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Profit Sli
Saturday, January 26, Monday, January 27 will be Shoe clay for the Whole family
Your choice of our S3, $3.50 and $4 for $ B .69 Your choice of our 1.50 and $1.75 lor 98c
All these are Red Tagged. See window display. Don't miss this bargain feast. Your special attention is called to our
Bargains in Mens' and Boy's Shoes, Clothing and Overcoats.
Barnes, Co wand Co. incorporated
Earlmgton, Ky.
Member ot
Kentucky Press Association
Second District Publishers League
Advertising Rates
Display Advertisements,
single issue loc per inch
Locals and Inside Pages.
Readers 10c per line
Resolutions and Cards of
Thanks 5c per line
Obituary Poetry 5s per liue
Slight reductions on time
contract display advertise
nibtits. Also locals that run
several months without change
Entered at the Earllngton
Post Office as Second Class
Branch Office in Ben Slalon's Office, Next Door to Postotfice, Madison
ville, Kentucky, Phone No. 24-2 Rings-MISS AILEEN DAVIS, Mgr.
Telephone 47
Friday, January 24, 1912
and conditions in our politicol
system ani ainoig the people
figures that every family of five
ia the United States contributes
$) auuuully to "our packed pen
8 on list," and "upon the aver
ase, $3 annually to the Ooucress
s oual 'pork barrel' devised for
providing $30,000 Federal build
ings forthirtycput towns." And
tie reader is left to ruminate
upon what V;politics" id really
c 'Sting him.
We are authorized to announce R.
"B. Bradley as a candidate for re
election as County Judge, subject
to the action Democratic primary.
we are authorized to announce
'William '1'. Mills as a candidate for
County Judge, subject to the action
ot the Democratic party.
We are authorized to announce E.
D Morrow as a caudldate for Coun
ty Judge of Hopkins county, subject
to the action of the Democratic prl
jnary. JAILOR
"We are authorized to anuounce
-A. C. Byrum as a canldate for Jailor
for Hopkins county subject to ac
'tlorrot'tue Democrat Party.
We are authorized to punouuee
Willis Rudd aB a candidate for
Sheriff of Hopkins county, subject
of the aotlon of the Democratic
We are authorized to auuouuce
J. J. Crowder ai a caudldate for
Sheriff of Hopkins County, subject
to the actiou o the Democratic
We are authorized to announce C.
S. (Dick) Williams as a candidate
for Sheriff, subject to the action of
the Democratic party.
Wn are authorized to aunnunce
Tom Logan as a candidate for Sher
iff of Hopkins County, subject to
the action of the Democratic Primary.
We are authorized to announce
H. H. Grady, of Madisouville, Ky.,
bb a candidate for Sheriff, subject to
the action of the Democratic Prl
We are authorized' to announce
J. E. Hlcklln as a oandldate for
Sheriff of Hopkins county, Bubj-ct
to the action of the Democratic prl
Wo are authorized to announce
Pro tor Asiibv an a oaudidate for
the oltlcw of Sheriff of Hopkins
countv. uMot totli action of the
Democratic primary.
W are niuhorlasd to announce
J. K. Arnold as a candidal for
County Court Clerk, of Hopkins
county, sublet to th autlou of thu
Democratic Primary.
We are authorized to auttouuee
Frank Rrowu as a caudldate for
'County Court Clerk subject to the
aotlon of the Democratic Primary.
Wo aro authorized to anuounce
B. T. OATKS, of the Curtail, as a
candidate fen comity court clerk,
subject to the action of the demo,
oratlc primary.
Wo are authorized to auuouuce
Cass L. Walker as a oaudidate for
School Superlutendeut, subject to
the action of the Democratic pri
mary. Wo are authorized to announce L.
R. Ray as a oaudidate for School
Superintendent for Hopklus Couuty
subject to the actiou ot the Demo
-eratti narty.
We are authorized to anuounce
"ROY S. WILSON as a candidate for
me Legislature from Hopkins couu
ty, subject to the Democratic prl
mary August, 1915.
SjrnetUing is wron?. Col.
Roospvolt's testimony in the suit
to dipsolve a steel company ap
pears on the eleventh page of a
daily paper.
Speaking of the tariff, the
Democratic South raises rice and
the South wauts a tariff on rice.
And the graiu raising North does
not want free trade with Cauada.
So there you are.
Express companies recoguize
their opportunity and are send
ing long distauce packages by
parcels post making a post
hedge, as it were. How'd you
'ike to be the postmau?
President Tat't will ride back
to the White House with Ins
successor after the inauguration
and a brokju custom long houor
ed by American Presidents, will
be reviewed. It will be remem
bered that it was theColouei who
broke the precedent but not for
long and it is Taft who will re
Statistics from Salt Lake City
lay claim to the lowest death
rate of nil cities of corresponding
size iu the United States, ouly
9.57 per thousand of resident
population in 1912, Aud, what
more, the birth rate there is
iriiro than double the death rate.
Q lestion arises, is it the doctrine
of Briidmin or the doctrine of
Teddy or, both?
High School Profesjori In Salt Lake City
Set Example By Wearing Soft Collars
Silt Like City, Jan , '22. The
profes.-ors of the Uranito Iligh
S:hool have started a crusade for
simplicity iu dres. Starched
collars and "boiled" shirts have!
been banished from the school,
and the girls have bceu given to
uuderstmd that the '"latest crea
tion" iu gowns will be met with
the professors, as leaders in
the movement, now appepr be
fore their classes in soft-collared
shirts and have sent out an edict
that similar dress among thestu
dents would be appreciated.
So called leaders of fashion
hereafter will meet with little
f.ivor with members of the fac
Advance Showing of
New Sfrrina Myle
a peep at the New Season s
Offering of Ladies' Suits
Under the decision of appeals
this week in thu local option con
test case from Lnbauon. It is
held that the law requires signa
tures of 25 per cont of the voters
of a city, and not of each precinct
or ward. Li this case the "drys"
contested and the "wets" win.
This decision will doubtloss make
it is easy for Ilopkinsville to call
uu election to close out the liquor
busiucss there,
Mr. CJiaen Leavell, of Providence,
Ky., was in the city last Sunday
unit worshiped with the Mt. Zion
Baptist church.
All the churches of the city were
well attended last Sunday and good
services were reported.
Rev. P. D. Gordon Is the happy
recipient of a $31.00 suit of clothes,
the gift of the Pleasant Grove Bap
tist church of Hecla. Rev. Gordon
has a generous people who love to
make their pastor feel at home with
The sisters of the Chamber Lodge
will have an entertainment Thurs-
JUpy night Jan., 30th at the Old
Baptist church. Admission Gets.
The public is cordially Invited to
bo present.
Rev. R. P. Whiteside, of Madlson
vllle will preach at the Baptist
church Tuesday night Jan. 23th. Lot
us give Kev. WhlteBlde a nice ap
preciative audience.
Mrs. Ella Patterson is not doing
so well at this writing but the rest
of the sick are all improving.
Rev. Evans will have a special ser
vice ucxt Sunday morning and asks
that all thu members and friends be
present. The S. S. Mud B. Y. P. U.,
are botli doing good Borvlo and w
would be glad to have your presence
at both services.
The Federal government is un
dertaking, through n board of
scientists to determlue "what is
pure water " as a vital measure
of health protection. Tlio con
clusion of the matter will em
brace the prohibiting ot impure
water on interstate carriers and
the railroads will have another
chance to be the instrument iu
improving upon au unthinking
public a now object leasou iu pro
tection of life and health.
' Anastortr itude V of statistics
We have received an advance ' ipment of Spring
1 9 13 Models in Ladies' Coat Suits, Featuring some of
the most exclusive styles, fabrics and weaves ,, for the
coming season, iu the much wanted Dlucs, Grays, Tans
and other popular shades. These are Strictfy High
Grade, Conservative Garments, everyone a beauty.? j
We invite you to call and look them over.
Tke McLeod St
Statement of Facts Backed
Strong Guarantee
by a
By meant" of b t urate device,
Curl De Mnrulr, nsnociute pro
fVstmr electrical engineering in
University of Michigan, proposes
to heat Ann Arbor houses with
electricity as cheaply as with
We guarantee complete relief to-
all sufferers from constipation. In
every case where we fall supply the
medicine free.
Rexall Orderlies are a gentle, of-
fnctlve, dependable and safe bowel
regulator, otrengtliener aud tonic.
Tiiev re-establish uature's functions
iu a qnlet, eaBy way. Thoy do
do not cause any Inconvenience,
griping or nausea. They are so
ploasant to take and work so easily
that they may bo taken by auyono
at auy time. Thoy thoroughly tone
up the wholo system to healthy actively.
Rexall Orderlies ar unsurpass
able and ideal for the uso of children
old folks ana delicate persons. Wo
cannot too highly recommend them
to all sufferers from auy fcrm of
constipation aud its attendant evils.
Two sizes 100 and Ufic. Remember,
you can obtain Rexull Kemdieu hi'
this community only at our store
The Roxall Store.
Extensive coal fnhia di cover
ed in Belgian, Congo. Boring
over area of 400 square miles dis
closed laver from six to seven
feet thick of quality like Bulgu
rian coal.
Eiwi A
Wii! Prove It to You Free
You who are suffering tbe tortures ot Eczema. Itob. Salt Rheum or other
J. C. Hiitult, R. P.
you 1 will send It free. postago paid, without any obligation on your part.
Jim ail tbe coupon below ana mall It to me. or write me, giving your name, ago d4 address
I will send tbe treatment free ol cost to you.
J. O. HUTZELX, 123 Woat Main 8t., Fort Woyno, Ind.
Please send without coat or obligation to me your free Proof Treatment
Isn't it a Rather Long Time Between
YOUR Visits to the Photographer's?
Does your last photo seem like one of you in
quite another period of life.'
You will not look younger tomorrow than to
day nor the next day than tomorrow.
Don't wait until you are not any longer the
"you" of today before your next photo is made.
Now is a splendid time to have them made.
The holiday rush is over so we can take plenty of
time to get acquainted and bring out your best
Xke CorLatt Studio
I Funeral Director. :: Licensed Embalmer I
fj Anawor all oeallM Dmy or- Night
Office Phone 124-2 RwIJence Phone 124-3
X Yl ' A
Poit Omce i J I
Slate.. .1" StroetindNo '
Oolonel Goethals told House
Naval Affsirs Committee garri
son of 25.00Q soldierg will be
, --no., vtfn.iq
.Agricultural Department ex
pects to establish date growiog
muustrv worth $00,000,000 a year

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