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N. 6
Elsewhere will bo f oen the for
mnl nnnonncoraont of Jnmes E.
Hickliti as a candidate for sheriff
of Hopkins county, subject to
tbo action of the democratic par
ty. Mr. Hicklin is the present as
sessor and it is not saving too
much to state that no nssossor
tho county ever had gave hotter
satisfaction than he in the die
charge of tho duties of the office.
fleis a man who is wcllliked
by all who know him. lie is a
mau who tries to be conscien
tious in everything he does. Ho
is in every way qualified for tho
position ho seeks and if elected
the pcoplo would have an officer
who would pleasantly and care
fully perform every duty incurn-
Mr. ilicklin enters tho rnco
with a strong following, not only
in his own section, but has
frionds in different .parts of the
cerauty, all of which mnkes him
a formidable man in tho race.
Will Cist The Florida Vote in the Elec
torlal College
Chas. K. Jones, formerly of this
city, will cant tho vote for tho State
of Florida In the College this week,
having boon selected by tho Klcc-
tors to that honor bo I up one of tho
states electors and ono of tho origi
nal Wilson men from that state.
He Is In Washington this week
Mr. Jones formerly worked in this
city, for J no. 31. victory and is n
brotbor of Henry O. Jonos, of the
Earllngton P0 Force.
John W. Bernard Aceti With Accident
i Loosing Right Foot
J no. W. Heruard. brakenmn for
tho L. & N. Railroad had tho mir
fortune to get his right toot inaBhed
Monday night to that It was nocces
sary to amputate tbo foot at tho
ankle. 'Bernard was making a
coupling between two cars when ho
bocamo overbalanced and using his
foot for support catching it between
the cars. Tho accident hnppeued at
Atkinson Station about midnight
and the boy was brought to tho St.
Bernard Hospital where he hadsur.
gleal attention Immediately. No
other injuries were received and his
condltlou Is vory good.
Notice la hereby given that the
Dawson Springs Banltorlum and
Health Ilesort, Incorporated,
bo dlBSOlvood by consent of the
Stockholders on the day of February
10111. Said Corporation is now cios
ing up Us buBluose. ;
Dr. G. Frank Husaell. Suporlriton
dout of tho above naimul instlttitlon
will conduct a prlvato Sanitohum
known as the Russell Sauitorlirm in
the plant now operated by this' con
ceru. This January liOth. 1013.J
U. L. ilUSSELL. PreB.
J. L. RUSSELL, Sio'y.
January, 24
The attention of tho members of
the Lyceum Courso la culled to tho,
fact that tho next numberi.of tho
oourse will bo Friday, Jan (21. The
lecturer, Smith Dameron oiit,' of the
ordinary as a lecturer. 1I makes
pottery while he talks. DdTEfot fall
to hear him. Bring otliersliwlth
Nebo Notes
Miss Lilly -Johnson and Mag-
gio May Shelton, went to Madi
souvillo shopping Monday.-
Mr. W. M, Porter bought up
several thousand pounds of poul
try last week for James Norris,
of Henderson and Mr. Brooks, of
Clay will buy chickens next
Monday and Tuesday nt lOcts per
Tommie Summer?, of Madison-
villo worshiped in Nebo Sunday.
Georgo Hill and R. P. Uill,
mado a business trip to Madison
villo Monday.
Mrr. W. V. Cor, who has been
visiting her father, Mr. Humphry
nt Providence for a week, re
turned homo Wednesday.
Miss Ruth Baequit, of tho
Pleasant Grove country is visit
ing her sister Mrs. W. M. Porter.
A. M. Campbell, spent Sunday
with his daughter Mre. M. J.
Cunningham at Coiltown.
Miss Aileen Davis, of Madison
ville was in Nebo Wednesday on
Two preachers, Webb and
Noble, an Englishman (and an
Irshman are holding forth night
ly' at tho M. .E. church1: '.'They stfy
they belong to no church just
preach Christ. Wo don't know
whero to place 'em. Big cro"wds
are listening to thorn. They don't
call for a collection even, strange
but interesting, lor you know
whero two or three Mothodfsts
are gathered together,,, .there is
always a collection.
At party in town fur tho frying
sizo Saturday night at Mrp. Bet
tio Utly's. All the little girls
from ten to fourteen years wore
dressed up like ladies in long
dresses. They had n royal time
playing, wind tho pumpkin vine,
etc, also there was a dance for
the full growu ones at Aubrey
Morgan's a mile out from Nebo,
while all of ua old folks were at
church, where all should Irive
And now look out for harder
times than ever, since the poolers
have trotie and done it. The
slieriir iB going to cet busy sell
ing mortgaged pooled tobacco,
for tho merchants aro bound to
havo their money when it is due
But Improvement is Announced Mr.
and Mrs. Geo. C Atkinson
Now There
Warren Atkinson, of Mulllca Hill,
N. J., brother of Geo. 0. AtkliiBou,
president of the St. Bernard Mining
Co.. is hotter after a serious attack
of heart trouble at Bradentown, Fla,
last week. Mr. nud Mrs. Goo. O.
Atkinson are now w.ltli tho stricken
brother nud his family In Florida.
Saturday morning Mr. Atklusou re
oelvod a telegram saylug his broth
er wns sorlously ill and asking that
he come to Florida atouue. He and
Mr. Atkinson started South Satur
day ovenlng after having reoolvod
moro detailed information of a crit
ical condition during tho day. Mon
day evening frlnids hero wore some
what roaBsurod by a message sent
by Geo. 0. AtkliiBou upon reaching
his brothers' bedside. Further de
tails are awaited by mail.
Warren Atkinson went with his
family from Now Jersey In the gar
ly part of this mouth to spoud somo
weeks at Bradentown. Fin., whero
ho owns somo laud planted In Grape
fruit, and whero they aro occupying
a houso for tho soasuii. He has of
ten visited Earllugton and bus num
erous friends hero.
LOST Iu the streets ot Madison
vllle Saturday night, tie pin with
Initials, "J. 1, S." Flutter rettwn to.
Proy Stewart for reward.
Barnei, Cowand & Co., Advertised Their
Profit Sharing Sale In The Bee.
Ono of tho largest sales 'ever
pulled off in this city was the
Qrcat Profit Sharing Sale of
Barnes, Cowand & Compnny the
well known dry goods firm--of
this city. This firm ran a double
page advertisement in one issue
of tho Semi-weekly Beo on Fciij
uuy, juuunry lutu auvertising
this sale. Tho result was aston
ishing. On tho opening day of
the sale last Saturday the store
was packed and jammed nil dafe
long with eager purchasers andj
thousands of dollars worth of
merchandise was sold. This en
terprising firm secured all thef
extra clerk help in the city and
were not able to wait on the.
trade. The sale will contmno
until February 1st in order to
give everyone in this community
an opportunity to secure somo of
the wonderful bargains being
offered. Mr. Cowan expressed
himself as being well pleased
with the splendid results' obtain
ed from his advertisement in the
Semi-weekly Bee aad saj he is
more fully convinced thaiVever
Elsewliere will be seen the an.
nouncemcint oLH, H.'Graddy for
sheriff and a card from him, set
ting forth his claims. Mr,
Qraddy mado tho race four years
ago and ran second. He has
served as deputy sheriff; was
constable of his district for sev
eral years, and served the city
efficiently ns chief of police. He
will have a strong following in
tho race aud if olocted would
make tho people a most efficient
A Treatment That CosU Nothing If
It Fails.
We want you to try threo large
bottles of Itexall "03" HalrTonlo on
our personal guarautae that the trial
will not cost you a ponuy If it does
not give vou absolute satisfaction.
Thnt's proof of our faith in this
remedy, and It should indisputably
demonstrate tlmt wo know what
we aro talking about when we say
that Itexall "03" HairTouio will re
tard baldness, overoomu scalp and
hair atlmontB, and If auy human
ageucy can accomplish this result,
it may alto bo relied upon to pro
mote a now growth of hair.
Remember wo are basing our
statements upon what has already
bseu accomplished by the use of
Rexall "113" Hair Tonic, and we
havo tbo right to assumo that what
it has done for thousand i ( "thera
It will do for you. Iuany afertyou
cannot lose anythiug by givlug It a
trial on our liberal guarantee. Two
sizes, Wo, aod $ 1.00. Remember, you
cau obtain Itexall Remedies in this
community only at our store The
Rexall Store.
Hosey Graddy An
nounces For Sheriff
To rho Democratic Voters of
Hopkins County,
I have decided to enter the race
for the democratic nomination
for Sheriff of Hopkins county,
Bubjectto the action of the pri
mary to be held in Aunust, next,
and take this opportunity of ad
dr.essiug you upon the subject.
A candidate soliciting the suf
frage ot his. countrymen and
seeking by their votes to be ele
vated to u position of trust and
confidence should at least show
himself to be competent and
qualified to discharge the duties
of tho oflico he seeks, and to per
mit the light of investigation to
be thrown upon his past to the
extent of proving such assertion
Under such circumstances I feel
liKo l may be permitted to say
something about myself in this
I was born and reared in the
southern part of Hopkins coun
ty in'the Curtail district. Most
all of my life has been spent
upon the farm. In the last few
years 1 have been intrusted with
public duties. I was constable
of trie first district one term, was
l a deputy under S. C. Jetiniugs
T m . !!
.iorraer snerm ana ,x was cniei
of police for the city of Madison-
villo during the last administra
tion. My duties in all of these
positions were hard and exact-
Ling, but I tried at all times to
discharge them without fear or
favor and I am willing for the
weople who know 'what kind df
an ouiciai i maue vo lesuiy f as to
my ability and trustworthiness
I was a candidate in 1008, and
asked your support for the nomi
nation for sheriff. I made the
best G;:ht that I could and am
proud of the vote I received. '.
tried to make a clean fair cam
paign and to wm the respect and
confidence of the people. The
result of that race is kuown to
all. I am dceplv grateful to my
friends for their loyal support in
that fight and I take this oppor
tuuity of thanking them. 1 fee
like tho large vote I received
then shows clearly that I havo
good show to win this time. I
expect to make a clean, gentle
muuly campaign, and do not ex
pect to euisage in vitupcrntiou
or abuse aud if nominated aud
elected, I pledge my best efforts
to tho people of Hopkins county
to make them a good, faithfu
and trustworthy sheriff.
Your support and iuiluence is
respectfully solicited.
Very truly,
Jan., 14, 1913. H.H.Geady.
Celebrate Washington's Birthday With
Big Clasj Initiation On That Date
The noxt class to travel the hot
sands into tho Madisonvillo
Shriuo will take place on Feb.
22, when Rizpah Templo will
celebrate Washington's birthday
by entertaining n number of
visiting Sln iuere, who will assist
tho local Shriuo iu conferring
the degree "u a largo class of
novices, . are anxious to
qualify us carers of tho fez.
A largo nunibor of petitions nro
iiow in and tho class to bo initi
ated ou this occasiou promises to
be ouo of tho largest over t&kon
The program committee is uow
at work, arranging for the "ses
sion," and this will be published
iu the Beo as soon as it is com
pleted, Mr. J. Tom Longstutl, who Js con
fined to tils home Is some better, but
is still a vory sick man.
Nortonville Notes
A. 0. Sauders, left Wednesday
for his home at Summitsville,
Tenn., .to bo aftho bedside of
mother, who is very sick.
Will T. Mills, of Madisonville
was hero Thursday.
Mrs. J. R. Harrison, visited
relatives at Dawson last week.
W. D. Rodgers, of Dawson
Springs, was hero Thursday.
Miss Lola Mae Prowse, spent
several days last week with her
sister, Mrs. Arvil Oates, at Oak
Misses Ona and Mabello Paxton
of Greenville, and Myrtle and
Hazel Anderson, of Central City,
have been the guests of Miss
Sadye Bethel and Mrs. Delia
W. A. Toombs, of Madisonville
was here Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. Clair Horlon,
spent several days last week in
the country, with Mr. and Mre.
E. O. Almon.
Miss Glennie Barr, of Madi
sonville, made her regular trip
here Wednesday in the interest
of her music class.
Mrs. Clara West, spent Wed
nesday night at Oak Hill, with
her sister Mrs. Oates.
G. W. Keptinger has been at
Mortons GapT5evBral,fiy8- on
trouble, as the telephone mrioa
g"er there is on thesicklist! 'r
, Mrs. T. J. Morgan, was in
MudisDnvilleTast week.
- J.TSr Fawcett, of Earlington,
was here last week ou business.
Mr. and Mrs. Ohas. Blackburn,'
of Earlington visited relatives
here last week.
Mrs. Jim Howard, of Mortons
Gap is visiting Mrs. John Hitt.
W. P. Burba, was in Earling
ton Saturday.
Fred TrathenJ of Bevier, visit
ed Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Trathen
Buck Cobb, of Guthrie, mado
his regular trip here Sunday.
Miss Linnie Oldham, is visiting
Mr. aud Mrs. Owen Oldham.
Messrs. Mouch aud Andersou,
of Madisonville, gavo the tele
phone oilice a call Friday.
A danco was given at the hall
Friday uight in honor of the
visitors in town.
Mr. aud Mrs. Clnra Ilorton,
were tho guests 6f Dr. Almon's
family at Morton's Gup Saturday
night anil Sunday,
Dr. Moore, was in Madisonville
Mre. Tom Mtiddox, who has
been real Bick is much improved
Mesdatnes Brvon. Dillingham.
Frank Guu and Hump David, of
White Plains, visited friends and
rolativos hero last week.
Little Mies Queenell Cobb, of
Mortons Gap, was the quest of
Miss Gertrude Hitt Saturday
night and buuday.
Everywhere We Hear Good Reports
,of Doam's Kidney Pills.
Earlington is no exception. Every
Beotlon of U. S. rest u nil s with praise
of Doan'i Kidney Pills. Thirty
thousand persons aro giving test!
mouy in their home newspaper. The
sincerity ot these witness, the faot
that thoy live so near, 1b the best
proof of the merit of Dean's, here
an Earlington case.
John W. Davennort. Earllneton.
Ky., ny; I HtKl usn Doau's Kidney
" ...
1' 11 K!oiiio-.tlly aud consider tbein
a flue remedy for kidney troublo.
The more I use this remedy the bet
ter I like it. You may contiuuo pub
lish my former testimonial, j suf
fered sevrly from kidney troublo
My back was so sore and lauib that
The Bee Is authorized to announce- i
E. D.l Morrow as a candidate for
County Judge of Hopkins county
subject to the action of the demcA
crat party at the primary next
Mr. Morrow is too well known
over Hopkins county to render it
necessary for the Beo to say muoh
by the way of introduction. Mr.
Morrow Is a native ot the county
and by dint of Indomitable energy
and ambition, has overcome'diffloul-
ties which would have dauutod kono
less determined than himself. He '
taught schools of the county pre
pared himself at Intervials for the
practlu of law, has served as city
attorney and county attorney and In
every relation shown a devotion to
duty that Is rare in theso;days.;ai
While acting as county.attorney
Mr. Morrow performed bis duty
with ability and watched closely to )
see that every appropriation of tho I
people's moneywaa madojn accord
ance with tho laws governing such (
matters. As county judge, there Is
no doubt that he would carefully
watch and vigorously oppose all
extravgant expenditures. Also his
experience a lawyar would enable
him to perform wltb satisfaction
the duty; Incumbent upon him In.
the trial of. many civil and criminal
casoa com'g up before tho oonr
That be is' well qualified by I .
perlenco' temperament and intefl .
ty to dlsoharge the duties of the of
fice will be generally conceded.
He submits bis claims to the dem
ocrats of the county and asks their
careful consideration, assuring the
voters that ho would deeply .appre
ciate their support.
To the Democratic Voters of, Hop
kins County,: ..
I an a candidate for the office of
County Court Clerk, subject to the
will of the people atthe next August
primary, and In. Announcing my
myself I want It distinctly under
stood that I am making tho race
only in the interest of myself.
It has been 'in y ambition to bold
this office for one term.and one term
only. I was born aud reared lu this
county and I have spent my Ufa
here and when time shall be no
morewlth me lhope to be permitted
to rest here among my natlvo hills.
My democracy and my qualifica
tions no one will question.
I was left fatherless at the age ot
ten years. Two years later my
mother died, aud what lam, If any
thing, lam not under anv obligation
to auy one and if I am uothiug, no
one is to blame.
I hopo to avoid any unpleasant
ness and to treat my oppououts kind
aud courteous and that charity be
gius at home with equal rights to
Four years ago I was induced by
frieuds to enter the raon, but com
plications arose which were distaet
ful aud I quietly quit the raoe with
distinct understanding I would be a
candidato this time. To those that
aro my friends I am extremely grate
ful and hope to have your support
and Influence as well as thOBe that
were opposed me,
I am a farmer a democrat aud a
Kentucklan, and when the proper
tlmo, iu my opinion, eomeB I shall
go on the stump and plead my causo
with the great comraou people to
whom I belong.
Kindly sollotlng your support and
Influence. I am,
I could not wotk lor days at a tlmo
and thekldii6y secretions were scan
ty. There was constant pain iu my
head that almost blinded mo. I be
came dizzy, dark spots floated be
fore my oyes and I reeled llko a
drunken man. Nothing did ma auy
good until a fellow workman told
mo lie had used Doau's Kidney rills
with success. I obtained a supply at
the St. ilernard Mining Co. Iuc. and
aud it was ouly a few weeks boforo
they removed my troubles."
For sale by all dealers. Price DO
oeuts. Foster-Mllburii Co.,,HutIal
New York, solo agouts for tho
Uulted r.tHt:n.
Remel'), si.) namo Doau's
and tukt :jo uuur.
Too Bad.
Matty a good deed has been 'soollai
by being dona at tiie wrong UaaT

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