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' -"s
1st Number, The Boyds, October
21 One Evening of Song
and Story
Which may be had for $1 25, 8ea
tlia Treasurer, Mr. Elsworth Evans.
The following ia one" of their pro
grams: TABT I.
Foiir Hands Military
Polonaise , ""'-f. Chopin
Volco , ,
O cfirmoln holder Abendstorn .
. -; Wagner
(0 Star of.Eve) - Tanuhausor
Puot 'Itallla" v
Beading , Vl
Merola and Marcus
(Sign of tho Cross)
Wilson Barett
Voice (
Delight ,- -' Hiuckstono
"Mrs. Gadabout's Busy Day"
A Duologue Ooraedietta.
This sketch is one of .several pre
sented by the Boyds. Full of life
and go from the very beginning.
Introducing the most laughable sit
uations, yet giving ample opportun
ity for the artists to show their abil
ity in rightly interpreting charac
ters. These sketches are strictly
high class and givon in pleasing
Popular Medloy
Group of Old FamiUar Songs.
Duet "Adieu"
Sayes Leg of Soy
"It seemed that my 14 year old
boy would have to lose his leg, ou
account of an ugly ulcer, caused by
. a bad bruise," wrote D. F, Howard,
Aquone, N. O. "All remedies and
doctors treatment failed till we
tried Bucklen'a Arnica Salve, and
cured him with one box." Cures
bnrnB, boils, skin eruptions, piles,
a&o at all druggietR.
Not Much Interest in Progresttve
ment in Christian County
Hopkinsville, Ky., Oct. 5,
Ten white and eleven colored
supporters of Roosevelt met this
afternoon in mass convention at
the Oity Hall, pursuant to a call
issued by District Chairman Bar
rett to choose a Campaign Com
mittee to work in Christian
oounty in tho interest of the
Bull Moose ticket. Thirteen
lookers-on were also present.
Lee 0. Brum field was cbosen
chairman and E. S. foreman,
colored, secretary. A Commit
tee of five was appointed to Ee
lect a Oounty Committee to be
recommended to another mass
convention to be held in Hop
kinsville next" Saturday, Yery
little interest is shown in Christ-1
ian county in" the third party
Electlc Oil.
aeeldMt Insurance Dr. 'rhowM
For burns, scalde. cuts aad emer.
gncl, All dragglit tell It. jc and joe.
Tatteelng In Persia.
Until the last generation, tattooiag
1 wm almost universal in Persia. T
67 it is rr among the upprolassM,
but Is still affected by the lower 'ola
. Weisea ar tatteoed not so naefc
with a view to decoration as to avert
tie "evil 'eye," or to hMe a btanlrt,
tor to ear a malady.
' - - v
Chronio rheumatism contracts the
muscles, distorts the Joints and un
dermines the strength A powerful
penetrating and relieving; remedy
will b found InBALLAKD'SSNOW"
,LINJLMENT. It restores strength
and suppelnesfl to the aching limbs.
Price 25c, BOo and $r.00 per bottle.
Bold by SI. Bernard Mining Ce,, In
corporated, Drug Department,
Nebo Notes
The firm of Pendergraff and
Connelly, grpceros have disolved
Mr. Pendergraff retiring.
Miss Susie McOormick has re
turned after an extended visit
to her sister Mrs. Will Moss, of
Mr Wm. Bnteman, of Nash
ville, who is connected with the
Commercial College in that city,
was. hero last week, he offered
Mr. Berp Hobgood, who is tench-
mg the Smyrna Bohooi, a posi
tion in the Commercial College
ata fine salary, but Mr, Hob
good found on reaching the Post
Offices a better position, it was a
letter from' tho Civil Commission
Department, giving him the rur
al Route No. 1. It was he that
got the best grade iu tho exami
nation, and not Mr. Barrou as
reported. Sure it was a lucky
day for Bert, two good positions
offered in ono'day. He will suc
ceed Willis Harris, who was J.
B. Peyton's substitute.
Mr. and Mrs. A. " M , Gibson
went on u visit' to Beech Grove,
their old home, several days last
Mr. and Mrs. M. T. WinRtead,
Clay, visited relatives here last
Mrs. J. B. Peytouis not so
well this week. '
Mrs. 0. M. Lutz, of our town,
taught in grade 2 last week In
Madisonville, she filled tho va
oaucy of Miss Sybil Hart, who
was on the sick list.
Miss Allie Campbell, who is
teaching at Ilsley, visited her
home folks Saturday, returning
to her school Sunday evening.
Bro. Cook filled his regular ap
pointment at the 0. P. Ohutch
Sunday and Sunday night.
On Sunday there was a' rqun
lon of the family of J. W. Cox,
they had a bacon fry in the beau
tiful grove near by, then a boun
tiful spread of good things.
Those present were: Mr. and
Mrs. John F, Jones and Arohilee
Melton, of MadisonviUe, Mr. and
Mrs. Jimmie Jonear and four
children, of Slaughterville, Mr.
and Mrs. Frank Coffman and.
little boy, of Slaughterville, Mr,
A, D, Melton, Mr. and Mrs. Al-
ford Cox and Miss Helen Cox,
of Nebo. A delightful day was
spent. Tho combined ages of
J. w. and Alfred Cox, brothers,
is 09 years. J. W. is 87, how
old is Uncle Alfred?
If you have young children you
have perhaps noticed that disorders
of the stomach are their most com
mon ailment. To correct this you
will find Chamberlain's Stomach
and Xlver TabletB excellent. They
are easy and pleasant to take, and
mild and gentle in effect. aFor sale
by All Dealers,
leglnhlpgs of Lifeboat.
Like many other Inventions .the life
boat was a lemg time in finding favor.
The first llfefeoat was designed, by a
Umdos eoacb builder, Lionel Lukln, In
1781, under t&e acduragement ot the
prlnoe of Wales, bat despite royal pa-
trosac, kis Invention received little
attention, though, one of his boats
saved several lives at Bamborowga.
The loss of the Adventure In 1780 Irat
destrteyed publle apathy in this tufc.
Jeot and, with the offering of pri
for lifeboat designs a first atey teward
life saving at sea 'was takes.
A Loj On The Track
of the fast exproBs means., serious
trouble ahead if not removed, so
doeB loss of appetite. It means iaek
of vitality, loss of strength anti
nerve weakness. If appetite falls,
take Elecbno fitters quickly- to
overcome the oause by toning up
the stomach and curing the Indiges
tion. Michael Hesshelmer otLln
ooln, Neb., had been sick over three
years, but six bottles of Jlleotrio
Bitters put him right on bis'feet
again. They have helped thou
sands. They Rive pure biood, strone;
nerves, .good digeBtloa. Only 50
cents at all drusfgieHiPV
Madisonville and Earlinton Shri
" ners Will Have Big Time
on This Date
Bizpah Temple, Shriners will take
another class of NoviceB over the!
sanus at too ran "session" which
will be hold in the lodge rooms hero
on Thursday, November 7th, nd
quite a number of candidates will
be hero to be tortured' on this date.
The last two initiations havo tak-
on place away from homo. One was
other at Paducah a few weeks ago.
Tho session here in November
will ba a big one, as there are quite
a number of candidates here that
will take this work, as well aa others
from noarbv towns In Western Ken
tucky, aud many Shriners are ex
pected to be in the city on that day
to aoslet in the work.
The program, which is always in
teresting, is being planned now aud
wJU bo published within a short
Saved ly His Wife
She's a wise woman who knows
--. , ., ,..HV.V, .H w.,w i.. v KHU
lust what to do when hor husband's
life 1b in danger, but Mrs. R. J.
Flint, Bramtree, Vt., Is of that kind.
"Sho insisted on my using Dr.
King's New Discovery," writes
Mr. F. for a dreadful cough, when
I was bo weak my friends all
thought I bad only a short time to
live, and it completely cured me."
A quick oure for coughs and colds,
it's tne most saio ana reliable med
icine for many throat and lung trou
blesgrip, bronohltlB, croup, whoop
ing cough, quinsy, tonsilitis, hem
orrhages. A trial will convince you.
COcts. and $1.00. Guaranteed by all
Cutting is Practically Finished-Quality
is Good, but Production is
Below Last Year
Kentucky tobacco growers have
practically finished cutting, apd
report the crop safely housed!. In
quality this season's hurley yield
has a fine color, but-the quantity
will be under last year's pr6duc
tion.' Lexington reports a Mont
gomery county sale at 16 cepts
and Robertson county sales at 12
to 12J cents. Iu the Eopkins
ville district labor ran as high as
$8 a day in the rush' of the sea
son. May&ville reportu erecting
several additional warehouses,
Curing is now under way aud
early sales are predicted after
the season's opening at the end
of the month.
Children that are pale, sickly and
peeviBh, with dark ringB under the
eyes, fickle appetite,, and who appear
to get no nourishment from the food
they eat are surely suffering from
worms. Give them WHITE'S
the wonderful Improvement. They
soon take on flesh and are rdsy, ac
tive and cheerful. Price 35o per
bottle. Sold by St. Bernard Mining
Co., Incorporated, Drug Depart
ment. '.'Pepper Bill" Resign
Henderson, Ky., Oct. 5.
"Pepper Bill," VV. J. Jones,
father of the Bull Moose move
ment in this country, and chair
man of the Oounty Committee,
has resigned as chairman and
Joseph Wuersch has, been elected
to succeed him.
Sick headache Is caused by a dis
ordered stomach. Take Chamber
Iain's Tablets and correct that and
the headaches will disappear. For
sale by All Dealers.
Making "Dixie Flyer" Better
Chicago The Chicago & East
ern Illinois E. E. has .ordered
additional equipment for '' the
Dixie Flyer, .
The city engineer K. E. Wip
fler will receive bids for the con
struction of brick gutters on
East Clark street, until Oct. 19.
He will gladly furnish informa
tion on request. 2t
Organized Wilson Club Thursday
1 tiight
;The flrBt Wilson and Marshall
Club of Hopkins County was organ
ised by enthusiastic Democrats of
Darlington, at a meeting held in that
city laBt Thursday night, which was,
largely attended. Charles Baruett
Was elected president of tho Club
and James Malouey secretary. A
njee sum was raised at the meeting
and the club is to make a strong
Tu "" , ' "
I C,l. ,.. ...1 1- XT 'V'l-l
l"oung ot this city, Frank Arnold
aud otner prominent' Democrats of
aV - OCTOBER. 8. 1912
t. .
PrVclamation by Governor McCreary at
ff' Frankfort
tErankforl, Ky., Sept. 20, 19l2.
.T&the People of Kentucky :
' W The losses by fire in this:
country, of insured and uninsur-
eip.property, total every year
ore than $200,000,000, and are
rgely in excess of that of any
other civilized nation. This 1b a
la'ss which can be curtailed by
proper precaution. The large
payments by insurance compan
ieB,a8 well as the enormous per
sonal loss of property which is
uninsured, is an expence which
slTO?b be decreased The '"re
duction of the fire loss would
naturally tend to reduce the ex
pense of the protection afforded
by fire insurance companies and
like organizations, and thus in
sure to the benefit of those who
avail themselves of this form of
projection. It is our duty, as
good oitizens, to do all within
our power to prevent this waste
add needless loss of property,
and it ib, therefore, the part of
wisdom to join with, the people
of our States in sotting aside a
day in which we bring tot public
attention this important duty.
The Legislature has enacted laws
for the punishment of tho crime
of arson, but it is not always the
crime of arson that produces
these losses. It is frequently
carelessness, negligence of the
failure to exercise due precau
tiod. The losses'in Kentucky by fire,
cm which insurance was paid last
year, were $8,692,806.88: the
premiums paid to secure fire in
surance last year were $5,272,
488.57, and these figures do not
begin to cover the unprotected
waste by fire.
"Now, therefore, I call upon
the citizens of Kentucky to set
aside October 8, 1912, as a day on
which to give special attention
to the removal from their premi
ses of rubbish, which might cause
fire, for plaoing heating applian
ces in proper condition, 'the ex
amination of chimneys, flues and
such other appliances which so
frequently are 'the direct cause
of fire losses, to look into prem
ises where articles which might
produce spontaneous combustion
are kept, and for the destruction
of ignitable material deposited
in places where it might endan
ger property by fire.
"l'further recommend that on
that day instructions be given to
the pupils in public and private
schools concerning the exercise
of care in the use of matohe3 and
all combustible materials, and
laborers in factories and other
places of industry be duly cou
poned on this subject,
"In testimony whereof, I haye
hereunto set my hand and caused
thejwal of the Commonwealth
to be affixed."
s. W. B. McOxreARY,
Vt Governor,
Madisonville Notes
Entertains at Bridge
Mrs. P. B. Ross and Mrs. 0. L.
Eoss entertained very beautifully
Friday afternoon at Bridge, at
the homo of the latter in South
main ,street. Several most in
teresting .rubbers were played,
after which a delicious luncheon
was served.
The guests were: MeBdames:
Clyde Euby, Ohas. Lindsay, Win
Morton, Ohas. Osborne, H. H.
Holemab, W. J. Dulin, Lonnie
Bailey, L. E. Euby, E. ?. Dulin,
Jno. Qrayot, W. Eoss. Jas. Eoss,
E. Wf Overall, Neal Hollinger,
JCirby Gordon, W, Gordon, Jr.,
Alex Lunsford, 'John. Victory,
Otho Fowler, Paul Banks, Ben
Slaton, Hilery Spencer, Frank
Brown, Ed Young, Euby Laffoon
Goo. Eash, Clarence Nisbet, Wm
Hopewell, Jerrold, Johnsou,
Claude IMorton, Henry Head,
Sam Langley, 0. 0. Givens,- Nor
man Howard, W. J, Barnhill,
Bird Barnhill. M. J. Clark, T.
W. Gardiner, Geo. Atkinson,
Newell Alford, Frank Eash;
Misses Elizabeth Victory. Mary
Euby Morton, Fannie Arnold and
Florence Howard.
Call Meeting of Clubs
The members of all the Liter
ary Clubs of Madisonville are
requested' to meet Wednesday
afternoon at 4 o'clock at the
Presbyterian Church to discuss
Ways" and .Means of starting a
Public Library.
Prenuptial Affairs for Kiss Victory
During the next few weeks
there will be given in Madison
a number of most beautiful Pre
Nuptial parties in honor of Miss
Elizabeth Victory, whose wed
ding will be solemnized Oct. 80.
Tho Eovival in Madisonville
Christian Church moves oh with
unabated interest. 86 additions
up to Monday morning. Minis
ter, Bernard invites you to at
tend every service.
Miss Lelia and Gladys Vaughn
bt Earlington, were in this city
Saturday night.
.Mr, and Mrs. John Long atten
ded the Yankee Girl in this city
Friday night.
, Eev. Harrison, of the Presby
terian Church, of this city, was
in Marion, Ky., several days lust
week attending Presbytery.
Mr, and Mrs. Ed. Coffman and
children, of Slaughterville, were
in Madisonville Friday the guest
of friends, to attend the show.
J. D. McPherson Sr, made a
big deal last week, having sold to
Dr. E. L. Bone a $750 Angelus,
being one of the finest Player
Piano3 made.
Fortunes In Faces
There's often much truth in-the
saying ''her face is her fortune."
but its nevpr said where pimples,
skin eruptions, blotches', or other
blemishes disfigure it. Impure
blood is back of them all, and shows
the need ot Dr, King's New Jjlfe
Pills. They promote hoalth and
beauty. Try them. 35 cents at all
Mase Will t(Il Be Maselnf.
A seap box orator t&e otber Bjfht.
at the close of a fervid appeal, wound
uj witl tke follewin's lucid and ex
pressive peroration: "And sew, com
rades, after everything? has been said,
after ererytklag has been doae, tae
great masaea of tfte people will still
ooBstltute the bulk of the population''
When you have a bad- cold you
want the best medicine obtainable
so aB to cure it with as little delay
as possible. Here is a druggist's
opinion: "I have sold Chamber
lain's Cough Remedy for fifteen
years," says Enos Lollsr, of Sarato
go. Ind "and consider It the best
on the market." For sale bv All
Q4 Werk th Agltatar.
It k tie Mrious xsuwrity wklek a
Tacoma Ledger Tells of Slump im
Roosevelt's Western Following,
(Tacoma Ledger) j
Last year when Theodore Eoose
velt visited Tacoma on his West
ern tour 85,000 people gathered
in the Stadium to hear him. Then,
he was not a candidate for third'
term as president. At least, the-;
people did not know it if ho was
This year he spoke in the same
Stadium as a candidate for Pros-
ideut and instead of 85,000 people
he addressed not more than 12
000. The difference is highly
significant. Last year he was an
ex-President of the United States
whom nearly all delighted to.
honor. He told the people of
the United States he was mak
ing the tour of the country to ex
press to them in some measure
the gratitude he felt for the hon
ors they had conferred upon him.
This year, however, he came
ambitious for a third term and;
begging tho people to support
him again. There was room in.
the Stadium for 20,000 moro
people than heard him last eve
ning. He is a different Eoose
yelt in the eyes of thousands who
no longer rally to hiB leadership
as they did before hiB ambition,
got the better of his judgment.,
and before he turned his back on
bis dearest friends and most sol
emn promises to the American
people. The West has run up.
the flag of prosperity. Why
should it not listen more in
amusement than in anger or wor
ry in the pessimistic political
demagogue predicting ruin for
the country unless- he and hia
quack theories are adopted? It
is a movement the West may
well be elated at leading, and
the East can not help but fol
low, J. Wi. Copelandr,of Dayton, Ohio,'"
purchased a bottle of Ohamberlalna
Cough Itemody for his boy who ha'd
a cold, and bofore tho bottle was all.
used the boy's cold was gone. Is.
that not better than to pay a five
dollar doctor's bill? For sate by Alt
To My Friends : 1 am in the
Idlo Hour Popularity ' Contest
and respectfully ask that my
friends save their coupons for me
apd help me to win the Watch oc
Bracelet. I will appreciate any
favor no matter how small.
i Nkllie MoManos. .
Certainly for No Other Reason.
In China women carry their ohll.
drn from baskets that hang from a
bar that crosses tho mother's shoal
ders. Twins are desirable as pre
serving; the balance of weight, If not
for other reasons, v
A Rood remedy for a bad cough is
SYBUP. It heals the lunjrs and
quiets Irritation. Price 35c, 50c and
$1.00 per bottle. Sold by bt. Bernard
Alining Co., Incorporated Drug Do-
Improving Vobacco.
If you are a pipe smoker, try tbistt;
Place tke sore ef an apple la your' to
bacco Jar oa top of your tobacco a&&
you will be surprised at the Improve
favor it imparts to the tobacco, bet
sides keeping It moist
Wanted at once, 1Q0 Miners.
Steady work.
NoktonvimjE Coaij & Coke Co. '
r Sweet Charity.
"Has it ever ooourred to you that4
the raore mosey a ra&a has the' more
dlffloult It 1 for him to be oharitabl&f
When one is poor a4 has osly a few;,
coats It Is an easy matter to dfvito
tb Koaey with some poor devil wb,
hM BOM."
"I sobered habitually from coattipattra.
Doan's Regulets jelioved and atresttheatd tb
bowel? so. that ther have h ratal" evr
&Iac,"-a." Davla, Gicecr, Salphur Sptig
-p n
i if
' '
jM4iC ittat tklBe.-Xa
. ,.,,, , i . . M3S

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