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BuUet Enters Right Breast
Wound, Not Thought
to be Serious
Milwaukee, Out. M.-Theodore
"Roosevelt wii8 shot in the breast
here tonight. Tlfe bullet was in
the Colonel's body, when he went
to the Auditorium to make his
speech. He refiued to permit
physicians to examine the wound
until he had finished his address.
The man who did the' shooting
Kb first refused to give Ills name.
Ha had oq -lug person a copy of
the Colonel's itinerary, written
on a'aheet of note paper taken
from the Bipmarck hotel and
cafe, Nashville, Ten 11.
The would-be-rfBBassin is 6 ft.
5 iuches iu height, weighs 170
pound?, light complexion, b-ll,
fairly Well dressed. Ho confes
sed to the police that ho fired
the shot and made the rrmnrki
.Any Kim lookiag for a Third Term
Hit to be Sho(,"
The prisoner told the police af
ter an hour's examination that
he was John Schrank, of 1170 B.
Tenth St. New York. ,
Col. Roosevelt bop:an his speech
at the Auditorium about 8:20,
Various reports as to the na
ture of the shootiug were nfloaL
One story said the bullet struck
tieOolouclin the left shoulder
and another report that the. shot
peiietrated the Colonel near the.
heart, but the bullet was stopped
by a roll of mantidcript iu au in
side pocket.
After jus speech was concluded
Col. Roosevelt was takeu. to the
emergency hospital. '
Six physicians examined Col.
Roosevelt's wouud. They found
it impossible to determine the
depth tp which the bullet hgd
penetrated and it was decided to
take an X ray photograph.
Life Saved by Manuscript
Co). Roosevelt's life probably
was saved by a manuscript of
the speech which ho delivered
tonight. The bullet struck the
mauuscript which retarded its
force as it passed through into
the flesh. His assailant was pre
vented from firing u secoud shot
by Albert Martin, one of the
Oolouol's two secretaries.'
The Ooloiwl had just stepped
into an automobile when 'the
would-be-assassin pushed I'm way
through the orowd in the street
and fired. Martin", who was
standing in the car with the col-
onel, leaped onto
shoulders and bore
to tho
ground. , ,
Captain A. 0. Qirard, Of Mil
waukee, who was on the front
seat, jumped almost at Jthe same,)
tme and in an instant the man!
was overpowered and disarmed;
A wild cry of .J "Lynch hirnP
W9M Upt v; - :- , ,...
Col.. Roosevelt spoke to the
people aud told them to spare
the man. ,
In spite of the eutreaties of
physicians, ha insisted on deliv
ering his address
PrlehiUhlp Insipid Iftriole LaV.
What oausea the majority ot wom
en to be so little touched by frleml
sblp is, that It la iasipld -when they
have once tasted of love. La Itache
foucauld. If you have young children you.
have perhaps noticed that disorder
,-flf the etoniaoh are their most com
mon ailm'enti To correct this you
will, And Chamberlain's Stomach
aud Liver Tablets excellent.' They
are easr and pleasant to take, ana
mild an gentle in effect. .-For sale
by Alt Dealers. -
You leaders had better Wake
up soon or it. will bo t.wo late.
Watch Friday's pnpe'r for a com
plete list of the votep.
Look Here!!!
To tho one who has the largest
number of votes on Friday,' Oc-
tober'25th will be given a ha'nti
some sot of Silver Ware.
Notice .
To My Friends: I amjn the
Idle Hour Popularity Contest
Sn'd respectfully ask that my
friends. save their coupons'for me
and help me to win the Wajchor
Bracelet. I will appreciate any
favor no matter how small.
Nkluk MoManus.
The Wihon-Marshall Club
Tho "E'trliugtou VilfiOu-M'nr-shall
Club continued toj:row very
rapidly, their membership nunir
bering oves 200 at the last Meet
ing, ahd many names have been
added to he list since tliun.
The Club no longer coufines its
work to the. City of Earhngtpn,
but has secured mauy members
from over the County. Promi.
uept democrats in each district
in the couuty have beeu secured
to enroll membeifor the Club,
and urgo them to-be present at
the meetings, which are held
each Thursday night at 7;80 p.
m. at the City Hall, Earliugtou.
The Olub committee on speak
ers is certainly to be couaratula
ted on securiug such able orators
as Messrs A. 0. Stanley, Ruby
Laffoou, David Kincheloo and
G. 0. Letcher. Tho last named
gentleman will address the club
at tho City Hall, Burlington,
Thursday night at 7:00. Mr.
I Letcher is very forceful spealur
of high intelligence, and those
who have had the pleasure of.
hearing him never miss an oppor
tunity of doing so again.
Beit I Have Ever Known
It fa tho bos J: "I havo been hand
ling Hughes' Toulo for years, Ifc is
boefc ohlll remedy I have ever
known. During the past two years
I sold nearly twelve groBs. It comes
i.oarer beln&a universal chill euro
than anything I ever handled."
Bold by Drugglsts-GOc and $1.00
Prepared by
Careless Burglar.
An ahfiont-mlnded burglar, having
gained entrance to a Philadelphia res
idence and gathered all the family
jewelry, slipped everything Into hie
pockets. Then, discovering a brand
new suit of clothes, he changed his
raiment and left the house, forgetting
to empty the pockets of his old suit,
It is difficult for the careless man
to attain a very high degree of effi
ciency In any llae of endeavor. Boa
ton Globe. " r
1 -
When the bowels becomeirregular
you are un 00m for table and the long
er ths condition exists the worse
you feel. You can get rid of this
misery quickly by using HERBINE.
Take a uose on going to, bed and see
how flne'you feel next day. Price
50o. Sold by tit. Bernard Mining
Co., Incorporated, Driig Depart
ment. Love Literature.
Write love letters only la winter
when hre are' roaring fireplaces
then hope for the best.
"I suffered habitually from coa itlpatton..
Dotm's Reguleis. jelUved nd strengthened titer
bwk s6 that t'wey have been reular ever
elBce." K., Davis. Grocer, Sulphuf Spriniis
Texas., -
London's Importwl Faenl.
London handles Immense quantltlM
of frozen' mat, and It will oon hava
fatlltiM.for'8toriBg' tha eaormdtM
aumbt of 1,1(K,W0 cxwoawwi,
j-jf ,,v iHw -
'Renal The Roundhouse
(By & ft. Riter)
For fear that you all ore uot
very well acquainted with us,
will say we are here because
we are here, and, will' now pro-1
ceed to proceed with the pro
ceedings. Engineer J. if. Campbell has
returned from an extended vint
to Niagra Fills.and points of in
terest iu the North "Fatty" 9a si
that while lie was stauding in
open mouthed wonder, he turned
to another member of his .party,
and suid "Great GqubI What a
big waste," when a delicate lady
weighing about 278 pounds,
shook her tiny little fist iu hid lace
and told him if lie did not dis
continue personal remarks with
reference to her 'she would shove
him into the mighty waters be
low. He was so impressed by
tho hint that he 4tsloweddown."
'Engineer H, L. Smith who has
been ill with fever for sometime,
is able to be out again.
Mr. R. B. Salmons, general
foreman, was .in G'allatin, Teuu.y
1 ist week on account of the death
of his mother-in-law. K
Hostler G Mj-Wlllis" is making
some improvements dn his farm'
at Bakers, Teuu., aiid will make
that Iub future liom&. . :;
Engiueer'F. P Gijiunini is dfE
sick, ' . ,'
The Earliugton wrecker, has
been' sent to Howell Snop3 for
repairs. '. .
Blacksmith W. 0. .Oarnahau-is
V va ew e . b i rfv u
A new system of telephones
have been installed iu General
Foreman's office aud the dinkey
lino extended to the Oar Depart
ment office. Mr. Hibbs is ser
iously considering putting- on
another clerk, as it takesall of
Porter's time .to attend- to the
new 'phone.
Oar.repairer L. B. Fuller has
gone,to Louisville-this week to
attend Masonic Lodge. - "
Firemau J.'F.. WhitselT is off
on account of his daughter hav
ing typhoid fever.
Clerk Henry Pilkingtou thinks
he is "some class" since hV gave
the last two fito alarms, although
we must admit that they were
better than the ones given it the
past. He says he believes in
thiugs being comprehensive..
Fireman Wnllu6e Vaughn visited
his parents in provideuc Sunday,
Stenographer W. A. Hardy
says that these cool mornings
cause a fellows mind to wander
back to Sunny Southern Tonpes
see. I am not sure that it is the
weather that causes it, as the
post office does a very gopd busi
ness. Engineer J. R; Benton haB
been off sick 0 few days.
Machinist Paul Pilkintou went
to Hopkinsville again Suulday
If eating makes Oweu Shaver
fat WJiat makes the gasoline?
fortunes In Faces
There's often much truth in the
sayiutr "her faoe is her fortune."
bin its never said where pimples,
skin eruptions, blotches, or other
blemishes disfigure it. Impure
blood, is baokof them all, and shows
the need of Dr. KIuk'b. New Life
Pills, v They promote health aud
beauty. Try them, 36 cents at all
Our Dally Special.
It- ie All Right to Put up a Bluff,
but b Sure you don't Trip Over It
When you have a bad cold you
want the best medicine obtainable
so ae to eare it with as little delay
hb possible. Hefe is a druggist's
opinion: "i. nave eoiq tjnamuer-
laiu's. dough Remedy for fifteen
years," says jCnoH Xioller, of garato
go. Indi, "and eonaider it the best
or tne MiarKet," For aaie v au.
LD!if ,.
Neho Notes
H R, Cox received a big line
of fall and winter goods last
T7 " - I 1 ' I 1
j aire. u.trruu vihiiuu ruiuuvcB
injSt. Louis last week'' returning
Sunday. ; '
-There has been 83 deaths, G of
these from tuberculosis, and 01
births recorded by the register
at Nebo this year. '
,Edd Hojrhiau bought anew
horse last week.
1 f
Miss Goldie Roland, of Buck
Grove has beeir visjting Mrs. W.
Ev' Durham for the past two
i pfiRS.Zula R).vster,, of Cairo is
vsiting her aunt Miss M'irv
Rgyster at Nebo this week.
Mi-. Evan Jacluon,.".""of tlie
country, is very low withtuber
culosis. . . .
?.,H, F, -Porter is sufiering from
indigestion and is quite sick.
Jj. T. Ligon,and'daugliter, Miss
Uabyi.jire -attending court this
.weeiMu iuauisouvuie.
Miss Beesie. Stewart, of Mad
isonville, visited relatiyes here
.last Thursday.
Saturday night will long be re
membered bv the little' folks of
bur town aud also by their moth
ers. On Saturday evening from
8:00 to 5:00 o'clock 20 children
from 10 to d years old, were in
jvited to the home of- Will. Porter
ijo.ceienraie me seveupn jQircn
day Qf his sou. John Bradford,
eaciraesbfiutiugva'; present Ip:1? raan cai? w, ?rt8JSX
,.,-rf't r',-,:i -1 r. i"n. 6u can't," observed tho philosophical
the happy little host. After
spending au hojfr in. games, re
freshments were served, consist
ing of two fr"epzor8 of ice cream
aud cake, which was partaken
with pleasure by the merry
crowd of yonngesters and
I or
for it cobks and bakes de
licious things to eatrequires
little attention and few repairs
and saves enough on fuel bills
to "pay for a ncio dress every year.
If you have to fuss around the fire
in your range, trying to keep the oven
temperature even turning, pulling,
twisting pans up and down, from one
side to another it will pay you to get a Fav
orite Range right now.
,For a Favorite ba a steady oven evenly
' .
Plain Mard
each guest departed
with happy hearts and
full stomachs but alas, the pleas
ant evening came near resulting
in a tragedy before morning for
at 9 o'clock 18 of the 20 were
awakened with pain and vomi
ting, and all night long tele-)
phoues were ringing askihg "are
your children sick" the answer
was 'yes' then, what are you do
ing for them? "All of the Doc
tors in town were busy till morn
ing, Dr. Nichols from Ooiltowo,
was sent for. at first it was pio
nounced ptomaine ppisouing,
they all were affected alike, ,but
by morning all were out of dan
ger, some of them able, to be at
Sunday .school, telling how, they
likad to have died, and each one
refused to eat any more banana
icecream this year auyho.v.
A jrood remedy for a bad cough is
SYRUP. It heals the lungs and
quiets Irritation. Price 25u, 50c" and
$r.G0' per bottle.. Sold by St. Bernaid
Mining Co., Incorporated Drug De
partment. Gift That Blaine Had.
Jameu G. Blaino had tho rare gift of
dismissing from his presence any ono"
who had come to him for a. favor,
which ho could not grant,, with a feel
ing that he was his big brother, and
grieved to death at the compulsion of
refusal. Although Blaine was uni
versally beloved, yet he was defeated
for tho highest office In the gift of tho
people. From tho Magazine of Amer
lean History.
J. "W. Copeland, of Dayton, Ohio,
purchased a brittle of Chamberlain's
Cough Reir edy for his boy who had.
a cold, auu before the bottle was all
used the bo.v's cold was gone. Is
that not better than to pay a five
dollar doctor's bill? For sale by A)l
Deserves No Credit
boarder, ''you generally explain It on
the theory that It's nothing for him to
bo proud of he's merely gifted in
that direction. Can I have another
cup of coffee, Mrs. Irons?"
Feel languid, week, run down? Headache?
Stomach "off?" A good remedy is Burdock
Blood Hitters. Ask your druggist, Pri $1.00.
Every Woman Loves a
heated in every part the. kind of oven that
turns out fine baking. . -
And, if you like, ve can give you oven win
dows made of fire-tested glass, clear as crystal
through which you see tlie exact point at
which your baking has arrivcil without opening
the door.
parts of which
out of the question.
Come and sec us, and we will tell you more
of the reasons why our ranges arc every
woman's Favorite.
ware Vjompany
I Ilsley Notes ft
"'"'ft'"1 M mikia'
Jeff Russel made his usual
weekly trip to Richland Sunday,
-tis reported that-the "Bond1'
will have to bepaid1 soon, an
Ramsey, Melton & Co. were up
seeing about it recently. ' t
Lon Collins is still working mr.
crew dredging Sugar creek,, antt.
incidentally. battling with water
mocasins, to settle their disputed
over claim made by snakes ob.
that territory. Lon carries with:
him continually a club which lie
says is ihe (Driginial St. Patricks?,
snake banisher, ' ' ...,
A well known citizen, of iihukt
here, on being asked as to hffcv
choice in the coming Novembers
election for President aunounedfi
himself for Tom Logan, liit.
last and all the time.'
"Better get your shot .ub
ready, for John Adcock expctBo
to start out again soon with iefc
serenading clan, and John pto
poses you know to keep his fjuje
to the enemy under nil con jl,
tions; - s
Squ ire Dunn and CilUlJ 'tiii&i k
went toMadieouville Wqneuajpt''
and got back the same day:' """,$&
Sherman Vick the big hearteiSj
grocery drummer was here Thurs
day, as the noon hour arrive
while he was yet in towu he atea .
a can of pqtted ham, and 'gave
his horse a bucket of water, exi-r
pense accouut'to honse 75cts.
To Clean Par :r. .
To mako "a paste th. ; will cleajfc
wall paper, mix a quart of flour wltltt
'five cents' worth of ammonia auAi
enough water to make a stiff dougk.,
and knead until smooth. Then wipe
tho paper with the dough, wwklnggr
it so that a clean surface will be. pra--sentcd
with every Btroke, and tho walls
paper will look like new. New Haveaft
Journal Courier.
This is the Favorite G
With a stgatby, evenly heated oven all,
are ventilated poor" baking 1
' f. 'll
' -j1.
V'f "
1- s ., .. , . -,' ' ,f ..
' . . 'rfj.'.
"ii. I'lTjiirtftA ? Wffr
', ijt.j-itWto.A
-, ... ..JLJ. ,
t "
ST - : ,
i,fit.i -, . .,
' ' J
Jl.A-..i... . , ) ,-il.f IV'iV $ 1 1

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