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JVo. ;
At Ncbo Supposed to Have
Caught From Defective Flue
Thursday morning aboutOtJJO the
Imporinl Tobacco Factory in Ncbo
caught firi) and wur burned to
tho ground the wntchtnun had
just niadn his Inst round before
going homo for tho day mid the
firo caught from tho fluo in the
socoiul story and hud guiuod such
houtlwny tliut nil efforts to put
it out were truitlcss nod tho loss
was nbout $15,000.00. It ie not
known how much insurance the
company hud they had not com
menced to receive any of the crop
thnt. had been purchased nod will
make arraignments to receive it
at some oilier factory until they
Cdii rebuild. It was one of the
best equipped factores in (In
state and hud been used by the
Imperial Company for the past
few years the tire was not the
result of any disagreement thut
they are now bavin;- over the
purchase of the 11)1:3 crop and
was purely an accident. Two
houses belonging to colored men
next to it were also destroyed by
the (ire but tho furniture in both
houbcs was s.ived. The building
was owned by Mr. Edwin nudge
tho tobacco man, of Maditon
ville. Eaelly Satisfied.
Tbcro la a bachelor who says that
all ho should ask In a wife would be
a good temper, health, good under
iiUuidlng, ngrealilo physiognomy, fig
ure, good complexion, domestic habUr,
resources of amusement, good spirits,
conversational talents, elegant man
ners motley! Tho unreasonable ras
cal! Isn't thcro auythljg more lo
can think of?
Tlio Thursday Afternoon Ululi met
with Mrs. V. K. at her homo
on I'nrrtm Ave. Most of tho mem
bers woro preBont anil n iloliclous
salad entirse whs served. Tim Club
wan Hiitertnlnoil hy a beautiful ulano
duet well rendered lv llttln Mistes
llertha Vnuuht anil Kllzihoth Hash.
Tho next tiiCHting will ho with Mrs.
A. O. SplUman at her homo on lir
ron Ave. Feb lit. 1013.
FnoTnoiii rlocks of Sheep.
Recent official flgurea placed tho
j nurnucr oi Bucep in Australia anu row
I ioeainnu in excess oi in.uuu.uuv, me
greatest number in 18 years.
Heavy, impure blood makec a muddy, pimply
complexion, lieadaclies, nausea, Indliirillon.
Tliln blood makes you weak, pile and sickly.
For pure blood, sound digestion, 'use llurilcck
lllood Hitters, jl.co ill stores.
Flou."es oi S-cich.
That the "pen Is mightier than the
word" Is amply prucr In the re
ceut purchases uf ai old book .'or
60,000 and the saber of Napoleon
(or $C5. Salt Lake ilcrald.
Msoiwteiy Peie'g
Economizes Buffer, Flour,
Eflos; makes the food more
appetizing and wholesome
The oaly Baking Powder made
from Royal Grape Cream of Tartar
Infant Son Of Mr. And Mrs. Austin Call
ed To Rest
Tho little infant of Mr. and
Mrs. Jim Austin died Thursday
morning about eight o'clock nftcr
several weeks of suffering.
Pneumonia set up about ono
week ngo nud no hopes were en
tertained for itB recovery. Tho
child was seven months old and
will bo Initial rest in the Oak
wood cemetery. Mr. and Mrs.
Austin formerly lived at this
place but now of South Carlton.
Tho breaved parents hnve the
sympathy of their friends.
Girls! Gtt a 25 cent Bottle of "Dander
lne" and try tills. Also slops fall
ing haln destroys dandruff.
Your hair becomes licht, wavy,
11 u fry, abundant and appears as
sofr, lustrous and beautiful ns a
young nirl's after :t "D.inderiiip
hair cleanse." Just try this
moisten a cloth with a little Dan-
dcriiie and carefully draw it
through your hair, taking one
small strain' at a time. This will
cleanse the hair of dust, dirt and
excessive oil and in just a few
moments you have doubled the
beauty of your hair.
Besides beautifying the hair at
once, Danderino dissolves every
particle of dandruff; cleanses,
purifies and invigorates the scalp i
forever stopping itching and fall-j
iug hair.
lint what will ulease you most
will be after a few weeks' use
when you will actually seeNuew
hair fine and downy at first
yet but really new hnir growing
all over th scalp. If you care
for pretty, Mitt hair'and lots of
it surely net a 23 cent bottle of
Knowlton's Damlerine from anv
druggist or toilet counter, and
just try it.
An English publication offers u
guinea for a personal proposal: evi
dently tho editor belongs to tho bargain-hunting
This Ih tho senxoii of the year when
mothem feel very much concerned
over tlie frequent colds contracted
liy the'r ehililien, and have ntui:
tlnnr. tu.t'iiti fur it ns every eold
wenketib the lungs, lowsra the vital
ity and paveRtliH way for tho -more
HerlulM clitenseti that Hontten follow.
ChainbHrlalirn Cmi'li Remedy Is
fniueus fur Its cureH iin j is plonsnnt
nud wife t take. For sale by All
Disagreeable peoplo always must
bo exaggerated, It sconiB, until thoy
occupy much more than their allotted
epaco In tho world.
Miss Anna Moure will leave this
elt the 'ast of tills month for l'ort
Unci 'IVxas where she will roslde In
tho future.
Will Elect a Captain
The meeting of Co. 'Q" Tues
day night for the purpofo of
electing a Captain vice O. L,
Powers was ponponed until Tdos-
day night Feb., 11th, on account
of not enough members being
prc3ont. Wo had at one tini the
host military compnniuy tin tstate
and all tho boys took nn inter
est in it and attended every drill
and meeting and received pnu'fo
from the commanding officers
for their standard of nontness
and profectiou in drill, ami
when wo went to tho encamp
ments alwnys had a full quote of
men. What is the matter with
the boys, got together and revive
the Company attend drills and
take an interest iu it, u-k your
fellow membors to come to drill
and put Co "Q" where it was
three or four years ago. We
have a fine drill hull and the
beet material iu the State for
the best company iu tho S:ato
dont let interest in this Company
die out, so that when you got
ready to go to the annual encamp,
ment this summer that you will
luive a company that Earlingtou
citizens will bo proud of, and the
citizens wilt be proud of and the
papers all over tho state will
have (Something to sav about
WaKhiiitrton, Feb. 2.--H. M. Wil
son, the engineer in charge of the
experiment station of tho FedornI
Hureau f Mines at I'itsuiirjth, has
become chairman of the Kxccuttve
Committed of the American Mine
Safety Association, huiui; formed to
work for tho reduction of tho num
ber of deaths tu nilnets and quarries,
throiihnut the country and the ro
ller of more than (10,000 miner- -in-jured
each ypar. Among its mem
ben are leading coal and metal mine
operators, mine ougineers nud mine
safety engineer8,
Dr. King's Now Discovery nnd givo
r to the Utile ones when ailing anb
Fullering with colds, coughs, throat
or lung tn uhleH, takes tiled, harm
l.'ss, once used, always used. Mre.
Jtiueo Crawtcifcl, Niai-ra, Mo.,
writes: "Dr. King's New Discov
ery changed our boy irom a pale,
weak sick boy to the picture of
lieelth." Alwnys helps, ituy it at
All Druggixts.
John Stcarsman Seriously Injured While
Handling Machinery At No. 9 Mine
John S'earsinni was injured
Tliurdny while on duty at the
mine.". lie had attempted to fix
it certain portion of tho overhead
machinery when he was cought
in some parts arul seriously mush
ed -run I his body wisted in such u
mat; nor that at this time hisoon
dition is thought to bo critical.
Stcarsmau is an old employee of
tho St. Bernard, having beeu
with them for a number of years.
II i3 home has been in Earlingtou
for sometime
Cleanse tho bowels and strengthen
tho liver by using HKURINK. It is
a fluo liver stimulant aud bowel re
gulator. Price OOo. Sold by St. Ber
nard Mining Co. Incorporated Drug
Concerning Woman.
When God thought of mother, ho
must have laughed with satisfaction
and framed It quickly bo rich, bo
deep, io divine, so full of bouI, power
and beauty was tho conception.
Henry Ward Bcccher.
Do you know that more real dau-
gcr lurks In a common cold than
in any other of the minor ailments?
Tho safe way is to take Chutnber
lalu's Cough Remedy, a thoroughly
relladle preparation, nud rid your
self of the cold af quickly ns possi
ble. This remedy is ior sale by All
Tho Beo olllce has just receiv
ed Haycourt's new sample books
of eugraved cards, wedding
rtationary aud this is one of the
prottiest lines of this kind ever
seen in Earlingtou. Call the Bee
o ill co aud have one of itB repre
sentatives call and tuko your
r :er.
C. W. B- M. Meets And Writej Letters To
Absent Ex-President
The O. W. B. M. members met
at tho Christian church Wedues
dnv afternoon and having a full
al tendance the afternoon waR
well spent iu the transaction of
the work in the uunl way. After
the business hour u portiou of
time was devoted by each one
writing a lotter fn the absent
member and former president of
this society, Mrs. II. S. Corev.
Mrs. Corey's presence is missed
greatly from these meetings but
under the able directions of Mrs.
George Mothershead lots of good
is being uccomplisheu in the
same routine ub formerly. It is
through the present president
that the messages were sent
keeping in touch with Mrs. Corey,
for they all know and appreciate
the uct Hint a warm response is
over ready from this faithful
friend, who was u diligent worker
along this hue.
xMENT In rubbed In fur rheumatic
aches and paine, it reaches the ppot
quicKiy anu the relief it vry gratl
lyiiiR. rrice aue, 50c and ?i.oo per
uotte. sold oy St. lieruaru Kilning
Co., Incorporated, Drug Depart
Much Sickness Due To Bowel Disorders
A doctor's first question when con
suited by a patient Is, "are your
bowels regular?". He knows that
ninetv-elght per cent of Illness is at
tained with Inactive bowels and
torpid liver and that this condition
must be removed gently and thoro
ugly before health can bo restoed.
Kexall Orderlle are a positive,
pleasant nnd safe remody for consti
pation and boweli disorder in guuer
ritit. We are so certain of their great
remedial value that wo promise to
return the purchaser's money In
every ease when they fall to pro
duce entire satisfaction.
Itexall Orderlies are eaten like
candy, they act quietly and, have a
soothing, strengthening, healing in
fluence on the entire intestinal tract.
T.hoy do not purge, 'rripe, cause
nauseau. flatulence, excessive loose
ness, diarrhoea or other annoying
eifeot. They are especially good for
children, weau persons or old folks.
Two sizes, '25a and 10c. Sold only at;
our store. The Kaxall Store. St.
Bernard Mining Co,, lucirporated
Drug Dept.
Chest pains nnd a dry hacking
oiugli tiniulil hi treated wite BAL
talceii Internally, nuan IIERKICKS
applieo to the chost. Buy the dollar
size Hnrehound Syrup; you get a
Porous Plaster free with each bottle
Sold by the St.Berimrd Mining Co.
Iucorplrated Drug Department.
Mr. aud Mrs. Jauu's R. Rash are
visltiug the family of C. II. McOary
iu Portlaud Texas they will go from
there to Southern California where
they will spend soveral weeks.
Give the Best You Have.
Always give of the best that Is In
you. Feel responsibility towards your
self and your work. Never be con
tent with a compromise with wort.
Give nn employer the best that you
have In you to give; Belvedere
If you hnve dizzy spell, attacks of
momentary blindness, with ringing
noisei In the earn it Is nti unfailing
signs of a torpid liver; a condition
which hrli'gson some serlouf Rick
ness If uogleuted. HEKIIINK is n
powerful liver tonie. It puts streng
th and notlvlty Into the liver, purifies
the bowels ict'l rostoaes a feeling of
health, vlgoi nud cheerfulness Price
60o. Sold by 8- Bernard Mining Co.
Incorporated Drug Department.
Not So Bad.
Since 1825 the clothing of men
has crown simpler and simpler, and
If the course of evolution baa taken
away from the plcturesqueness of the
crowd, It has added to the dignity of
the man.
Soothes Irritated throatsano lungs
Jtops chronic aud hacking cough,
relieves tickling throat, taues uice,
Take no other, once und. always
usee huj it at All D ugUte.
Should Convince the Greatest Skeptic
in Earlington.
Becauso its the evidence
Earlington citizen.
Testimony easily Investigated.
The strongest endorsement
The best proof. Read It:
Mrs. M. Canley, Eirlington, Ky
says: "I have used Doan's Kidney
rills In our family and have found
them, very good. Whenever we have
kldnoy troublo and pains in the back
a few doses of Doan's Kidney Pills
cure the dlfllculty. They are also
good for chlldran to use. lean high
ly recommend this remedy.
"When Your Rack Is Lame Re
member the name." Don't simply
ask for a kidney remedy ask dis
tinctly for Doan's Kidney Pills, the
same that Mrs. Cauley had the
remedy backed by home testimony.
For sale by all dealers. Price CO
cents. Foster.Mllburu Co., BulTalo,
New York, sole agents for the
United States
Remetnber tha name Doan's
and take no otner.
Reception For Bride By Mrs. L. V. Renfro
Mrs. L. V. Renfro was tho hostess
of a delightful reception Thursday
afternoon from two until Ave o'clock
nt her beautiful home on North Main
Street iu honor of tho bride of n few
weeks, Mrs. E. V. Renfro. Guests
began to arrive nt the hour appoint
ed and teamed 1 until the rooms
were fnllv packed. The afternoon
was interesting spent in various
amusements properly arranged by
the efllcieut hostess and furnished
thorough enjoyment to those
present. The charming hostess
noted for her ability to do things In
the right manlier and always arrang
ing for tlie convenience of others was
assisted In receiving her guests by
her mother, Mrs. J. "W. Renfro. The
bride Is au exceptlenally charming
and admirable young lady, and fill
ed her place gracefully along with
tho hostess Iu entertaining hor
irnests. Delightful lunch wns served
in a tempting and dainty manner
consisting of a salad couese, and
colfee. Thosf invited were: Mes-
dames W. R. Covle. W. W. Wripht,
George Mothershead, B. E, Nixon
L. B. Todd, W. T. Button, Iley
Brlnkley, H. J. Bruzeltou, A. O.
Sisk. W. R. Cloyd, J. H. Fih, Har
riott Browning. Harry Withers,
John L. Long, H. D. Cowand, F. B.
Arnold. D. "W. Umstead, M. B Long,
H.'.W. Rogers, A. R. Baldwin, Salllo
Stevens, Elgie" Sisk, and Misses
Ruby Sisk, Eugenia Armstrong,
Gertie O'Baunon, Annie Moore, Ethel
Evans, Mollie, Katie and Maggie
Whalen aud Margnrett Mitchell.
For four weeks regularly use Dr.
King's New Life Pills. They stim
tilate the liver, improve digestion,
remove blood impurities, pimples
and eruptions disappear from your
face nnd body and you feel better.
Begm at once. Buy at All Dealers.
Services At The M. E Church South
Sunday Sohool at 0:30, Mor
ning Services at 11:00 an d Eve
ning, services at 7:30. All are
cordially invited to attend each
service, lisv. Grant, pastor of
this church always has something
worth while to deliver and the
Sunday School is boiug conduct,
ed iu a,in;inner to benefit all who
will attend. The enrollment ib
increasing us we.ll us tho attend
ance. Each Sunday shows uu
averago increasing. Come and
help the Sunday School nnd let
tho Sunday Sshool holp you.
Things Worth While.
The things that are really worth
while are not tho goaU of a struggle
for existence, but those, which can bo
partaken ot by ovcry ono aud not bo
exhausted. Dr. John Grler Illbbon.
How's This?
We offer One Hundred Dalian Keward for any
cats of Catarrli tbal caanoi be cured by Hall's
Catarrh Cure.
V. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo. O.
We, Ihn undersigned, bave known F- Jj
Cbeneyfor lbs last is years, .and believe blm
perfectly honorable In all business transactions,
and tinanclally able to carry oat any obligations
auJo by bis farm.
Waldimo, Kiknan & Masvin,
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O.
Hall's Cacar.'b Cure Is taken internally, actinic
directly upon the blood and .mucous surfaces ot
lb system. Testimonials sent free. Jl'rice jjo
per bottle. Sold byall Druggists.
lake Hall's Family Pilli for constipation.
Committee Named At Citizens
Meeting To Investigate Possi
A conference of Earlington
business men was hold at Oity
Hall last night to discuss the
question of possible location of
uu important tobacco factory at
this place. Some twenty busi
ness men were present and talks
were made by F. B. Arnold, H.
D. Uowand, Mayor Dan M.Evans,
Paul M. Moore, D. P. Banks and
others. Earlington's physical
advantages, available supply of
suitable labor, cheap fuel, light
ing system, abundant water sup
ply aud fire protection, with con
sequent lower insurance rates,
were all discussed and upou ex
cellent authority it was shown
that Earlington is situated in a
most desirable location relative
to a very largo number of tobacco
growers of Hopkins county jind
would easily draw large quan
tities of tho weed now going to
other points aud much of which
uow goes to points outside of
Hopkins county.
After general discussion tho
meeting voted favorably upon a
suggestion offered by Paul M.
Moore thut a committee be nam
ed by the Mayor to investigate
the possibilities aud require
ments us to location here oi an
important tobacco house and to
do what could be done toward se
curing for Earliugton the estab
lishment here of such a business.
A motion to this effect, made by
O. W. Webb aud seconded by D.
P. Banks was carried and Mayor
Dan M. Evans named a com
mittee in tho following order:
Paul M. Moore, H. D. Oowaud,
F. 0. Arnold, D. P. Banks. Up
on suggestion the name of Muvor
Evans was added by uuauimous,
consent as ex-nilicio member of
the committee. A meeting of tho
committee was at once called for"
this afternoon to at once take up
the question in a practical way.
For Railroad Men At Christian Church.
In addition to the Bible School'
and morning preaching service
next Sunday at the Ohri?tian
church, the men of the church
have issued special invitations
to a service for Railroad mou at
7 ;30 p. in. The pastor, Howard
J. Bruzeltou will preach on "Tho
Railway of Life." A Malo
quartetet will sing an appropriate
selection. This promises to bo a
vory popular service aud no doubt
will be largely attended.
The men of this church with
their pastor uro greatly interest
ed iu men in all tho walks of lifo
and nre seeking to know them by
name and to contribute to their
wolfnro in every posBible wuv.
Receipt Books
Tho Beo lias just printed aud
bouuJ a lot of Receipt books in
two sizes. These books aro
handy and we sell the small ouo
for Ga tin! ton Inraw inc.
Couldn't Take Prescription.
Physician "You should seek a high
er altitude." Patient "It always eet8
mo dizzy to travel by airship."
Itching of the skin anywhere on
the body stops instantly when rub
bed with BALLARD, 8 8NOW LIN
IMENT, Oue or two applications
cures permanently. Price 2oo, 50 o
and $1.00 per bottle, Sold by 8t,
Bernard Mining Co., Incorporated,
Dm r D -pa'inif nt.
W 3

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