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In AVE. Whitfield's General Mer
chandising Establishment at '
Mortons Gap
Jr. V. L. Bacon who for a
uumber of yoars tl an exctil
lont postmaster t Madisonville
tins !ecideil to munch nut in the
mercantile fiold and has purchns
ol a half .uiterVnt in the Woll-
known mcrcHiitilu firm of A. l'
Whitfl'M of Hint oity. ,Mr. Br
con is probably one of the lies I
known men in the county ami
has a host of triciuls who wiph
him success in his new field of
labor. Following is hi6 curd to
the public.
To Tht Peoplt of Mortom Dtp and
It is my belief that Mortons
Gap is a town of opportunities,
this is my impression to-day and
I also havo faith iu its future, I
am inspired to feel that it will
in time become an enterprising
city and because of this I havo
chosen it 113 the place to launch
into business.
1 have assumed a half interest
iu the general merchandise busi
ness of A. E. Whitfield, who is
knowu as a dcpoudablo and holi
est merchant, and in order to re
tain all of his old friends and
- patrou.3 and if possible try to add
a fow moro shall ondeavor to rrn-
der fair and square dealings and
ray best 6crvico to win them, I
neel that it is unnecessary for me
to introduce myself to you as tho
past 14 years iu tho service of the
Government as Postmastor at
Madisouvillo has brought mo iu
touch with the majority of the
people of Hopkins County, with
this 14 years of successful ser
vice in tho postollico aud four
years experience prior to this in
the mercantile business, I come
to you with the doQnito purpose
of establishing myself in your
confidence by tho same system
that has been tho basis of my
success iu Madisonville. "Tho
best sorvico and satisfaction"
shall bo my motto, with this iu
view I solicit for tho firm a
share of your patronage aud
good will.
Vory respectfully,
With Whitfield & Bacou.
Tax Ordinance,
TheOity Council of the City of
Earlington, Ky., do ordoiu as fol
lows: That the tux ffe the year 1918 be
and .the same la hbjoby levied at one
dollar and fifty cents (f 1.60) per cap
ita poll tax and an ad valorem tax of
seventy. flvo cents (.TGo) ou each on
hundred dollars oj assessed value of
1 I t H.nn..tn
H real aim yuruui yivyinf mmw
jeot to taxation within the Oily
limits of the City of Darlington, Ky.
A oopy Mteiv: ,
Paul P. Prloe, City OUrk.
Annrovad. Dan Af. Evan I. Mayor.
riEarlln'fctoif.KT., Jaaaary 6Tb. XOlS
L i
Spring a Genuine Surprise on Their
Many Friends.
TJlie inarri'ni'e of MUs Elona
S..nitli and Mr; Fred Bailey qf
Madisonville Thursday evening
viws a uornpiutu ?urpria to moir
'many frieild. The ceremony
was perfortnVd at th Mjthodist
pittamiNg by l' V. Wimberly t
ton o'clock, th, cotipie drivm
iiiiiirwliHtrfly to tins ci'y, wln-ru
they fowled th imditiahtt'ia'ii
for Ktamf ulo, leaving therollip
next, dtiv fir Lnii8VilJi, win-re
tht-..v will niiiko,tli8ir'honiL'.
Miss Smith 19-the daughter Af
Prof. T. II S.nith, and J9 a mo3t
brilliant slid- charmim: girl. Slie
lias been the teacher of the West
Brondwny fourth grade ofs the
public school' in Mtdisonvili for
tho p;fst four mouths and Whs u
Very popular teacher.
Mr. B,iilev is a very prominent
voting business .man, beini: con
nected for mahv years with the
Bu.lay Property Co., ami for tiio
pSst year or to h'as beeu in the
brokeraee nnd;reNalwes,tate bus,i
uo88. fie has only recantly mov
ed his business t'oUouTsVillS
Both Mr.' atl Mrli uley. nre
very ponular ami have many
warm friends who wis.1 them a
life of happiness and success.
For Rent
-Three good furnished rooms
centrally ocated, will rent to
Apply at Bee Office.
New Interest for the Sunday School.
The Sunday School of tho Meth
odist Churcn, South has taken on
now life for the new year and
expects this' to be tho record
breaker. An increased uumber
being present both the past Sun
days and much iuterest manifest
ed which encourages the work.
The Baraca boys havo orgauizsd
a body for the iuterest of their
own class and cordially invite
the boys who do net nttond Sun
day School to come aud joiu their
class. The other classes offer
just as hearty welcome to all
others to come and join the dif
ferent classes. It6 the effort of
tho entire Sunday School to get
next to all person not connected
with auy other Sunday Sshool
& id have enrolled with tho Meth
odist School- Let every one who
is a regular attendant make a
special efifort to get some other
to come next Suudny and join
this splendid body. Sunday
School at 9:a0 and all are invi
Sprayin g
Oil is heavier than water, con
sequently it needs a specially
constructed atomizer to success
fully spray it. We can supply
you with a good oil atomizer,
having either straight or curved
nozzle, for that throat or nose
spray. A tight-fitting elastic
bulb Q each.
Price 50c, 7t, Sioo and
St. Bernard Min
ing Company j
Drug Department'
Earlington Kentucky
Nebo Notes
Doushis Morrow and Miss Ber-i
the Gates, tw(1' popular vounc.
people, formerly of this" placed
went to JNsishvilIu hist Monday
s'stshvillu last Monday,
and ware iiittiripM,
fn, jhoy reftntiHiffl
M iMt
bu tho curly train Tuesday imnHj
ine rftul snent the da v with l.errftwwm j.000.oao and $8 OOO.OOU. are
mothet's family, Mrs. M. L.
Culof, and .the night wih,hi
parent, Mr. and M '. D. U. JI01-
low, rtt Circle Cit, rM.turuin
next day to Eiriiiiiiton where-
tlH'y will reside, Tite groom is'
an employee of the L. & N. It.
11. Ooi The bride has been for
a year.iivthe Dulin store as sales
lady. Both wjW continue their
work as formerly. We wish
them a prosperous aud
married life.
L. M. Brine, has beeu ou the
sick list for a year with the grip.
Mrs,- Jennie" Helm returned
from 'Midisouville Saturday
where she has been visiting rel
atives for a week. '
Mrs.'0. D.iAustin of Prtfvi-
deuce Bpeut last week witli'srt
fathe'r's family J, L. ltogers
Miss Helen Cox had the 0. W.
M, to'meet with herturday
dfternoou ou account 'of the
downpour' of-rain only 2 aaW
wered to roll call after the meet,
tug adjurued wo were treated to
a two course lunch of hicorynuts
"hud popcorn balls which -were
greatly enjoyed. The next meet
iugf will be- with MrB.x-.WfllI
Pot'er SatuFdiTy befbro the 2nd.
unday in Feb. nothing doing
except to rain all week.
Dog Tax Ordinance
The City Council of tho City of
Earliuton, Ky., do ordain as fol
lows: -
That the tax for the year of 1913
be aud the same is hereby levied at
one dollnr ($1.00) per capita ou each
dog owned and kept wlthlu tho City
limits of the City of Earliugton.Ky.
A copy attest:
Paul P. Price, City Clerk.
Approved, Dan. M. Evaus, Mayor,
Eirliugtou, Ky., January 6th, 1913.
Miss Lauua Thommasson and
Mr.Luther Boyd were united m
marriage at the homo of the bride
Sunday afternoon at three o'clock
The bride is the youugest daugh
ter of Johnnie Thonmaeeaa of
the country and a very charming
young lady, very popular to her
community. The groom is a
young farmer of Christian Coun
ty uear Kelly Ky.
Should Kctpiytmt U Pajuc
No business man in any town
should at.ow a newspaper published
In hie town to go without his name
mentioned somewhere iti Us. col
umns. This applies to all kinds of
business general store, dry floods
store, groceries, furniture dealer,
professional men, aud Iu fact all
classes -of business men. This does
not mean that you should have a
whole or half or even a quarter page
ad. In every Issue of the paper, but
your nauto aud business should be
mentioned if you do not use more,
that! a two lino space. A stranger
picking up a newspaper should be
able to tell Just what btftiiftss is
represented in a town by
the business mentioned iu
This Is the best possible
vertlsliiR. The man who
advertise his business d
oesi not
au ln?J
Justice to himself and his dpwu. He
Is the man who expects the.paper to
do most of the boostingor his ttwn.
The man who Insists on sha ring the
business (hat comes to a toWubut
reiuses to advertise tils buslnui is
not doing bis share of the boosting.
The life of any town depends upm
the lire, wideawake and liberal
business men In it. Corydou Re
publican. '
lun w iQtooM j eoMipuioa. utm Kef turn
Cpttltl tkMj, IC bOl It CM HOtM,
Road Now in Hands of Receiver. But
Said New Organization Will
be Perfected
A special of
recent (Into fmin
Nashville nays:
Extensions of ihe TemiPfee C-n
trpl Into 11 -w territory and Improve
inent of th prooerry to coht lin
in contemplation according to S. W.
Fordyi.-tf Jr.. of St. Louis, uenenU
comiRtl of the rond and representa
tive .f the go ne nil bondholders,
who was In Xushville. Wednesday.
Announcement of these plans In de-
,ttl ma; be expected Iu a mouth or
six weeks.
The road has been making
enough to pay lh operating expen
ses and the Interest on the prior
lien bonds," said, Mr. Fordyce, but
It'has not made enough to pay the
(Interest on the $8,000,000 general, or
second mortgage bonds, and of
course has paid uothlng ou the
With Its present limitations the
road would probnblv never be able
to reach the stage where the llxed
charge might be paid andadirldend
declared, It needs extensions and
improvements, and to secure them
the road mu9t be refinanced. New
capital must be secured and as no
capital could be secured when T. C.
ib hot able to pay interest ou capital
lr!eady invested, the road must go
thfuxb the hands of a receiver,
the state wiped clean and start with
'a new company. The road now has
outstanding $4 014,000 or prior lien
bonds held jointly by the Illinois
Central aiid Southern railroads, in
the proportion of one third and two-
thirds. There are also $8,000,000 of
'general or second mortgage bonds,
and the receivership was secured on
behalf of. holders of these securities.
Lla-additlon, to the., bonps there are.
something more than 7,000 shares of
stock outstanding
"In the event of a foreclosure the
road will be publicly sold and the
proceeds applied first to the settle
ment of all current llablll ties; sec
ond to the payment of accrued in
terest aud principal of the general
bonds' now amounting to about
$9,600,000: and, finally, if there Ib any
surplus, to the payment of stock
New Assistant Engineer of Maintenance
and Way of Knoxville Division.
The Daily Journal and'Tribune
of Kuoxville, Tenn., says : J. O.
Ely, of Knoxville, for the past
six years assistant eugincer of
the maintenance nud way for
the Knoxville division of the
Louisville & NashviHe railaoad,
has been promoted, and will be
Toadma6ter in charge 'of the uew
line of Lexiugtou ftiid Eastern
railroad, built by the Louisville
and JJashville railroad.
George B. Newbord, of Louis
ville, Ky., will be successor to
.Mr. Ely. Mr. Newbold liaB been
in Knoxville for some time, aud
has been with the engineering
department of the local division.
This is a promotiou for Mr. Ely
&is many friends in this city are
pleased to learn of The Lexing
ton and Eastern has recently
been completed through one of
greatest coal producing sections
of Kentucky.
Oratorical Contcd.
Students of the Paducah high
school are looking forward with
much iuterest ;o the annual orator!
cal contest iu which high schools
Of Western Kentucky will compote
at Henderson on February S.H, There
probably will be eight or ten to en
terjirTtbe 0oal preliminary contest.
at which Paducah's representatives
in the main event will be chosen.
The contest this year probably will
be larger and more Interesting than
ever before. Henderson, Owensboro,
Hopklnsvlllb, Central City, Madi
sonville, Princeton and Paducah
will compete for the medal, which
Is to be presented by the Henderson
high school. Paducah News-Demo-cm,
AwldmttJJ II bippeo, buttbp belt; riultll
fuuiUn kcip; ft Tbouui' Electlc Oil tor titcb
finturuclci. Two niei J tal jos lbl ilcrct
AJ., .., 7VL, ?)
Mr. and Mrs. Claude Eison, of
Midisouville, spmit Sunday with
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. N. W.
Mis Arbyc Brown, of Mc
ilfiiry, wns here Sunday enroute
from Texas where she had been
to attend the fuueral of hor
B. C. Mitchell, of Midisouville
was here Wednesday.
Misses Arbee Hicks aud Ver-
die Trotter, of Clarksville, re
turned home Sunday after a
pleaant visit with Miss S.idye
Bethel. "
Buck Cobb, of Guthrie, wits
here Tuesday .
J. 0. Wilkins left Thursday for
Drakesboro. '
Mi63 Lizzie Teague, of S
Charles visited friends here Sun
J. E. Fawcelt, of the Bee, was
here 011 business last week.
Mrs. Pembertou. of Madison
ville, visited friend's aud rela
tives here last week.
Mies Aileen Davis, of Madison
ville, was iu town Wednesday.
J. Mon6ch and B. Howard, of
Madisonville, were here Sunday
How to Tell If Your Hair is Diseased.
Even If you have a luxuriant bead
wnetner it is in a neauny conuition
or uot. 98 per cent of the people
need a hair tonic.
Pull a hair out of your head, if the
bulb at the end of the root is whit
and shrunken, it proves that the
hair is diseased aud requires prompt
attention if its loss would be avoided
If the bulb is pink aud full, the hair
is healthy.
We want everyone whose hair re
quires treatment to try Rexall "03"
Hair Tonic. We premise that it
bhall not cost anything if it does not
Rive satisfactory results. It is de
signed to overcome daudruif, relieve
scalp irritation, to stimulate the
hair roots, tighten the hair already
in the head grow hair aud overcome
It Is because of what ltexall "93'
Hair Tonic has done and our sincere
faith iu its goodness that we want
you to try it at our risk. Two sizes
50c and $1.00. Solo only at our
store The Rexall Store.
Mrs. Mary Jane Stone and Mr
John Robinson were united in
marriage last Friday afternoon
Mrs. Stone is well known in this
city and the groom is a carpenter
who has epeut a greater portion
of his life here.
Entertained at Six O'clock Dinner In
Honor of Bride and Groom.
Jfrs. Henry Rogers delight
fully entertained at G o'clock
dinner Saturday eveniug in hou
nr of the bride and groom Mr
and Mrs. D. L. Monow who havo
just returned from their brida
trip. The dining room was beau
tifully decorated and the do-
licious courses of good things to
eat were served iu exquisite taste.
A uumber of invited guestB were
present to enjoy tho pleasant oc
Popular Young Lady Leaves Madisonville
Alias Hattie Ash by, one of Mad!
souville's most popular young ladles
left today to accept a position with
a prominent firm in Danville. Ky.
auss AsuDy lias been for a number
of years connected with the Arm of
Bishop & Co., of Madisonville. She
was one of the most popular sales
ladles in that city and her many
friends regret seriously to see her
The firm securing her servloes is to
be congratulated in geitlog dot only
a splendid business woman but one
L'lrl In Kentucky, ;
Chief Inspector of Mines C."J.
Norwood Says 15,570,000
Tons Produce.
Lexington, Kv Jan. 10. In hiB
estlmnte of the Kutuoky coal pro
duction for 1912, Clilt'f Inspector of
Mines Norwood snyn It willbe about
15,670,000 tons divided as follows:
District Tons.
Western 7,480,000
Southeastern ...4,815,000
Northeastern 8,245,000
Total 15,570,000
This Indicates an lncreaso of more
than 1,500,000 tons over the output
for 1911, and an Increase of moro
than 900.000 tons over that for 1910,
which hitherto has beeu the "ban
ner" year.
The report says:
"Complete roturns for November
and actual figures for December may
either Increase or decrease the es
timated amount somewhat, but it
seems safe to place the output at not
loss that about 15,000,000 tons.
"The prospects for 1913 are bright.
Barrlug extraordinary disturbances,
I look for an output of not less than
20,000.000 tonB ; hut It may be materi
ally greater.
"A statement showniK production
by counties will be made public
Mr. Norwood says his estimate ex-
caeds that of the government by 1,-
500,000 tons.
Hero la a remedv that Will euro1
your cold. Whv waste", 'time and
money experimenting wnen you can
get a preparation that has won a
world-wide reputalifltvy Its cures
n Ikli, tnnnan r. it r. n W O 1 TT fl t O hi,
Ul turn utncuaq nuu 1 - . i
........... I . . ...... T , I. V,.Amn (Won
whom no r"!hmhprln.lnM Ooufi.
..uw.w ... , lJ( 1
Remedy and is a medicine of reAS
merit. I or sale ny au ueaiers.
Meeting Of The Earlington U. D. C-
The Earliugton Chapter U. DC?.
will celebrate the annlverslty of tho
b rth of Gen. Robert E. Lee at the
home of Mrs. Frank Olaniunl Saturn
diy January 18th. All the daugh
ters -are requested to be present.
And all the veterans aud the sons
are invited to attend. Appropriate
exercises will be had and this willbe
a very enjoyable alfilr.
Miss Flora .rearce.
Pres. Earlington Chapter.
The Infant Son Of Mr. And Mrs. Forest
Groves Passes Away.
Eulis JackBon the little six months
old son ot Mr. and Mrs. Forest Groves
passed away Monday afternoon after
au illness ot spinal trouble. Tho
infant had been sick for about three
weeks and its condition was serious
from the start. Interment took placq
at the Oakwood cemetery of j
The friends extend their sy mphthyv-1
to the bereaved parents in trite
of sorrow,
But It Is Provoking
To Drop Your Watch.
Don't make thfi rrncfntJ
tampering with it yourself
We charge nothing for an e
Our prices are reasonable and ,
consistent with first-
class work.
Holimger & Trui
Jimiltis and 0W4
1 1 J.

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