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Knhky Frm 4mocm(mm
Second District Pnblishtrs Liigat
Advertising Rates j
Display Advertisements, S
mti'lp Ismi. 1IW ner inch J
Ket1fr Ur pr lino
Uriltl'u and 1;h i
Thank So per line
ONttmrv Vof try 5'1 p-r ll"
stliirht r luctloiin i
ii in -. Al-o I '- thv iim
rTal nioi"!i with 'it c''inr
Knt.ri'l f ti.f Kwr'
Poet Offlc" Seenud
ii '(oh
If You Have Soalp of Hair Troubles
Take Adrantagc of Thii Offer
oncfi Office in Ben Slalon's Office, Next Door to PorioGce, WsjA'wn
tille, Kentucky, Phone No. ZA-2 Rings -MISS AILEtN DAVIS, far.
Tuesday, February 4, 1&13
Telephone 47
Wo are nuthitrix :1 to announce It.
11. Hradley as ;i esudltlato for re
election ns County Jiulue, subject
to tlio action Democratic primary.
Wo aie authorized to announce
William T. Mills m a unnilidato for
Comity JudKe, Mihject to tlio action
ot the Democratic part v.
We are authorise 1 to annnunup U.
D Morrow an a caiiclulsttr for Cotii.
ty Jttiltre of HopKins county, subject
to the action of t!.- Democratic pri
mary. JAILOR
We aro authorized to ntinnum1"
A. C. Byrnm a r p-nlc!a? fur jailor
forHopkliiM count? subj'ot to no
tion ot the Democrat Party.
Wo aro Authorize 1 to anuounc
Ural Hariwlck as a candidate for
the oillce of Jatiur of Hopkins
County subject to the action of the
Democratic primary.
We are authorized to announce
'Willis Rudd ns a candidate for
Sheriff of Hopkins county, subject
of the action of the Democratic
We are authorized to announce
J. J. Crowder as a candidate for
Sheriff of Hopkins County, subject
to the action of the Democratic
We are authorized to announce C.
S. (Dick) Williams as a candidate
for Sheriff, subject to the action of
the Democratic party.
We are authorized to auunuuee
' Torn LoKau as a candidate for Sher
iff of Hopkins Couuty, subject to
the action of the Democratic Pri
mary. We are authorized to announce
H. H. Grady, of Martisonville, Ky
a candidate for Sheriff, subject to
the action of the Democratic Pri
mary. We are authorized to announce
J. E. Hicklln as a candidate for
Sheriff of Hopkins county, subject
to the action of the Democratic pri
mary. We are authorized to announce
Proctor As ii by as a candidate for
the office of Sheriff of Hopkins
county, Eubject to the actlou of the
Democratic primary.
Wo are authorized to auuounce
W. H. Parriffti as a caudidate for
Sheriff of Hopkins county, sublect
to the action of tlio Democratic
We are Authorized to Announce
W. II O'Bryan as a caudidate for
the office of Sheriff of Hopkins
county subject to the actlou of the
Democratic Primary.
We are mithorized to announce
J, K. Arnold as a candidate for
County Court Clerk, of Hopkiin
county, subject to the action of the
Democratic Primary.
We nre authorized to announce
Frank Drown as a caudidate for
County Court Cltk subject to the
action of tho Democratic Primary.
Wo are authorized to announce
3. T. GATES, f the Curtail, as a
candidate fn county court clerk,
subject to the action of tho demo,
cratio primal y.
Wo are uutliorlzad to announce
John G. Salmon an a candidate
for the offloo of County Court CloiK
of Hopkin County, subject to the
action of the Democratic Primary.
We are authorized to announce
Cass L. Walker as a caudidate for
Soliool Superintendent, subject to
the action of tho Democratic prl
wary. We are authorized to auuounce L.
It. Ray as a caudidate for School
Superintendent for Hopkins Qounty
subject to the action of the Demo
cratic party.
We art authorized to auuouuce
HOY 8. WILSON as a candidate for
ibe Legislature from Hopkius coun
ty, subject to the Democratic prl
mary August, 1913.
$30,000,000 Club to Exploit Philippine
Natural Resources
A m cr i c;i l.-l'hilippino Clul,
capitalized at $510,000,000,
launched to t xplnfr natural rt
yonri'us rif Philippine Islum?.
Vtnttire buck (! In luisit. men
of New Yoik. Cliii'uto, Oineu:-!
n:iti and Luf AuneU Member-1
hid limited to L'iO. Etch mem-lu-r
iihitwd i.. hold 100 hurt's of
fock, pir v.ihip $100. N -iuk
to be so'd nlltnh f of llli'tllber
lnp. M. L. Si uni t, of Manila,
credited with pi-rleetiiii: or.im
z ition, cniivineed urotip of cap
italists tnere are itntneiie nude
veluperl rfouiee in Philippines
anu thai in i m tm, .-tu ir, tobacco
and oil priiiliictinn would yielil
larj;" profits.
W'ri potllu not afford to o -ttr.timly
ni!nri R-X'ili "IB" Hmr Tonic and
poi-.fnne fn I! it'll wm il". It ti iH
n.'f ,1 nil iv iMnun lf will, dll nil'
our i'ihrm curry n iiwav. Hiift
M"iI,W Hair Vw a noglvi et
t'r,. v fnc In i t. the uteri, t'ny
wi DM In itii In ii and tntr
Difut ml In aauneqiftiis or bttui
ti prixtijr wi'MM 'ttffer.
Wi'MMiirn von ili'! It . vtr h.il
i I-DeiriiiMiir to aiinnturt iiy ;nii mi
j or if v u rmv any sculp tronbl"1
U x ill U3. Hvr 1'oiitc. is with on
? mt.'sttou th hit remedy we know
of to eradicate duiidruff. stluiula e
hair uro.vth ani provuut iretnturo
Our faith In Rexall ' Kl"' Hair
Tonic Is so strong that we nek you
to try It on our positive (juarntte
that your money will b cheerfully
refunded If it iloen not do as wo
claim. Two tilzn. o'Jc. and $100 .Sold
only at our store The Rexall Stme
New Parcel Post Will Re
quire Thousands More
The United States Civil Service
will require the anpointir ent of ap
proximately do.uoo employes during
the cumins; year.
The opportunities for position in
the Civil Service were never better.
Civil Servicer position are desir
able because the hours for work are
not too loiitf. salaries are good and
pertain, and promotions are frequent.
The greater number of appoint
ments will be niKde It' the Post Of
fice Servlc, paying from $1100 to $1,
700 and morn per year: the K. F. D.
Service, paying $1,100 per year to
staudard routes; and the Hallway
Mail Service, nayluir from $1)00 to
$ 800 per year.
If you are an American over 18
years old and can read and write you
can make sure of appointment to
one of these positions by study of an
I. J. a. Ulvn service bourse.
Just mark and mall the coupon
below and we will send vou booklet
giving names of I. C. S. student who
are now holding Civil Service posi
tion at good pay We will also tell
you now you, too, cau enter tins
most pleasant and proutaoie employment.
Pleasant work srood salaries
positions for life.
Mark and Mail tfiis Coupon
UTESsunoiL eoiiEsroioEKt scaoot.
Im 1238. tcrinloo. Ft.
Please eipltln, without further obllgition
on my part, bow lean quality (or the Cfril
Service poalttan before which I have
marked I
P. 0. Clnk P, 0. ImtMtor
Mill Carrier lnralftlBl Inipictn
I. F. D. Carrier Guinf
StiDOftaphir JintCor
Biokkiigir Guljtf
Iipmitir Stonkiipir
Hi. Mail Clark iniltiat Wii(hir
Kt. Mail Welfher Jtiaiplir
Mitin(ir Dltolr Olticn
flllllor Conductor rmimin
apprmtice Bookbindu
SkiUod llbotir IBlichms
5 St. 4 No..
I Prekt-nt Occupation
Shot by a Rabbit.
Cyril Newman, n schoolboy hunter,
is dying 'in a Hackcttstown (N. J.)
hospital from shotgun wounds re
ceived whllo rabbit shooting. Ho had
placed his gun on tho ground wbilo
he opened a trap containing a rabbit.
Ho Intended to shoot the captlvo as
it ran away, but tho rabbit gave a
jump and landed on tho trigger of tho
gun, discharging both barrels.
Was NothlnQ to Worry Over.
A clothing designer of Phlladelphiu
committed suicide because ho couldn't
figure out tho seasou's styles. Who
can 7
Common Affliction.
A country officer-elect, Inflated by
favorable editorials during tho cam
paign, Is getting so unbearably swell
headed that his friends talk of the
paddlo cure. Emporia Gazette.
Posing and Proposing
That German photographer who
ays American girls don't know bow
to pose must have got an unsatisfac
tory neKtlve from one of them.
Exposition of Opporlunity'Will hi" 'Held
at San Diego in 1915
Sm Dipeo, Ca'., Feb. ,ln -At
iS.m Dii'o, in lSllo, f llowin-
close! . upon t!ir oppintiit of flu
L'iniiiiia Cm il, will be11' held,
"Tne Exposition ot Opporrtin
it v. " Its purpose m to roveal to
the world tho tipj 'ortuniti for
linme-builiiitu: an I prolitalilc in
vestment in every nation direct
Iv nitccteu Iv t lie construction
of the canal, amoiii; which the
United State stands Urst.
At Sin Dieo a new idea pre
vails. All precwlim: expositions
Imve been large in product5,
showing the results of man, 9 pro
gress T at at Sin Diepo wil
tell the same story, but in a dif
ferent way. Hfre theexposition
will be one of processes, rather
than of products:. The visitor
will be shown not what mau has
accomplished, but how he hu&
accomplished--the processes he
has used, ami tne progression
made in developiiit: process"" to
their uresent state of efficiency.
Ilere, unlike other expositions,
each state exhibit is Jobctntire
ly separate and apart from every
other exhibit. Generally a tato
exhibit is scattered through a
score of builditiKs. Here it will
be under one roofr with the oat
side exhibit adjnininsr. When a
visitor to the IlPinots, or Ken
tucky, state exhibits sees one of
these, he will see xll that stte
has to offer.
If it be true, as predicted, that
the tide of immigration is to be
deflected from the Atlantic sea
board to the Gulf of Mexico and
the Pacific noast, then ever
Mississippi river valley state will
receive a 6hare of this new blood
to settle now unused acres and
make them productive. This in
coming tide will necessitate the
investment of capital in develop
ment of .-tate resources.
Money Back far anw ca.se ol
Rheumatism, Neuralgia or
Headache that Solace
Fails to Remove
SOLACE REMEDY Is a recent lnnd
leal dlbcovmy ol three Of rinan Sol
(intlhts that dlcuolves Urle Acid
Crystals and Purifies the iilood. It
Is easy to take ntui will not alfeot
tho wcakHAt stoiiiuch.
It is a guaranteed under the Pure
Kood and l)nn:s Law to ho absolute,
ty free from opiatM or harmless
driitrs of any dn'erl;tlor.
SOLACE is h i uiu opeoifiu In every
way and has been piovi-ii beyond
questioi- to be t' nrertt .uid quick
est remedy for Urle Aold Trouhl
known to Hit (Ileal ScIhiich, ho mat
ter how lull's t-rnnillliir. It reachus
nnd removHS the root of the trouble
(Uric Acid) and puniW the blood.
THE SOLACE CO. of fiattlo Croek,
are tho Sole U. S. Aleuts and have
thousands of voluntary testimonial
letters which have been received
from itratoful rtoplo SOLACE has
restored to health. Testimonial tot
ters literature and FREE DOX sent
upon request,
It. Leu Murrls, president of the.
First National Isank, of Ohlco, Tx,
wrote tho Solace Company as fol-
"I want you to send a box of So.
lace to my fathirln Memphis, Teiin.,
for which I enclose f I 00. This rem
edy has been used by some friends
of mine here unci I uiUBt say Its ao
ttou was wonderful.
(Signed) It. L. Morris.
Put up lu 2oc, 6"u and $1.00 boxes
SOLACE. "No Special Treatment,
SohemeB or Fees." JUST SOLACE
ALONE does the work. Write today
for the free box, etc.
Dntlle Creik, Mich
I one called on my old friend, Stva
Collard, and while there the conver
sation turned on courtship; and at my
rtquent the old gcntlomau told me an
Incident In his own lore affairft, wUich
1 give; in his own wonts:
"Wall, Bcclnc; It's yoti, I don : mind
telling you about a rape that hap
pened to me when I was dM -ilng
Nancy here. That are la otik tiilni
that I nevar tell anybody. But ,.e shall
have It!"
"No, don't Stove!" broko in the old
woman. "I should think you would
bo nulmmed of yourself telling your
lovo scrapes to everybody."
"If you enn't nbetir to hear it," said
Stovo, "you may bo out ot doors! So
here goes.
"When I was nigh about twonty-ono
I camo up horo nlono and built mo a
"I hadn't a nnbor nearer than flvo
miles, bo yo sco I didn't quarrel much;
but ns It grow to bo near winter I got
kinder lonesomo, nnd begun to think I
ought to havo n woman to keep mo
company; so ono morning I started
down to Lenwny to take a look nt tho
girls, to sco If I could llnd ono to suit
"When I got down to the village I j
asked a young chep If he knew of n ,
girl that wanted to get married, and he j
told mo that he guessed that Nnncy i
Knox did, nnd If I wanted a wife 1 had !
better try and hitch on with br; and
ho said that If 1 was arieabte he I
would go to old Knox h and muke me
acquainted with Nancy, and be was
as good as his word; and 'twaeu't an
hour before Nancy and 1 were ou tho
best of terms.
"Aforo night I had hired out with old
Knox for two pounds a month with
board and lodgln', and I was to work
all winter.
"Wall, for about two months I felt
as neat ns a mouse In a new cheese.
1 courted Nancy every Sunday night,
and I was determined before another
month to pop tho question, and I hadn't
a bit of doubt but what Nancy would
So overjoyed at becoming my bosom
"Wall, about this tlmo there camo a
fellow from London to keep school
ana uo nadn t been tnoro more n a
week aforo I found that ho had a not'
ural hankering nrter Nancy.
Wall, ono Sunday night, BUI Smith,
for that was tho critter's name, camo
In jest at dusk, and when tho clock
struck nlno ho didn't seem ready to
go. Old Mrs. Knox nnd tho young
'uns all went off to bed, and thcro were
none left but old Knox, Bill, Nancy,
and I, and there wo eat, round tho Are.
without saying a word.
'Always afore old Knox had gone
off to bed and left tho coast clear for
Nancy and I, aad I kept 'Bpcctlng ev
ery mlnnlt that ho would tell Bill to
clear out, but he did no such a thing;
but jest aa the clock struck ten be
rla up.
Steve,' aays ho, 'lefs go to bed,
for we must bo np bright and airly.
Wa'nt tirat a hint, ehT I looked
at Nancy, but she turned away her
bed, and at this I up and marched
out Into the entry, and up tho bidder
to bod. I was boiling over mad with
creation Bill,. Nancy, and old Knox In
particular. I got into bed and kivercd
myself up, but I felt so bad that I
couldn't go to sleep. Uko as not, the
schoolmaster waa klaslng Nancy dowa
la tho kitchen, and I couldn't ehct my
eyes for thaillfo of me.
Wall, all at once It occurred to mo
that there was some- big: cracks In tho
floor over the kitchen, and I could
watch and see all that was cointt on
below; so out ot bod I got. and crawled
along close to tho chimney on all
fours, and finding a big crack I looked
down through. Bin and Nancy were
Bitting about two feot apart, though
every now and then Bill would hitch
his chair a little nearer to her. How I
could havoiohoked him then!
"Wall, L watched them for about a
quarter of-an hour, and by that tlmo I
was near about froze, a3 it waa an aw.
ful cold night. But I wouldn't go to
bed, for ! was bound to know if
Nancy was true to mo. By-andbyo
Bill hitched v his chair a little closer,
and I could see that ho had mado urj
his mlud and was Just going to kiss
How It riled mo! But I was bound
to soo it through, so I moved a little
to got a better vlow, and that mlnnlt
tho plank I was on tipped up. aud
down I went right atween Bill and
"Bill thought for onco that Old Nick
had como, and ho bolted out o' doors,
and I stnrted out of tho kitchen au
quick as you could nay 'scoot,' and
waa golnc up tho ladder I heard old
Mrs. Knox holler, 'Nutice. scoot tho cat
aown, or sua will break overy dish on
ino dresser.
"Tho next morning, when we went
to milking, I popped tho question to
.Nancy, and sho said sho would have
mo, for sho didn't caro for Bill Smith.
and we have boon married forty yearB
cum June."
Thousands of Prescriptions
as to tlio conliilcnco that physicians nnd tin- m l 1 '
public have in our ability to serve tiiem.
We specialize on prescription con.pouttdinK ami Uip j
ntjht up-to-date in equipment and method, , lu tt,-i
stock of prescription drugs cannot ! found anyuluri
You are insured quality, accuracy and reasonable
Only cotnpcUnt pharmacists arc employed here.
May We Serve You?
Corner Drui Store
I Notice to Candidates!
We' will print your cards now, any,:'
size and color you want and holt 1 them
until you are ready to use them.
Semi-Weekly Bee
Earlington, and Madisonville, Ky.
i Funeral Director. :: Licensed Embalmer I
ei 1 1 c ei 1 1 - Day or- Nigjtat
Office Ptcee 124-2
Residence Phone 124-3
Electric Light Canes.
Sorao canes aro flttod with electric-
lights. In the caso ot canes made
with tho ordinary bend or crook tor a
handlo tho light apparatus is set in
the body ot tho stick Just below tho
tandlo, with tho lens in tho side.
Most of theso canea aro mado straight,
with the light equipment in the upper
snd and the lens set In tho cane's top.
nis form or olectrlo cane being more
sonvenlent to use.
Tbero is a button at tho sldo which
pressed to make the light show.
riw only battery by which tho llghi
b pioduced can be renewed In these
ancs, Juat as It can bo in pocket or
ithcr olectrlc floshlUjhts.
To choose a hot water bottle from our large stock- of
quality rubber goods is to be assured of the greatest useful
ness and satisfaction. Our hot water bottles are sold to you
under a reliable guarantee, for vc hold an agreement with the
manufacturer to take back any piece of rubber goods that
proves defective before a reasonable time has elapsed.. Our
hot water bottles hold their shape and retain their pliability.
Their general appearance alone speaks well for their value
because it is impossable to make a bottle of such style, finish
nnd texture from anything but the best rubber. Many
styles and prices. ift.JS d UP-
St Bernard Mining Company
Drug Department
I s
Earlington, Kentucky
I'll.. I.im. itlamiw'M Krvlc hi tliH (liimliMrlHiui 'I'Hlfinhiiiin &. Tel
egraph Company mialiles the business iuaii to eonduot nil of his
outsldo ailalrs In th most octinoinloal mid satisfactory manner.
You oan Ket loni; distance oouuoctlons to all outsldo important
cities and towns within a radius or one nunnreu nines or n,aruuK
tou. Prompt service, reasonable rates.
For information, call
Greatest of Meat Eaters.
The Americans are the greatest
meat eaters ot any of tho nations.
. -i
They Generally Succeed.
People who expect to hare their
feelings hurt aro seldom disappoint.

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