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Forty-Five Years A Cloth-
All these years we have catered
to the people who want the best.
We are in the "up-lift" for the
very best in men and boys' fall
and winter wear at the least posT
sible price. Our present assem-1,
blage of style models in suits and
overcoats represent the seasons
newest creations in shapes and fa
brics novel and otherwise. Suits
$10 to $38.50. Overcoats $10 to
The sale of the celebrated Han-
PI r- ...
an onoes is connnea exclusively
to us in Kvansville.
m m it.
1 a n nf
w PltntHAN I j
The man who whlspeis down a
About the things he ha to tell
iWill never reap a crop of dollar
jiuce ne who oubm a tree ana
11 hi. i
News of the Town
If its a picture, we frame it.
Norton MoPhorson. was lu Koo-
..'klnsvllle Friday.
Mr. Sterling Lanier, of Norton
Tllle, was In Uopicltisvllle Friday.
JJ. E. Nixon, Spent Friday In Hop
klnsvllle nt tbe fair.
Walt Tor the War Declared Bit?
Sale, starts Saturday, Oct. 18tli.
v Tbe 75th, Annual Session of the
General .Baptist, Assooi&tion, will
meet with the General Baptist
Church of Earlinton, Thursday at
7:80 P. M. October 18tb , and will
continue .17-18 10 Their will bo a
large Delegation, and a nico time is
expected. Come and hear the line
preaohlntr. There will be a special
Choir from Webster county. Come
and bear the fine singing. 702.
Mr. Sterling Lanier and Robt.
Sohlottman, of Nortonyllle, were.In
Madiionville .Wednesday night. ,
Attest Henaerson Business College,
r.tho Msdlsoavllle. Business Collego.
prepare yourself for success In lite.
SeokkeieDlntr. Btenotm. Shorthand.
TywriUa6. 'AH- lawwctionr WJHjtBe,
wilvldual; no classes; enter any time
kadUoyillWadniay, attending
t4Iy of the Circus."
aul fcnks advfiby DM(e;( wsat
aua 1 1 v sir inn 1 irrui vr nuur
r JKr. and Mrs. Quorja Atkinson,
awri Mrs. Newell Allord, were in
UadlsonTllle.Wednesdayrnight at.
heading Polly of the Circus. f
FOR ALEA Wm ofDQ acre
a 1-2 Miles fnftn Ea&ltnittqn oh
lie road good fmprorments suitable
for mnrket gardner or dairyman see
Jx E.. Fawojstt
Geo. I. Grahak, of the Whittiker
Paper Co.; of Ctjloago, wis tnnhe
city, calling nrt hs trade' this rweek.
Charles McGary, of Portland Tex
as. Is vfs'ttng friends In tbe city for
a few days.
Give us your orders for Window
shades. We flt them to your win-dows.-Slsk's
Book Store. ,
-To Women-
Seeking Health and Strength
For those ills peculiar to women Dr. Pierce
recommends his "Favorite Prescription" as
A medicine prepared by regular graduated physician of unus
ual experienco In treating woman's dlsonsea-carefully adapted
to work in harmony with the most delicate feminine constitution.
All mediclno dealers havo sold it with satisfaction to cus
tomers for tho post 40 years. It is now obtainable in liquid or
sugar-coated tablet form at the drug store or send 50ono-cent
stomps for a trial box, to Bullalo.
Every woman may write fully nnd confidentially to Dr. Pierce,
Invallda' Hotel and Surgical Institute. Buffalo. N. Y., and may be
sure that her caso will receive careful, conscientious, confidential
consideration, nnd that experienced medical advice will be given
to hor absolutoly froo.
Dr. Pierce' Pleasant Pellets regulate and invlaorate ttomaeh, lio
er and bowel t. Sugar coated, tiny grantdee easy to take as candy.
I P INnVsto
NorriB King, of St. Charles, was
in tbe city, a few days this week
with his brother. Paul.
Neal Zollinger, of Madisonvllle,
was In town on business yesterday.
Harvfa Mitchell, was In Madison
vllle, Wednesday night.
Nothing adds to the looks of a
houso like wall paper. We have it
In all kinds, colors and prices.
Slsk's Book Store.
Ivan Springfield, spent yosterday
in Madisonvllle, with his parents.
Mrs. Roger Clark, was lu Madi
sonvllle, yesterday vlMtlng frletldM'.
Brlntr your pictures to Slsk's Book
Store and have them framed .
Miss Margaret Mltcnell, was In
Madlnonvllle Tuesday shopping.
Walt for the War Declared Big
Sain, starts Saturday. Oot. 18th.
Misses Francis Elgin and Lucy
Fawcett, attended the Fair In Hop.
kinsvllle Thursday.
Miss Hattie Vaughn, or debtee,
Is visiting Mrs. J. T. Coleman, ot
this citv.
Miss Alberta Bariietr, of Mortons
Gap, was in tbe city Tuesday.
James Gorbutt, ot Nashville, and
his crew, were in Madisonvllle Tues
day attending oonrt. v
Bob Ewing, of Nashville, was in
town Tuesday on business.
Wait for the War Declared Big
Sale, starts Saturday, Oot. 18th.
Norman Elam, went to Henderson,
Monday night.
Miss Mararet Kemp, Is on the
kick list this week.
Walt for toe War Declared Big
Sale, starts Saturday, Oot. 18th.
Bob MerrMnew who has-been work
finis; on St' X?tiii division J,t
some time, Js again at work on tbe
Henderson divison.
t M$.ltoifep Of KafelsVin?
Tllle, spent Sunday with her mother
Mrs:SueTirner. v J J
uaie, starts oaiuraay, vjci. iota.
-. 'jlmr lMMnfyii ' In Hopklus-
vllle, Wednesday night.
' Tvan Springfleld, went to Hop
tdwa Wduesday. . v
Walt fori the War' Declarsd Big
Sale, starts Satiirday,' Oot lSTb.
John Causler, has b'eeu attencMnir
court lu Madisonvllle, this. week.
Henry Co'wand, was iu' Madlson-
vllle, Tuesday, ou busme.
Walt for the War Declared Big
Sale, Starts Saturday, Oct. 18th.
Ivan Springfield, was in Madison
Allle, a few minutes Tuesday;
i Geo. Robinson, was iu Madison
vllle Monday night.
Frank McQary, was In town Tue
dy on busfuoss.
A. G. Splllman, was In Madlion
Ville on buslnesi Tuesday.
Walt for the Wor Doolared Big
Sale, starts Saturday, Oct. 18th.
M. O. MoKinnev, of Madisonvllle,
was in town Wednesday.
Mrs. J. E. Fawcett, of Madison
vllle, and daughters Lnoy and JullS,
were In Hopklnsville Monday.
Walt for the WarJDecared Bl
dale, starts Saturday, Oot. 18th. ,
J. D. Sorry, Jr. of Madisonvllle1,
Was In town Monday afternoon.
Perkz Adams, spent Tuesdaynlghi
In Madisonvllto.
Wlt for the JWar DeolaredftBig
Site, starts Saturday, Oct. 18th. ,
Paul King, was In Madisonvllle,
Tuesday night.
W001 Subject To. ,
Kidney Trouble
I Beg to Bay that I have been a
constant sufferer with severe Jpalne
In my back and was on the verce of
nervous prostration resulting from
kidney trouble and other compl-
catlous. A friend of mine recom
mended Dr. KllTier's Swam-pRoot
as a sure cure for these trouble.
Acting upon her advice I began tak
ing Swamp-Root and began to Im
prove before I bad finished the first
bottle. I continued its use until I
hid taken several bottles and con
tinued to Improve until I was com
pletely cured. lam happv to say
that lam as well as any woman on
earth and have been so forjthe past
nine years, thanks to Dr. .Kllmer'r
Swamp-Root, aud I cheerfully re
comend It to all who snffer from
kidney trouble
Vary Truly yours.
407 Cvpress St.. OranareTejtar.
Subscribed and sworn tobefore
me thlB 21 day of March, 1912.
John J. Ball,
Notary Public.
Br, Kilmer Co..
Hinhtt.plon. W. Y.
Prove What Swamp-Soot Will do for
8end to Dr. Kilmer & Co., Blng
hamton, N. Y for a sample bottle'.
It will convince anyone. You will
also receive a booklet of valuable
Information, telling all about the
kidneys and bladder. When writing
be sure mid mention the Earllngton
Semi-Weekly Bee. Regular fifty
cent and one-dollar size bottles for
sale at all drug stores.
Young Ladies Club Organized
The eirls who formally com
posed the Mystic Eleven (Jlub,
met Tuesday evening with Mies
Mabel Browning to reoriraniz"
these social meetings for the
wiuthr. Two of rhe original
members having deserted the,
ranks by entering matrimony
and two- other's 'were uuable to
become members. Pour new
members were properly mitiated
into the rayttenes of this society
The members are-Mies EU'zabatk
Kemp, "PVes, ; Miss Mahle Brow"u
ing, V-jPces.J Miss Geneve Hnfr
ftfcm Xfiii Maraare
Kempj, .JSea'y; M8sea Zilpah
tforeheafl. Hazrtl;Fa:wcV Irene
iMalk s PiiMefaJIARnes
Lyon aud Dolly Bauka.
' "Me objdetrof hHfePolJBfao fyf
as is known is a little work and
lots of fun. ?. r
. Tne fir8tjmee.iup was a jolly
bue. Daiuty refreshments were
served by the chape.rDnee.
Nexnlettig wiil be wirh the
Mins.es Elizabeth aud Margaret
Kemp at Oikmoor.
"My child wa burned terribly nboul th fca '
neck and cbTttT I applied Dr. Tfaomn' hcleciic
Oil. Tbe pain ceeied. and the child lank mm
1 reatful aleeo." M ra. Nancy M. Hanion, iiaui
Lobsters In fchgland.
About 80,000 lobsters are eaten dMl
during tbe season In England, anc
they come mostly from Nova Scotu
and Norway.
To Cure a Cold In One Day
Tal-T i VilTVI? tlOrtMn r..lin T.Mt,.
v;ousn ana iieaoacne ana works oa tne cola,
urueguti rtluna money 11 it falls to care.
K. W. GROVF.'H iniMtr on cb box, lie.
Forced Sale.
"How did youfmanago to keep a
cook in the country, Mrs. WelloftT"
"By making the houBQ over to bar and
movt:g back to tbe city.
Claude Morton
29 . Main St. MadlionvMIt, Ky,
Constitutional Amendment
To Bo Voted On In
Last General Assembly Passed . an
Amendment to the State Constitu
tion Relating to Revenue and Taxa
tion. '
Frankfort. Ky. (Spcclal)--Tho last
General Assembly In Kentucky passed
an amendment to the 8tate Constitu
tion relating to revenue and taxation
with a view of abolishing the anti
quated general property tax and sub
stituting a more flexible system known
to bo more equitable and productive
of greator revenuo In other states.
The tax commission appointed un
der another act at tho same session
made a thorough Investigation and re
ported unanimously In condemnation
of the present law and strongly urged
the adoption ot tho amendment by the
voters at the November election.
It is a significant fact that since the
adoption of the present Constitution
in 1891, which provided that "taxes
should be uniform on all property," a
largo volume of personal property has
disappeared from the assessors rolls
for the simple reason that such prop
erty wad taxed out of existence or at
least out of sight.
The owner of a bond, for Instance,
who received 4 Interest and was
called upon to pay In Some instances
2V or more, In taxes either sold his
bond or Jailed to return It for taxa
tion and cash, notes, boads, Btbcks la
forelfcn -corporations and such -like In
vestmeats are apparently no longer
owned by JCentucklans.
Burden of Taxes Transferred.
This has bad a tendency to transfer
the burden ot taxation to -real estate
and other property inTxiskt and-lsaot
only unequal iut unjust.
Tie Teal -estate- owner 'has sought
to diminish Its value and In, order to
protect himself transfers of property
fori "jorie dollar and other valuable con
siderations" has demoralized the true
values and leaves the assessor no
guide to follow.
Our citizens have unblushlngly
omitted such items In" their returns
for assessment and have felt Justified
in doing so.
w The finances of the state, have fall
en Into confusion and revenue agents
and arbitrary boards ot so-called
"Equalization" have failed to discover
such property and secure their assess
ment. Under the present law every man is
practically his own assessor and the
courts have sustained the practice, as
the law permits, no other course.
General Property Tax Desirable.
Other states have long since recog
nized the inefficiency of the "General
Property Tax," and In these states we
see enterprise 'rewarded and wealth
accumulating, while the tendency in
Kentucky baa been to hide our light
and. incidentally our valuables for fear
of the tax" collector's discovery.
Our progress has been retarded.
Our population diminished and aside
from the land owners and some mer
chants We do not seem to have much
wealth left In the state.
.'Money Jlke Water flows along the
lines of least resistance, and if w
throw up a'-dam, however slight, it
will W diverted.
Suck a trlSIng obstacle as takes,' It
Unequally' distributed, may' prove m
&( bafrlekvot InsurnioUatable propor
tions. However lhslgnlncant It may
sesta from' a- casual Ttiw.
No one desires willingly to become
lajr "Breaker, deceiver or an Va
Her. aaV yst ka must' be all or these'il
he follows the 'bldm'ssfm, "When la
Rpm, you must da as the Romans' do."
Is this trueT Go look at the -asaesi
aors books and see where, men who'
are known to be wealthy- get off by
paying Uttle or ne taxes on persona!
property assessed by themselves.
Dp self respecting men care to fol
low this example?
A shrewd business man may have
large investments In bonds and fall tq
return them for taxation by many well
knqwn practices of evasion. He re
ceives the full return on his Invest
ment A widow or orphan may be left
bonds and the estate may have to be
settled In court. Tho revenue agent
finds it out and sues tor omitted as
sessments of former years and the as
eessor puts them on the tax list. The
wldqw anil orphan are compolled to
pay two or three per cent in taxes and
live on the remainder. '
Is such a system fair?
Taxes, In a free self-governed, coun
try, should bo the least matter to wor
ry about and yet they can bo made bo
unfair and Irksome they drive people
away and keep others from'coralng In.
This Is happening all tho time In Ken
We have a chance to remedy this
evil and It disregarded now we will
have to wait another flvo years before
it presents itself again.
It la a clear duty to vote for this
constitutional amendment at the No
vember election and every citizen In
the state should vote himself and urge
his neighbor to do the same It Ken
tuoky Is ever to be dragged out ot Its
lassitude ana kept in the front rank
of progress, prosperity aul , sac.
To the
Kalem's Biblical masterpiece, produced in authentic lo
cations in Palestine and Egyot, amid the - places
where the great events actually occurred.
Idle Hour Theatre
Saturday Afternoon and Night
The Characters are most beautifully sustained throughout,
and as the story is unfolded
pressed with the work of Jynan's salvation when- the Saviour
was born.
Direct From A Two Weeks' Tremendous Run
At ShHbirfs Masonic Theater, Lwisville, Ky.
Endorsed by press, public and pulpit as the most beautiful
and sublime Biblical, picture ever made. Sacred songs
will be rendered with, the different scenes ty.
Miss Edith Ea&le,. Soprano
of the Boston Grrnd Opera
Journal has to say of this wonderful picture:
Kalem's Biblical Masterpiece, the
second week at The Shubert's Theatre
To say thist wonderful pictures have
Louisville theater goers is putting it
Matinee Saturday afternoon who have not been seen at a, regular attraction
in a long while. Part one shows the annunciation as the Angel of God
visits Mary and tells her she is to become the mother of Jesus, and the
wisejrnen following the star. One is carried away from the story in the
first part by the beautiful scenery of the Holy lands, but is immediately
taken back in the second part, which
where according to traditions, the shadow of the cross falls across His
path. The third part shows the ministryflas John the Baptist proclaims
along the highway the coming of the Lord. The calling of Peter ind An1-
drew, the healing of the poor leper,
Jesus performs His first miracle of
moe beautiful scenes ever witnessed.
sick and blind, and the raising of Lazarus from the dead, a very realfotip
seene. Part five shows Jesus' last week on earth, the jubilant .multitude
wave palm branches before Him ani cast their garments in 4hi way.
Other yerj impresive scenes in this cart are Jesus on ML Oiivf wlth sid
eyes lookiug down on the city of r Jerusalem, wliere tomorrow He fo be
crucified; the betrayal by Judas irithtf1 "lord's Supper. Part six shows
Judas and the High Priests' batenng1 for 'the ilife of Jesus, the.atomM, syU
eide of Judas, the trial and unmerciful 'scourging ancj the dembrangfvi
ihe mob for the blood of the Saviour, and the ciucifixion which is carffe&i
out in cjetail.
Sacred songs were rendered by Miss
and helped to impress the different scenes in away tkt'riH f t. ,soont.
fonrotten. Gene Gauntier, star of thc Kalcm Co.; kjmWti Wrt part of iter
Virgin Mary in a masterful wayK while'tntactiag of "Mr. the emi-5
nent English; actor, who assumes the part of ihe' Saviour, ijw revelation.
The pictures are of great educational value and must be sein -tOkbaLRpre1-ciatedr-
. , ' " 'v ' -'' TV '
Saturday Afternoon and Night
$150000 Production , in 6 Reels
Prices for Children who attend
Matinee will be I Oc -adults 25c. At
Niqbt Prices will be 1 5 and 25c.
the beholder is forcibly , im
Co. Read what ' the -Courier-
beautiful religious pictures began their
yesterday, to two large audiences.
come up to the expectation of the
mildly; Many people were seen at the
shows tl e childhood of the Savior,
and the marriage feast at. Cana, where
turning water into winej one of Jtfie
Part four shows, Jesus hewngthe:
1 o
1 i r t
dith Earle in a capable mapper

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