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Member ot
Kentucky Press Association
Secwi District Polishers League
1 Branch Office in Ben Slalon's Office,
ville, Kentucky, Phone No. 24-2 Kings mm ailkch uhiid, mSr.
Telephone 47
He Was Out.
Customer "I wish you'd show mo
the thinnest thing you liavo In a bluo
sorgo suit" Floor Walker "I would
with plcasuro, sir, but he's out to
4unch just now." Judge.
Only a Fire Hero
"but the crowd choered, as, with
burned lianas, he held up a 6iiiall
round box, "FellowBl" he sheuteri,
"this Buoktnn's Arnica Salvo I hold
has overythiup: beat for burns."
Rich 1 1 also for boils, ulcors, sores,
pimples, eczema, outs, sprains, brui
ses. Surest pile cure. It subdues
inflammation, kills pain. Only ,25c
at all Druggists.
Painful Discovery.
"Well," said the dentist as with si
steel Instrument ho tapped Mr. Ack
ln's tooth, "I told you whon I put
that crown on that It might give you
trouble. I never guarantee a crown
ed tooth." "Oh, I know. I wUh I'd
had tho blamo thing pulled!" moaned
.Mr. Acktns sadly. "I've found out to
my sorrow that uneasy reBts tho tooth
that wears a crown!"
Regulate the Bowels when they
fall to move proporly. HJ5RBINE
is an admirable bowel regulator, it
helpB the liver and stomach and re
stores a fine feeling of strength and
buoyancy. Price 50c. Sold by St.
Bernard Mining Co. Incorporated,
Drug Department.
Lost and Found.
Th"S ferryman, whilst plying over a
water which was only Bllghtly agi
tated, "was askod by a timid lady in
his boat whether any persons were
ever lost in that river. "Oh, no," said
he, "wo always flnda 'em agin, the
next day." Life.
Evansville:s F'avorite Trading Center
We Offer Specially Strong Values in Ladies Ready-to-Wear
' .;. :: Garments Millinery and Dress Goods
Miesos' Tailored .Haits In large
and small'hafjes, trimmings xf
cord.velvet und Kros-prjUn ribbon.
About sJx ekcliialve.styleH for
selection. Special . tf'CA
price .; pl.OU
A large line of f)iiil(ien's Hats
In polled brims; poke, side rolls
and sailor shapes, in velour felt,
velvet and pluBh In all . colors.
Prices raiie from lo c(
G9c to :'. ..p3U
An especially smart, aud pretty
DreBB Hat, crown and brim cover,
ed with fine quality silk velvet.
Across tho crown in placed an ex
tra large, uncurled ostrich willow
wette, drooping gracefully to the
brim at the loft. The feather is
bald in place by a flat bow of vel
vet. Bargain ' lc rrv
Prico pj.DV)
The WhiBtling Kid Sweaters,
something iiovr for the little fel
lows. A fine sweater made with
military collar with silver but
tons down front in combination
colors, cardinal aud 'navy and
Oxford and navy blue. A whistle
on. a chain with everv sweater.
Extra value 04 AA
Eaoh Cpl.UU
You are cornially invited to make this store your headquarters. Parcels left in our dire will be checked and delivered to
anv .-tation or boat, free of charge.
under the plan of the Merchants' Rebate Association, and please remember you always pay less at'The Boston Store.
I Evansville, -. . - Indiana . . J. .
Advertising Rates
Display Advertisements,
Hlnirle ibsue loo per inch
LnOals and Inside Pages,
Readers I0o per lino
ReaulutlouB'aud Cards of
Thanks 5o per line
Obituary Poetry 5c per line
Slight reductions on time
contract display advertise
ments. Also locals that run
Beveraliuouthe without ohanRo
Entered at the Earllnnton
Post Oflloe as Second Class
Next Door to PpsloMtxson-
Tuesday, November 5, 1912
Pay for What You See.
Thnatera in Havana, according to an
exchange, have a syBtem b? which pa
trons pay for a seat for one act, ana. it
rinHfd. nay for another act. and so
on to tho end of tho performance. By
this method a playgoer may keep on
trying different theaters till he flnda a
play to his liking, and spend for his
various "samples" only the price that
he would pay for one ticket, according
to our plan.
Flagged Train With shirt
Tearing his shirt from his back an
Ohio man flagged a tram and saved
It from a wreck, but H. T, Alston,
Raleigh, N. C. ouce preveuted a
wreck with Electric- Bitters. "I
was in a terrible plight when I be
gan to use them," he writes, "my
stomach, head, back and kidneys
were all badly affected aud my liver
was in bad condition, but four bot
tles of Electric Bitters maae me feel
like a new man." A trial will con
vince you of their matchless merit
for any stomach, liver or kidney
trouble. Price 50c at all Druggists.
Always the Safest Road,
Though sometimes what is called
"a happy hit" may bo mado by a bold
venture, tho common hnlfway of
steady Industry and application is the
only safe road to travel. Samuel
The boy's appetite is often the
source of amazement. If you would
have such an appetite take Cham
berlain's Tablets. The not only cre
ate a healthy appetite, but strength
en the stomach aud enable it to do
Its work naturally. For sale bv ali
Virtue Mas rew marry.
"Among men virtue has many
preachers but few martyrs. Claude
Adrlen Helvctlus.
Note These Special Offerings
Special ofFerinc indeed that will interest you only throuirh
ii very special purchase are we able toofferyou lliese exception
ally good values. The garments in this sale are well cut, well
tailored, the cloth of a -specially good quality and dependable
in every way.. This is vour opportunity to purchas strictly up-to-date
suits at very low prices. Oome to this store and take
advantage of these offerings.
Stylish Suits Worth $13-50 for $10.98
Ladies' Ooat Suits in a good assortment of blacks, browns,
navy blue and gray iu the new Fall materials, such as serges,
faucy weaves and novelties, plain tailored coats, high waisted
skirts with panel tront and back, ftegulur aja q
$13 50 value. Special , . $ U.9o
Buy This Suit and Save $500
Ladies' Mannish Serge Suits in a neat plain tailored st vie,
slightly fitted at the waist line, full 82 inch leugth coat, skirt.
are high waisted with side effect front and panel bade, yarn
dyed satin lining in coat, Regular ff9A aa
$20.00 value. Special price $lUUU
Can t Afford to
Matter of Diet.
"How do you tell tho difference be
tween a yacht and a sailboat?" said
tho girl with tho Inquiring mind. "By
lookln' Into the pantry," replied Cap
tain Cloet "If she carries plenty of
refreshments and secgars, she's a
yacht If It's mostly .plain victuals.
Bhe's a sailboat." Washington Star.
Don't waste your motifv buying
strongthuniuv plasters. Chamber
Iain's Liniment is cheaper and bet-i
ter. Dampen a piece of flannel with
it and bind it over the aifectea parts i
ana it will relieve the palu nod sore
loss. For sale bv all Dealers.
Queue Wearers Boycotted.
At tho markei, Kuala Lumpur,
sellers wearing queues are left severe
ly alono by queucloss buyers, while
on soveral of the estatos the few
coollos wearing queues who remain
aro afraid to go into the towns and
villages to buy things. On one estate.
It Is said, the Chinese who still have
tho appondago are actually purchas
ing their rice from the Tomll coolies
employed there. Malay MaiL
Her Hair Commenced-to Grow
After Two Weeks' Use of
Newbro's Herpidde.
Fever camcj
mo to be en
tirely bald. I
had given dd
all hops of a
eatn having
hair when 1
was advised ta
use Herpidde.
After two
weeks my hair
commenced to
prow.. Now I
have the most
, of hair any
one ever saw
Praise to New
bro'sHerpklde." Thus writea Mrs. Howard Bailey, of BeUevuo,
Mich. Wo can point to thousands of instances
where tho proper use of Herpidde has been fol
lowed by a remarkable growth of hair.
We absolutely guarantee the one dollar slx
bottles of Ncwbro's Herpidde,
St. Bernard Mining Co., Incorporated,
Drug Department. Special Agents
The Father "Can you support my
daughter In tho style to which she has
been accustomed?" The Suitor ;" Yes,
but not In the style to which her
mother and you have beeu trying to
mnko nm think for the Dast six
months she has been accustomed."
In damp, chilly weather tlifre is
a I wars a largp demand for BAL
cause uianj people who know Inex
perience its preat relieving power In
rheumatic aches and pains, prepare
to applv it at the first twinue. Price
25c. 50c and $1.00 per bottle. Sold
by St, Bernard Milling Co. Incorpo
rated, Drat; Department.
ric&ztf, xUi l e ' tZbv
ffiffiffHiMjBao &r$!ffi&j1'fy '
You Save $6.50 on This Suit
Lidies' extra fine Whip Oord Suits, perfect
ly plaiu tailored with cutaway coat that is
full 32 inches in JengUi, slightly fitted at the
waist- l'ue ; skirts are high waiet line with plain
frout and panel back, with side foot plaits.
Come, iu bine and brown onlv. (4A Cft
Rogular $25 00. Special 4 1 Oa&U
Miss These Bargains
How are you to find
nim ? You will ' find him
going to a higher position
if he has 'a course of home
study in the
International Cor
respondence School
Box 203 Henderson, Ky,
' Slow Suicide.
"Tho entirely self-centered man Is
always a man slowly killing himself.
. . . Bachelors do not usually live
as long as married men; yet.no ob
server of the world would 'maintain
that bachelors really take less card
of themselves. No, they aro always
taking care of themselves? and it Is
tho care that shortens their lives."
"In Cotton Wool," by W. B. Marwell.
Deafness Cannot be Cured
by local applications, as they cannot reach the
diseased portion of the ear, There is only one
way to cure deafness, and that is by constitution
.tl remedies. Deatncss is caused by an Infiamcd
condition ot the mucous lining ot the Eustachian
Tube, when this tube is inflamed yon savo a
rumbling sound or Imperfect hearing, and when
it is entirely closed, deafness is ths result, and
unless the inflammation can be taken out and
this tupe restored ts its normal condition, hearing
' will be destroyed forever; nine cases out of ten
are caused by Catarrh, which ts nothing but an
inflamed condition ot the mucous surface.
I V will eiva Ono Hundred Dollart toranvease
of Deafness (caused by cstarrh) that cannot be
cured by Hall's Cararrh Cure. Send for clrcu
ars, free.
P. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O.
Sold by Druggists, 7J.
Take Hall's Family Pills for constitution.
Goodness Never Futile.
There Is no man so bad, but he se
cretly respects the good. Benjamin
Extra fine large variety of 0.U
ton and Wool Mixed Suitings,
both plain aud fancv weaves of
whipcord, hairline stripes. Popu
lar colors, 32 Inches wide. OC
Yard. Special &JK
A most complete assortment of
medium and heavy weight dress
and 6iiit materials, including
many new and protty noveltleB of
Scotch mixtures. Vigoreaux,
diagonals, serges, whipcord aud
fancy mohair. Leading colors of
blue, gray, brown and tau, 88
inches wide. Per yard,
$1.00 VALUES 69o
In this sale we will offer a selec
tlon of fifty pieces of all Wool
Dress materials. Thoy range Iu
width from 42 to 50 inches. Among
lots are Wool Taffeta, Mohair,
Henrietta, Panama, Piunella aud
self colored Btripes in a wide
range of colors. These fabrics
are worth $1 00 per yard
Ho found his wifo crying.
"What's the matter, deanr?" ho
askod. He knew it was no fault of hlB
end this made him bold. "Tell me
your troubles, lovey."
She looked up, her eyes dim wltn
"EV.c . Aral iima In fT Tnnrrlpfl
life, de&r, feel inhospitable" she re-
"Go on."
"Every year I have invited uncle
and auntlo to visit us."
"ThlB year I cannot ask them."
"And why?"
"I havo lust remembered." sho
said, "that undo expects to have meat
at every meal!"
And it was a long timo before he
could comfort her.
Perish the Thought!
"I sunnoBo vou carried out your
original Intention when you went
abrond, Mrs. Leedor, and visited
Romo, Venice, Goona, Vienna, and"
"O dear, no! we visited noma,
Vanetseah, Jennowaugh, Venn, Vcor
tnmhalre. and ever so many more of
thoso ancient capitals. You must
havo misunderstood me, Mrs. jipeB.
rV , , UJ . .1... r !..
lust night and had a dull evening of
"Then you lost, eh?"
A Trying Moment.
Metlilnks, fornooth, lie well may dodff
And Is not much to bliitne,
Whnao former wlfe'o about to lodga
An alimony claim.
The Work of Time.
"Ten years ago." ho complained, "I
was denounced as . dangerous rad
ical. Now they aro referring to me
as a reactionary,"
"You ought to elvn'up tho habit of
changing your opinions." k
"But, confound it, I hayon't changed
A Wretched Place,
"Oh, dear," said tho young woman
with a weary sigh, as she tossed aside
tho volumo, "I'm so unhappy."
"WhaCn the troublo?" aakod tho
young man.
"There isn't a library In this town
whore ono can get a book that's unfit
to read," .. M- .-.. timy.
Hit One Accomplishment.
"What's your hurry?"
"I've got to dress a chicken to
day," said tho young matron.
"Oh, do let mo go over and help
you," entreated, the, prospective bride.
"I used to love to dress dollB."
1 The Best Part of It.
Hokus Hollo, old man. Back in
town again, eh? How did you enjoy
your, vacation?
Pokus Well, I!m so glad to get
home again that I'm glad now I went."
New York Times.
3-w i
Dr. Phil Graves What you need 1
a vacation.
Prospective Patient I've Just coma
back' from one. Another one would
kill me.
Jonah. -,
They flung poor Jonah in the sea;
The captain, who was cross,
Said: "TIb a case, It seema, to m
Of prophet and of loss."
4 Woman's Homo Companion.
All Left.
"My broker told mo I would havo
to give him something to put up on
this deal."
"So you gave him all you had to
put up?"
"YeB my umbrella."
Not Necessarily.
Bella Oh, dear, the diamoud In mj
engagement ring has got a flaw In it
George Take no notice, darling.
Love should be blind, you know.
Bella Yes, but ono need not be
stone blind! London Telegraph. L
Bought and Paid For.
"You any this Is worth $5," said the
wary customer. "Now, do you guar
antoo that I'm getting $5 worth ot
value for my money?"
"Five dollars worth of valuol" flash
ed tho bright youug clerk. "Why,
mister, for eyery ono of thom things
wo turn out thcre'B four middlemen,
Boventy-elght drummers, flvo banks,
two railroad poolB, eighteen advertis
ing agoncles, seven lawyers and 842
billboards all running up expense ac
counts and adding valuo'to that thora
article so fast that tho company's
practically giving you tho 34 cents
spent on patent royalties, Bhop up
keep, raw material and labor." Puck,
Ndthlng to Worry About
Tho First Unskilled Things ain't
doln' well at 'omo, Bll.
The Second Unskilled Wot's ap?
The First Unskilled It's tho Missus
alius worryin for money, naqraln',
noon an' night.
The Second Unskilled Wot she do
wlv it orl?
Tho First Unskilled 'Ow tho blank
oty blank am I ter know I never give
'er nono yet. Sketch.
A Fake.
Undo Ezra Howdy, Ebon. Just
back from California, I aco. Must bo a
great place. Thoy say thcro Is sun
shine thoro tho year 'round.
Undo Kben That Is Just one ot
thom fake western yarns. Every da
I was there, along at the end ot ths
afternoon night came, Just the Bams
as it does here.
Goodly Sir, I am surprised to heai
ypu swearing at tho heat. JVliat will
you do in tho next " world, whcr
there's not a drop of water to moistes;
your parched
Growly Aro you sure there's n
water there?
Goodly Positive.
-GrawlyrAh! Then thero's no hu
mldlty; that's what knocks mo. , I cai
stand for the heat;
'TIs So.
To wait, nlns,
Is very tume.
'TIs hard to play
A wilting game, ,
Would Be Better.
I?rlson Missionary Don't you thinl
that after you regain your liberty, yoq
can do better?
Burglar Well, I'll know enough noi
to have another pal that'fl bo deaf h
can't hear a p'llceman till he's right
on ub.
The Art of It.
"You aro cor.stnntly outlining nei
theories concerning an ideal economit
"Yea, my f.;.-:ni," rtpllrd Senatoi
Sorghum, "a successful rainbow chas
er has to mike up IiIb own ralnbowi
an hu goea aloig."
Save the Letters.
"I havo a hesitancy about ffpurninf
that young poet."
"Why so?"
"He may, in nftercars, become fs
."Well, If he does, you can sell fill
love letters to . the magazines.".
Chief End of Travel.
" expected you to enthuao mow
over the beautiful Danube."
"Well, the" Danube was all right, bti) '
tho poatcardB- were hot what t expectf
ed' to And,"
A True Believer.'
"t- always believe In saving Soma
thing for a rainy day,"
"How much havo you saved?"
"Oh, I haven't Baved anything, bd
I believe in it."
"Major Pounds Is a pugnacious ol(
fellow. He. told mo yesterday he wai
always smelling- powder."
"Good ferocious! I wonder if hi
isaw mo putting some on my nosa!" .
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