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I liver aicd:bowils
Winter Suit and Overcoat Pcrfec
tion at specialized Prices
A.ll are Included, initio excelled, not oven
tHo blues and blacks. A premier stock of
winter clothing with a prlco appeal that
mentis satisfaction botli ways, quality and
nvlngR. '
Moii'r $10.00 Salts or Overcoats at. .? 7.05
15 CO Suits or Overcoats at . .
20,00 Suits or Overcoats at .
Hu 00 Suits or Overcoats at. .
MeiH AO 00 Suits or Ovorcoats at.
23 85
Men's 85 00 Suits or Overcoats at. . . 27 95
Same uiscnunt on all intermediate pri
ces and on all boys' winter suits and
In all IIiikh of men's dross, fancy and
woolen shirts, alco' night robes and under
special lines of men and boys' head
prices of many linos of our line shoos
most certainly In your favor.
Cure Sick Headache, ConitipaMon,, Bill'
outfit, Sour stomach, Bad
Breath Candy Cathartic
J ' 'f
The an who whiipeis down a
About the things he has to sell
Will never reap a crop of dollars
Like he who climbs a tree and
I Neu)s of the Town j
Attend Henderson Business College,
or the Madlsonvlllo Business College.
Prepare yourself for success la lite.
Bookkeeping. Stenotypy. Shorthand,
Typewriting. All instruction will he
Individual; no' classes; enter any tlmo
The management of - the Idle
Hour Jiavn bought, awl will install
as souti a reodiwl, &u lSxkatwt.fan
30 Inches In Uintifetr whleh wll.l
change th att iu the Theatre avsry
2'j inioutss. air delivery S.0OD on. ft.
pur ml mi to.
Mrs. Emnn A. Krown, of this city
was in Madisonvllle today on busi
ness. ' '
Mrs. belli Forrester has accepted
a position with thu Hee,' but will
not beglu work until Monday.
See vour favorite at the Idle Hour
Newest und best pictures with King
Haggot, Warren Kerrigan, Edwiu
August, Liah Haled, Edna M'lison
and JUrbara Teimatit.
O. E Rlieno, of Providence, la In
towy today.
Mrs. Stella Kemp, who has been
quite ill for several days with a
cold, Is improving, :
C. O. Lawelle was in Madlsonvllle
Tuesday on busihe'ss.
Something new every night at the
Idle Hour. Latest pictures best
actors and actresses.
Lee Jackson and little sou. Clyde
Manu and Sam H. Jones, all of.
Madlsonvllle, pnseed through the
city yesterday on matoreyeles.
Mlsj Nellie Murphy, of Nsshvil e
who has been viBltmg Miss Veroni
ca Hauiiareveral deys, has returned
Claude Morton
Center St. Madisonvllle, Ky
re Told How to Regain
Strength and Vigor.
.As one- grows old the wasto of the
system becomes more rapid than re
pair, the organs act more slowly and
less effectively than in youth, the cir
culation is poor, the blood thin and
digestlpn weak.
Ylnol, our delicious cod llvor and
Iron tonic without oil In the ideal
atrengtnener and body-builder for old
folks, for it contains tho very elements
needed to rebuild wasting tissues and
replace weakness with strength. Ylnol
also fortifies the system against colds
and thus prevents pneumonia.
Mrs. Mary Ivey, of Columbus, da,,
says j "If peqple only know tho good
VlnoV- does old people I am sure you
would be unable to supply the de
mand. I never took anything before
thai did me so much good as Vlnol.
It Is the finest tonic and strength
creator I erei- used la W life."
If VIhoI falls to build up the feeble,
eld people, and create strength wa
will return your money,
F. 8. Our 8axo Salve stops Itching
and Wguas healing sconce.
St. Bernard Mining Co., ' Incorporated,
Druf Dwfftmenl, Special A&cati
.1. T. McEUactnck, who haB been
visiting hiB daugnfer Mies Francis
of this olty, has returned to Denver
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Glanruni, of
this city, are visiting relatives In
Dixon this week.
Airs Kato Williams, of Madibon-
ville, was here yesterday visiting
Mrs. Kate Pike.
From now until further notice the
Bee will give with each paid up
subscription or new hubaorlbor thtf
"Farm and Home" and th book
"How to Mnk Corn Pay" fcee.'
Mrs. Ctias. Moore; of Tenue&sea, is
visiting her suster Mrs. lc-
' (ulm i a number of our people, will
go o "Miidisotivitie tonight to titfO
'Within the Law. '
Mis Susie filoir. of this city Is
visiting fritjtula in Princeton, Ind.
Paul Livingston, of MritiisoiiVlllB,
was here Wed nepday night. - ,
Geo. Clements, of Mndisouvllle,
was In the city Inst night visiting
Chas. Truempy, of this city, Is
visiting relatives In Cautieltou, Ind
Miss Bonny Vera Murphy, Mrs.
Clirance NUbet and Henry Head,
of Madisouville, were here Wednes
day afteriionu.
Mrs. Frank Coil, of Madlsonvlllo.
was here Thursday visltingrelatives
Miss Dora'Witherspoon, of Mad
isonville, Is iu the city visiting rel
atives and friends.
Jessie Phillips, of St. Cltarles.wHB
here yesterday on business.
Will Fault, of St. Charles, was in
the city yesterday on business.
Chronic Constipation Cured.
Five years ago I had the worst
case of chronic constipation I ever
knew of, and Chamberlain's Tablets
cuted me," writes S. F Fish, llrook-
Ivn. Mich. For sale by ALL DEAL
BUS. Worth KnowtnB
Never throw away pieces uf lemon
ftr thrtv have ''flen coueezed with
;ho lemon squeezer, for they coma la
Sandy for removing stains from th
nnwU ntirf nlnau-lix'n nlnriBfi tntn ia.lt
they will scour copper ksttlei nicely
and remove stams zrom orniworic.
itmon like this will take stains, dirt
and odor from pans and kattlw as
nothtftg lsa will. Th odnri ef Oak
and ooloas ean thus b sulry rwoT4
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy.
This remedy has no superior for
coughs and colds, It Is pleasaut to
tak. It contains no opium or other
narcotic It always cures. For sale
Nsw rry In Dsman
Thi Jojaabsnry, a hybrid of the
blackberry and raspbsrry, l al te
make the finest of Jellies, jams and
pies. Iatroduced a few years ago U
the west, its jopmlarlty has beea
tsadlly lacreaslBK, and the deaaad
now outraas the supply. Wsstera
Oregoa aad Wasklngtoa are the
greatest producers of Uw new berry.
Cert 6M Smm, Wher Ncs WM't Cm.
The wQrit catci.uo aiatter of lion loss Masdlos,
arc cttfe4 br the wea4ei(ul, oi rtlUWe Of.
tul.r', Aatleellc HcaUa? OIL It rHve
I'ttu a4 Kwl at the iawc U. 36c, S,
Get a 10-cont box uow.
Arc vou keeping your liver,
Btmviach and bowels clean, pure
and fresh with Oiifioarets o r
merely forcing a passageway ev
ery few dftvs with Baits, cathartic
pills or castor oil? This is im
OaBcarots immediately cleauso
tho stomach, remove tho sour,
undigested and frmeuting food
and font gases; tako tho excess
bllo from tho liver and carry oat
of the system the constipated
waste master nnd poison in the
bowel. '
No odds how sick, hendncliy,
bilious and constipated vou feel,'
a (' iHCirot tonight will, stfaiht-
en you out 6y morning. They
work while you sleep. A 10-ot.
box from your druggist will keep
your head clear, stomach sweet
and your liver nnd bowels regu
lar for months. Don't forgot
the children their little insides
need a gentle cleausinc, too. .
Methodists Art $100,000 to Build Col:
lege at Rome
New York, Jan., 20, Kev.Dr.
Ezra Z.Tip0l6,presideut of Drew
Teminarv speakins todav of the
annpqncemcnfc from ltptne that.
his orother, Itev. Bertrand M.
Tipple, pastor of the American
Methodist Church of Rome, had
bouuht land there on which to
erect a great modern college,
said the purclmsb was made for
the board of foreign missions of
the lethodist. Episcopal Church
in America.
This was the first step, he said
in the board's founding of a col'
lujie iu Korne for boys and youu&
meii. The institution as plunued
is to be primarily for secular euV
ucation, bub with a religious mo
tive. No religious discrimina
tion, hoAvever, Dr. Tipple saidf.
l would be allowed. j
'-"The coilij .li cotttpiete tub
15(1 ucationol system of tlie Me'th-
odist EpucppiU Church in Koine,
which, includes Kee'der Theologi
cal Selniiifiry and Crttilden Hall
fpr Girls, which the Women's
Board of Foreign MiS3jpns e,stab
llshed. '" .
February 23
2.00 p. m., and
Proteus Parade
a Day and Night to New Orleans
Mardi Gra
The Two Big Days February 23 aad 24
New Orleans Mobile Penuaaola
q.7o jgie.sg mi5.&5
February 24
azo a', m., and
Comus Parade
Tickets on Sale Daily February 17 to 23 Inclusive
Estimate for five days board and lodKliifr at $1.00 pur day In b...c private homes, or S2.0d per dav
at good hotels, to which add tho above railroad and Pullman fares. Apply to L. & N. Aeent
for printed list of Rooming Houbcn uinl Hotels.
Mme. Catherine Brcshkovskaya Sentenced
(0 Solitary Confinement
Wonderful Cough (.Remedy
Dr. King's .New' Discovery is
known everywhere as the remedy
which will surely stop a couith or
cold. D.PLawson of Etdson.Tenn.
writes: "Dr, Kind's ISew Discovery
is the most Wontlerful couch, cold
and throat and lung medicine, I ev-
It sella without any trouble at all.
It needs no iruaranteoi" This is
true, because Dr. Kinc's New Dis
covery will relieve the most obstin
ate of coujilis and coiub. lunp trou
bles ouicklv Seined bv Its use. You
should keep a bottle iu the house at
all times for all members of the fam
ily. 50) and $1.00 All DrnsrRlsts or
by mail. . K.jiJuqKjen &uo. rnu
adelphla or St. Louis
Quick Action by President Wilson Keeps
Engineer on the Job
WnshuiKtou, Jan. 20. Secretary
Garrison announced today that Col.
Gaorne W. Goethals has signified
his Intention of accepting the gov-
ornorship of the Panama Canal Zone
proffered him by Presldeut Wllsou.
Mr, Garrison intimated that .Colonel
Goothals' acceptance was unqualified.
Within an hour the nomination
of the catia 'builder was sent to tlie
Senate by the President. Colonel
Goethals will become governor
April 1.
As chairman of the Isthmnlu Ca
nal commission Colonel Goethals
now Is paid $15,000 a year. The
Panama Canal act fixes tlie salary
of the governor at $10,000, Xtepre
seutatlve Uritteu of Illinois today
Introduced a bill to amend the law
to make the salary 'of tho governor
$15,000 so long as Colonel Goethals
holds the oillce.
Lame back may come from over
work, cold settle lit the unisoles of
the back, or from disease. lit the
two former cases the right remedy Is
It should be rubbed iu thoroughly
over the affected part, the relief will
be prompt and satisfactory. Price
feu, 50c and 11.00 per bottle. Sold by
fet. Heruaid Mining Co., Iuoorpora.
ted, Urag tepartment.
New York, Jan. 20. Mmo Cather
ine Broshkovskaya, tho Russian
revolutionary Isader, has been pun
ished for her rocent attempt to es
cape from Siberia with a Eentenco of
eighteen months of solitary con flue
It was early in December. last
year, Mme. Breshkovskaya, "the
grandmother ot the Russian revolu
tion," made a socond unsuccessful
attempt to escape from the perpet
ual exile to which she was senten
ced la March, 1910.
Accomplice, Olignited, Elude Police
tJShe had been permitted to go to
dinner under police escort at the
lodging of a fellow exile in tho vil
lage of Kirensk, up under the arctic
circle. Siie remained until evening,
when a coinpaulou. Anfreeff, dress
ed in her clothing, emerged from the
house, pretending to be a sick wo-vl
Accompanied by the police, the
accomplice hobbled to the lodging
of Mmo. Breshkovskaya, where she
remained. ,
This was on Dec. 1, and it Was
not until Dec. 4, that the escape was
discovered. All the machluery for
pursuit was put to work, with tlie
result that Mme. Breshkovskaya,
dressed as a man, was intercepted
in the Siberian wilds and taked back
to Kirensk. . !'.
Spent Third of Life; In "Prison
Mme- HresUkovskajtfis "0 years
old, and mote than i'5-yonrs of her
life has been spent in prison or iu
exile. Her father was a 'nobleman
and landowner in tho Province of
Cheufgdil. She is "well known in
the United States, where she has
Her present exile followed a trial
for revolutionary conspiracy tluU
attracted public attention iu many
Best Cough Medicinn for Children
'lam very glad to say a few
words in praiso of Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy" writes Mrs. Lida
Dowey, Milwaukee, WIb. "I have
used it for years both for my child
ren and myself and it never fails to
rellvo and cure a cough or cold. No
famllv with children should be
without tt as it gives almost imme
diate relief in caBOB of 'croup."
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy Is
pleasant and safe to take, which is
of great importance whnna medi
cine must be given to your children.
For Sale by ALL DEALERS.
The farmer is never presented
to public attention with precise
fairness. He does not habitually
run a six cylinder motor car now.
Neither did ho formerly parade
the city streets with his trousors
tucked in his boot top.
Some men .are entitled to a lot
praise for the things thoy have
not cone.
When you find a women who
admits bIio is ugly, believe any
thing she says.
Naturally the Now York legis
lature thai impeached Sulzor at
tho command of Murphy was
willing to acknowledge Glyuu as
Sulzer's successor
Emerges aguiu from Obliviou
William Travers Jerome whoso
life work seems to be the perse
cution not prosecution of Thaw.
Reports from the southwest
iudicate that the raiu hnsreop
qiied negotiations with the corn
During u lull iu tho fighting
the peace palace iti the'Ilague
waB successfully dedicated,
Gamblers w)ip tried to make
tlie ladiana racing law look fool-
Grand Opera
Monday Night, Feb. 2
The citizens of Mortons Gap
school district ar.e.-requested
to?be present at 'a. meeting
to be held at the oper hduse'
for. the purpose of discussing
the advisability of securing
a graded school for this'dis
trict. Every one is-requested
to be prdsent and take part
in the discussion. The meet
ing will 'be addressed by
.JProf.'L. R. Ray and others.
The ladies are especially in
vited to attend.
ish are wearing that expression
Concisely stntep, the Monroe
doctrine is one that wo iuterpret
as 'wo please, and let no other
nation interpret at all,
It is understood that the steam
er hired by .the Washiugtou Elks
will be safely guarded by an am
ple convey of Sohoonorf.
Yuan Shi Ktti has been called
tho Diaz of Japan, but Doc Sun
has no aspirations toward be
coming its Madero.
Sanitary Miracles reported by
Dean Worcester imply that the
daily bath habit has become epi
demic iu the Philippines.
Heartburd- indigestion or distress
of the stomach ib instantly relieved
by HERBINK. IT forces the bad
ly digested food out of the body and
restores tone In the stomach and
bowels. Price 50o. Sold bv St.
Bernard Mining Co., Incorporated,
miiir Department.
Nothing Doing at All,
HqVub "So she didn't return your
love, eUT" Pokus ".Return wy lovsT
Why, nh dlda't t& rttura say yrts
Bts'-Towa Topta,
For Wakitfis and Less of Apftlte
The Old Standard tresetal ttreagUttttUe teaic.
MaMtta b4 buHta up the syitem. AtntoUMC
MurrA.tuwtlrfr Xnr1uU''fl'sMMf-i, V
Rtai ""rUnd.
ffcsr Is oa frte&d bo trill arr
M 70 vfcil yo kT haali to mow
jb4 a brafa to plan. In yoor druir!k4
oars b will b your WMt refuse
and la Ubms W prosprity ibe wlfl
rard you from "tk pride wM&k
Mth before a fall." She vlll bri
yo lone nljhU of restful ilcp at tk
ad of your by 4ays and when, ouvtr
frlinds trrow r"w or dlidilafaJ.
ski? will absorb you mora and vn.
... 1 . ...
xit nimm it worx, ana nsitiisr
tor loaf wUkout hr.
To Cure a Cold In One Day
Take LAXATl V15 JlROMO Quinine. It itopa tbe
Coujh and Headache and works pit tbe Cettl.
Druggists refund mouey if it tails to cure.
K. W. OHOVK'S .trm.f.ip. on rrh box. ?5e.
Ne Hurry for That VehlcU
A short-slsbted old (tdy In a hurry
to mount a tram ;ar held up her uaa
brella and shoutd to the dr'vrr ot m
jaswnr vehicle, "Stop, btop!" t
whleh tbe drlrer replied, "Don't bo 1st
a krry, mum; It ain't your turn yet."
H was a kiarsa.
ItcliinK, blerdliu, proiruJinft or tiliu.t piles
bavs yielded to- Ooau's Olniiiieiit. yx at alt
Swat fncHrspt;
Mandy'What fob yo ba t'
d postoHe so reg'Ur? Ara yo' c
reapoadla' wr eie other femalsT
Raitus ."Heps; but slace aV. ea ,
rsadla' la d papers 'bout dMs 'cm
aeleace funds ah klad ot thought ak
lt possibly sit a UaU trow Ul
aOaUtah -what tfarrUd Ui.N Ufa.

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