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Funeral Director, :: " Licensed Embalmer
Answer all calls IDeiy oar
Office Phone 124-2
-Edward Clark, Cincinnati Man
-and Union Official Pleads
Prisoner Taken to Jail After Admitting
Guilt on Fifty-Five Counts.
'Indianapolis, Oct. 7. Edward
' Olark, of Cincinnati, today plead
ed Rnilty to the government's
charges in the dynamite conspir
acy. Olark was business agent
-and president of the Cincinnati
local of the structural iron work
ers' union from 1008 to 1011.
As soon as court opened Dis
trict Attorney 01irb. W. Miller
addressed Federal Judge A. B.
'If it please the court, the de
fendant Olark, of Cincinnati,
wishes "to change his plea from
"'not guilty' to "'guilty." '
Olark then stepped forward.
Judge Questions tko 'Prisoners
'Do you plead guilty?" asked
-Judge Anderson.
ul plead guilty," said Olark.
The prisoner was then separated
-from the other forty-five defen
dauts and taken to jail, to await
the imposing of hia sentence.
Olark pleaded guilty to all the
-charges five coants of conspir
acy auuV-five -counts of being a
principal to the actual illegal in
terstate shipment of dynamite
Clark's activities in promoting
' explosions, Mr. Millor asserted,
were carried on through letters
written by Frank M. Ryan, pres
ident of the union, aad the Mc
Kamaras. Umbrella dives this Clew
An 'ivory handled umbrella
"bearing the initials "E. 0.,"
&nd' fa tire wreckage of a dy
"ttanrHetl bridge at Dayton, 0.
Mr. Miller said, Jed to the dis
closure that Olark actually had
-caused the explosion, having
"tised the umbrella to protect the
dynamite from the rain and then
leaving it behind.
'Olark also was charged with
-carrying out plots against em
ployes ot 'aonunion labor. In
connection with a scheme to blow
Tjpv.thoHarri8on avenue viaduct
'at Cincinnati, Mr. Miller alleg-
For Women Who Care
'Ofoourso yon uso an antiseptic in your
Family and in tho care of your own per
son, and you want tho best.
Instead of what you havo been -using
such as liquid or tablet antiseptics or
...peroxide, won't you please try Paxtine,
.ixx)soentrated antiseptic powdor to be
dissolved In water as needed.
.Paxtine is more economical, more
clesnBlng, more germicidal and more
healing than anything" you over used.
"In the toilet to cleanse and whiten
tho teeth, remove tartar and prevent
decay. iTo disinfect the mouth, destroy
disease ogerms, and purify the breath.
H'o-bccpartiflcial tcotli and bridgowork
clean and odorless. Tp remove nicotine
from tho teeth and purify the breath
after smoking. To eradicate perspira
tion odors by sponge bathing.
-At? a medicinal agent for local
trealmont of feminine ills where pelvlo
itarrh, inflammation and ulceration
enist, nothing equals hot douches of
Paxtine. For ten years the Lydia E.
JSnkham Med. CohaB been regularly
md vising their patients to use it because
of Its extraordinary cleansing, healing
and gorinlcldal power. For' this pur
pose alone Paxtine is worth its weight
In gold. Also for nasal catarrh, eore
throat, inflamed eyes, cuts and wounds.
All druggists, 25 and 50 cents a box.
Trial box and tostlmoiay of 31
women froo on request.
Residence Phone 124-3
od, Olark. wrote to Ryan. .,
"It Vould be dangerous for me
to bny explosives down here.
You had better serida stranger.
I havo gotten olio man out of a
lot of trouble already. I , itm
afraid I. can't do much more, for
the police judge said 'For God's
sake, don't bring this bunch be
fore me again,. or I'll have to do
"Double Dealing," Charge Made
Herbert S. Hockiu, acting secretary-treasurer
of the union,
was charged by Miller with
"double dealing" with Olark.
"Tbe executive board of the
ironworkers' union agreed upon
a fixed price of $200 for each
job," said Mr. Miller to the jury ?
"For the blowing up of a bridge
over Miami River at Dayton on
May 8, 1908, Hockin paid Olark
only $122.50 thus holding out
part of the fee."
Pointing toward Eupene' A.
Clancy and Olaf A. Tvietmoe, of
San Francisco, Jtlr. Miller said it
would be shown that they helped
in promotiug the Los Angeles
Times disaster, and that "Jack"
Bright, known as J. E. Munsey,
for two weeks after the explosion
harbored J. B. McNanara at Salt
Lake City, Utah.
Indianapolis, Ind., Oct. 7.
Pages from the careers of the
McNamaras and Ortie E. Mc
Manigal, as leaders of "the flying
squadron of dynamiters," with
conversations in which they were
said to have plotted to send Mc
Manigal to Panama, to blow np
the locks of the Panama Oaual,
were read by District Attorney
Charles V. Miller before the
jury at the trial of the accused
"dynamite conspirators," today.
The incideut in reference to
Panama. Mr. Miller said, occur
red just befor the arrest of the
Los Angeles dynamiters, when
they were becoming desperate in
their efforts to secure exglosives
without betraying their identi
ties. "John J. called James B. Mc-
Namara, his brother, and Mc
Manigal to the headquarters of
the International Association of
Bridge and Structural Iron
Workers," said Mr. Miller.
"John J. said to McMauigal,
'We cau't get any more dyna
mite around here without steal
ing it. Now, you go to Panama
and see what you can do down
there. The McOIiutic-Marehalt
Construction Company has a lot
of dynamite stored dowfn there.
Ton could easily get hold of it
and blow up the looks. That
would make 'em sit np and take
notice, and take their minds off
the Los Angeles affair.' McMan
igal refused to go at that time.
Soon after they, all were arres
ted." Tho contractor montioned
was one of those who had declar
ed for the "open shop" in the
United States.
Varying. Grade of Caviar.
Tho finest caviar is the bieluga, pre
pared from the roe of the white stur
geon; little less flue is the sevrluga,
prepared from the sterllated sturgeon.
Both are put up at Astrakhan, Russia.
Unpardonable 8ln.
In religious controversy the unpar
donable Bin is attributing bad motive
lo those who differ from ub'.'
Notice .;. .,
The Wilson-Marshall Club
which was organized here last
Thursday night will have a meet
ing at the Oity Hall 70 'p. m.
Thursdav night, Oct 10th all
members are urged to be present
and democrats who have nqfc be
come members are requested to
attend the meeting and become
members of the clut; .. ,t
sfitwftwO KvsJf
Very Different.
"Now, honestly, old man," said tho
playwright, after the first performance
of his, now presentation of the triangle
problom, "what do you think of it? I
want your candid opinion. Everybody
said when my other plays were pro
duced that I was merely repeating
myself. Do you think I havo don so
this tlme7"
"No," replied his friend, "they'll'
havo to admit that this is different
from your other plays. In each of
tho former ones tho mix-up was be
tween two women and a man. This
timo I notice that tho trouble id oc
casioned by two men and a woman.
Yes, It is quite different from the oth.
lack From Vacation.
"I hear your wifo Is back from her
trip, but confined to the' house. Too
bad the trip did her no good."
"Oh, the trip did her good, all
"Then she lBn't confined to the
"Yes, she's confined to the house."
"When does the doctor expect to
jhave her out?"
"It isn't a case for a doctor, old
man. The washwoman expects to
have her out in a few days. She hasn't
a thing fit to wear."
t 'Twould, Indeed, Be On.
"You say there are no miracles
' "I do, most emphatically."
"What, for Instance, would you con
aider a miracle?" .
"If a man should make a fortune
in New1 York, and then go to Chicago
or to Pittsburg to spend it I should
consider that a miracle." '
.Mamma Nonsense, Bertie; you w
so ghost You couldn't in tho dark.
Bertie Well, I dff! He carried a
spirit lamp.
Tho sweetest maid .
Are found In book
And time ne'er dims
Their lovely looks.
Who Wouldn't Ba?
Little Ethel studied; th face of tM
little negress intently.'
"What makes you so black. Cindy?"
she finally asked.
"Huh I" said Cindy, "you'd be black,
too, If you was born at midnight In
'a dark room, and a black fadder and
black mammy.1' Mother's Magarla.
Truly Desirable.
"Do you think the frequent polltleal
excitement Is desirable?" asked th
conservative citizen.
"Undoubtedly. We need something,
occasionally to remind our baseball
players that they are not the cly
great people on earth."
VI don't like to be called a politl)
boss;" protested Mr, Due tin Stax.
"Never mind'. replied Senator, Sor
ghum. "Mentioned in public, the title
sounds like an unfriendly epithet, but
In private conference it is frequently
mentioned with great respect"
A Suggestion.
"I see one of the features of tbe
Taudeville season 1b a wrestling
cheese which no one can throw down."
"That so 7 Then why not give, the
.butter In our boarding bouse a chaaee
to do the same trick? I'm sure tit's
strong enough." ,
Genuine Human Touch,
"Is there any real human Interest
In this play of yours?"
"Is there? There is a real'dluMC
cooked on the. stage." . . . & .
Back Yard Information.
"Cats are Terr sensitive animate." -
"I suppose that is why they are al
ways taking a fence."
When Louis Mann first met bis far
mor neighbor, Shag Rossman, upstate,
Shag waB very much Interested in the
"So yer a actor, eh?" he asked.
"Indeed, 'tis true," replied Mr. Mann.
"Good one?"
"Ahem I" came .frem Mr. Mann,
"Some people say I am,"
. "Well, you gotta go some to beat a
actor I Been In a show one time," said
"So? Who was he?"
"I've forgot his name," said Shag,
switching his chew to the other cheek,
"but I seen him with ray own eyes
turn a back somersault on top of a
horse that was runnln'," .
"Exclamatory" Was Rlfht.
Mrs. Mason's colored washerwoman,
Martha, was complaining of her hus
band's hcaltlu
"Why, la he sick, Martha?" asked
Mrs.. Mason. y
"He's ve'y po'ly, ma'am, ve'y po'ly,'
answered tho woman. "He's got the
oxolamatory rhounjnUsra."
"ou -mean Inflammatory, Martha,
said the patron. "Exclamatory means
to cry out"
, "Yes, ma'am," replied Martha, with
conviction; "dat's what it is. He hoi
lersall the time." Judge.
Old Gentleman (to kid who's smok
ing) When I was your age I didn't
smoke in the way you do.
The Kid Well, I gueBs you didn't
I'm tbe champeen inhaler of the ward,
Proud Person.
Some men there ar
Who'd rather die
Than eat a. piece
Of humble pie.
"" Forestalled.
Dr. S&ngrtdo, with scarcely a glaaei
at the patient, ordered" that he be
bled Immediately.
"But," gasped the hapless wretch,
"I have just bought two reserved seat
tickets for a Cub-Giants ball game from
a scalper!"
"In that case," said the doctor,
hesitating for the first time ia his
career, "omit the bleeding. Fill his
stomach with wane, water. Tea
ducats, please."
Mollle And so you propewd mar
riage tp her?
Chollle Yes.
"Aad did she give you any encour
agement?" "Oh, yes."
.. "Congratulations in order?"
"No, she refused me."
"But I thought you said ahe gar
yeu encouragement?"
. "She did. She looked at e twice
before she refused me."
Something Added to a Letter.
Teacher Tommie, what la a poet
Tommie Don't know ma'am.
"Why, yes you do. After I write
'a letter I add something to it. Tnatfi
a postscript''
"Oh, Is it ma'am? I thought pug;
sailed 'em postage stamps!"
De Quia I sappcee that you were
deeply touched' when your wife pre-
seated you with that easy chair ea
your birthday analversay.
Benedict (sadly)5-Ye, I was touch
ed for $36 to pay for It.
, i i ii .. .
Official Tenure.
How thVughtlMly do ear affiecttoee
roam I
A term or two Is eob.
And when a man begins to feel at home.
;We teU him to move oh, ,
i i - .
r Missing' the Chance. '' ..
Hotel "Manager-KOh, ye) aftel a big
pight in the dining room we miss
quite a lot of silver!
Reporter (slyly) But tery little of
,the. paper money
gata away, en?--
BMBBBt "0??fr ""
IbbbIbV HJB0'rS7 A WnKm
lTh Foot Glovj
We Carry the "Tough as Leath
er" Stockings for Your
, . They are the famous Black Cat brand. You
know the kinct -stockings the children ran go out in
the woods, the berry bushes, the streets and the play
ground without bringing home hours of darning for you
Black Cat
stockings are the ones with nine lives. They are the
only stockings made with the Extended Heel whicf
doubles the life of the heel. V
When you come in to buy them be sure to look at
the Black Cat brand for all the rest of the family
yourself your Husbaud ancl the Misses.
Misses' and Bbys' sizes run up to size 1 1 .
Barnes, Cowand (k? Company
Diver Seized by Oetepws,
A naval diver at Toulon was- B
dealy attacked by a giant oatepws
while uader water ia the harbor: He
gave tie hoteUng signal and was
hauled to the surface, together wHa
the octopus, whose tentacles, sal to
be 26 feet long, were wrapped around
him. The diver was unconscious. The
octopus held fast to tho dlvor until it
was stabbed to death. It weighed. 136
pounds, and the suckers oa Its tenta
cles were as big as half-dollar pieces.
Losdoa Mall.
Bacteria Not faeeewary.
Though bacteria of many kinds live
In most animals, a French experiment
er has dlBproven the theory that they
are essential to life, it waa claimed
that a ehlcken lived absolutely free
from aaldro-organlsms, aad growth and
development went on aa usual.
A Geed Saleenun.
"Well, Jingle,"' said 'the manager.
"did you ake the sale?" "Yes," esJd
the salesman. "I couldn't get the
darned old machine to run oyer half,
speed, but I arranged with one of the
town constables to arrest us for ex
ceeding the speed limit, and old Skee
zleka fell for it right away."
i.". k'.'jb i.i i i i. i. .' - ...
Men's Suits And Overcoats At
$10.00 to $20.00
While we are makers of (money's worth) gar
ments that sell at from $10 to $50, we wish to
lay particular stress on the constructive work.
Weave, style and make to be found in all suits
and overcoats we sell al.from $t0 to $20. Here
in lies the-secret of our seccess crowding in ever,y
cent of yalue with fashjon schemes infacbric,
colorings and cut at each and every price, and the
life service of the garments guaranteed at eack
price, Suits and overcoats at the prices we speci
fy above bear the brunt of major or popular wear
they are the ones that are most in demand and
that the most is expected off, Selling these direct
to you from our own w'orkshopsj-meansa saving
of from 20 "to 25. per cent on the suit or overcoat
a difference that ybtrcan pocket to -your advan
tage. -' ..
1 V ''t
Spelling Children'
Little ehlldrea give their nether
the headache bat if she lets them
have their ewa way, when they grow'
ap to be great children they will 4v
her the heartache. Fondness spells
many, and letting little faults alone
spoils more. Garden that are never
weeded will grow very little worth
gathering. All watering and no hoe
ing will make a rtrr had crop. A,
child nay have toe mack of lnwta
era love and la the long run It naay
turn out that It hadi toe little. C. IL-
Very Myeterievc;
Am eld colored woman had eeeaelftl
to call the doctor for her husband,
whe waa, very 111. The doctor made a
diagneels and pronounced It a severe
ease of gastritis. "Oh, Lor, doctor,"'
ejaculated the eld woman, "how ittd
he eber get dat gastritis? I haiat
burst a t'iag but coeri lie ia dis yre
house, aa' powerful little oh dat" y
Harper's Baser for September.
Te Make Rubber. Frem. Waete.
That artificial rubber, can be xaadei
from waste cotton, especially tbci
bolls that fall to ripen, is the claim;
of a Philadelphia scientist
j.. i . . . j; . . . m j '. '. .!' .
. MM
I fc,"w
9 4
17 '- '
i ..
V '
i ,
.v"jh: '?
-.', jl211,

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