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No. 9
IV '
I -
Join Hands And Hearts In The Sacred
Bonds Of Wedlock. Both Well
Known Here
Cupid's dart soared high nnd sure
When It pierced tlio heart of this
iimltlon fair mid pure.
A friendship which spans their
chlldlionit days and onto this glnd
day has cluliiilnntud In t lie unltlnc In
sacred wedlock of Miss Frances Mae
Trathen imn Mr John Carr Wilkin,
The ceremony wan pronounced by
Rev. Gordon, mlnUter of tl o Chris
tian church, In his study In the
church at Miidleoiivlllo Wodiitsdnv
nfteruooii, January twnnty-iiiiio.
It wan a quiet, but Impressively
beautiful occasion. '1 lie brldo is n
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jnbez H.
Trathen, of Oak Hill, and was love
ly In her suit of golden brown and
with the exquisite fliilHh lent by tho
groom's glftof bride rosebuds, made,
a sweet picture which will linger in
metnurv. The groom, a young man
with a promising future, Is tho only
son of Mr. and Mrs. John Hatinii
Wllkitis, of Nortonvlllo.
Afterthe inarrlane the young neo
plu went to Nortouvllle, where they
wero welcomed by the groom's
mother, father, and slstpr, Mrp.
Chas. Trathen, and entertained at n
family dinner. They will spend a
day at the bride's home nnd after
February 1st be at home at Iseech
Creek, Ky.
Tho best wishes of a liostof trionde
attend this young couple. May all
good at all sensons bo theirs.
The February American Magazine
Tho Februnry Amoricnn Mnga
zinc contains n wonderful lottor
bv Allen Pinkerton, nover boforo
published, in which the famous
detective relates bin connection
with tho first pint to assassinate
Lincoln. Lincoln wns on hid wny
to Washington in Fobrtinrv, 1801,
nnd the plan wns to kill him in
Baltimore wlulo lie was pnssni
through that city on the way to
Washington where ho was to be
inaugurated. Pmkorton discov
ered the plot, wived Lincoln'
life, nnd tell m the whole story in
this letter winch was wriiton in
lSlitf but never reached the pub
lic until The American Magazine
got hold of it
Brand Whitlock, Mayor of
Toledo, Ohio, writes tho second
chapter of his personal reminis
cences and tells some reniaikable
stories about James G. Blaine.
Governor Altecld, and tho
Whitechapel Club of Chicago,
which iu its time whs probably
tho most famous mid most inter
esting Bohemian club iu the
Dr. Wood6 Hutchinson begins
a new department entitled
"Health and Horse-Powor."
David Grayson contributes a new
"Adveuturo in Oontoutment." A
Now York policeman writes the
"Dairy Of a Cop " Albert J
Nock tells abput Ooatesvillo, P,i.,
a town whose citizens burned
a mun alive aud then did nothitiy
about it. Augustus Post writes
the "Experience of nn Airman."
An excellent assortment of
fiction, toaethor with fourv de
partinouts'QIIed with good, read
ing, completes an unusual nuni
ber. ,
Absolutely Pur
Thm mmiy Baking Powtkw ttunm
Our Repulation And Money Is Back Of
This Offer.
Wo pay for all the medicine used
during the tr'al, if our remedy falls
to completely rollcve you of consti
pation. We take all the risk. You
are not obligated to us In anyway
whatever, if you accopC our oiler.
Could anything bo'moro fair for you?
Is there anv reason why you should
hesitate to put our claims to actual
Tho most aclentlfle, common aonso
treatment Is Itsxall Orderlies, which
arn t-atnu like candy. They are very
pronounced, gontin and pleasant In
action, and particular? nurcoaliln In
every way. niey uo not cause-
dlarrhoes, nausea, flatulence, grip.
Ingoruuv liiconveuluiice whatever,
Hoxalt Orderlies are particularly
good for children, aged and dollcato
Wo urge you to try Rexall Order
lies at our rUk. Two sizes, lQc and
25c. Remember, you can net Rexall
Remedies In this commniiltyonly at
our store The Rexall Store. St.
Hertiard Mining Co., Incorporated
Drurf Dept.
Received From Eiffel Tower And Hon'
olulu At Small Florida Stations
Jacksonville, Fla. The wlroless
station on Auastasla Island, near
hore. has been Iu communication
with Ellfel Tower in Paris, and Hon
olulu. Long distance tests of tho
apparatus have been going on for
days with the uToatest success. The
operator has copied messages from
Honolulu. 4, 800 miles ;Cllfden Island
6,100 in lies; EIIIol Tower, Paris,
6.400 miles, as well as Colon and
stations iu the West Iudles.
Tho time .signals from Eillol Tow
er ench dav at 0 o'clock, belug mid
night at Pans, aro recorded here.
These aro sent from Paris automat
ically by an Ingenious switching
arrangement from the master clock
under tin Paris tower. Ilaily Arl
ington station at Wuslfiiivton, also
is heard sending time for tho benefit
of ships at sua.
The work of this station, is con
sidered marvelous owing to the light
power used as uompured with other
For Sale
Good Cow for side.
To Make Religion Attractive.
"I wish I know tamo way to make
religion moro attractive to tho mass
es. "Why not have a description or
heaven written by ono of those men
who write descriptions ot summer ro
torts for tho railroads?"
That It pays to advertise In Tho
lleols showr hv the fact that a few
days fto Dallls Curtis advertlfed
that he had Inst a watch fob. It
was found by a man who road tho Bee
and Mr. Curtis received his fob af
ter only two days wait.
Notice Is hereby ftrlven that ho
Dawson Springs Saiiltorlum and
Health Itosort, Incorporated, will
be dlssolveed by consent of tho
Stockholders on the day of February
1013, Said Corporation is now clos
Ing up Its business.
Dr. G. Frank Russell. Superinten
dent of tho nbovn named institution
will conduct a private Sanltorium
known as the llunseM Sanltorium tu
tho plant now operated by this con
cern. This January zutn. iuiu.
G. L. RUSSELL. Pres.
J, L. RUSSELL. Seo'y,
R. H. Salmon left today fora busl-
nt-ss t in " Vlville, Tenii.
Plans Free Nurseries To Be Established
Throughout State ' ' '
Frankfort, Ky., Jan., 20. Tree
nurseries will be stnrtedby the
Department of Forestry this
spring. At a meeting pf the
Stato board, held in the'-0ffice of
Gov. McOronry Siturdffy, an
oner of a tract for a nursPrv at
Louisville wns made bv .the State
Fair Board and a free qHe iho
was offered on the Amsjerdiriii
road, near Covington. Stat
l'orester J. li. JJartou will in-
(poet them, aud if they nre suit
able h" expects to yet his seed
beds planted this spring.
Forester Barton said th trees
selected probably will be ash,
hickory, tulip or poplar, oak,
locust and overureou.
The board invited proposals of
cale or gift of lands for establish
ing forest reserves. It is expect
ed that some of the mining com
panies in the mountains, whose
lands have beondeuuded of tim
ber, will offer tracts for this pur
oa", as thev seem to realize the
i.dvantatie to them of the refor
estation of the watersheds,
Trees from the State nurseries
will be furnished to land owners
.it cost for planting.
The board postponed the elec
tion of an Assislaut State Forest
er lucielluilely. JL resent at the
meeting wore Gov. McOreary,
Uommissiouer of Agriculture, J,
W. Nowtnau, Joseph Kastie, di-
i ector of the Experimeut Statiou ;
Mrs. Muson Muury,,of Louisville,
and W. H. Mackey, of Cgsjujc
Receipt Books
The Bee has jnst printed nnd
iioun J a lot of Eeceipt books in
two sizes. These books are
handy and we sell thp small one
tor 5c and the lare one for loc.
A Committee of gentlemen of tills
city members of the Elks Lodo in
Macllsonvillo went around the city
vettHrday afternoon soliciting cloth
inu and money for thn flood euilor-
rs at AslibybiUK, they ;ot quite a
lot ot clothing and over $25.00 In a
short tiinp. These people are In
need nnd tlioic aro 600 people in 17
houses and the Elks Lodiso In Mal-
Isonvllle has donated fSOO.OO t.r
their benefit.
Futile Arguments.
There was once an orator, Themis-
tocles, and as bq reasoned a Colonel
Boanerges In tho audience hurled a
stono i. the speaker. Ho took it up
nnd showed it to the audlonco with
the remark: "A weighty argument,
but not convincing," and tho argu
ments of some are like tho stone of
tho fellow In tho crowd.
Taken up as a Stray
One Red Heifer about two vears
old, with tho following marks to
wit. Split In right ear, crop oil left,
dehorned and partly white, bushy
tail and valued at fifteen dollars by
E. O. Moore. .2 miles East, Earl
InRton, Ivy.
Witness j Walter Faver, witness
Sworn to by j D. W. Lucket, witness
Given under my hand as JubMca
of Peace of Hopkins county Kv.,
this 10th day of Jan. 1013.
S. W. Priest, J. P. H. O.
General Harrison Ohamberlau age
23 of this oounty passed through the
oitv yesterday euroute to .Evans
vllle where he has joined tho U. S.
If avy and will be sent to New York
Mortons Gap Mercantilo Store
has sold its stock of goods to Roy
Jones, who will continue the
basiuess in the Morcautilo store,
All'parties iudebtod to said firm
will please come forward at once
and make settlement, either
cash or note,
Liquidating Agent.
Mrs. O. E. llaruett Is fppjdln
this week iu St Louis, Mo,,' with
. ud. frl aa.
Winfrey Parrish
Runs For Sheriff
Elsewhere iu this issue will be
seen the card of W. H. Parrisn
announcing ns n candidate for
sheriff of Hopkins county, sub
jecttothe nction of tho demo
cratic primary next Ausust.
Mr. Parrish is a man of the
highest business integrity and n
democrat of unsullied record.
He is splendidly qualified to dis
charge tho duties of the office
iiopKins county would uever
have cause to rearet it.
Mr. Parrish has many friends
who will stand bv him to tho
end. He is onfc to 'win and will
uo doubt be a strong man in the
The Girl, The Man and The Game
Eilly Single Clifford, in The
Girl, The Man and The Game,
Inch comes to the Garrick on
Tuesday night February 4th, will
no doubt b sjiven a hearty wel
come by JU'idisouvilio people,
especially members of the local
lodge of Elks and Shriners will
no doubt extend to him a pleas
ant receptiou.
Mr. Clifford is a member of
Springfield Ohio B. P. O. E. No.
723 and Mecoa Shriners lodge of
New York Oity.
Criticism which have reached
in lhdie.te that tho attraction
will mmibei the best that has
been iu Muiiicnnville in some
timo nnd no doubt tho people of
Kurliuulon will bo preseiit to
witness same.
Big Welsh iCoal Operator In America
May Buy Lands
D. A. Thomas, largest operator
in Welsh coal, arrived on Maure-
tania, reported to bo contemplat
ing purchase of several hundred
thousands acres of West Virgiuia
and Kentucky coal lnnds, to pro
vide future supply of coal to pro
tect coal coueuming interests in
South America represented by
him. Mr. Thomas said Amen
can coal industry had excelled
industry of United Kingdom iu
overythinu except export and
shipping trade. "You havo sup
planted our con It) in West Ir
lios,' ho dpclnrnl, "and yon
.ire reaching uu a'torour Medit
erranean and South American
Ladies Wanted
To Introduce our very cumpleto
Spring line of beautiful Wool suit
ings, wash fabrios, fancy waistlngs,
silks, etc.,. hdkfs, lacoB and petti
coats. All up to date N. Y. City
patterus. Finest llneon tho market.
Dealing dlroot with the mills you
, .
will find our prices low. Profit, Mrs. A, R. Tabor, of Older, Mo
J10.00 to $3000 weekly, Samples and ns!j J" rouble.cs with sick head
fiv.w w vwv u.u,.. uu aohe for about Ave vears, when she
mi iii.wuuhuu. tiauK u uens
ampie case, Biupeu express prepaid.
No money required, Exolusiuo ter
rltory. Write for particulars. Be
first to apply. Standard Dress
'Ooo'ds Company,!) pt. Blrmlng".
The Truth About the High Water at
Iho truth about tho flood
situation at Evansville is that
all of tho best pari b of Evansville
that is to say, thwbusiness, manu
facturing and almost all of the
residence sections on the city,
aro entirely freo from damage.
llie Udkdnle section is a cheap
surburb built of low ground close
to tho river bottoms whore lots
can bo purchased at a nominal
price aud is inhabited ton great
extent by those who were at
tracted by the cheapness of
Evansville is a high and dry
city and the damugo to the busi
ness by high water is entirely
nominal and is caused solely by
loss ot business from surrouud
ing territory, some of which is
low ground but which is more
than made up by the increased
fertility of the river bottom land
which rents for us high, as $20.00
per acre per annum.
Evansville has uever been and
never will be flooded as some of
the other cities along the river
for tho reason that our Water
Street even at the present high
stage of water is not sabmerged
and the stores and shops are
thronged with customers as usual.
Any resident of Evansville will
confirm this statement and we
hope that all forrrler residents
who are located in other cities of
the country will do their duty to
their home town by telling their
neighbors tho truth about the
ligh water conditions at Evans
Evansville Business Men's As
sociation. By BENJAMIN BOSSE, Pres.
Government Convinced Mountains Are
Regular Storehouse
Washington, D. O. Jan. 27
Apparently convinced that the
Rocky Mountains constitute a
storehouse for radium, the most
precious of all metals, the Uuit
ed States Bureau of Mine pro
poses to increase its force of ra
dium hunters iu that section of
the country. The Civil Service
Commission today annouueed
that examinations would bo held
February 20, next, to supply the
demand of the Bureau for junior
chemists in radio-activity. The
successful candidates will bo sta
tioned at the branch office of the
service iu Denver, Col., at sala
ries rauging from $1,080 to $1,
440 a year.
Considerable vorsality is requi
red in applicants for the position
for they must uot only havo a
grasp of radio-activity, but they
must be grouudod in inorganic
physicinl chemistry, spenkFrouch
and Gormau, aud havo a working
acquiautance with a blow pipe.
In every home where there are
children there should b a bottle of
It destroys worms and acts us a ton
lo In the debllttatea svstnm. Prinn
25o per bottle. Sold by St. Ilernard
Milling Uo., Incorporated Drug de
partment Attractive Visa.
An effective centerpiec for tbs
breakfast table Is a flower rase ot
wood brown bamboo. They come la
a variety of shapes. Inside are sheet
Iron or metal receptacles to bold tbs
water. Most any flower shows to
advantage against ths dull brown of
the bamboo. Many ot these vases
are loosely woven nnd doll red or
green pottery peers through the Inter
stices. They1 may be found In any
oriental store.
DBKauta)ciugChiyifrerlttlirs Tablets.
She has taken CtK bottles of them
and they have cured her. Sick
headaohe Is caused by a disordered
toiuacb for wbloh these tablets are
espeolally Intended. Try them, get
wen anq
Biay won. diiiu uy aiimiQeneveg rueunjauo paius. '
ilfy al Valcrs. ! '
Mr. Dulin, of the Oulin Store, Is Inter
"Mr. Dulin, would you mint
to tell us how much you sol!
Friday aud Saturday?"
" VUnll ,,. ! .
, -u r.c iuiui.v ever mvu our jl
flfftlrPS rclnfivn tn nnr lin.i'nu. (I
but tllis was a rennrd.hrnnlrinfr '4
sale. We sold a little over fw'
thousand dollars, and so far
we know this is by far the bl
gest cash sale ever made in Htj
killR rnnnlv nr fliio nf tl
....... j v.. .a H 1 1 U V 11 . I
C r 11 fni. flinf mn,,AM n , ... 'I
secutive days. All day it wi
simply a question of how man
we could wait on. There nevel
was before, and probably neve
will bo again, another such
opportunity for a big sale. Ft
over a quarter of a century Ml
Bishop has been building a repi
tntion for handling the best mer!
chandise moneycould buy. Sine
Iwus a boy the name "Bishop
on a garment or a pair of Shoe
signified high-grade or at Ib&sV
honest value. So we say we harj
a right to expect a big busine
with this immense stock-of mb.
chandise, with its kuown repu
tation for quality, coupled with
our splendid facilities and r6otn
for handling big crowds and A
known reputation for doing ju
what we say we will.
"When wo advertised hundreds
of good suits at one and two;
dollars and thousands of good
shoes at one dollar, the peoplj
who trade with us and know V
best, knew they would findthr
just as represented.
"Yes wo have about one ho
dred of the suits left this moi
ing. All of them sizes 83, 84 ai
85 all the smaller and larger sizi
are sold. We cau still fit mot
any boy in his teens nnd a'v
small man.
"We still have a big stock
childrens shoes at 25c, 50c
75c. Of the men's and wo
fine shoes that we put out to
at ifl.OO we have left iu tho
dies over one hundred pairs, s
2, 2$, 8, 8i, 0, 7 and 8. Wei
about seventy-five pair of
men's s zes 9, 10 and 11,
still have a good stock of e
collars at 5c; t;ho 25c and 5(
neckties at 8 for 25 cents, tin
childreus' $1.00 hats for 25c auo,
50o caps for 10c, and hundreds
of meu's $2.00 and $3.00 hats at
choice for 50c and 75c.
"While the goods we havo re
ferred to probably represent som
of tho biggest price reduot'ons,
they do uot in our judgmeut re
present the biggest values oc
bargaius we are offering. Wo
consider tho biggest and best
values we are giviug our people
are 111 tho stocks and stocks of
tho crisp, new, up-to date me
clmudiso that is worth oue la
dreJi cents 011 the dollar of an
mams money aud day, which wt
aro selling at about half of its..
real value."
All members of -Go. G. aro re-
queeted tu bi-' preseiiUsj? tho
Armory at 7 p. in'., JjK&or 4tlv.
Important businestoe transact
Co. G.8rd Ky. Infantry.
for Breaking Out
"Why do you have those class case'
with the ax. hammer, crowbar and so
forth, on these cars?" asked a travslsr
on the railroad coins; to New York.
"Ob, those arc put there In case sny,
one wants a window opsn." replied
the facetious man.
Persons troubled with parti
paralysis are often very muoh bent
flted by massaging the ailecUd par
thoroughly when applying Oha
harlntn'a l.t nim.nl Whla llrtlma
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