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Profit Sh
Closes Sat., Feb, 1
, i
Every odd lot of Merchan-1 Everything in the way of Every short length in Ginc- Hoosiery Brown Cotton Lot No 1,35 pairs Shoes, ONE SALE CLOSES SATUR-
. SATURDAY, per yd. ..5o cATiinmv o i,
samples, hanging up and hams 10c I2c and 16c Hope Bleach Cotton, SAT- 8aiuwuay....mo pair DAY, FiB. I, 1913
diseleft.wiHfcS.aughte, on racks, will be sold re- " 'f "ZmulA na" LOT OF BOYS SHOES
gardless of cost SATUR- pef yrf; jff Lot No. 3, 38 pairs Shoes, .
ed in price SATURDAY. DAY. URDAY, 5c per yd. lo SATURDAY.. .51.69 pair SATURDAY $.gft ity to Reap Bargains.
. Barnes, Cowand & Co. incorporated
Earlmgton, Ky.
Member ot
Kentucky Press Association
tcond District Publishers League
Advertising Rates
Display Advertisements,
single Issue 15c por inch
Locals and Iustde Pages,
Headers 10c per line
Resolutions and Cards of
Tlianks 5c per line
Obituary Poetry 5s per Hue
Silent reductions on time
contract display advertise
meats. Also locals that run
several months without change
Entered at the Earlington
PoBt Office as Second Class
'anch Office in Ben Slalon's Office, Next Door lo Postofficc, Maditon
fille, Kentachy, Phone No. 24-2 Rings-MISS AILEEN DAVIS, Mgr.
"elephone 47
Friday, January 31, 1913 j
tVe are authorized to anuoance P..
Bradley as a candidate for re
ifon as County Judge, subject
jc action Democratic primary.
fe are authorized to aunounce
lliam T. Mills as a candidate for
unty Judge, subject to the action
he Democratic party.
'e are authorized to announce E.
'orrow as a candidate for Conn-
i a - fT 1I . ..... rnklnnt
4 action" oftho Democratic pri-
ft are authorized to aunouuce
5 Byrnm as a canidate for jailor
'lopklus countv subject to ac-
of the Democrat Party.
(aro authorized to sMinonnce
' Ru-M s-9 a candidate for
t J Hftf'kiui couuty. subject
action of the Demoerr.tic
J rr authorized to announce
Sh ( o-vi-r a a candidate for
to I f Hopkins County, subject
Pr i action of the Democratic
' r.v,
St aNnuthnrlzed to announce C.
'Dlok) Williams as a candidate
Sherlfl, subjeot to tlia action of
e Democratic party.
Ye are authorized to announce
om Logan as a candidate for Sher
Of Hopkius Couuty, subject to
5 action of the Democratic Prl
ry. We are authorized to announce
I. H. Grady, of Madisonvllle, Ky.,
.s a candidate for Sheriff, subject to
he action of the Democratic Prl-
We are authorized i to announce
j. E. Hicklln as a candidate for
31ieritIof Hopkins oounty, subjeot
o the action of the Democratic prl
o are authorized to announce
jator Ash by as a candidate for
,e offloe of Shorlff of Hopklr.8
ounty, subjeot to the aotlon of the
Democratic primary.
We are authorized to announce
W. H, Parrti as a candidate for
Sherlfl ot Hopkins county, subleot
tn tlm action of the Democratic
We are wuthorlzed to announce
'j. K. Arnold as a oandidato for
louuty Court Clerk, of Hopkins
ouuty, subjeot to the action of the
We" are authorized to anuounce
T?c.,ir nrowu as a candidate for
Couuty Court Clerk subject to the
kotion of tho Democratic x-numry,
iWa are authorized to announoe
i, T. 0ATE8, of the Curtail, as a
nrtMnta foi county court cierx,
.i.ioAt f the action of the demo-
Ulo primary.
(We are authored to auaouuoe
Rm a. Salmon as a candidate
We are authorized to auuounce
Cass L. Walker as a candidate for
School Superintendent, subject to
the action of the Democratic pri
mary. We are authorized to announce Lr
R. Ray as a candidate for School
Superintendent for Hopkins County
subject to the action of the Demo
cratic party.
We are authorised to announce
HOY S. WILSON as a candidate for
4he Legislature from Hopkins coun
ty, subject to the Democratic prl
mary August, 1913.
The Kentucky Department of
Forestry will establish tree uur
sories when spriua comes and
State Forester Burton announces
that treps se'ecred v.iil probably
be ash, tulip, onlc, Wicnst and per
haps other variti. Members of
the State Board kno something
of the successful work a'ong these
line rtoue uronii'l Eurlinirtou by
the late Jnhn B. Atkinson, who,
covering h period ot som' iwenry
yoars woik of arowuu youim
forests on the waste lands of the
Sr. Bernard Minim: Co., created
the most practical and lmportaut
object lesson in forestry in tho
Anuouucpment of the plaus of
the Forestry Board carries with
it the statement that "it is ex
pected that some of the mining
companies in tne mouniainE,
whose lands have beeu denuded
of timber, will offer tracts for
this purpose, as they seem to
realize the advautage to them of
the reforestration of the water
sheds." Perhaps this is just a
loose statement by a newa writer
who has not a very clear Benseof
proportions in the matter of
forestry or its relation to coal
miniujr. If there is a coal land
owner in Eabtern Kentucky who
does uot realize the immense
future benefit thatwould accrue
to him throush having his waste
lands reforested.
$100 Reward, $100.
The teiden ot IhU PP will b pll l
learn bit there l t least one dreaded dlieue
tbal iclence bai been able lo cure la all 111 alag
et, aud mat is Catarrh. Haifa CatanhCure lathe
onlr poiltlve cere now known lo the medical
fraternity, Catarrh belneomtitotionaldlaeaie,
requires a constitutional treatemeot. Hall's Ca
tarrh Cure la taken loternallr. action directly
the 'blood and mucous surfaces o( the Hi
m.iharthr deitroTitiK the foundation cf the
disease, and Riving the patient strength bj build.
Inn up the constitution and assisting nature iu
doing its work. The proprietors have ao much
(altb In i(i curative powers that luer offer One
Hundred Dollars for anjr cate mat u iin i w
Send tor list of testimonials.
Address F. J. CHENEY 4 CO., Toledo, O.
bold bf alVt)ruggists, 71 cents.
Take Hall's Family Filla lor constipation.
Uses for 8alL
A little salt rubbed on the cup win
tak off tea stains. Use salt and
water to clean willow furniture. Ap
ni with a brutb and rub dry. A
- 1 . i I 1. 1. .
Loosing Flesh?
Perhaps it's because you are demanding too
much of your body. If you are assuming more re
sponsibility and work than you are capable of doing,
or if you have become run-down and worn out
through worry, by all means build yourself up.
Take our
Compound Syrup
of Hypophosphatcs
This beneficial medicine creates new appetite, makes you'
healthy, vigorous and full of vim and vitality. Absolutely
the best remedy in existence for the purpose, quickly restor
ing vital tissue and morrow-making elements. Si.oo per
St. Bernard Mining Co.
Drug Department
"John Sterling Alderman" tho I
two reel Imp to be shown tit thi
Idle Hour tonight In bused on actual
happenings. The play was written
around these facts by King lSaggut
rtomantle Ancient Mariners.
Among the ancient mariners the
wildest superstitions were rife, but
ttair beliefs In the Qxlste-co of en
chanted spots, such as the siren
island ot Salypso or of those Isleta
which Slnbad likened to the Gardens
ot Paradise, were more picturesque
and romanUc than the gloomy and
prosaic Imaginings which occupy the
mind of the modern seaman.
"Mlrandy.Mlrandy! Oltupl Thoy'o
ten automobiles gono by a'ready this
mornln'. an' th' chickens ain't been
turned out Into th' road yltt" Judge.
Matter of Doubling.
Oliver Wendell Holmes waa a class
mate of Doctor Clnrko at Harvard, and
according to the romlntsconces ot tho
latter, tho Autocrat of tho Breakfast
Table was as witty then as later.
One day tho two were talking of
metaphysics, when tho btight-tongued
little great man exclaimed, "I'l tell
you, James, what I think metaphysics
Is like. It Is like a man splitting a
log. When It Is dono ho has two
moro to split!"
No Need for Fear.
On one occasion when General Jack
son was sailing down Chesapeake bay
In an old steamboat the wares were
running high, and an elderly gentle
man present expressed Bome concern.
"You are uneasy," said the general to
him; "you never sailed with me be
fore, I see." Parton's Life of Jackson.
Papers and Magajsine
I have purchased the business of
Bacon Ash by and will move it to the
Sory Drug Co. stand and will handle a
full line of Magazines, periodicials and
daily papers and wish to see all my old
Walter ""RecT Fugate
Madisonville, Kentucky
Thousands of Prescriptions
as to the confidence that physicians and the general
public have in our ability to serve them.
Wc specialize on prescription compounding and keep
right up-to-date in equipment and methods. A better
stock of prescription drug3 cannot be found anywhere.
You are insured quality, accuracy and reasonable
Only competent pharmacist are employed here.
May Wc Serve You?
Accidents will happen, but the bi
ftnitlM kec Dr Thotnar' p.t-ii-
e offloe oi uounsy vur uaatity, of .J -puU&J
Corner Drug Store i
, x,t -T-rv--vro a n vv
rtfulaieJ ! HarU Bhyslca rene, weaken she boweli. I II
icb ' lea bint' :cntlDanrr Pot R ' JMBfMM9SKSfeffffilfAMBVM
" -r ' 18 a
"' ' ' mm
ItHCU mU.MnM pahfc. laHstfislsidaftisw. lis n 1 1 1 ....,
or th? UimwiMv swuwi . ,..
J a,f
sV ktr-Tl "W

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