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No. 8
Proctor 'Ashby An
nounces For Sheriff
To Mm Domocrntio Voters of
Hopkins County :
I horeby mnko my ntinouiice
mont us u cimdidato for thodeni
ocrntio nomination for Sheriff
subject to the action of the pur
tv uf, tho nriniary to bo hold
August 2, 1018.
Iti announcing for this ofllci
I do fo believing I know well it
duties, diflicultics and responsi
bilitie?. 1 have boon for u mini
bor of venrs u deputy sheriff,
bonritig its hnrilships and its
burdens, let in nil these years
I hnvo never shirked n duty
whether fraught with danger or
filled with pleasure. These years
of scrvico have prepared mo to
discharge tho duties of the oilice
in ii manner I could not do were
I unfamiliar with Us work.
I believe a public office is n
public trust and an officer should
btn servant of tho people, and
if elected I promise to give to
nil u fair and square denl, ren
dering unto each ouo that which
is his, snving for my state, coun
ty and people whenever I can and
lessen as much as 1 can their
burdens. I shall have tin abso
lute rule of honesty, fairness and
courtesy for myself and those
councctod with mo. 1 shall ap
ply business principles in thecou
duct of tho oflice. I am seeking
this oilice on my merits and my
work in tho past and not on the
record of my ancestors,- nor on
tho dements, if they have atry
of "my opponents. "
I want your support. If you
will elect mo and if the faithful
performance of my duties is nuy
roward vou shall have it. I ask
you us taxpayers and voters to
examine my record nnd if I huve
been faithful in my woik then
reward mo by calling mo higher.
I havo born tho heat, tho cold,
the hardships and tho burdens;
I believe I am qualified shall 1
havo tho rowurd? Behoving you
will aid me I bog to remain.
Yours truly,
Pkoctoii Asiuiy.
Madtsotivillo,Ky., Jan. 21, 1918.
If vou don't sleep wall at night,
aro nervous nnd low-spirltod. you
need a svstom purlfler. HERB
INK in a powerful llvor stimulant
and cleansing mfidicluw. It quiets
the nores, promotes energy and
chesrfullnass. Price 60c. Sold by
.4t Ilornard Mining Co., Incorporat
ed, Drug department.
Lyceum Comli Ticket Holders
The Fourth number of tho Ly
ceum courso will bo given Feb 3.
TSa attraction for this is the
Fraternity Glee Olub. A male
quartette, which is just ns good
in its make up ns any on tho
platform today. Tho highest rcc
omoudation is givou it from all
sources. The Glee Club gives a
clean, clear, cut program of mu
sic and story closing with a little
Bkotch called "College Days."
If von ro in favor of u good
oh i . . . ', biuiK yr.nr
fri.. "H ' u'U
the I . oiim umil)f.8.
0. E. Dudley, Mgr.
Ladies Wanted
To Introduce our very complete
Bprlng linn of beautiful wool suit
ings, wash fabrics, fancy waitings,
silks, etc, hdkfs, laoes and petti
coats. All up to date N. Y. CUy
patterns, Finest lino on the market.
Dealing djroot with the mills you
will find our prloos low. Profit,
$10.00 to (SO 00 weekly, Samples and
full Instructions packed lu a neat
sample case, sniped express prepaid.
No mouey required. Bxolusiue ter
ritory. Write for particulars. Be
first to apply. Standard Drum
Goods Company, Dept. 609, Blrintug
'Round The Roundhouse
(fljp R. R. Riltr)
Change Of Thought
Queor, It may seom to you all,
Vhero aver this paper Is sent;
Mv name, Kail Road Rlter, Is a stall,
Hut the prose and poetry I Invout.
When I write of Rerlous inoidents
Thatareflllotl with nothing wrong;
Some of the roadors seem so dousp,
moy say rni ueorgo Armstrong.
Ofton I write, in prose, the now,
Somo Jokes mixed up with the fun ;
They change ideas, liavo other vlows
And say It's I'll-kin-toti
Thou the poetry, which is sad, np-
It is always touching, you know;
Again the readers change with tears,
They know I'ts Elgie Goodloe.
When the poem tells of something
So motorlous on bridge and track,
The railroad boys all think ono way,
They swear It Is Henry Mac.
You can heat them all called "Rlter
The roports aro always false,
Men who are silent aro growing
And I'm growing brighter, also.
Tho boys all light when called nick
Of course -whan called, they re
spond; Boscow," "Phost" and "Round
Head Burt,"
"Skinny," "Buok Tilda" and "Bot
tled In Bond."
I'd forgotten "Bunk," "Preacher"
and "Rip."
"Fresh Meat," "Paw said" and
"Hecla;" "Fruit Tree" and one with
the Grip,
wasae- Providdnco" one
day last
ClncI Blair has beeu working lu
Y. M. C. A. Wllklns' place, while
Wllklus was laying olf.
T. H. Chatteu, was oil sick a few
days last week.
Foreman Car Department J. E.
Hlbbs was In Providence last week
on business.
One ot the oilice boy's, who fh a
little Socialistic, says flremau M- L.
Clark has resorted to and taken ad-
vantagu of the ouo great prlvllogo
the worklngmeii have today, which
is reslgulng.
Engineer P. H. Whalen, who has
been oil sick sometime has report
ed for duty.
J. D. O'Brlan, was oil Mouday.
Firman J. V. Poag worked some
last week.
Sevoral new boys nro working
'round the roundhouse.' Names un
known. Fireman T. H . Smith has report
ed.for work again.
Paul MoGary Is working here
Porter Willis is looking better
from some cause or other, perhaps
the other.
Thero was one place betweeu here
and Evansvllle where the water was
ho high that It was above the seats
at some places. It happened, that
the water was in thocoolefslr
Thero was a shortage In firemen
at Earllngtou lust week. McGary
would have gone out' but be had to
go to Madisouvllle to ,iee a lawyer
about a divorce or something else.
Wo have been blossed with no
Iusuranoo Agents for a lung spell.
Joe O'Couuor, who has been en
jiiving puor health for sotnetimo 1h
o implaluliig of feeling bettor.
G' AruUtroug 'i.kinir u
c-oU'r-' In Mcicluniluul (tngiiifriiig.
He put a bottom lu a coat bucket
last week.
From the looks of the mall-box
at the oflice a few days agb, they
had either been haudllug Parcels
Post mall or the oaller had beeu try
lug to climb the wall while be was
asleep, "
One old man, who works here, says
there Is no key better than whiskey,
anlosslt's "Botco's" key to tho tool
C. M. Browning is general car In
spector at Atkinson while Henlfy Is
laying off.
If you want to know who Is slok,
oall George Armstrong R. R, Rlter.
You may remember the hospital,
lluih fhjilct ici, wttkan ibt bowctt, will
lui M tin (ink coslUpaUta. Douk'l BuulaU)
JHappy," "Crockett',' and "Ned"
GeneraLForeman R..B. BklmnnsT
Some Wonderfully Low Prices On
Bishop & Company's Stock
200 Men's and Boys' Caps, Bishop's price 25 and 50c,
our price
150 Men's and Boys' Hat, all colors, all styles, telescopes, crushes,
stills; Bishop's price from $150 to $3 50, our EHf
price. QUv
200 Men's Hats, newest and bestjstyles, Bishop's (J 4 f ft
price $2.00, our price.;..... p I .UU
325 Men's Hats, finest and best, makes and latest CO.
siyles, Bishop's price S3. OO'our price )Ia9U
500 Men's Fine Shirts, Geo. Pride's Gold and silver, gr.
$1 50 and $1.00 grades, all Sizes' choice 931'
300 Men's $1.00 Silver Shirts;'slightly soiled, all sizes, QC,
Choice : -. o t wQv
100 Boys 50c Dress Shirts, soiled, also some Men's 4
large sizes . . . v I OU
712 Four-in-hand and Bat Ties.Bishop's 25c and 50c OK
grades, our price 3 for.. .': bWv
300 Fine New Neckties, Bishop's latest 50c values,, Oflrs.
our price i. wwv
125 dozen Arrow Brand and Silver Collars, regular 15c OKl
kind, our price 5c each j. 6 for. bwv
Men's Heavy Fleeced UndenShirfs, Bishop's price 4oc, OC
our price ; bwv
Men's Fine Spring Needle Shirts and Drawers, Cooper's Crt
make' Bishop's price $i,'0d, our price wUC
Men's Very Fine Glastonbury vVpol Shirts and Draw- A4 rtft
ers, Bishop's price $2-00, our 'price B aUU
Fine Bradley Knitted Muffl'ers;Blshop's price 50c, 1 Cn
our price .......-re?; Ivv
Genuine Guyot Suspenders, Bishop's 50 cents, our OCf
price . , . . : v?: fawv
Meri'seavjf Cotton WorkSoxSpishop's price 10c
Men's Extra Heavy Cotton Work Sox, Bishop's price "91
15c, our price : I 21
Big lot of Men's 50c Overalls, made with bib and 9 C
double stitched ' &3U
Read Carefully the above prices. It
will pay you well.
Don't overlook the $1.00 Shoes
and the $1.00 Suits. They are
Madisonvillc, Kentucky
You Run No Risk When You Use
This Remedy
We promise vou that, If your hair
is falllug out and you hnvo not let
It go too far you can repair tho dam.
age already done by usjug Rexall
"1)3" Hair Tonic, persistency and
regularity for u reasonable tongth of
time. It is a soleutiflu cleansing,
antiseptic, goimiuUul preporatiuu
that destroys inlcrobos stimulates
good circulation around tho hair
roots, promotes hair nourishment,
remove oaudruff and act lo restore
I . ' It In ftfl plnftumit ro IISO
t 1 , .1 1. .. 1
IUumJ. It ih a real toilet in.cnblty.
AVo waut you to try Rexall "03"
Hair Tonic with our promise that it
will cost you uothlug uuless you
are perfectly satisfied with its use
It comes In two ize prices 50o and
$1.00. Remember you can obtain
Rexall Remedies lu tins oommuuity
ouly at The Rexall Store.
Smith Damtron
The pottery man entertained a
fine audleuoe at Temple Theater
Friday night. The laa audience
thoroughly showed apreolatlon of
his work by Its frequent applause
his work well lustalu the quality
of the Lyceum coursi .
AccUudU will hippeo, Vut tha bit! recuttltd
UiaJUtl k9 Pk llMiMt' UlcU Oil fi wk
Earlington Citizens Gladly Testify
and Confidently Recommend
Doan's Kidney Pills
It(ls testimony like the following
that has placed Doan's Kidney Pills
so far above competitors. When
pooplo right here at home raise
their voice lu praise thero is no
room left for doubt. Read the public
statement of an Earlington citizen:
Perry MoCulley, Earlington, Kv.,
says : "You are at liberty to coutluuo
using my endorsement of Doan's
Kidney Pills as heretofore. When
over I havo had iwavlou uo
them I liiivu been beunieu. I Jtui
that I am doing nothing more than
my duty In publication recommend
lug this remedy. Doan's Kidney
Ptlts made my kidneys normal
regulated ttio kidney aotlou and
removed the pain In my back in
faot it improved my health. I ot
talned my Bupply at the St. Bernard
Mining Co. Ino. and have certainly
beeu pleased with the result of their
For sale by all dealers. PrloeJCO
cents. Foster.Mllburu Co., liuffalo,
New York. uituiu tur the
United Btatos.
' Remember tha name Doau's
aud taku no uthtr.
Tbree furuisbed roome with bath
Irout room aua two up Ulr. Ap
Nebo Notes
Our rural mail carrier on route
No. 1, Bert Hobgood, haB nrt
been ablo to uo the whole route
for two weeks on nccouut of tho
backwaters, two or threo bridges
on clear creek aro ashed away.
He says it will be another week
before he can eafely travel the
round, he goes every day us far
us he can, while Wullace Burron
on routh Mo. 2 hasn't lost a day
Thero aro no hijih waters to cross,
it is hills aud hills.
John Niswongeraud Miss Helen
Winstead, two of our popular
young people, stole a march on
their friends by going to Madi
sonville nnd getting married by
Rev. (J.F. Wimborly. They re
turned that nicht and were met
at the train by all the young folks
of the town, a closed cab was
ready for them, and as the groom
helped his bride in, hands were
laid on him, and he was inform
ed that a special car was waiting
for him and six strong arms lift
ed him gently into a wheel bor
row and followed by the cheering
crowd he was wheeled at a rapid
gait up town, where the cab con
taining the bride was waiting.
The groom thanked the friends
for the ride and entered the cab,
were driven to the home of his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Tom
Niswonger, where a nice supper
was prepared. We wish them a
happy married life.
Willis Harris applied for and
obtained a job on the L. & N. E.
R. He left Sunday on the noon
traintforBarlingtou to go to work
Monday. His wife and Ii tie
sou will stay at her parents at
Madisouville, Mr. and Mrs. R D.
Sisk, uutil they net located.
Miss Allie Campbell came
home-Siturday night, her school
at Ilsely closed Friday, the fol
lowing young ladies dined with
her Suuday, Misses Mabel Gra
ham, Ernia Hill, May gEudley,
Ruby Ligou. These young ladies
are tho remnant of tho Y. L. O.
O. (Youug Ladies Culture Olub)
oras the boys call them (.the old
maids club.) Five years ago
thero were thirteen on tho roll
call, now there are five. All are
married and goue but this
quintette and they havo moro fun
than anybody.
Charley Ezelle, is visiting his
grandfather, A. M. Campbell.
Mrs. J. L. Rogers, is visiting
her daughter, M. Tom Oansler
at Earlington.
Tommie Kuox worshiped nt
Earlington Sunday,
Tho gospel preachers Webb aud
Noble, are still preaching nt tho
M. E. church.
The New Cure.
It you have a grouch at morn,
Prcelpost It;
If your neighbor toote a horn,
Parcel-Post It;
If you have a oat that yowls,
Or a dog that always howls,
Or a friends that ulwav stiowls,
IV. ri elp ;
It the h
Parcel-ibt it ;
K you weur a squaky boot,
Parool.poBt It;
It you have an aching tooth
Say uot words that are uncouth,
Buy some Btainps and then, forsooth,
Paroel-poBt it.
It your conscience ne'er keeps still.
Parcel-post it;
Do not suffer any 111
1 Parcel-post It;
Undo Sam Is hero to please;
Sturdy are his postman's knees;
It you (In tint like his wheeze,
Parcel-nt it.
Denver Republican.
RlWben you want a reliable med
icine for a cough or cold take Cham
norland's Cough Remedy. It can al
ways be depended upon and Is pleas.
MUtaud salt W Uka. Foi Uf
Asks The People Of Earlington To
Endorse Him For The Office Of
Elsewhere in this issue of tho
Bee appears the announcement
of John G. Salmon usn candidato
for the democratic nomination
for County Court Olerk of Hop
kins County. John Salmon is no
stranger to the people of Earl
inutou, he having been born in
-this city and lived here during
the early part of his life. Hois
the only son of Lee Salmon, bet
tor known as "Uncle Lee" who
was so well loved and honored by
the people of Earlington and
vicinity. He left Earlington
several years ago and since that
time has made his home in vari
ous portions of tho county, in
cluding Ilsley, Nebo and Madi
It gives the Bee much pleasure
to say for John Salmon that ho
measures up to the requireentat
of a man in eyery respect. He
is a hard worker, a clever,
genial companion and thoroughly
capable in a business way. Ho
has numerous friends in this
portion of the County who hope
and believe he'will land the plum
and he is generally conceded to
be a strong factor in the race.
He is a lighting democrat and
has never before asked for a
public office. The Bee predicts
that if he is7 nominated and
elected, he will discharge the
duties of the oilice in a manner
that will be highly satisfactory
to the people of his County.
Here is a remedy that will cure
your cold. Whv waste time and
money experimenting when you can
get a preparation that has won a
world-wide reputation Dy its cures
of this disease aud can always bo
depend upon It is Known overv 1
where as Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy and is a medicine of real
merit. For Bale by All Dealers.
To Have L. & N. Run Interurban to
Madisonvillc on First Trip of
There are by actual count
eighteen people that live in
Madisonville that come to Earl
ington everv morning this is not
iuuting the insurance agents
carpenters, paper hangers, brick"
layers and others that nmk- 'ioro
when they have calls for tuiFt-r
eut kinds of work, the Dixie Fly
er in late uoarlv every morning
and an effort is being made to
have the Interurban go to Madi
souville before it goes to Norton
ville aud thou those that work
here and Mortons Gap that live
in Madisouville aud those that
work in Madisouville that, live
here can got to their work in
tune to do a days work wo hope.
We have that work here and
live in Mudieonville Nu 11 rd-
r ' . O 4 , ' " '.jr-
Ivui und two buiib, Al..- v 1 eu
Davis, Dr. W. P. Rush, Sam Of
fitt, Perkin Adams, l'oiey Stow
art, M. B. Ray, Murk Johuson,
and Orlean Dowuey. At Mor
tons Gap there is Oal Walker .
Virgil Bacon. Then thero aro
the Misses Ashby, Olimer aud
several others that work in
Madisouville, the train would
accomodate several if it were tq
uo to Madisouville in tli inorn-
nutbeloreic made the trip tol
SoffectJ d tad oI(bt Iht toroieai el it4
lot pllei. Nothln blpd m unlit I utJ

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