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No. 12
Cigarette Law Disregarded and
Many Boys Being Hurt
Law Strict Not Even Parents Can Give
Boys Cigarettes
Attention of the faculty of the
graded school, of thcscl.oolboardj ,wUh c,Krarl te,s 13 i,s mueh il v"
and of parents of a number of i ln or "f 'l,e U.w Hfi 11 BtIi"?r
Enrliugtou small boys has been
recently focused Btroutrly upon
the fact that the law against the
selling, furnishing or giving cig
arettes to children under eigh
teen years uf ago 6ecmp to bo
generally disregarded. For the
beuclit of many bovs in the com
uiuniry, who are uciug seriousiv
i i
Hurt by the use or cigarettes; as
a help to parents and teachers
and all good citizens who desire
to eoo onr youths safeguarded
physically, mentally and morally
and for the advice and enlighten
ment of any who may not rexlize
the great damage thai comes to
boys through cigarette smoking,
or may not know of the penal
ties which the Kentucky law pro
videsfortho protection of these
boys; Tho Bee hero prints that
section of the Kentucky Statutes
which restricts the sale or distri
bution of cigarettes or cigaretto
nutcrhd to persons under the age
of eighteen, and tho section gov
crning licenso tnx to dealers.
Il shall be unlawful for anv per
son to fnrn'sh to any person un
der the age of eigh'een years any
cigarette or cigaretto material,
or to give, sell or barter to any
person whomsoever, with the
knowledge t.hat the same is to be
given or sold or bartered to any
such child, or to persuade, advise
counsel or compel any child un
der said ago to smoke the same.
Any person who violates the pro
visions of this section slnll be
guilty of a misdemeanor, and,
, upon conviction therefor, shall
be lined not less than live nor
ft-ttiore than twenty-livo dollars, or
imprisoned in the county jail
not exceeding thirty days or both
so fined and imprisoned."
This will be the last
Will receive every day
nurfL Want a bit? car
"JftV hi CASH. ,
HENS llconti COCKS -
DUCKS - 11 cents TURKEYS
Received at
W. J.
To soiling by retail cigarettes or
cigarette papers, whether the
cigarette paper be sold or giveu
away, attached topackigesof to
bacco, -or thrown down, or away,
or so placed as to. out the par
ties in possession of same by ar
tifice or trick, ten dollars per an
num." It is clear, from t no reading of
this law that there id no way at
all for a boy under eighteen to
legally use any cigarettes or any
ciiiarutte material. Even a par
ent who furnishes his own boy
who might sell these "Coffin
Nails" to his son, so Hint when
ever a boy under eighteen years
of age is seen with ciiruiettes or
cigarette material ih his posses
sion tho conclusion must be that
Homebody has violated the law
and is subject to its-penalties.
The law governing license to
sell provides also that the license
shall le paid annually to the Au
ditor and thai th licenso tax re
ceipt shall be posted conspicuous
ly in the plawjof business. Fail
ure to procure such license or any
violation of the law governing
licunee.ts punishable by a fine of
not less than $25 nor more than
$100 for each offense.
The Bee would urge that all
parents and citizens who have at
heart, the welfare of Earliugjon!
boys juin lit an ellort to protect!
these boys against, this dangerous'
cigarette habit and to prosecute
if access. irv, an who might per
sist, in selling or giving to boys
any cigarettes or cigarette.tnate-
b Recovering From -Ravages Of Recent
Flood Water Rapidly Receeding
Slaiightoprille, Ky Feb. 10. Ttie
flooded district III and around
Slaughtnrvllln mid Ashbyburg Is
growing smaller overv day. The
water Isolf of tlio levee between her
hikI Anhbvburg now so that it Is
passable In Toiiiclns. but It will be
two wtt'fcH or more before the suf
fers can move back intntlielr homes
in tho lowlands, as Che water has
swollen the floors Jiud walls until
much of it lias broken Its fastenings
ami floated away.
Limit. VV. S. Joliusou. of the
Quarter-muster's Department, of
Frankfort, panned through bore
to-day onroute to Ashbury to make
Inspection of the cauip there. He
stated that be had found everything
lu Orst-clasn condition.
car of this season
this week up to Friday
this time. Will rav
5 cents
13 cents
my Store.
Finds That No Monty Will Be
Spent To Expound Business
A meeting of the committee to
Investigate the 'question of Inciting
a tobacco business in Earlington
which was appointed nt thp recant
conference of citiz?nH reported lu
tnese col u in us was held Friday after
noon in the office of the People
lUtife. All meinber))of the committee
were present, Major Dan M, Evans
H. I). Uowand, K. B. Arnold. D. P.
Hanks and Paul. Moore. It -whs de
elded to at once confer with men
representing Important tobacco bus
iness lu tula district to learu wheth
cr anything cntild be deuo along
the proposed linos' at this time. Sub
committee, oouiboBed f D. P.
KankM and IPanI M. Moore was in.
Ktructed to go to Henderson Batur
day and make such Investigation
Mesars fiauks and Moore went to
Henderson and consulted with to
oacco inun uantcors and Tanners as
o tlio situation and the probabilities
They were told definitely that lu
Che prexont unsettled condition of
the tobacco business In the disttlct
there 'Gould be absolutely no 'hope
that anybody would spend a dollar
to extend facilities for 'holding the
weed. The representations made by
the committee, as to tho favorable
conditions here for ouch business,
were well received lu lmportan
quarters ami they were cordially
assured that, , if conditions iu the
district shoulU in the future clear up
and make It possible for the tobacco
business to exbound Enrliugtou
would -be given careful aud friendly
in Tflgg County Is Proving A Falter,
According To Judge Jlanbery
Cadiz, Ky., Feb. 10. "God
city tho prohibition law in Trigg
county'1 were tho words of Judge
Jnck linnbury here Thursday
afternoon in the Tripp Circuit
Court, when a jury returned ;t
verdict of "not guilty" iu the
cane of tlio Commonwealth
against IL S. .Mitchell upon the,
churce of "huving whiskey for,
tho purpose of le"
Since tin- prohibition ,l tw has
been iueifcee here Mitchell htsfeiic,,er uh1 c,'e superintendent
been indicted nixi lined a num
ber of times for violating the law.
I u the case Thurt!ay testimony
was introduced to the effect that
on the nighl of Jauuurj 26, City
Marshal Tom McBrido saw two
parties carry packages into
Mitchell's grocery. He procured
a search warrant, and, uccom.
pauied by Attorney Max Han
bury, searched Mitchell's grocery
aud under the counter found a
carton containing eight half pints
of whiskey, which, it was tostifi
ed, Mitchell claimed was all he
had. Upon further search, so
tho testimony was, three inoro
cartoons wero found iu a closet,
which coutaiued thirty eight half
pints and four quarts.
Mitchell refused to go on the
stand and testify -in his own be
unit. wv
Notice la hereby given that lie
Dawson Springs Saultorlum and
Health Rjsort, Incorporated, will
be dlseolveed by consent of tho
Stockholders on the day ot February
1013. Sal1 Corporation is now clos
lug up its buslnose.
Dr. Q. Frank Russell. Superinten
dent of the abova named institution
will conduct a private Sanltorium
known as the Russell Saultorjum iu
the plant now operated by this con
03fa. This January 20tb, 1013.
G. L. RUSSELL, Pres.
L RUSSRLTi. 8?c'r
Mrs. John St. Olalr, of Rouoake
Va., is visiting her cousins the
Misses whalen aud Mrs. J, D.
P'Uilan this week.
Association Plan To Add To This
Organization A Department
Of Trustees
The plan to mid n department
of triist.'1's t the Kentnc'kv Edu
Rational Association m-commend-
nblu uml every trustee in this
county "hould attend the iinfin
of the Association at Louisville,
Aoril ;10.
Our county and Circuit Cnurr
Clerks now have their Associa
tion as do the Sheriffs, Circuit
and Couutv Judge, County and
Commonwealth's Attorneys.
Thev have found it advantageous
to meet 4tid diecass nuioni: them
selves tlw problems common to
them iiH, planning legislation
nud administrative reforms and
adopting hp far an miv he, a de
sirable tiiforiifayt(Mii. It. is im
portant Clint these officials should
meet, annually for official con
ferences, how much more vitally
important is it that the men
entrusted wit4i-the control of our
common schools should work out.
their problems in concert. The
fcState Superintendent h;is notill
ed the people of Kentucky that
at least the success or failure of
his administration will depend
upou the kind of men they elect
astrustees atid how they account
for themselves in the administra
tion of the .local school aiTnirs-
Here. then, s no small 'trrSRsure
ot responsibility assumed.
Each local board encounters
its peculiiir embarrasbments and
problems, 'but the chances are
that when the trustees so to that
meetitiji, tbey will find there
someone, who has met aud solved
these very problems, while they
can give like aid to others. Then
are questions of school legislation
to be considered at the associa
tion tneetinc The trustees can
bring into their consideration the
trustee's view point and that of
his constituency, to oiipplemeut.
and modify th protcssioual
aspect, at; it w presented to the
An for the attendance of the
teachers, wo can onlv add that
while the average wage of tin
teacher in Kentucky is not what
it ouuht to be, we have little
sympathy for tho teacher who
liac uot enonsh professional in
terest and spirit to attend a pro
fessioual gathering aud so help
Handled With More Efficiency Equivalent
To 150,000 Additional Cars
Washington, Feb. J(5. Increa?-
eiliciouey in the handling of
freight cars during tho last six
months tins been equivalent to
an addition of more than 150,000
freight cars to the equipment of
Aoiericat) railroads.
. ii- bi.iim jiii is made inn re
port to Chairman Lane, of the
Interstate Commerce Commission
by Art ur Hale, gonerul agent of
tho Americiin Hallway Associa
tion, who- sii v tho figures show
that "the American freight cur
beat the record for eflicioncy."
AThat they mean much toAiuer-
can railroads is indicated by tlio
fact, without any mcreaso iu
elllcieucy, it would have required
150,000 additional cars to perform
the service', Those cars would
havo costrtho raids a total of
Mr. and Mrs. Walter
Valter Fluley, of ""v'"ua HD"uSi "u
viBltlng Mr. audroI'ule Refuse auy thing else
i. i. i rr
Mlddlesboro aro
Mn. I'aul Price this week.
Nebo Notes
The burnlne of the Imperial to
bacco factory at "Nebo Thursday
night was the doath blow to the
prosperity of our little town, Its the
first time In seventy-flvo years that
the tobacco business has failed to
operate In Nebo. All tho business
men nre blue, nothing dolnj; now.
This is the third blr fnctory toburn
in Nebo and all can be traced to
carelessness. At one time Nebo had
tlve tobacco fnctories running full
handed Those were the good old
days, when fortunes were made aud
fortunes were lost in the' tobacco
business at Nebo. This is consider
ed to be one among the best place
In the state to put up tnbxcco
Thousands of hogsheads of tobacco
have been shipped from Nebo an
now to cut us out of the business
hurts our town. Our business men
will lose trade, they have done
credit business, taking mortgages on
crops that hnve been pooled an
can't be sold, not even by a sheriff,
The cropper Is Jammed, can't get
any more credit, the merchants and
grocerers are jammed, can't eet hi
money and so it goes, but we live .
hopes If we die in despair, and better
times will come. There is talk now
of a coal mine being opened at Ne
bo, somebody wants tobeoptimlstl
I reckon and wants to revive our
sinking hearts with lies. We're
beard that tale before, tell us some
The burning of the big imperial 1
believed by the better class of peo
pie to be accldentily and not of in
clndiary origin.
Miss Marie Crows, has a bad case
of typhoid fever. Dr. Grow, of
Manltou is her physician. She I
niso attenaea nv a trained nurse
from Kvansvllle.
Robert Catep is now confined to his
bed. He has hud lung trouble for
sevpral months past.
Mr. W. B. Mavis and daughter
Miss Helen from Fredonla, spent
several days visiting relatives in
Nebo aud vicinity last week.
Tomrrrie Knox, went to Mortou
Gap Sunday.
Einmon Walker and Mr. JMartln
of Howell were ln Nebo Sunday to
see somebody.
Rev. Ii. W. Turner, preached at
tub ni. ji. cnurcn sunaay.
See If Tongue Is Coated, Stomach Sour
And Bowels Waste Clogged
Children 'dearly love to take
delicious "Syrup of Figs" 'and
nothing else cleans and regulates
their tender little stomachs, liver
and J10 feet of bowels so prompt
ly and thoroughly.
Children set billious and con
stipated just like grown-ups,
Then they get sick, the tongue is
coated, stomach sour, breath bad ;
they don't. eat or rest well; they
become feverish, cross, irritable,
and don't wnnt to play. Listen
Mothers for your child's sake
don't force the little one to
swallow nauseating castor oil,
violent calomel or harsh irritants
like Cathartic pills. A teaspoon
ful of Syrup of Figs will
have your child smiling and hap
py again in just a few houtf.
Syrup of Figs will gently cloau,
sweeten uud regulate tho stom
ach, make the liver active mid
move on uud nut of the bowels
all tho constipated mutter, the
sour bile, tho foul, cloggod.up
waste antipoisons, without cnus-
lug crumps or griping.
With Syrup of Figs you aro
uot drugging or injuring your
children, Being composed en
tirely of luscious lige, senna aud
aromnties it cannot bo harmful.
Full directions for children of nil
ages and for growu-ups plainly
priuted on tho paokago.
Ask your ilruauist for tho full
name "Syru' uf Figs nnd Elixir
of Senna" prepared by the Oalj-
fornia .Fif: Syrup Co. This Is tho
u' J.3 ill. T
Excellent Record Of Attendance j
In Earlington Graded And y
Hieh School.
: r
Rouu1nr monthly meeting of
the Enrliugtou School Board was
held Saturday night, with ex
cellent reports from the schoolN .
Perhaps the most encouraging
feature of the situation uow is- '
the fact that attendance for Jan
uary was about fifteen, percent ,
better than for January a year
ago. This reflects strongly tho,
good work doue by the faculty, J
tho School Board and the press
toward agitating nnd enforcing
Kentucky's new compulsory at
tendance law and the child labor
law. The compulsory attendance
law puts heavy pennltiefe upon
all parents who do not keep their ,
children continuously in somo
school between the ages of seven
and twelve. The child labor law,
with strict penalties, prohibits
the employment in auy gainful,
pursuit of auy child under tho
age of fourteen nnd provides
.that no child under sixteen may
be employed without first obtain
ing a certificate based ou a re
quired record iu school work.
The law also puts penalties upon
all teachers aud school boards for
neglect of their duties as pre
scribed in the act. The school
authorities have co-operated dili
gently in the effort to get all
children into either the public oc
parochial school and their efforts
have generally been mot in a
helpful and appreciative way by
the pareuts of the district.
The conditions as to attend
ance caunot be said to be entire
ly ideal, but splendid work along
this line has been accomplished
with thei least possible friction
nud the authorities continue to
hope that complete compliance
with this important law may be
had without the necessity of any
prosecutions. It is generally.
understood, however, that, if it
should become necessary, prose
cutions will be instituted to com
pel attendance of nil children,
who come within the Iawr
Young Society Lady Entertains
Friends At Rook
Mies Irene Coyle was the charm
ng hostess of progressive rook at
her beautiful home ou Main-
Street, Friday evening. Quite a
number of her youug friends
wore iuvited aud each readily re
sponded nnd assembled at tho
usual time, forming a merry
party for thdeveuing. To host
ess iu her usual graceful and ad
mirable way arranged the even-
ngs amusement in au artistic
ind pleasing manner. Durintr
he. evening delightful refresh
ments were served of a dainty
alad course. Those present to
njoy tho good tilings put forth
were Misses Elizabeth and Mar
garet Kemp, Mibel Browning,.
Susan Marie Orutchfield, Zilpah
Morehoad, Iiuth Daniels, Mar
garott Atkinson and Mrs. It. O.
Parsons, Messrs. Charlie Darrnh,
Ed Morrison, Kirby O'Bannon,
talph Dudloy Miller EvuiiBr
Robert Merrihow, Elsworth
Evaue, Baker Fugate and R. O.
The hostess was usbisted in en-
tertainiug her guests by her
mother, Mrs. W. R. Coyle, Mrs.
TJarrett Browning aud Mr?. Stella,

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