Cough Remedy for hiB boy who bad
a cold, and before the bottle was all
used the boy's cold was gone. Is
that not better than to pay a Ave
dollar doctor's 1)111? For Bale by All
OF -
School Supplies, Station
ery, Window Shades, Wall
Paper, Pictures, Picture
Frame's-, "Cut Glass, Fine
Hand Painted China, Wed
ding Gifts, Etc Com
plete line of leading Maga
zines always on hand,
Go To
Sisks BookStore
r ;..--.(-
KAUSQKmiE. uiTum
Madisonville Notes I
Big Delegation Corning to ihe:0unU
ing Attraction Here this
Evening '
The Hbpkinsville New Bra t
Wednesday says: iU
"Much interest is being tak
here In the onetime of the Garrle
Theatre Prlday night at Madieon
ville, and the indications are that a
large party will attend, goinsr dowi?
on, the Dixie Flyer. Some will re
turn here on the midnight train ,1
and others will remain over for tbefl
Elks ball. '
"The attractian at the theatre w
be Julie Ring and her big cotnytan,
including the irrepressible co
edian, Charles J, Wlnninger, in t
charming musical comedy, "T
Yaukee Girl."
Mrs. J. L. Jackson and son JaeJf
Jr., left Tuesday for Kaovlilf,
Tenn., t6 spend several weeks. -
Joe Justice, of Pr&vlaence, was in
Madisonville Tuesday.
O. H. Bleloh Sr. of Paducah, was'
(n Madisonville Friday the guest'of
his boU, to tUteud the Opening of
the Garrlck Thoatre.
Mrs. Huber Johnson returned
home Monday from Mt. Pleasant,
Tenn., where she has been spending
the summer.
Horaoe Kearney, of Chicago, was
iu the city Sunday.
The reception given during the'
Fall Opening, of the McLeod Storo
wa& a most enjoyable and beautiful
affair. The store was exqnlsltely
decorated in quamties of autumaf
branoheBj ferns and out flowers. The
Buits, evening gowns, coats and
draperies being attractively dis
played. ManVoufc 'of town natrons
were in attendance1 threaghout thej
Mrs. Hanso Font JjoRoy, of CalN
fornia ia in- the city the guest 'of
MrB. J. F. Dompsay and Mrs. Geo.
Flgeley. '
Marc Goldnamer, of Princeton,
was in Madisonville Friday enroute
to New York,
Mrs. Bernard Robards, of Provi
dence, was in town Thursday.
Miss Verna Oates, of Anton, left
Tuesday for Louidvllla toattend
Draughu's business college.
Mrs. D. H, Kinchloe left Wednes
day for Central City to give one of
her most excellent entertalnmeuts.
Mr. and Mrs, Ben Sisk were in
.Louisville several days this week
on business.
Mrs. Stella Kemp, of Earlington,
was in town Thursday.
Ed Goffuaan, of Slaughtersvllle,
was in M'adlBonvllle Tuesday,
Wm. Boss Jr., 1b at home after a
few monthB with the Hamby Drug
Co., at Dawson Springs.
Sayes Leg of Boy
"It seemed that my 14 year old
boy would have to lose bis leg, on
account of an ugly ulcer, caused by
a bad bruise," wrote D. F. Howard,
Aqubne, N. O. "All remedies and
doctors treatment failed till we
tried Bucklen's Arnica Salve, and
cured him with one box," Cures
burns, boils, skin ernptlons, piles,
36c at all druggists.
'Openinlg Was Great Success
Great numbers of people at
tended the Fall opening at the
Barnes Oawand & Oo., store at
this place Tuesday. Blakemore's
.Orchestra furnished delightful
music to the crowds. This firm
had on display a swell line of
Fall and winter goods and their
millinery display would do credit
to a town of much larger size.
Quite a number of out of town
people were present.
"Wanted at onoe 100 Miners,
Steady work.
NoRTOirviiiiiB Coal & Coke Co.
Mrs. CorbHtVill Attend a Meelln. of
of the Photographer That WIU Meet
' InEvitwilleOctStoK)
The Photographers Club of Indi
ana, Illinois and Kentucky will
most at Eyansville, October 8-8-10,
181S and "Mrs. Oorbitt will attend
and will close her studio these three
days. ' t
The leading men in the profession
will be there" and she will get the
last word !in ,pliopgpupuy 'that h
mar fetc mm 4c-t vjwte f
To those who have subscribed
tickets for this years
t - youm unurse. l wjsn 10 state
tbaMhe first number will be giv-
io Oct.', 21.
;Tke season's tickets will be
delivered theweekv beginning
Oct, 14, for full particulars see
large bills coming soon. The
numbers for this year are :
The Boy ds .. Oct.,21
Mi Tagart Nov., 20
Smith Dameron Jan., 24
Glee Club - , Feb., 3
The Suiters Mar., 29
Price of Season tickets includ
ing all of these is $1.25. Tickets
may be had from Mr. Elsworth
Evans trqas. of Earlington Bank.
tYou will see full account soon.
; Respct.
f O. E. Dudley, argr.
A Log On The Track
of the fast express means serious
trouble ahead If not removed, so
does loss of appetite. It means lack
of vitality, loss of strength and
nerve weakness. If appetite falls,
take Electric Bittera quickly to
overcome the cause by. toning up
the stomach and curing the indiges
tion. Michael Hesshelmer of Lin
coln, Neb., had been siclt over threo
year?, but six bottles of Electric
Bitters put bim right on hiB feet
again. They have helped thou
sands. They give pure blood, strong
nerves, good digestton. Only 50
cents at all druggists.
Grand Jury Makes Report and is Given
Until Saturday to Complete
Quite a number of caseB have been
called in court since the laBt issue
of this paper and a majority of them
has been continued to the February
terra, on account of absent witnes
ses and other things.
The grand jury reporteu Thurs
day, having returned some fifteen
indictmentB and asked to be given
more time. They will probably
complete their labor Saturday.
In the case of John Flower, charg
ed with murder, and shooting with
intent to kill, continued.
Ohas. H, Loving, against Man-
nington Coal & Coke Oo., dismissed.
Smith & Barnes vs Madisonville
Music Co., continued. '
Farmers National Bank vs A. L.
Mattlngl, continued.
Frank J. Owen vs Inkerman Bai
ley, continued.
St. Bernard Mining Co. vb 'J.
Nuokles, continued. '
S. J. Baker vs Consolidated Cas
ualty Co., settled.
H. M. Carty vs Interstate Canner
ies Co., stricken.
Jack Uzzel vb Kington Coal Co.
HopkinB County Bank vsBrasber
Coal Co., judgment by default.
R. P. Killick vb L. & iff., judg
ment. Mrs. Annie Barr filed petition ask
ing that her sou, Winfield Burnett,
be sent to the house of reform.
- Joints that ache, musoles that are
drawn orcontraoted should be trea
IMENT. It penetrates to the spot
Where it ie needed and relloves suf
fering. Price 25o, 50c and $1.00 per
bottle. Sold by St. Bernard Mining
Co., Incorporated, Drug JJepart
ment. Scores of Earlington Gun Club
Following is the score made by
the Earlington Gun Club at the
hoot of the season . It is expect
ed that the attendance will be
largely increased in the future as
great deal of of interest is being
displayed in the club this season.
Ohas. Trahern 14
Jno. L. Long '18
H. H. Vaughan 9
M. L. Lamer 17
Brick Southworth 8
lyan Springfield 15
These shots were all made out
of a possiabie 25.
Here is'a woman who speaks from
KirBonat xnowieuge ana long txper
nce, viz, Mre. P. H. Brogan, of
Wileon. Pa., who sava, "I know
from experience that Chamberlain's.
Bemedy ib far
erlor to
y (rt
UMUaxoiu,': m fey Alt
Nortonville Notes
Miss Velma Oraite, of Graham,
is the guest of Miss Oecil Stan
ley atOak'Hill.
Mrs. Cora1 Dal ton and son, of
flopkinsville were ,the guests of
Mr. and Mrs. L. P. Payne last
Lonnie Heard spent Sunday in
J. H. Trather, of Drakesboro,
was here Friday.
W. O. Hnmby has returned
frqm an extended visit in the
Mi68iArheo Hicks and Sallie
Westfield, of Olarksville, Te,nn.,
were the guests of Miss Sadye
Bethel Saturday and Sunday.
Mrs. Judge Harrisou and Mrs.
Ohas. Burden were in Madison
ville Wednesday shopping.
Prof, Leslie Ashmore of Daw
sou was here Sunday enroute to
Hopkinsville. '
Miss Lera Stephens of Ver
sailles, is the guest of friends
here this week.
Miss Susan Lovnn and Oharles
Narvell of Mortons Gap w'ere
here Sunday afternoon visiting
Howard McGregor, of Prince
ton was in town Sundays
Miss Lola Mao Prowse and
sister Mrs. West were the gueqt
of Miss Oecil Stanley Tuesday
- Miss Lillian Parish, of Sturgis,
is visiting her aunt Mrs Lon
Hugh Bogget, of Marion, Tenn.
is visiting his uncle Mr. Jno.
Bethel and family this week.
Ernest Lacy-, of Orofton, was
here Monday enroute to Valpa
raiso, Ind., where he will enter
Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Slaton,
Misses Mnttio Shaw and Pearl
Slaton, Watson Slatou motored
We carry a large stock and can furnish you any
size you want without making you wait. Call. us up,
we will be pleased to make you a price on what you
Get ready for cold weather for it sure is coming.
Let us show you ,the different kinds of grates we carry
in stock. We are bound to
We have a large line of Cabinet Mantels for you
to select from, and you will find it more 'satisfactory
to see what you - are buying, than to buy from a cata
logue. Let us show you our line, we know you can
please you.
KU.BY UinittJilU
, ,. ; i i J.JB
to Madisonville one night last
week and attended the revival at
the Christian Ohurch.
Mrs. O. B. Trathen was ia
Nashville shopping one day last
Mrs. Oordie Oraig, of Central
City, was here Monday and Tues
day on business.
J. S. Lander was in Madison
ville Monday.
Mrs. L. P. .Payne rand Mrs.
Dalton Avere in Madisonville
Friday shopping.
Misses Oeoil Stanley and Vel
ma Cfraig were guest of friends
here Mpnday.
Girls Basket Ball Team Organized
The girls Basket Bull team of
theE. H. S. was organized Wed
nesday af tetnoon with the follow
ing girls as members.
Fern Stokes Center
Francis McElfatrick rn,-.
Margaret Kemp uuaros
Margaret Atkinson, porw-ra-Elizabeth
Long forwards
Susan Marie Orutchfield t
Margaret Dudley
Euby Ashby v Subs.
Ida Lee Sisk
Annie Hodge
Elizabeth Long was voted cap
tain, of the team. Dates will be
anuounced later for tho games.
This is a good strong team of
girls and we are confident of see
ing some hot and interesting
Sick headache is caused by a dis
ordered stomach. Take Chamber
lain's Tablets and correct that and
the headaches will disappear. For
sale by All Dealers.
A Birthday Party for Miss Delcie" Royal
Miss Delcie Koyal entertained
a small number of friends Wed
nesday evening in honor of her
fourteenth Birthday.
Some music and games were
enjoyed by the young folks.
Light refreshments were ser
ved, and all departed saying
they had a good time, and wished
lots of happy birthdays for their
little hostess.
have just what 'you want.
KV -
f ifo
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