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JVe. 14
IK ho!
The Citizens of Our Capital Mahe
Enough Mbney ;to LaitThcm
for the Next Four Years
WahitiRtou, Feb. 16. The Capi
tal thinks ot Inauguration day as
the tlmo ''when Reuben comet to
town." In any oilier olty Reuben
always hails from regions where tie
grass grows tall aiid'la uucut. mid
where ho It met at the depot by
obliging strangers with black must
aches who toll hlmtheUalon tuition
or the morgue or gold brick or
somethlug equally fasctnatiug.whllo
he hand over good coin in roturu.
But to Washington 11 who come
are named Reuben. They may havo
grown up amid the clatter and car
nalistnot flew Yark or ambled along
In the peaoeful gait of Indianapollt.
But to far as tho window tellers,
hotelkeepers, reHtaurauteurt anu
concessionaires of Washington are
concerned, their collective uame U
Reubln and each of them hatwhlak
ert h foot long.
For what trie event of a tralnload
pflariners Is to Chicago, what "hog
killliiR" la to a county seat, luauuu.
ration day la to a day and time to
lleecs the friendly vltitor. It la the
occasion to charge him double and
triple fees all round. It la the hour
to put on a Iteoeption Committee
badge, meet all the trains and hold
up their occupant.
The roal systematic oracksmau
of Washington run tho hotels and
restaurants and rent windows and
ral parade. The seoond.clatt burg
lars operate stores and railroads.
j All tbe meronants used to have a
eawt.ui - - '
Urge tnm to tbe fund ot the Inaugu
ral ball, getting ample publicity out
of tho fact, aud then have principal
and Interettof their "contribution"
returned to them at toon as the ball
receipts were counted Mora: They
were simply permitted to oiler a cer
tain aum, proportioned according to
their Influence with tho Commltteo
on Plunder, and when tho ball was
over they were awarded lu real cash
a certain per cent, tho money they
never for a moment parted from. It
was ,a great scheme, Woodrow Wil
son crimped It luuuceutly or other
wise when ho "suggested" that If
thero were an inaugural bull this
year he aud IiIb familv would be un
able to attend.
From the howl that greeted this
annouGoeinent tlio uniformed would
have supposed the Washington
"business men" had uu opportuni
ties to meet Itwubeu and tnke htm
tu. But until tho curious and the
funni l.u f.italfii. no.ua
fcUll-M UltHI'M ,UII. Vila -
to enter our gates on the "quadrlen-'
Rheumatic Pains
are quickly relieved by an application o Sloan's V
Liniment. You don't ncea to rur
linhtlv. It penetrates at once to
the scat of the trouble.
Here's Proof
Miss Etsis Manthky, 4s:o Talman
Ave., Chicago, UL, writes "About two
years ago my mother broke down with
rheumatism. The doctors didn't do any
good. My mother was persuaded to try
Sloan's Liniment, and In three weeks
was entirely well and I believe tho Is
cured; lorever."
Relief From Rheumatism
Miss II. E. Lindelkaf, Gllroy, Calif.,
Writes. Uj niuiact ina usvu
bottle of Sloan's LlnUnent, and although
obtained great relief from Jier rheumatism."
Rheumatism Entirely Cone
Miss Evelktta Myer, of U15 Wyoming St., Dayton, Ohio, writesi
"My mother was troubled With rheumatism and her friends ad; Ued her to get
Sloan's liniment and. her rheumatism Is entirely gone. At the same time the
family was, troubled with ring-worms there were five ring-worms between my
slaters and I and Sloan's Liniment cured every one pf us In a week s time.
is the best remedy for neuralgia, sciatica, lumbago, chest
pains, asthma, hay fever, croup," sore throatrand 'sprains.
At all dealers. Price, li5c., 50c, .and $1.00.
' 4WuV 8oo ' " K " Cattle,
nal day of joy there will be a plenty
for the workers in this vineyard.
Tint Art 'of Extraction
Any day In any week of the year
tbe art of extracting money from
visitors Is teen, in Its highest per
fection In Washington. The only
Industries in tho town are banking
real estate retailing and working for
the government. But despite this
handicap, the way onr the average
Washingtonlan oan separate a visit
or or resident from bit roll Is a reve
lation in the art. During inaugura
tion time however, the ordinary
processes are cast to the winds,
The realty fine work Is donatthit
tlmo. Each possessor of something
this visitor wants be It neat window
room, bath or fond charges enough
to last him the four years until the
guest returns. He who permits a
visitor to escape with any money Is
denounced at meeting of the Board
of Trade aud pointed out on the
streets at a common traitor or fool.
The ojher day some creditors ask
ed the court to appoint a receiver
for tho new Washington Hotel.
They showed the building had been
constructed and equipped on a capi
tal of about f 16. In reply assuran
ces were glvon that tlio hotel were
permitted to run until Inauguration
time the earnings would more than
overcome the present financial dif
ficulties. Till practical argument
appealed to a Washington court and
hotel was permitted to continue
business under an indebtedness of
Souio dayn ago Reuben (of New
York) came tu town to arrange for
his Inaugural quarters. He dropped
Into a Pennsylvaula-avfnue hotel
a second-rater.
"Please give me your rates for
quarters for the evnning of March 8
to the morning of March 6. he said.
"Just what do you want?" asked
the assistant robber behind tbe
counter. "I can give you a small
Inside room aud bath for one for
"Flrel" yelled tbe victim. "Over
$80 a day I"
"Nothing as unreatonahle as that
said the clerk. "It In only$Uadny
Wa are forced to charge you for ev
en dava whthcr vnu tr or not."
"But there will be two of ub,"
ventured the man. "Then wo want
$91 for an Inelrte room?"
Strange Negro Killed Sunday
Afitrnoon At Baseball Park
Sundny afternoon between one
and t.o o'clock, at the colored
base bull park while gambling
Virigl Hookeroliot and killed u tie
gro named, Lii:i Thomas who had
only been living hen a short tune.
They hwd had some words and
Honker pulled out his 38 mid
fired mice when the other man
dropped dead. Hnokor made his
escape and at last account had
not boon heard from. The officers
have scut word to all the nur
roundiug towns to apprehend
, . Ml,
hltli it possioie,
just iay on
- . , .
she is over 83 years of age, the Has
Hogs aadr''S M?AMM I
"Pape'j Dlipepjln"' Dlguli Food When
Stomach Can't Curei Indbjejtlon
Do some foods you eat hit
back taste (rood, but work bad
ly; ferment into stubborn lumps
and causa a sick, 'sonr, pisy
Rtomuch? Now, Mr. or Mrs.
Dyspeptic, jot this down : Pape's
Diupepsin digests everything,
leaving nothing to sour and upset
you. Thero never was anything
so safely quick, so certainly
effective. No difference how
badly your stomach is disordered
,vou will net happy relief in Ave
minutes, but what pleases you
most is that.it strengthens nud
regulates your stomach so you
can eat your favorite foods with
out feat.
Most remedies give you relief
sometimes they ure slow, but
not sure. "Pape's Diapepsin"
is quick, positive and puts yonr
stomach in tt healthy condition
so the misery won'jt come back.
You feel different as soon hb
"Pape's Diapepsin" comes in
. . . t . .
contHCt with the stomach 11s-
tref f jii't vanishes yonr stomach
gets sweet, uogases, no belching,
no eiuctntions of undigested
food, your head clears and you
feel fine.
Go now, moke the best invest
ment you ever made, by getting
n large fifty-cent case of Pape's
Diapepsin from uuy drug store.
You realive in five minutes how
ueedlesj it is to suffer from in
digestion, dyspepsia or any
stomach disorder. "
Young Man Delightfully Entertains
His Home
Master John Valentine Fcn-
wick, in celebration of his elev
enth birthday, entertained a
merry company of his little
friends, Friday evening, at the
home of his parents-Mr. andMrr.
K. L. Fenwickou Railroad Street.
The rooms were artistically de
corated with a quantity of crim
son and "white hearts and candles
of red aud white carryiugout the
color schemes of tho evening.
Out flowers anil potted plants
were used iu forming a beautiful
back cruuud. Mrs. Fen wick
ssisted by her daughter, Kather-
1 ue, entertained the merry party
iu all manner of games and con
tests until time was ripe for the
aliunde of programme, station
ed iu the hall was a post office
which contained" a daintly ar
ranged valentine addressed to
each youiig man in tho corapauy,
these wore delivered to each in
turn as they presented themselves
at the office. Upon opening their
mail it was discovered that, in
order to partake of tho many
good things hidden behind the
curtain it "Would bo nocossary to
locate the fair inuid whose uamo
appeared ou the card. This was
readily done nud the happy pairs
were escorted to tho dining room
by the host and his partner, Miss
Olara Oloyd, acting as hostess for
tho occasion. The table was
beautifully and tastefully decor
ated iu the colors of the evening,
crimson and white hearts, tiny
cupidn aud red aud white candles.
A delightful two course luncheon
was served. It being tho 14th
day of February a number in'
uorrespqndauce were invited.
Tho fourteen invited included:
Sue WadeDaviB, Dorothy Bram
wen, uiauys vvuuiorii, meima
1 I 1.7 .1 mi. .1 1.
West, Katharine, aud. Elenor
Blond in, (Jlara Oloyd, Fannie
Fugate, Robert Nouree, Kedford
Oloyd, Harold Oldham, Earl
Fenwick, Willie Browder sad
Euten Withespoon.
4Roand The. Roundhouse
(Bj A. ft Km)
Perhaps you have not noticed tt.
but I ha vo, not been wrlttnc nny for
the past two weeks. I have several
reasons for uot. doing sp.i Paul Mc
Gary hatf been helping a machinist
Mexico is flhtlni niraln. G ioilloe
went skating, and numerous other
reasons equally as Importaur.
GAneril Foreman R. B. BhIiiiods,
was luNashvillo last week'.
L. D. Vlusop, was laying oil last
Henry Tresch got It In the neck a
few iiay airo. "Hot"flre diopped
from the ash pans, of the engine 011
which he was working a'ml burned
hlmou the neck behlnd hlsears.
"An'd all a6ne k)'p we.nl." ,
I have always bee.n taught that
nothing is lmpostlille .with God.
There Is. a maohlnlst helper here,
now, who has changed my I. leas
some, as I am uunble tn figure out
how his mouth could be made larger
without moving his ehrs bacK.
Engineer F. P, Qiniiuliil, Sr., has
been oil nick n Jv days.
Engiuet-r H. L. bmhti had some
trouble with the1 caller a few days
ago, because the ,citler would not
pron ise to ruu the aui fireman, out
with hlmtthat he liitd in.
Firenian Brockmole made a trip to
Paris, Tenu., with engineer H L.
Smith, a few days ago.
S. W. Carr was called to Central
Olty last Wednesday on nccount of
the death of his brother, John Carr.
F. P. Glannini, Jr., has been of
Paul Pilklnton and "Bosco"
Shaver are contemplating a trip to
Nashville very soon. They don't
kiiow:much about the city and have
'purchased "a'large map of the U.S.
to Bee If tbey can flnd.it.
In readlug over one of the daily
papers, X see where Pror. Gaines,
who is at the head of a Y. M. 0." A.
in our of the Western railroad towns,
says slang Is getting eutirely too
much headway with young men and
something should be done Immedi
ately to eliminate it beyond recall.
I agree with the guy. Let's cut it out,
Stop crapping np the conversation.
Nix ou this slang, spiel it right,
Without some wise mutt's expli-
Some of usboobs who've got ltall
Who are always dipping nut some'
Will hear some other nutty geek
Or edge in a fuzzy wheezr that's
It's mot-'" on your dome or beetles In
ypur bush
That causes you to "pit It ou so
Let's peg a Brodie on such slush,
It's on the blink. We knew it's
The geek who slings It through the
And does It tor the swag;
Should cheese It for a while and think
For it's nothing more than just a
'Three Twini"
The best example of the pro-
gross of electrical stage illumina
tion is found in the production
f "Three Twins," which will be
seen at tlio uarricK baturaay
Februury 22.
Features of the show nre a
gigantic electrical swiug, weigh
ing three tons and a "taceo
graph." In addition (0 the lavish
use of small hand iucauilcscents
by the members of the company
is made.
Tuts is iu distiuot contrast to
the first efforts at such a novolly
manv years imo by the late Dave
Henderson, producer of specta
cles. He nrgauized au "electori
cal ballott" iu which each uirl
wore several bulbB. The power,
however, came from large storage
batteries, one of which burduned
each dancer. These clumsy
articles nau, ttio weight and ap
pearance of a soldier's knapsack.
The "Three Twins" girla have no
such impediments and! the little
lamps are no more bother than
th?ir powder, poffs,
Perry man;Brown
Sunday afternoon at. tho homo
of the brides paronts on Metho
dist hill, Mr. John B. Brown one
of tho St. Bernard popular clerks
and Miss Elsie Ray Porrymauf,
daughter of tho Rev. J.R. Perry
man were nnited in the bonds of
wedlock"., They will make this
city their future home,
After the wedding the happy
couple and a few invit6d guests
were served an elaborate wed
ding supper by the bridegroom's
parents Mr. and Mrs. Joe Brown.
The tables were handsomely
decorated with beautiful flowers
and fairly groaned beneath its
weight of good things. The fol
lowing guests wore present : Mrs.
Lula Brewster, T. L. Whitfield,
Oladie Peyton. Mrs. Alford May
and daughter, of Owensboro,
Iley Sharp, Mr. and Mrs. Riley
Brown, John R. Perryman, Fan
nie Perryman, May Whitfield,
Mr. and Mrs. A. 0. Vannoy, Mr.
and Mrs. Jim Ashby and sons.
The wedding supper was greatly
enjoyed by all present and they
with a host of other friendB wish
the youug couple long and
happy life.
Entertainment Of The Season
To be given by tbe public Graded
School, at Temple Theatre, Friday
night Feb. 21, in honorof the Beason.
Part I, A musical program under
direction of Prof. Loving.
Part II. Adelightful little drama,
The Logend of the Brier Rose' given
bv High School and Eighth' Grade,
under the direction of Miss Howard.
This all promises to be a -most en
Joyable.9ctc.aston.r'Net proceeds go.
to tbe'b'eneflt ot the Graded School.
Mr. Ei L. WiseTreas. Your attend
ance will be appreciated, and tbe
ehoot will be encouraged by your
presence. Tbe house will be oleau,
warm and well lighted. A new
piano will be used for the 1st time.
Admission Adults SO; children lDsts
Important Notice
Anyone needing a piano tuned
can have the work done In a reliable
mannerandata moderate price by
leaving orders at the Bon Ton Bak
ery at Earllngton, Ky.
J. E. Williamson. Jr.
Do You Know How
A Suit ot Clothes or a Pair of
Shoes is Made?
Are You a Judge of Fabric and of Leather?
Are You a Judge of Workmanship?
Did you know there are 97 parts in the average suit of
clothes and the workmanship on any one of these parts can
be skimped and cheapened?
Did you know, for example, that in the H. S. & M. fac
tory they put on only hand kneaded collars, which takes a
tailor 15 minutes to make, while most factories have a
machine which does the work in less than a second.
Did you know that there arc forty-eight parts to an average
pair of shoes, and that every one of these parts can be cheap
ened to make a price.
Now, what are we getting at?
Simply this I If yqu know merchandise, you can buy
your clothes or shoes most any place. But if you don't know
merchandise, then there is only one thing left for you to do,,
arid that is to buy it from the merchant who does knew and
whom you can trust.
Since we were bpys we have studied the merchandise
proposition. We know it as well as our brain will permit
we have sold goods in Hopkins county all our lives and have
watched our business grow all the while, not by leaps and
bounds, but gradually as the people learned us and. learned
our methods. We attribute whatever measure ohy success
has come to us and the splendid trade we are enjoying today
solely to having at all times dealt fairly and honestly
with the people. We believe it is the oniy way in which a
great business can be built and maintainkd.
Along these lines, and these only, do we make our bid
for your business .
i t
irxj-, iiJfj j mi
Madisonville, Ky.
Guilty Of Maiulaughler, Two To Twenty
One Yean The Penalty
The mrv in the case of Harvo
Southard, who was tried in the
Oircuit Court in Madisonville
last week returned a verdict Sat
urday night abont ';80 aftor
being out since 12;00 that day
and' fixed the punishment from
two to tweuty yearb in the pen
itentiury. This case attracted!
lots of attention aud large crpwds
were iu the court house during
the trial. The attorneys for tho
defense were Yost and LafTooa
assisted by Jerrold Jonson. Thc
Prosecution was assisted by Dave
Kincheloe. The speeches from
both sides were the best that;
have been heard in a case of this
kind in Madisonville in years,,
and ocenpied pare of Friday night
and Saturday until noon when,
the jury took the case.
Burned With,
Edward Brown, tbe fifteen-year
old son of Robert Brown met
with a serious accident caused
by powder burn Saturday after
noon while at play. He had t
powder in his pocket when the
head of a match, lighted by the
boy who was with him dropped
into his pocket catching the
powder on fire and burning
Brown's body, hands and face.
severely. t '' .-i
The boys were at Arnold miner
when the accident ocenred and
he was brought to town and a
physician called- immediately.
His condition probably is not
fatal but considered very serious.
m l ,

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