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(Two Mortons Gap 'Couples Play
a Smooth Game on the.
Old Folks-nElope
and;are Wed
If yqu wish t6 get married no
on oue of the Semi Woeklv Bee't
Mammoth Cave trips- Two more
Mortons Gap couple'd who were
ou tke ttrip elope to Bvansville
and w-cre wed. Two of them
were boim ou the sameday, hav
lug enjoyed the measles, whoop
ing cough and mumps af the
same time,, graduating from the
town school at the same tiiu-q, be-
coming engaged to be maryied
the same wek, and marrying on
the same day by the same mini
ster at the same time, is the re
cord of Carl Medlook, of Mortonr
Gap, and twin sister, Catherine,
who passed through Earlintun
Tuesday afternoon with their re
spective iutendedBon their wav
to Evansville. At the Gerhian
M. E.- Church in that cit.v the
vyoun man was married to Miss
Carney. Jones, of Hopkins Ooun
ty, anti" Tiif twin sister to Lee
Carrier, of Unioucouuty, Ky.
The twins wore 21.. years old.
A few week ago each "became
engaged to-wed. Each confided
the news tothe other. Without
telling their parents of the event,
they decided thq nropQrjhijieJoH.
them to do was to marry at tne
same time, since their lives from
tho day thby opened their eyes
had been so familiar.
"You see," said the blushing
femiuino twin, "we just had to
get married at the same time.
Papa and mamma don't know a
thing about it, and it will bo a
big surprise to them when wo go
back and tell them both are
married. You. knbw, we are
thinking very seriously of all
four of us ljyju in the same
The Semi-Weekly . Bee knows
tke contracting .parties well and
there are no liner people any
where. Herq's hoping their jour
ney, through; tf,will. be as happy,
and full of sunshine as was tne
memorial Mammoth Gave trip
where quire'.i'kood deal of the
courting "ivas'idoWS
i..t.t,ffi -
,- , i - " r -
From a series of elaborate chemical tests, j
fcomparatlve deetlbility of food made -with
'differeht baking powders. ,
An equal quantity of bread (biecuit) was . made
with each of two kinds of baking powder cream
of tartar and alum and submitted separately, to
the action of the digestive fluid, each for the same
length of time.
. "The percentage of the food digested ik shown as
follows :
Br m4 m&9 vrithRTftI Ctmum m( Tatter lw4r t
. .. . .''..J
Bril MMMivyritVlwi.iwJrt ' , .
i '!
.tfqyai Bakmg Powder raised food k shown to be
of greatly superior dtibUHy and healthfulnese."
' .)
faariegief Frfftehfee Taxes Suit
UrYiJcr Way
Frankfort, Ky., Nov. 20.
Hearing on the. franchise tax
suit instituted by the L, & N..,
O..'&'0.,. &0. and 1. C. rail
roads, involving increases of over
$ieOjOOOjOOO in franchise valua
tion, state revenues of approxi
mately half a million, and more
tha that in counties and taxing
districts, "began in the federal
court here 'this afternoon and
contiBed until 0 o'clock tonight
The fjttit is to enjoiu the state
from collection of taxeB of the
1012 assessments. Helm Bruce,
of Louisville, 'representing the!
L. & N,, and Attorney General
Garnett occupied the time in
Bruce charged Justus Goebel
with being responsible for what
he termed an "unreasonably ex
cessive assessment." Garnett
attacked the jurisdiction of the
court on the ground that the real
partv in interest ib the state of
jKentuckv, whicn cannot be sued.
Judge Cothran said it would be
up to the railroads to show him
he had jurisdiction, but said
plainly that he questioned the
justness of the borird of valua
tion and assessment uot inform
the railroads by what methods
they had ascertained, the 'total
value.qf the franchises and ap
portioiiod.JCQntuclfiVjtita share.
Tho governor ami 'menibers of
the statebQarll' were .present at
both sessions. Arguments will
bfi coutj,nied tomorrow auJ may1
last two or three days.
Bargains in Suijs
Barnes, Cowand & Co
A tolegr-an was received in
Madisonville Thursday, from the
chief of police, of S'. Charles,
Mo., stating that he hadirrest'eti,
H. 0. Barbour, Who is wanted in
that city for deserting his wife
aud several small children. Sher
iff J. B. Stanley left on the noon
train for St. Charles to bring the
prisoner in.
Barbour had been engaged 'in
the picture business for sometime
iu Madisonville. when he: sudden
ly disappeared with another wo
man leaving his family.
. odo
Will-be Held at the' College l
Mines and Metallurgy State '
University, Lexington', Ky
; j
The following program has
been proposed for-themeetini. )f
the Kentucky Mining Institute
to be held in Lexington, Ky
Dec. .9th. Mr. Frank D. Rish,
of this city, will present a paper
on .Forestry as Related to Miu-.
ing." V
KaaAay.iaeeraber 9, 1912, 1:30 P. M,
Address of Welcome . j
Judge Henry S.-Barker
Business Session1 - '
'. t
.Presentation of Paper s ''
Forestry us Related to Mining'.
Mr. Frauk D. Rash, Presi
dent of tho Institute, -Vice
JPres. and Gen. Mur. St. Ber
nard Mining Go.
Preientatioa of Paper .;
The American Mining Congress
Mr. Hywell DaVies
President of-Miiie, Owners'
Association of .Kentucky!
v Fresontation of Papw '
Preparation of a Domestic Ooali
Mr. J. W. Rogers
Superintendent of Mines,
1 Consolidation Coal Co.
Presentation of Paper
Tho Successful Foreman
Jiuiiinsjisuj-x iJii-iSWrAJ'
v . it:.., Tnnn ....
Mr. H. La Vierffi
North-Eust '"Coal1
Compauy 7
-Presentation of Paper
Hook Worm
Dr. J. W. Pryor
State University of Ken
tucky Preientatlon of f pr ,
First Aid Work
Mr. W. L. Moss
General Manager Continen
tal Coal Oorporatibn.
. . . 'i'
Mr. Moss will also outline the
plaus for, the First Aid 'Contest
to-be held by the Kentucky Min
ing-Institute 'uexb' "May. ' State
wide interest in t;his Contest is
being shown, ,aqd is desired
cnaj a iarge.vaumeniMtne com
paaies preparing to''enter teams
will, have a representative pres
en't'at the1 'December' Meeting
tWnenf uil a'u frea ,djscuBsion
twill lies entar,e4 into
i.Jhe .proeram Will continue-
throughout :the afternoon and
evening', the' eveuing aessfon. be
ginning atf k ocopki including
smbTcer. ' .
Crur'i'ed With,RifI.n United SMu Mail
Walter Ricej a fourteen-year-old
boy, of Dawson Springs, was
brought before United States
Commissioner Alvan Clark, at
Hopkinsville Wednesday'on the
charge of.., rjifliugthe,, Unitqd.
SUtesmail r" '-; v
It is charged that the boy "se
cured mail from the box iu the
Dawson post: officii of tke man for
whom he had formerly worked-..
The boxes at Dawson work with
a combination instead of a key
and it is said the boy knew, this
and thus gained access to tho
box,. 'E5UEUI
Bopd was fixqd.at $800 iu de
fault of which he w-as sent to jail
at Qw.ensboro.
. Real'EHate Trsiuactien
..Frank Sfsk has purchased from
JEU .' Browning his home ,on
Kjdgeway. Oonuideratipn un
known. : Mr, Slek will move bis
family to their new home in a few
days. v
Church Notes I
' Christiantehurch.
Tho largest attetjlai.ee of the fall
season was recorded in the Bible
School yesterday, the report sho'w
Ing 180 with ovpr $5.00 oilerlng, every
teacher and ofli.cer being present.
A very pleasant Incident of the.
florvfm was the presentation of a
beautiral locket aud chain to Miph
EllEftbeth Corey on behalf of the
church as a token of its appreciation
of her eevicoB so faithfully render
ed as collector The Corey family
leave for Texas in a few weeks, and
will be greatly missed 'Iq every de
partment of tho church.
It wbb voted at the morning ser
vice to adopt the individual com
mission service In acceptance of the
generouB ouVr of the ladieB to pre
sent the same to the church. This
will add very rreatlv to the Im
presBiveneRH df fhe service and also
keep the church in line with the
advance step that has already been
taken toward proper sanitation.
M. E. Church South
Regular preaching services
next S.tbbaUi at 11:00 a. m. and
7:.80 p. m. Sibbath School ,at
9:45. The public is most cor
dially invited to worship with us.
You ueed-us, and we need you.
Former St. Bernard Engineer Now Coun
ty Road Engineer For Hen
derson County
Singleton Kimmell, of Henderson,
formerly of the St. Bernard Engin
eeriug stall, ib -ndwiCounry Eoad
1- "l ' ''r .4 Jt' ' 4 ' ?.. -i
dor the new law creating this office
passed by the last Legislature. This
is one of the best of these positions
in the State and is 6aid to pay eome-
thing like $2500 a year, An Item in
this connection, of , interest to Mr.
KimmelTs friends among the Bee's
readers, Is the news that he made
the highest mark on examination
recorded for any applicant for like
position1 In Knlucky his percent-
,nge being 99.
. MIsb Nellie MoManus and Mr. Jno
D. Cothran, were united in matrl
mouy at the residence of Rev. Moore
of tha Grapevine country, Thursday
afternoon about i o'clock. They
were accompanied by Boy Parker
and MIsb Gladys Vaughn, of this
olty. Rev. Moore united the young
couple in his usual impressive man
tier, Ater the aeremp.ny he.bride
ana groom a'8t man una iaay
returned to the resldeuae of the
brides mother, Mrs. Wilson whete. a
deligbttul wedding supper, was eenr
ed to the newly-weds and a few iu-
of Earlmgton'a favorit girls and Ib
known to her Jrlesds : asSpushlne
Nell, on account of her brlght,.eQBny
smile. 'She ias,a bostpf friendn
this city and is. a general favorite
With all who know her. The Groom
Mr, Cothran, is a splendid Young
man, and has been, in the employee
of the St.lerriard''MfrilnCo,J"if6r a
number ef years. The, young couple
will board for a short time uirtil tbey
can arrange for a house' when they
will go to housekeeping. Miss Nell
was. for sometlme,employed on .The
Bee, aad naturally the whole i. force-
wish them all the luck and happi
ness that can be crowded In one
short life time.
WireleM Optrater m Alaska'
Joe Fortner, who was some years
ago a conductor on the Henderson
division recently visited in Christian
connty. HIb home tor the time
since he left Earlington baa been in
St. Louis, where he now keeps a ho
tel. Kester Fortner, bis. eon, now
nineteen years old, is in the govern
ment service as a wireless telegraph
operator in Alaska. His station Ib
out in the open waters of Norton
Sound, an inlet of BerUgSea an.d
is taken, to and -from iTworic daily
by boat."'TblByouBg man holds a
respoiisiDie position ana a raws a
nne salary lor a iaa 01 nis years. -
Tom Burse, of Madisonville is in
towa today on business.
State Inspector Finds $20,730 Is
Due State Ex-Official Asks
Suspension Of Judgement,
Frankfort,Ky.,Nov., 20. State
Inspector and Examiner Sherman
Gqodpaster filed with the gover
nor his report on the state iusur
ance for' the past four years,
while C. W. Bell was commission
er, and-finds that $20,730 is due
the state from 'the insurance
companies during that period is
unaccounted for. The total
figures that in fees, license, etc,
there should have beeu turned
over fo the state $201,514.79 in
the four years, while in fact on
ly $18(1,203 51 was turned over.
The total amount that should
have beeu collected for the 2
per cent tax on all premiums was
.$1.417,084 33, while iu fact but
$1,411,001,90 is accounted for,
leaving $5,412.43 unaccounted
for or a total of $21,700 missing.
The inspector makes no charges
agaiustMr. Bell or auy 6f his
subordinates-, except that of al
most criminal carelessness and
say their rceords show that so
much money ah?u!d have been
turned ever to the state, but was
not turned over; bat. the books
of the office were bungliugly aud
carelessly kept jth'at'itiB possible
that some of the insurance com-
tnl ovve'a-part 6(
this $20,000, hut he has uo way
of ascertining this fact, except to
make out accounts against the
companies and present them
which would tal six months.
He said, however, if the com
panies failed to pay, it was the
duty of the commissioner to re
voke their license aud as no
license were revoked the presum
ption is that they paid what
they owed. The inspector says
the fees of the office are charg
able to the commissioner and his
failure to collect them makes
him responsible to the same ex
tent as if he had collected them.
Commissioner Bell ssid he had
uol seen a copy ot the report and
;had nothing to say now, except!
to ask his friends to suspend
judgement for a few days.
J. j.mir Memory."
"' Back in 1882, James J. Hill,
out ou the road in bis private
car, stopped at aimall town iu
Minnesota and'walked out ou the
station platform. for a few minu
tes' exercise, Hib general maua-
ger, who accompanied hjra, spied
an eastern acquaintance stand
ing near and introduced hita to1
Mr. jiuiwno invitea tnq easier
erjto ride back to St. Paul in bis
private car. Twenty-twe years
later, Mr. Hill was in New. York
in a friends office in Wall street,'
when the same eastener, who had
never seen Mr. Hill since the
day.in 1882, entered. .Mr. Hill1
greeted, him. by name, recalled
the meeting1 of twenty-tWo years
before and told him of the topic
of conversation during the ride
in the private car,
Hundred Perseru KWki By
. Earth- Quake In Mempis.
Mexico City, Nov.' 21, The
report that the town of Acahby
in. the Northern. part of the State
of Mexico, was destroyed by
Tuesday's earth-quake was re
newed to-day in EI Oro and a
number of doctors immediately
proceeded to the
scene. It is
I stated that thevyictims number
ed iw. rue town had 2,000 in
habitants. Telegraphic com
muBieatioBs ie interapted.
Now that the presidential elec
tion is over and the democrats in
Hopkins county were victorious
to tile tune of about 1500 plurali
ty, the iuterest in politics is
turning to the nominations for
county officers to be made at the
primary election next August.
The fields, as a rule, will be
full and the campaign will be
vigorously contested in nearly
everv ruco except; that of coroner,
which rather seems to be con
ceded to Mack Stevens as long,
as he lives and wants.it.
In the following list of actual
and prospective candidates, the
Bee mav have omitted men
tion of some that could not be
called to mind and may mention
some who have no idea of run
ning, but who have been men
tioned by their friends, but in
the main, the field will be made
up from tno list mentioned. If
anyone has Been overlooked the
will be pleased to make correc
tion :
County Judge M. T. Beshears,,
Dr. I. N. Vickers, Dr. Ben. P.
Earle, Esq. J. B. Brown, H. F
S. Bailey, E. D. Mdrrow, Esq. E
F. Shelton, E. B. Bradly, W.T.
Mills, K. P. Teague. JUmp """
County Attorney Ed. L.
Young, W. O, Hopewell, G. W
Sypert, D. H. Kincheloe1,
Sheriff James Hickln. OS
VMiiams, Willis Eudd, Tom
Logan, Proctor Ashbv." Jno. H.
Ashby, W, H. O'Bryau, Hosy
Graddy, John HogVn, J. J.
Orowder, W. H. Parish, R. L.'
Jackson, D. L; jB.arnhill, Joe
Hobgood, B. E.LaffooUj Esq.
Jack Nisbet, and W, H. Powers.
..Jailer L. D. H. Rodgers,
Ohes Bradly, W. A. Smith,
Cordis Clark, Urel Hardwick,
Jack Howell, T. B. Davis, Noah
Day, A. O, Bryum, Orie Goad,
Travis Sisk.
County Clerk H. H. Hole
man, Frank Brpwri, Sam D.
Langly, John G. Silmon, Ed.
Arnold, Fred Hoffman, Oscar
L. McGregor. l
Asses8or Jessie McGary,
'Frank Barton, Claude Ford.
School Superintendent L. K,
Ray, Cass L. Waljcbiy H. B,
Wheeler, Thos. Bl;l Ssiith, Miss
Katie Greer, Miss Jjl.e Ashby
Representative Dr. Eldred
Davis, Ernest Dunj
Holmad, J. 1. Dot
B. Hall,
. - ni-1''
U2 1i'rUny'Aei)t(
-t tery-WWe Rati
Waahiugtpn.ov.;. Results,
complffed Fpay tfie Poatofflce
Department indicite that the
country-wide raid made jester
day . ob persons changed' w-ith
missusing the mails" to ftromQtfT
criminal meaicai practices was
remarkably successful. '
The arrests so'farhiinjber l42.
Ur. theso ninety-nine were men
.and. forfcy-fchjfee women. The
total roitutf-up, will exceed
probably the total, of 173 fixed
by the. inspectors, because arrests
were made in a few cases in
Ohica.gb and in the far West
where the -department did not
know the cases w ere ready .
Fire Derffoyi B&CaJhoHe
Church At Lowell, Muu.
Lowell, Mass,, Npv- 21. A
priest- and twenty 'firemen were
overcom&liy smofife from a fire
which to'day destroyed the in
terior Of St. Jean Baptist church,
the largest French Catholic
edifice in Lowell The financial
ternon, N. h.
. .. J...HI.1SU n, WtWVl -- v 'tti.i
4 . 'j.L.V
iwljWsU w
,'j" ' '" !' 1'
. ",f m ii,; I'ifM-Wi.iiMt i' .tfifcr h"ii - i-ii,J,i-i-i(?ll.T-ltI'ir-ii:iVrl
., ', ,.1 jJ

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