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Earlington And Madisonville Elks
And Others Contribute Free
ly To Sufferers
Judge Drnipsoy in making his
report says in part: "When the
roliof wiirom reached Ashhyburir,
tarpaulins were spread upon the
bottom of n wet, muddy, leaky
forry boat and the goods carried
On arriving at t ho 'Other side
tlio poods woro nt mice cirricd
into n church. These clerks
turned the benches back to back
iitid soon had tlie church convert
cd into a store room with shelv
inc nnd counters. Au hour was
II then taken to place all ladies
. i -I...... I.. .1.. .........
. H ron's clonks nnd shoes in nuother
v " nna so on throughout tlio list, in
' n short timo the church had all
tlio appearance ot a nret-ciasa de
partment store.
"Apparently every soul in
Ashbyburg by this time had as
sembled nt the back door of the
j church. They woro told briefly
, that clothing to relieve their
necessities and an abundance for
all would be found in tlio build
ing and trained clerks, polite and
if competent ready to attend to
9 their wants. Tliey were told
( that not more than twenty could
bo waited on nt ouo time and re-
n quested to be patient and order
ly, und were assured that those
mi 'rIwiDaino lst would bo as-woll
If waited upon as those who came
FY first and that no man would bo
admitted until all t lie women nnd
children hud been waited upon.
Their deport incut was exemplary
and the clerks did their duty
"It is my belief that tho wants
of every soul in Ashbyburg were
relieved and that tho . .pply nt
clothing, underwear and shoes,
delivered will last these people
until spring.
"Wo returned, after night, to
tho tents across the water, and
- jn thosaniu way relieved every
i9juit found there.
A 44In conclusion? Mio Elks, of
ruuttsonviiiegpesitci toreturn
heft" profound nnrt heartfult
-L.hu nks to the generous and charit-
a i.
oblo people of Madison villo und
V i l In if rt.i utile .nnnnmlnil r...
quickly and so nobly to the call
for help that was sent out
"The peoploof E irlington nre
deserving of especial mention."
Miss Bertha Vannoy and Mr.
Marion Stokes, woro uiiittrtl in
marriage by Rev. W. N. Martin,
at his residence. Tho wedding
wns a surprise to tho frleuds of
tho contracting parties, The
bride it tho youngest daughter of
11. P. Vnnnoy and a very charm
ing and admirable young lady.
The groom is an employee of tho
St, Bernard Mining Company,
having mndo his home in Karl
ingtou u greater portion of his
life, and is n young man of good
Notice Is hereby (given that ho
Dawson Springs Sanitarium and
Health Resort, Incorporated, will
dlsnolvsed by couser of thu
loakholderti on the day ot February
8. Said Corporation is now clos
nap Its busineso.
l5r. O. Frank Russell, Superinten
dent ot tho above named luitttutlon
' will conduct a private Saultoriura
known a the Russell Hauttorlum in
the. plaut now operated by this con
cern. This January 20th, 1013.
y.- L. RUS8KLL, Suo'y.
The Man Big Of Brawn And Big Of
Heart And WanliTo Do Right And
Want To Re Sheriff
Klsewhere the regular announ
cement of W. II. O'Brvan as a
candidal" for S ierlH' of Hopkins
county, subject to tho action of
tho primary election to bo held
August 2nd, JVUil. It affords the
Bee much pleasure to present
the name of tins ncntleiiiiiii tor
this oflice. lie is n man of sterl-
ing quality, big of brawn, nixl
biu of heart nnd wants to do the
right thing to every bod. Ho
has berved on th" police force in
fliatiisonviiie lor over live years
and two years of that time was
Chief, lio was not a man that
sought notoriety as auoflicerand
his duty faithfully and well. lie
is n life long democrat and has
been nlwavs found fighting for
the best for the party as a private
in tho ranks. lie has friends all
over tho conntrv and nono can
know ' Kill" O'Brynn well with
out bpini: his friend, he is a mnn
that makes a friend of all that ho
comes in contact with by his quiet
sincere manner. lie would make
tho county an excellent officer
ai suerilt and the democrats
would find in him a strong nomi
Mr. O'Hryan has n strong fol-
lowing in this city and his many
friends will not forget hi m on tho
day of the election.
Resolutions ol Respect
Of Stand Wnltee Trlbo No. 67.
Improved order of Red Man In mem
ory of W. R. Brasher, of this Tribe
Hro. V. R. Brasher who croosnd ov
er tho dark rlvor from whoso borne
no Traveler return. Bro. V. R.
Brasher wa called from this hunt-
lii'r ground Jan. 7th 101!). at S o'clock
in Louisville Kv. When tins 'No
ble Chief was calk-d for, He, Brother
Brasher was ready for the call, be
came ho had lived honest nnd up
right before God and Man, now his
work on earth was doiip, and tho
Great Spirit called lor lilm. He
whs h member of the B d Men and
tho Order of O.ld Fellows and the
Rebecca cedar veil, I. O. O. fr, of
this city.
ills piinAiugwas uhuractunstlc of
this Honored Cluof, he was always
at the call ot duty, always prepared,
eacli and every call of duty found
this ehiuttian at his post Thu Great
bpirit found this young chief with
honorii. and ready, called this much
beloved BBOTHKR to tlio Land of
THEREFORE, be It Resolved, By
Stand Waltuu Trlbo No 67, Improver
order ot Red Men. desiring to pay
our simple tribute to worth aud to
bow In humble submission to tho
will of tho Great Spirit, that wo do
testify our appreciation ot his value
as a man, and our thanklullnees for
having known him and fur havliu;
been permitted to associate with
him, our friend aud brother.
Resolved, That we tender to his
father, brothers, sister and friends
tho sympathy of this tribe in their
bereavement und we express the
hope that their faith In the great
and In th" cweet memories of the
past they may receive the support
and oucouraitinent that will temper
and ast.uai;e the force ot this blow
Resolved that btaud Wnitue tribe
N(. 67 I. O.R. M. drupe ihelr uliartor
foraporiod of tnirty sans in memory
of our brother who was tendered all
the courtsey of tho order.
Resolve that a copy of those rei
olutlons bo sum to iho fnmlly of
brother W, ,U Brasher. Also pub
lished in the Eirlington Bee und
thu Aiurtiuau Red Men.
Adopted by tho trlbo Cold Moon G.
SD. t " " V!
J. W. Lqster
G. W. Robinson
Claude Iioni;
Increase In Assessed Valve of Prope rty
Tho final footing of the aseusssr'a
books for Hopkiu county shows a
total of property assessed for taxi
tiou of 0,856,uOO, exehmivo ot rui,
road property, which will add
uearly $2,000,000. This shows au In
oreaie ot $120,000 oyer jast year, and
peak, welhfor thet ? ul olonoy pf tho
utittdr &cd hu i.4 uiied. '
Nebo Notes
Many of the iintepondnht farm
ers luivo sold their tohieco. At
lust the buors liro out, Will
Graham roprosontinj: Blank" of
Midisonvillo, Burton represent
ing, Livinustou aud John II ) le,
i( the Ilegu!, and B. A. Ilnl. of
Minitmi, ell aro buying. We
understand Air. Hill has already
ooiiiiiit auo uuu pounds ami hn
received 100,000 pounds in Ins
factory at Maiutou at prices
ringing from G 1-2 to 7 1 2u
round winch isi;oodnows. Everv
httlo bit helps.
Misses M ibcl ami IJ illii-M ;m.
man. of l'rovnlence are visitim:
their irrandparoiits Mr. aud Mrs.
W. G. II almond.
Clarence Mitchell, of tho coun
try has developed insanity, has
been getting worse for the Inst
week. Lie has been a hardwork
ing former with a wife and threa
children. A move will be mude
next week to take him to Ilop-
kmsvillo to be treated, us the
neighbors have to watch him
Miss Ezralce Graham, spent
the week end with Myrtle Loj
More fresh moat, spareribs, und
stiugjges I his l.isL cold snap, last
The usual crowd gathered at
depot Sinday evening lo let the
train go by. Two uruukjn men,
snmnthiu unusual in this town
were rather noisy and were ar-
rested by the MrslTal ahdWk?(Htrjfho building fund of the church
away to thu lock up to cool off,
Jlrs. W. A. Graham, of Madi
souvillo visited Miss Annie Lou
Winstead last week.
Mr. Lster Park, of Clay, wns
n guest of Miss Pauline Feltner,
of Nebo Sunday.
V. M. Porter shipped 20Q0
pounds of poultry to Moskowits,
of Ev.iusvillo last week, paying
12 cents a pound.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Aoams had
a fine boy born to them Siturday.
Mr. J. B. Pevtou, is toinebii
ter at present.
miss b.tine revton is not so
MiE3 Mario Crow is on ti e sick
For Sale
Car of Ear Corn for sale. Ayply to
l'huue No. 0.
Burlington, Ky
Basket Ball Game.
The backet ball gnmo between
the High school girls and the boys
of the second team was played at
tho Armory Saturday night.
Those girls and boys have a strong
team and tho uiuno wns intorcst
iug from start to lust. Tho audi
ence were very appreciative of
the efforts put forth by tho play
ers and heartily eheored thoir
work, which is always oncourag.
ing to tho workirs. The pro
ceeds of this name went toward
purchasing a now basket bull for
tho girls.
Mortons Gap Mercantilo Stnro
bus sold its stock of goods to Hoy
Jones, who will continue tho
business iu the Mercantile store.
All parties indebted to said firm
will ploaso come forward at once
and make settlement, either
cash or uote.
Liquidating Agent.
Mighty few dealers in a poker
gamo will iutontiouuHy givo you
the gad hand. Kansas Oity
First Term of the New Year Be
gins Monday With Judge
Gordon Presiding
Tim February term of tho Hop
kins circuit court convened yestor
day morning, Circuit Judge J. F.
Gordon presulliiK. The morning
sosslon waB taken up by Judge dor
don In delivering his instructions to
till grand Jury, lu which he recom
mended sweeping Investigation of
all forms of lawlessness. Court ad
Journed at noon und convened again
this morning for a busy session.
The grand jury Is composed of the
following gentlemen: J. Q.SimonB,
foreman ; L. E Cardwell, J. H. WIN
koy, J. K. Clayton, O. B. Ut'oy, W
G. Clarh, H. B. Licy, Frank Card-
well. V. H. Behne. R. R. Riggius
and George V. Henry.
Sunshine Class Tea At M. E Church
The little Sunshine class of the
M. E. church South, eutertaiued
at tea Stturday afternoon from
four uutil eight o'clock. Uuder
the directions of their teacher
Mrs. Ohns. Webb, quite a dainty
course was served to the patrous
who were very appreciative of
the efforts put forth by these
little workers. Tho tea was serv
ed in the basement of the church
and each little girl was kept busy
helping serve those who attend
ed.' A very neat. sum was realiz
edlfrom this wnrlr u-lnMi uHll rrn
which will be taken as an Easter
ollering. The little Indies feel
fully repaid for their elForfs aud
are very grateful to those who
partook of the many good things
to eat.
"Papc's Diapepsin" Settles Sour, Upset
Stomach in Five Minutes
Timo it! Pape's Dsapepsin
will digest anything you oat and
overcome :i i-our, gassy or out-of
order B'ninai'h surely within five
If your meals don't fit comfort
ably, or what you ear lies like a
lump of lead in your stomach, or
if you have heartburn, that is n
sign of indigestion.
Get from your pharmacist a
fifty-cent case of Pape's Diapep-
sin and take a dose just as soon
as you can. There will be no
6inir risings, no belching of un
digested food mixed with acid,
no stomach gas or heurtburn,
fulluess or heavy feeling in the
stomnch, nausea, debilitating
headaches, dizziness or intestinal
griping. This will all go, aud,
besides, there will be no sour
food left over in the stomach to
poison your breath with nause
ous odors.
Pape's Diapepsin is a certain
euro for out-of-ordur stomachs,
because it takes hold of your food
and digests H just tho same as if
your stomach wasn't there.
Relief iu five minutes from all
stomach mi-fry is wniting for
you at any in ug store.
These largo fifty cent cases
contain enough "Papo,s Dispep-
8iu" to keep the entire family
free from stomach disorders aud
indigestion for many months.
It belongs in your horn".
Receipt Books
Tho Bee has just printed nnd
bound u lot of Receipt books in
two sizes. These books are
handy and we sell the small one
for iu jurw .iii f'c .irw (
Final Dtfails Of Next Ceremonial To Be
Made At Meeting Thursday Night
A meeting of the Shriners will
bo hold in the Temple on Tnur?
day evening, February 0, for the
dispatch of such business as may
come before the meeting, and to
make final arrangements for the
next ceremonial, which will be
held on the 22nd. All S'iritiers
aro urged to be presout.
II. P. Barrkt, Potentate.
Hoy S. Wilson, Recorder.
One of the largest classes to
traverse the hot sands since the
local Shrine has been established
will bo tho one to be takeu in on
Washington's birthday, when
candidates will be here from
many sections of Western Ken
tucky. It is understood that
eight will take this degree from
Hopkiusville. The meeting
promises to be one of the best
held in some time, and the pro
gram, which is now being pre.
pared, promises to be very inter
Banks In Fine Condition
Notwithstanding no tobacco has
been sold in Hopkins county, the
condition of the banks is Dro-
nouueed excellent. The state
inspector has been in Madison
ville the past three days and says
all the institutions are A 1.
There is always a little closeuess
iu making loans for a while pre-
ceodiug the movement of tobacco,
but less fo this year than usual,
ilthmiizh tobacco is already five
or six weeks later than usual in
being sold. As soon as the tobac
co moves the banks will all have
more money than they will kuow
what tu do with-
Miss Willie Craig aud Mr. Sam
Durham, left tho city Saturday
afternoon for Springfield, Tenn.,
where they were married. This
marnane is the culmination of
several months courtship and
vas expected by the intimate
friends of the contracting parties.
The bride is the eighteen year
old daughter of Jim Oraig aud is
a very beautiful aud attractive
young lady. The groom is a St.
Bernard employee and is popular
among his numerous friends for
his worthiness. .These young
peoblo will make their home iu
the city.
Public Sentiment Inflamed by the Pur
chase of Non-Pooled Weed
Eleuderson, Ky., Feb. 2. The
tobacco situation has becomo
more keeu during the past few
hours, and since the announce
ment of tho Regies that they
would open their factory Monday
morning to receive nou pooled
tobacco aud even more has tho
public become aroused over tho
cancellation of half u million dol
lars of fire insurance which in
cluded a riot and night rider
clan . All lit h pc compan
ies havt had all thou- uisurauco
ro-writtou iu New York, and tho
now policies no not include this
Unless the Stemming District
Tobncco pool of tweuty-fivo mil
lion pounds is sold at the moet,
ing Tuesday, new developments
wtll likelv occur.
Desperate Remedy
It would take nothiug less than
brt'FS kmicl le and a blackjack
to knock He coiu'eit out of some
people. Denver Tunes.
On the Spot.
A girl on a footstool often has an
advantage over a girl on a nedeUL
Ural Hardwick
Announces For
Office of Jailer
In the proper column of this
paper will be found tho announce
ment of Ural Hardwick as a can
didate for Jailor of Hopkins
County, subject to the action of
the Democratic Primnry. Mr.
Hardwick is a staunch Democrat
and is well aud favorably known
in this county. He is District
Superintendent of the Provident
Insurance Company and his da-
ties bring him in persoual con
tact with the majority of the vo
ters of the county. He was born
near R'chlaud and at the age of
11, moved to Charleston with his
parents where he resided until
about 8 years ago, when he mov
ed to Madisonville.
MrTH.trdwiok is twenty-nine
years old and is married. He
served for two years as an assist
ant uuder his uncle L. D. H.
Rodgers while ho was Jailer and
filled this position to the entire
satisfaction of his employer aud
the public. In this position he
wns always courteous and affablo
to all he came iu contact with
and mado many friends while
holding this position. It is safe
to say he will have a strong vote
from this place as he is' personal
ly known and well liked by so
many of the voter. Mr. Hard
wick asks the support of the peo
ple of Hopkins county and if
elected will make them a faith
ful aud conscientious officer..
Special Orders No. 14
An election is ordered to be held
lu the nrmory at Earlington, Ky.,
on Tuesday, February 11, 1013, at 8
o'clock P. M to fill the vacancy ex
isting In the grade of Captain, Co.
G, 3rd Iufantry, caused by the resig
nation ot Ott L. Powers.
Colonel Jouett Henry will proceed
to Earllugton, Ky., on February 11,
1013, aud hold tho election herein
ordered, making prompt report of
the same to tho office of the Adju
tant General.
All members of Co. G, 3rd Regi
ment, nre expected to be present at
this election.
Miss Ilallie Mirks nud Willie
Burden were married at Spring
field, Tenn., Siturday as a sur
prise to thoir friends and famili
es, iinscouplo has been n resi
dent of Earlington for eomotimo
and havo a host of friends who
wish them woll ns they havo
lauuehed on tho sea of matri
Thursday Night, Feb. 0th, 1013, at
7:30 p. m. A Good atteudauce Is
desired. ,
ROY S. WILSON, Recorder
Matrimonial Finance
WinuieIsu't Grumbles lifiht-
haired wife pretty extravagant?
Giinblc You bet I He calls
her his blooded indebtedness.

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