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If You Value
You will equip your
reading table with a
Authorities agree that a good lecroseno oil lamp is the best for
reading. The Rayo is the best oil lamp made, the result of years
of scientific study. It gives a steady white light, clear, mellow.
Made of solid brass, nickel elated. Can be lighted without re
moving chimney or shade. Easy to clean and rewick.
At Dealer Everywhere
LooltrltU Kr.
Birmingham, Auk
Wc will have
clays a big lot of
in all the colors,
Gansler &
The man who whhpeu down a
Abont the things he has to soil
Will never reap a crop of dollars
Like he who climbs a tree and
"Wln'red DrollliiKer, proprlotor of
the idle Hour was lu town on busi
ness Wednesday.
Miss Laura Konwlok, hnsboeti con
flued to lior bed for several days
with an attack of appoudecltis.
The condition of John W. Bernard,
who had the misfortune to get his
foot crushod, Is doing nlcoly.
Miss Marr Blair, who has boon
connected with 'the fir in of Barnes,
Cowand & Company Id the sales de
partment for sometime has server
ed her connection with that Arm and
will take a position In the Peoples
Hank. Miss Hlalr Is a popular and
deserving youn lady and is always
found at hnr pest of duty.
Messrs. Brlok SeuthwortU and
Luther Lowe, spout several days
KashviUc this vaek.
Frink Walker and Billle Kub'uto
were In finruvllle this week.
Klgle Bisk, who has bean ouuuut
od with Barnes, CowhihI & CompHiiy,
for the putt throe years has twmlor
od his resignation to take effect
Mnroh 1st. Mr. 8lsk has accepted a
position as manager of branoh
olllce of the Kington Coal Company
whluh will be located at MmiipliU,
Tent). Mr. aud Mrs. Sink will make
their home In Memphis.
2 I
News of the Town j
"Iam an old manand muny of viy troubles
never happened." ELBERT HUBBARD
THE white hair and wrinkled faces of our busy men and women tell
of doubt, fear and anxiety mora than disease or age. Worry plays
havoc with the nervous system so thatdipestlon is rained and sleep
banished. AVhat oil is to the friction of the delicate parts of a ino
golden Medical Discovery
U to the delicate org us of the body. It'c a toats sad bod bmIUr Wi( It
atlmulates tha llrer to vigorous action, aubta the stomach to auinilaU food taos
enriching tha blood, and tka neitaa and haart In tarn ara fad oa para rich blood.
Neuralgia "Is tha cry af starred nacres for food." For forty years "Golden
Medical Dlaoorery' in liquid form has fireo git satisfaction as a toale and
blood maker. '
Now It can be obtained In tablet form from dealer in medicine
or tend SO one-cent etampt for trim! box. Writ R. V.Pierce.Butfalo.
Hetwra ecnaUpatlsR, rteta tke Mrer,
and kawcCa. Kaar
Your Eyesight
In Kmtticltr)
Jfttluonv.Uo. FU.
on sale for a few
Messaline Petticoats
at the small price of
Morton Victory, was luEvansvlllo
this week.
Mrs. Melvln Hawkins, of Lonls-
aiift aud daughtor, Mrs, Haywood
S turkey ot Athens, Ala., are in the
oity vUItlng friends and relatives.
Have you played the new game of
Roodles? Its great you cau purchase
It at SIsks Book Store Madlsouvllle
Telephone Sisks Book Store at
l i i ii aud gut you n game ot
Roodles 09c.
Mrs. B. 12. Nixon, was lu Madl
eonvIUo Wodnesday shopping.
M. Hnmin, Jr. mudo a business
trip to Chicago last woek.
Mrs. Frod Keller, ot Madlsouvlllo
was in town on business Wednes
day. Mrs. J. M. Victory, who went
South for her health some mouths
ago Is very muoli improved.
LOST Wstch Fob with letters D.
H. C. lugraved, Saturday on the
streots of Earllngton, Finder bring
to this oflluo and recolve reward.
Mrs. Hugh Tapp, of Madlsouvllle
was in town Wednesday
Neal nollinger, of Madlsonrille
was In town Wednesday en busi
ness. Manager Blsreh of Tho Oarriek
has bonked for February 4tk the big
musical ccsuedr success "Tim Girl,
The Man and The Game" with "Billy
S.KJllfford" Original Cmauy.
Mrs. J. T. Oolemuu, left Monday
for a visit to frleuds tu Harrlsburg,
LOST In thestraetsof Madisoi:
vllle Saturday nlcht, tie pin with
Initials, "J. I 6." Fluder return to
l'eroy Stewart for reward.
Tbeo Watte who Was bea visiting
frleuds lu Iudlaua has returned
M. Deveuy Assistant Superluten
daut ot this and the St. Losls Di
vision was in tua olty this mornlug.
mi eus caaor.
FanI M. Moore and Frank Bash
left Thursday night for Wrlghls
town N. J. to nttutid the funoral of
Mr. Warron Atkinson.
K.K, Coffinan of Slaughtervlllo
was In tlio city this morning on
Ben Sink of Midisonvlllo was a
visitor In the olty tills, mornlug on
The wntnr nt Slaughtervlllo is
still high and was up to tho steps of
the pnsseugnrs coaches on train No
03 tills morning tho water is over
tho track fra distance of soveral
miles between that olty and Sebree
Sam Bornard who has been in
the city visiting his son John who
was hurt a few nights ago at Atkin
son left for his home this morning.
Mosdames N. G. Alford and F. D.
Bath and Master Dillman Bash
were in Madlsouvlllo Wednosday.
headache, biliousness, In
digestion, rheumatism,
pimples, blotches, yellow
complexion, etc., are all
signs of poisons in your
blood. These poisons
should be driven out, or
l serious illness may result
!J T 1. -:a l 41
i u yti i'u ui uiciii, use
the old, reliable, purely
vegetable, liver medicine.
Mrs. J. H. Easier, of
Spartanburg, S. C, says:
" I had sick headache, for
years. I felt bad most of
the time, I tried Thed
ford's Black-Draught, and
now I feel better than
when I was 16 years old."
Your druggist sells it, in
25 cent packages.
Insist on Thedford's
One Went To The North And The Other
To The South Pole
New York, January 22. Two
battered sleds which have jour
neyed to opposite ends of tho
oarth occupy a place of honor in
tho American Museum of Natural
History. Oapt. Itaold Amundsen,
discoverer of tho south pole,
hns presented to tho museum one
of the three eleds used by his ex
pedition, and it was placed bo
side a sled which Admiral Peary
uiod when ho fouud tho north
The Amundsen sled was ac
cempanmd by a Utter addressed
by John A. Qade to President
Henr Fair Oaborn of the tin
sonm. This Utter said:
"One sf tho three sUds taken
was left bohiad at the pole ; tha
sacoud was presented te a Nor
wegian seoiety and the third tho
Captain (A.uundsda wishes rn
offjr you for thomnsenm. By to
doiug he hops to express his
grutitnde uud acknowledgements
to the American pooploaud more
especially to the scientific asso
ciations which in all "linn werk
has shown tu&i fucli cousistnnt
oncourAgoineut aasl ready aseist
anoo." Oapt., Amundsen and Admiral
i'aarv' have bete elaoted to hon
orary fellowship its. the museum,
an hodor which is shared by tly
four ethers.
Ladies Wanted
To lotreduos 'ir very oeWBlese
Sprlsg line ILantlfal weal salt
ings, wash fakJRR, fancy waistings,
silks, ate,, hdkfs, laoss aad psM-
coats. All np to date IX. T. CJty
patterns v Finest line ou the market.
Dealiag dlreot with the mills yen
will flad oar prices lew. Profit,
$10.00 te $80.00 weekly, Samples and
full Instructions paoked inSt. neat
sample case, shiped express prepaid.
No money required. Xxclusiue ter
ritory, Write for particulars, Be
first to. apply. Standard Dress
Goods Company, Dept. 609, Blrcsing
ham. N. Y. (
Plenty Of Thorn in Earllngton, and
Good Reason for It
Wouldn't nny woman bo happy.
After yoars of bnckaohe Buffering.
Days of mlstery, nights of unrest,
llio distress ot urinary troubles,
When she finds freedom,
Many Earllngton readers will
profit by the following.
Mrs. Pearl Walton, Earllngton,
Ky,, says: "I have found Doan's
Kidney Bills to bo the best kidney
remedy I evor used. Some yeors
ago I began to suQer from
weak kidneys. I did not pay muoh
attention to tho trouble at first but
when I found that I had little con
trol overfaathe kldne eecrotlons, I
knew that something mast be done.
My rest was broken at nlgbt and In
the morning I was tired and worn
out. My mother had had great
benefit from Doan's Kidney Pills
and I began taking them. They
cured me and mykidneys have been
In good condition since. I cannot
pralso this remedy too highly.,
For sale by all dealers. Price 00
cents. FosterMllburn Co.. BuIIaln.
New York, sole agents for tho
United Statu.
Remember ti.a name Doan's
and take no inner.
For Rent.
Threo furnished rooms with bath
front room and two ui stairs. An
lply at this office.
A 4 Lesson to Boys.
Boys did you evor stop to think
And reflect upon your past,
And wouder what your juJiro will
When you meet Him at tho last.
Boys who ure starting out in life
Are young und foolish aud vain,
And seem to consider that taKlng n
Will drown all their troubles and
pain. '
They follow the ways of a drunkard
And try to be a ' Sport" and a
And go so far on the road to "Per
Till it is far tq lata their fanlts to
You call it being fast and manly
To drink and curse and Swear,
And keep late hours at nighttime
And try to make your deeds bold
and raro. ,
You start out when you are youn
And call it pleasure and glea
But boys remember the path to hell
Is narrow and very free
Mother tries to tell yon
And warn you before to late
And you say sho is harsh and scold
Aud your love will turn to hate.
So boys think of the sorrow
You cause to your Mothers heart,
When they see their boy is a drunk
And know from this life they aoon
must part
Now boys let the liquor alone
And walk In the atralghter path,
And turn your steps before too late
And be conteut with, what you
Restored to Health by Lydia
E. Pinkhom's Vegetable
Compound Her
Own Story.
iu Md. "I ara a farmer's
Bsost of my own work when
1 am able. I had
nervous spells, fo
male weakness and
terrible bearing
down pains every
month. I also suf
iivni much with my
right side. The pain
started in my back
and extended around
my right side, and
th doctor told me It
was organic inflam
mation. I was sick every three weeks
and had to stay In bed from two to foar
It is with great plsssure I tell yst
what Lydia E. Piakham's Vegetable
Compaaad hsidon far me. I har fol
lowed yaar ireetis as Bear as possl-
sad faai sane battar than I nave
V.t far yaari. 'When I wrote y be-
ara I was alaieat a wrack. You caa
l!iVe this latUrlf you lika. It raay
talp to strengthen taa faith af soma
twr (Taring wona." Mrs. Join F.
JMCIukdi, Westwood, Maryland.
Woman who suffer from those dis
tressing ills peculiar to their sex shenld
not doubt the ability of Lydia E. Pink
bam's Vegetable Compound U restore
their health.
If you have) the allclitant doubt
that Lyia K.Plnkhara's Vegeta
ble Coanponndw 111 help youWTit
to Lydia H.PlnkhamMellcinaCo.
(confidential) Lynn, Mass., (or ad
Your letter will be opened,
J aud answeraU by a vromaa,
ana held in strict ceufldance.
Make your purchase now and save from
25 per cent to 50 per cent
New, clean stock, bright, up-to-date pat
terns, at price of hold overs.
This Wall Paper is from our
Fall 1912 purchase, and is clean
desirable stock, but in order
to make room for our large
spring purchase, we will offer
choice of any jrade or pattern
at price reduction never before
given the people of this com
We have about 30 patterns
in room lots to close at HALF
Price. All other patterns and
grades at 25 to 331 per cent discount.
--""' jvui
wv win ncuig cuiy umcyuu Wciiii
it. An expert decorator for
every job, all work guaranteed.
Wall Paper at 4c to $1.50 per
Single Roll
Prices Withdrawn February 1st,
The Mcleod Store
On The
mm winmi
Drug Weighing
There's more than one detail to be considered the
filling of prescriptions. Purity, strength and skilful
compounding are three very necessary considerations,
but there's a fourth consideration equally as impor
tant. The weighing and measuring of drugs must
be carefully done. The fraction of a grain or a drop
or two in excess ofttimes makes a big difference in
results. Your doctor wants an exact amount on.
his prescription. If this were not so he would not
be so peculiar in his specifications. We give yot
exactly what your doctor orders. We weigh medi
cine on the most accurate prescription balance
made. All liquid medicines are measured in care
fully graduated containers. You are sure of receiv
ing the right amount and the exact amount when
we fill your prescriptions. It is a carefulness that
goea with our service. Prices reasonable. '
St. Bernard Mining Co.
Drug D
a -MaMaaaBaaBBBaaBBWaasjaajajajsja
uoivvu wit 1XKJ vv j
:ai ol tea.
nil I oi
UUUig. 'm

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