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No. 13
Mlsi Maud Gough Passes Away
February, 13. After Opera.
lion For Appendicitis
Jliss Muud Uniiirh, daughter of
Mrs. Joe Gnimh passed away at
'lior homu Thursday itfturiioon
Fob., J!), following an operation
for appendicitis Mis Gondii
liml been under the carp of u
physici.m for soinutinn' ami whs
tnlcoii to Iliydon's ciinitnriuin nt
Kvansville throe weeks ago for
I lie purport of this operation
K'turiiitm homo last, wool; com
plications not up which untied her
youim life upon this earth at an
early hour. She was about
twenty years of agf ami her
home had been in Karlington
since childhood where she ha
been a popular younu lady with
her ii'itiicroti friends who lurii
od to love her tor her lnvely
character and chinning person
alitv. Sltvichj will he h'ltl at
the Ohurch of Iinni.iculotc Con-
ception nt high noon aitunlny
morning and interment will tk
place at the EarlinStou cemetery,
immediately after services. This
youw: huiy leaves brothers, sif
ters, and mother to mourn the
loss and cherish the memory of
the loved one gone to the eternal
beyond. The family have the
heartfelt sympathy of their host
of friends in this sorrow.
"The Shopherd of The Hills,"
u dramatization of Harold Bell
Wright's novel of the same nnmo
by Mr. Wright and Klsberry W.
Reynolds, is announced for pro
duction at the Gurrick on Thurs
day Feb. 80.
Never in the history of pub
lishing of hooks has a - novel at
tained such a wide-spread popu
larity in the short space of four
years. It has exceeded by over
100,000 copies the sale of thf
pievnun bluKext seller, "David
lliiiuui.' In making a plav "f
his story the unUior, in collabo
ration wrh Mr. K'ynolds, has
rined the lm dramatic possi
bilities of the book, inakiim the
love story of "Voting M itt" and
"Sammy Line', his big theme.
The play would be interesting
even if it only depended upon its
excellent charnc'er-drawuiu to
ent'Ttam, hp 'he characters of
tlie mountaineers of the Ozuki
are indeed unusual upon the
stuo and lend a picturefqueness
Hint is read v worthwhile.
Formerly Lived Here
W. II. I'.irrisli, of llansou who
is candidate for the otlice of
Shcriir, subject to the action of
the demociatic primary in Au.
gust, was for several years a
resident of EarliniMon and has
many Iricnds in this city who
will watch his race for this oflico
with keen interest. He received
u large vote m his race for jailer
from here a fow years ago.
FICU.'ts or 5"e-cri.
Tl;.il tie; '(ion Is mlKhtler thnn tbe
word" la amply prtner In the ra
ccut purchases of ir old book for
$50,000 and the saber of Napoleon
tor J65. Salt Laku Herald.
ClaniiMt tlie bowels and strengthen
tie. llvor by using IIKUIIINE. It is
n fine liver stimulant and bowel re
gulator. 1'rlco 60c. Sold by St. Hur
nurtl MiiiIiik Co. Incorporated Drug
Shaving a Monkey.
A coxcomb onco said to a barber's
boy, "Did you over shavo a monkey!"
"Why, no, sir," replied tho hoy, "nev
er; but If you will plcaso to Bit down,
I will try."
There is no better medicine marie
for colds than Chamberlain's Uoiik'h
Kuinoily. It acts on nature's plan,
relieves tbe luiurs, opens the secre
tions, iiIiIh expectorations, nml re
htores the f.vsteui to a henlthy con
dition. For salo by All Dealers.
of Food
Made with different Baking Powders
From a Series of Elaborate Chemical Tests:
An equal quantity of bread (biscuit) was made
with each of three different kinds of baking powder
cream of tartar, phosphate, and alum and submitted
separately to the action of the digestive fluid, each
for the same length of time.
The relative percentage of the food digested is
shown as follows:
Bread made with
Royal Cream of Tartar Powder:
100 Per Cent Digested ""
Bread made with
phosphate powacr:
"68Vt Per Cent. Digested!
Bread made with r
alum powder;
67 Per Cent. Digested
These tests, which are absolutely reliable and
unprejudiced, make plain a fact of great importance
to everyone : Food raised with Royal, a cream of
tartar Baking Powder, is shown to be entirely diges
tible, while the alum and phosphate powders are found
to largely retard the digestion of the food made from
Undigested food is not only wasted food, but it
it the source of very many bodily ailments.
At Garnclc Theatre, Saturday, Feb. 22
Save Your tlairl Danderinc Destroy
Dandruff And Stops Falling Hair At
Once Grows Hair, We Prove It
Given By Misses Corine And
Misses Online anil Rubv Ashby
cave n Veleiitine partv Fridav
uTeiiingai tlu.'ir homo on Rail
If you care for hnavy hair, tliRt roar! S'reer in their friends.
glistens with h"itity and is radi (These youn- ladie had every
nut uithlife; Ims an incninpara- lembloin of D m Cupio tu evidence
ble softness ami is fluffy and land tht material in winch he is
lustrous you must use D.uitjprine, (especially m.vrestei!. Delight
bccauscuothiiigelsouccomplislii'sjful aauifs mm uiusic worn furu
so much fur the hair. ' ished winch wn thoroughly eu-
Jut one application of Knowl Ijoyet'i by the number present,
ton's D.inderine will double tho j The charutnii; oung la,uies in-
r Sundav
1 1 v t- ot rhe
i f whom
thf inanv
interestint: featuies fin i. wheel by
t!ie ellicient l-uiie Th j ladies
wtire . in reeeni'iir and
iiti'itf .im leir iMK il their
Uio nt-' , .Mr . r. T. Ami!', and
si'inr, Miss S bn
beauty of wiiir hiir, besides it
immediately 'dissolves everv par
ticle of dandruff; on cannot
have, nice, heavy, healthy hair
ifnuhave dandruff. This in
structive scurl ioIis t'ho bail t
its lustre, its -t -ennth and
very life, ami n or ove. eonie it
produces feve i.)) ..fix and Ilea-'
Hi!: of tin- ;cnip:tlif iiHir rnoih
famish, loosen ni.d me; then the
i.uir falls out (iibi.
if your hair has been notztected
and is thin, faded, dry, scrafrjry
or too oily, don't hesitate, but net
a 25 cent, bottle of Knovvlton's
D.iuderine at nuy drui; store or
toilet counter; apply a little as
directed and ten minutes after
you will &ay this was the best
investment you' ever made.
Wo sincere! believe, regard
less of oyerythiiiK olse advertised
that if you desire soft, lustrous,
beautiful hair and lots of it no
dandruff no itching tcalp and
no more falling hair you must
use Knowltou's Dandorine. If
eventually why not now? A
25 cent bottle will truly amuze
vitetl the mrls 'if ill
School clas ami the
B.traca class, neaiiv
were present to euj m
An Offer That Involves no Risk
Those Who Accept it
Watch for
Wise World.
Tbe world likes a good loser, par
ticularly U It gets aome of hig mosijr,
For four weeks regularly Use Dr,
KIuk'b New Life Pills. They etlin.
ulate the liver, Improve digestion,
remove blood impurities, plmpleB
and eruptions disappear from your
face and body and you feel better.
Regit! at once. Uuy at All Dealer.
We aro so positive our remade wKi
relieve constipation, that vu olf'jr to
furnish It free of all cost it it fails.
Constipation is caused by weak
ness cf the nerves anil muscleB of
the lare intestiueB or deceudlug
colon. To expect relief you must
therefore totio up aud strengthen
those organs and restore them to
hettlthler activity.
We want you to try Itexall Order
lies on our Ki'arautoe. They are
oaten like candy, and are particul
arly ideal for children. They act di
rectly ou the nerves and muscels of
the bowels. They have a neutral
action on the other organs or glauds
They do not puik tu i aiiip any hi
ItllllN ' ' n 'I' ict to
ii. . 1 i
siiatiou inu . i . ii . of aSJ
elates or depeiuitiiii cluonlc ail
ments. Try Ilexall OrderneB at our
risk. Two sizes 10 aud 25ots. Sold
only at our hiure The Itexall Store.
Receipt Books
The Bee has just printed and
bound a lot of Receipt books in
two sizes. Those books are
handy and we sell the small one
for & tie. .im iqrii IK
ItohhiR of the skin anywhere on
the body stops instantly when rub
bed with IsALLARD.StiNOW LIN
IMENT. One or two applications
cures permanently. Price 26u, 50o
aud $1.00 per bottle. Sold by tit.
Beruard Mining Co., Incorporated,
Mrs. P. II. Coleman Entertains
Mrs. P. II. Ooleman entertain,
ed a number of young folks at
her home on Sebreo Avenue,
Thursday evening at a "Tacky
Party." This event was some
thing new in the way of amuse
ment, as it, has been sometime
since the young people had the
opportunity of enjoying a feu
ture of this kind. The various
characters were vorv comical in
their makeup and the entire evr
nnig was devoted fn amusements
in accordance with the occasioi.
uhicb proved to be enthuiiastie
allv enjoyed. Delightful re
freshments were served whieh
always proves to be an especially
interesting feature of the eve
mug's pleasures. The hostess,
in her usual able manner' made
the evening of amusement so in
teresting as to bo voted the most
enjoyable for sometime. Those
present to enjoy the hospitality
of the splendid hostess were:
Muses Ola Shaver and visitor,
Dot Bean Agnes Lynn, Luciln
liolt, uu'1 Mrs. Harrison, of Nor
tonville and Messrs Arthur Vin
son, Marshall McEueu, Raymond
Lynn, John B. Lorn; and Marvin
Miss Lucile liolt. took the prize
for the girl having the most
comical makeup and Kiymoud
Lynn the bov prize.
Give the Best You Have.
Always give of the best that Is in
you. Feel responsibility towards your
self and your work. Never bo con
tent with a compromise with wort.
Give an employer the best that you
have in you to give. Belvedere
Soothes Irritated throats and lungs
stops chronic and hacking cough,
rellevou tlukliug throat, tastes nice.
Take no other, onco used, always
ued uv it at All Drugglste.
Concerning Woman.
When God thought of mother, he
must have laughed with satisfaction
and framed it quickly so rich, bo
deep, so divine, so full of soul, power
and beauty was tho conception.
Henry Ward Bcechcr.
Little Girl Accidently Shot by
Sister Last Week
A sad accident, that cost tho
life of the 0-yoar old daughter
of Frank Oriok, a well known
farmer of near White Plains, oc
enred tiie luttnr part of last week,
hen a 22 caliber rille in the
hands of an older daughter, ago
about 10 years, was discharged,
the bullet entering the side of
the little tot. The wouud inflic
ted by the small bullot was pro
nounced serious at the time, bnt
the little girl lingered till Tues
day, when death resulted. Tho
older child had been playing
with the rifle, not knowing that
it was loaded, when suddenly it
was discharged, the younger sis
ter being directly in front of the
If J on have tlizzy spell, attacks of
momentary blindness, with ringing
noises In the ears It is an unfailing
slnsof a torpid liver; a condition
which brings on some serlnuf nick
ness if neglected. HEItBINE is a
powerful liver totilc. It puts streng
th and activity Into the liver, purifies
the bowels and restoaes a feeling of
health, vigor aud cheerfulness Price
GOc. Sold by St. Bornard Mining Co.
Incorporated Drug Department.
Exc:pt the Sroofcer.
A Waycioss r.nin aimed bis pipe at
a burglar and halted Mm. And soma
pipes would halt anybody.
Heivjr, Impure blood makes a muddy, pimply
complexion, heidacbci, r.susca, Indigestion.
Tfain blood makes you weak, pale and sickly.
For pure blood, sound digestion, use 13 ur dock
Dlood Dtlters. l.oo at all stores.
Watcb for
now How g
A Suit of Clothes or a Pair of
Shoes is Aade? S
Arc You a Judge of Fabric and of Leather?
Are You a Judge of Vorkmanship?
Did you know there are 97 parts in the average suit of
clothes and the workmanship on any one of these parts can
be skimped and cheapened?
Did you know, for example, that in the H. S. & M. fac
tory they put on only hand kneaded collars, which takes a
tailor 15 minutes to make, while most factories have a
machine which does the work in less than a second.
Did you know that there are forty-eight parts to an average
pair of shoes, and that every one of fse parts can be cheap
ened to make a price.
Now, what are we getting
Simply this! If you knoimerchandise, you can buy
your clothes or shoes most any place. But if you don't know
merchandise, then there is only one thing left for you to do,
and that is to buy it from the merchant who does knew and
whom you can trust,
r.- - , . .
oince we v eiL dojs we na. nt. luc niuuiu . a
proposition. We know it as well as our brain will permit- -
we have sold goods in Hopkins county all our lives and have
watched our business grow all the while, not by leaps and
bounds, but gradually as the people learned us and learned
our methods. We attribute whatever measure of success
has come to us and the splendid trade we are enjoying today
solely to having at all times dealt fairly and honestly
with the people. We believe it is the oniy way in which a
great business can be built and maiutainkd.
Alonn these lines, and these only, do we make our bid
for yourousiness
Madisonville, Ky.

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