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itlnues To Cause Trouble.
Smallpox Breaks Out. 400
Refugees Quaranteened
Ashbyburg, Ky., Jan, 22. A
iao of smiillpox was discovered
iday among the COO flood rofug
is quurtcrod in tents and any
nd all sorts of buildings on th
oouud here. Many who took
Harm at t ho appeurauco of tin
Icourgo fled to Oulhoun m bout
put wcro not allowed to land and
Ivcro directed to return here
tonfnnnnt finr! Nnrmnn nf Mi
ntnut general's office arrived
V - ii . i. i
More inisaiieruoou to raKocnarg
Wnf flm flitiintinn. It. in tlinni'lit
.flikelv that the entire camn o
WiHhpeoplo will bo put under
Dr. H. W. Gates, health officer
f McLean county, investigated
foaduions at the mound today
and isolated the man who was
broken oat with smallpox. Tlio
health ofllcer of Hopkins county
is now on his way horo from
, Madisonville and will tnkechargo
of the quarantine regulations as
Ashbyburg is in Hopkins county.
J Icodu.y wore sent hero today from
(Madindnville by boat. There is
jnodgh food for the people, but
there is no provender for somo
1.500 boad of stock and the
horsoa mules and cattle will
likelvuioof starvation because
( for miles around there is neither
brty nor corn left unscathed by
I the flood.
If more cases of smallpox de
velop t,o stato will have to make
a temp, ary hospital on the
' 1 mound, furnish it complete and
. jilso provido food for all those
under quarantine. Action by
I Governor McOreary is looked for
Americans Telephone II
narmill ctil t idlps rIiIUV tllOfO
l. are 12.000.000 telephones in the
rwA gf iv I? nit Tlnitnfl Rtnt.pR
I J 4 IU V " 1MWH
8,4Q0,O00,Germnny 1,000,000,
;d-Great Britiuu 050,000. In-
tiMtlOii Ol wnoie leiejiwuuc
t..m uvirlrl line nfiflh $1.70..
'J.OOO. Number of tflepiione
inversatinns during past yonr
iv,va oV22,000,000,000, of which
12,500,000,000 woro in United
States. Length of wire used in
world's telephono system is 70,
000,000 miles.
Patrick Whaltn Allowed Pension By Con
federate Board
Among tho pensions nllowod by
the Ooufedernto Ponsiou Board
at Frankfort (Saturday last was
that in fpvor of Patrick Whnlen
if this place. Tho number of
inRlrfnB naised on favorably at
that time was 102, bringing the
total numbor allowed bv tho
board to 270.
b Saturday, Jan. 25
W'lpatlnee and Night
Daniel Frohman
Jarah Earnhardt
And Her All Star Company In the
Specular Plioto-Plsy.
"Qneen Elizaheth"
In Four Heels
Councfl ftroctor Declares Film Shows Ate
Ttklng The Place Of Carousals
By Students
Now York. Moving pictures
are helping to keep Oorncll eta
dents sober, according to tho re
port of Theodore Tneston, t
proctor at the university. Eve
nings now are spent at the
movies,' he says, which formerly
were takon up more generally by
carousals. Mr. Tweston also re
ported that uudcrgraduatcB no.
longer are allowing a false col
lego spirit to overcome their good
sense, and realize that an intoxi
cated student is a disgrace to the
Will Return To Ills Old Home.
Georgo W. Bates, Assistant
Oashier of the Peoples Bank
will leave tomorrow for his old
home, Lobenon Teuuessce to
make it his future home. Mr.
Bates has been with us three
years and has endeared himself
to all that have had the pleasure
of meetiui: him and we regret to
lose him. He will continue the
practice of Law in his home town
We have nothing but the highest
praise for him and say to his old
friends that ho returns to, that
he has made a model citizen and
if they have any more like him
thoro they can afford to snaro to
send them to Earlington we will
receive them with open arms.
May success attend his slightest
efforts is the wish otitis Earling
ton menus.
Notlco li hereby given that tho
Dawson Springs Saultorium and
Hentth Itosort, Incorporated, will
be dlssolveed by consent of tho
Stockholders on the day of February
1910. Bftld Corporation is now clos
log up Its buslueeo.
Dr. Q. iFrank Russell. Superinten
dent of the above named institution
will conduct a private Saultorium
known as the Russell Sanltorium in
the plant now operated by this con
cern. Tins January sum. 1U1U.
O. L. RUSSELL. Pres.
J. L., RUSSELL, Seo'y
Warren Atkinson Dead
Warren Atkinson brother of Goo.
C. Atkinson and the late John II.
Atkinson died at his winter homo
at Urandentown Florida of henrt
trouble. He had been In the south
lor enteral months with his family
he was 0 year? old and loaves a
wife mid six children four daughters
and two boys Air. Atkinson has been
lu this city several times and has
mauy warm friends who regret to
loam ot his death. Mr. George
Atkinson and wife left for that
place last week aud were with him
nuti hManilly In IiTb last hours. P.
M, Moore F. D, Rash nnd Mrs. N. G
Alfonl left last night for Flolda.
They will take his remains to his
old homo at Mulllcn Hill New Jersey
for burial. He was the youngest
brother of the Atkinson family.
Watering The Duetts
What becamo of "The Great
American Desert" will never bo
known uutil the fucts of irriga
tion got into the mind of the in
quirer. But tuo one ract tunc
tho length of fho ditches carry-
tig wator to tho thirsty lands in
tho nnd rt'Kioug of f " United
StutoH is enough to reach llvv
mos around the earth ou the
lies of tho equator will bo
enough to prove tho mastory
ulliinli man lnifl slowlv ucauirod
olvar tho land whore it solJom
rlilne. Tho area undenrrigatiou
ill 1010 was 10,031,000 apres,
while tho aroa included in nlf
projects complotod or in proqess
of dovelopmeut was 81,111,000
Lcro8. Tho coBt of wateriug the
dosert was ifUUT.SOU.uuu, or auout
one-third moro than tho vuluo of
tumorals taken from Alaska in
tho paBt-82 yearB. Thore' npy
i.,cr irnlil in tlin desert waters if
not in tho Bait 6eas. Wall Street
Some Wonderfully lew Prices On
Bishop & Company's Stock
200 Men's and Boys' Caps, Bishop's Wee 25 and 50c, A fj)
our price . I Uv
150 Men's and Boys' Hats, all colors, all styles, telescopes, crushes,
stiffs; Bishop's price from $150 tofo.SO, our 50C
200 Men's Hats, newest and best styles, Bishop's A ff
price $2.00, our price $ I BUU
325 Men's Hats, finest and best makes and latest (j f
styles, Bishop's price $3.00, our price I 9U
500 Men's Fine Shirts, Geo. B. lde'S'Gold and silver, CCt
$1 50 and $1.00 grades, all sizes' choice . 39C
300 Men's $1.00 Silver Shirts, slightly soiled, all sizes, OC
Choice . vvv
100 Boys 50c Dresshirts, soiled, also son'ie Men's 1 E a
large sizes - I9C
712 Four-in-hand awl.Bat Ties, :Bbhop's 25c and 50c OJCa
grades, our price ;3 for CwC
300 Fine New Neckties, Bishop's latest 50c values, 9 ft ft
our price..,. OUv
135 dozen Arrow Brand and SilvsenGollars, regular 15c ORa
kind, our price 5c each, 6 for. Jt. . . . , , ...CUU
Men's .Heavy Fleeced Under Shirts, Bishop's price 4oc, 9Rg
our price LyU
Men's Fine Spring Needle Shirts antl Drawers, Cooper's Eft
make' Bishop's price $1.00, our I price QUv
Men's Very Fine Glastonbury. WoAl' Shirts and Draw- (t
ers, Bishop's price $2.0O, our price.; I iUU
Fine Bradley Knitted Mufflers Bishop's price 50c, 4 Jg
our price -L. ... ..- I
Genuine Guyot Suspenders, Bishofj's 50 cents; our O JC
price ...... K ,1 ...... . .-j ""lQf
Men's Heavy Cotton Work Sox, Bishop's price 10c Rfr
our price W
Men's Extra Heavy Cotton Work'iSox.TOhop's price a
15c, our price I 2v
Big lot of Men's 50c Overalls, made with bib and OK
double stitched '. faWv
Read Carefully the Full Pag Ad on
last page of this paper.
Don't overlook the $1.00 Shoes
and the $1.00 Suits; They are
Missionaries Stir Foreigners To Action
By Their Doctrines
Ohicaco, January 2. Dr. Ar
thur J. Brown, Secretary of the
Presbyterian Board of Foreign
MissiouB, epoaking bofore the
weekly mooting of PreBbyterian
ministers, declared foreign mis
sionurios were rosponsiblo for the
revolution in Ohina, which led
to the founding of a republic.
Dr. Brown Biiid Dr. Sun Tat J3'"
had confessed to him that hu
figured in bringing about the
revolution because ho had the
benefit of missionary training
from his youth.
"Tho real truth is,?1 said Dr.
Browu, "that tho revolution was
caused by the missionaries
spreading the doctrines tho rights
of mou, The whole human race
is in an era of upheaval. A new
spirit is abroad in the world.
That is what is now appearing in
Ohina, Thov have been slow be
cause they have been isolated.
"The leaders of the revolution
were all Christians, and had
leurued from missionaries or had
n'udied id Christian lauds." r
25,000 Regular Troops To Guard Pana'
i ma canal
Col. Goethals' estimate that
25,000 regular troops will be
necessary to guard the Panama
Canal property is unattractive in
many particulars says the Nash
ville Banner, but it has its nt
trnctivo side, too. No doubt he
is correct in his estimate that
that number of men will be need
ed, but, leaving the question of
necessity aside, the agreeable
faot remains th.'1 wil' bo
25.000 meu nl n tiz
Ui t most .trut ,;e iiidu. If
troublo iwmo w.th M Vico as it
ig. tilrnoet curtain to oome sooner
or lausr or with any of theCou
tritl Ameriouii countries which
ftt alwuys prubable the useful,
oees'of the 25,000 mon at Panama
would greatly exceed tho mere
guarding of the oanal. The
United States has uever yet had
25,000 meu constantly mobilized
m time of peace.
Tn avaip hnmn whrr Hicim mu
children tlioru ehoule lie u tittle ot
It destroys worms ana auiti ab a ton
lo in tbe debllltatxti B.vbt' iii. l'rlcie
Isso per Dottm. Hoiu uy fat it riard
Mining Co., IncorporaiBO. Ditia de.
So per bottitt. boia iiy bt is r iard
To High Water Bound Sufferers At Ash
bysburg Tho management and clerks of
tho McLead Store of Madisonvillo
sent a wacon load of feed stuff to
tne flood sufferers at Ashbyburg,
Tuesday. For several days
number of Ashbyburg people
have been refngeeiug on a hill ou
account- of the exceediugly higl:
-.water in the Green River. On
account of not being ablo to get
to their homos for food and sup
plies much iuconveuience aud
suffering was being experienced
When this fact become known the
enterprising management of the
McLeod store and their clerks
made up a wagon load. of grocer
ies and other necessities and
generously sent it to the relief of
the flood sufferers.
Ladles Aid Holds Meeting
The Ladies Aid of the Mo tho
dist Church met with Mrs. Ohas
Webb Tuesday afternoon' and
elected officers. The following
were elected : Mrs. Chas. Webb
President; Mrs. Ernest Newton
1st Vice President: Mre. Eobert
Brown, 2nd Vice President and
Mrs. Jack Martin, Secretary and
Treasury. Suitable refreshments
were served and an interesting
meeting held. The Ladies Aid is
in a flourishing condition and ex
pect to do a great worik this year.
They are now making prepara
tions to hold a bazaar in the near
Taken up as a Stray
- One Bed Heifer about two voars
old, with the following marks to
wit. Spilt In right ear, crop oft left
dehorned and partly white, bushy
tail and valued at fifteen dollars by
E. C Moore. 2 miles East, Earl-
Witness ) Walter Faver, witness
bworn to by) u. w. liticfcet, witness
Given under my hand as Justice
of Peace of Hopkins county Kv.
this ICth day of Jan. 1013.
J. V. Priest, J. P. H. O
Special Attraction
Saturday Jan. 25th matinee and
night the splendid motion pictures
spectacle of Queen Elizabeth" with
Sarah Bernhardt in the Title Bole,
will behown at The Oarnck, Mad
Thrt dim is four thousand feet In
leugth aud It Is predicted Is the most
gorgeous epeetacle prepared fur the
"Movies" and that coupled with the
blgheBt art in tho person of Mice
Bernard t.
Manager Bleech of Tbe Qarrick
arrange to have a special matluee
of these exceleut pictures in order
that tbe people of Earllugtou and
surrounding town may have advan
tage to witness them. No doubt an
unusual large crowd from this place
will atteut as we can recommend
them highly.
Harlan Martin Hurt In Evansvillee By
Train Thursday Night
liong distance telephone message
received by W. N. Martin notifying
him of the misfortune ot his son
Harlau who was hurt at Eyansville
by a freight train. The particulars
ot tho case is not Known but It Is
supposed he was riding the train at
the tlmo the accident occurred. Mr.
Martlu left for Evttnsvllle at once
Mails By Stage And Dog Teams.
Yaldez, Alufcki, Jjii. 22. Be
omua of tho cOntiuued snow
blockade on the railroad butweon
Cordova aud Ohitina, tho Post
oillue Department arranged yos
terduy to soud mails via Valdez
aud the the trail over Thompson
Pass. Ten thousand pounds of
first oluss matter will bo brought
here, by steamer tomorrow and
dispatched by stage and dog team"
to'Fairbunk. Nome and poiuts
in iIih Yukon Valloy.
Persons troubled with partial
paralysis are often veryunuoh bene
fited by maisagmg theatleoted parts
thoroughly when applying Gharri-
bsrtMu'a-iduiuKAtt This llnlmsnU
also relieves rmatio palos. For,
brtatuV LluniKit, This linlmant
Proctor Ashby An
nounces For Sheriff
To the Democratic Voters of
Hopkins County :
I hereby make my announce-
ment as a candidate for tho dem
ocratic nomination for Sheriff,,
subject to tho action of the par
ty at the primary to be hold
August 2, 1018.
In announcing for this offico
I do so believing I know well its
duties, difficulties and responsi
bilities. I have been for a num
ber of years a deputy sheriff,
bearing its hardships and its
burdens. Yet in all these years
I have never shirked a duty,
whether fraught with danger or
filled with pleasure. These years
of service have prepared me to
discbarge the duties of the offico
in a manner I could not do were
I unfamiliar with its work.
I believe a public office is a
public trust and an officer should
be a servant of the people, and
if elected I promise to give to
all a fair and square deal, ren
dering unto each one that which
is hiB, saving for my state, coun
ty and people whenever lean and
lessen as much as I can their
burdens. I shall have an abso
lute rule of honesty, fairness and
courtesy for myself and those
counected with me. 1 shall ap
ply business principles in the con
duct of the office. I am seeking
this office on my merits and my
work in the past and' not on the
record of my ancestors, nor ou
the demerits, if they have any,
of my opponentiT"1"
I want your support. If yon
will elect me and if the faithful
performance of my duties is any
reward you shall have it. I ask
you as taxpayers and voters to
examine my record and if I have
been faithful in ray work then
reward me by calling me higher.
I have boru the heat, tho cold,,
the hardships and the burdens;
I believe I am qualified shall I
have the reward? Believing you
will aid me I beg to remain.
Yours truly,
Pboctok AsiiBr.
Madisonville.Ky., Jan. 24. 1913.
Prominent Young People To Wed Soon,
Quite a number of Prenuptiaf
affairs will be given in t.ho next
few weeks in honor of Miss Anna
Melntire Cox whn&e wedding tO'
Mr. Davis R. Dickinson, of Now
Orleans will take place in Madi
Bouville at the First Christian
church some time in March.
Miss Cox is u daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. J. W. Cox, of Madison
ville and is one of the most
beautiful, talented aud popular
youug girls iu tho Society Circles
of that city.
Tho Blue Stocking Club wiU
give a Handkerchief shower in
honor of Miss Cox, Saturday
afternoon nt the reeular meet
ing nt tho home of Mrs. Georgo
Mieeos Vida Burnett and Ilnzol
Bonson will entertain at a Liuon
sliowor on Wednesday evening iu
honor of Miss Cox nt the home of
Miss B h ' t.
Will be paid to auy person havlnrr
any kind of pain or ache. If ShlnnM
Quick-Belief Liniment fails to give;
Inafnnt rnlUf ntiH th mili.Bn
is uui a-iunucu. iry it anu see.
iv u me moti wonaeriui remedy tor re-
iicvuiK ram i uavr ever uscu.--uam.AU
dertou Berry. Lexington, Ky.
"I uie4 this liniment ana the mln ana
ireness disappeared like magic, Jailer
r.T. llalleager, Lexington, Ky.
"It la the onlr remedy thai has fflvn mt
auy relief since I was paralyzed four years
ago. "-Mm. Susan Welbom, Newhurg. Ind-
"For relleTlns aches and pains tbU lint,
ment beats auytnliiK I eter saw." J. IV
Lctton, Lexington, Ky,
This llnlmeut gave almost Instant relief,
and has completely cured me of rheuma
Usm."-S. a Ewalt, Paris, Ky. T
'If It Palls to Relieve Anv Pain In
Any Part of The Body In Fifteen
Minutes, Ask For Your Money, Back.!
" """"i
, COcAtAll Druggists'

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