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"Slate Umbrella!" of Lartfe and Brilliant Design a Distinguishing Ftaluteof Royal
' Procession How Thty Build Houses in China A wonderful Occasion
Ida Clyde Clarke-Editor
.3. U. lMnnook, 'Abettknta, Africn,
write !
Th kind's scribe mounted on
wheel, CftUie to ey that lil august
master would pay visit to your
Missionaries at Abeokuta at 5 p. in.
I have received messengers from
w African rt7al peMonRges rtuite a
few dlirienc timet bofore now, and
should not bo Kreatly perturntu m
mind If tho message demanded
forthwith the preaclmr's head on a
cimrtfer, for you know that this hap.
pened on one oecassion to a urenter
ptoaoher than any living toil ay1.
'Soon atter Je appointed hour
we could near in the dlfttHCo tho
sound of 'drums, and knewHhe nyal
nnrtv wub drawing near. Ttfere la a
long path leading up to thb house In
which we are now living,, and we
had a full view of the procession as
it nnnroached. Three state um
brellas, lari?e and brilliant In de
sign, the distinguishing feutura of
African royalty, preceded the retl
utie. Half a dozen drummers, thb
one and only musical (Vj instrument
of the conntry.loadlng with all their
might drums of dl tit rent tones and
sizes, followed on. Then a king on
horseback, followed bv the alake,
king of the United Egba kingdom,
who waB carried, by lour nununocK
bearers, In a 8umptnoisly.deoorrtd
chair. Two police orderlies Hanked
'W tife prbbeKslOfli," live queens kept
Hear to Jbelr illl3bJ.ncl' and tweutv.
ox thirty retainers brought up the
rear. Kln&iaVifla majesty at the
V' 1 .'."...... Mtirt lite til!M
ir; ana. wyiiwwi"." ""
PMiiion. the King of Oshebo to w.alU
Upstairs to the sitting room.
My wife recelve.d them at the:
head of tho stalrt. In a few minutes
Introductions ovr,w- wore all com
fortablv seated, the two kings, my-
solf and the scribe on the one side,
and my wife land the live
the other side of. the ""
ivlftkH. havlnir been to lyugland,
alake. having
where he was received by the late
king, Kdwrrd VII, Is quite accus
tomed to European etiquette, and
this knowledge, added f. his native
courtesy, made him a very gentle
manly visitor.
'He is the ruler of quite a large in
dependent kingdom, and hls city
is the most progressive natne state
In the whole of Africa. He attends
the Anglian church regularly, and
In conversation said that he was
coming to a public meeting on Mon
day next, at which I shall be speak
ing. On ou oecassion he asked a
number or queitious about baptism,
mid expressed the desire to see a
service of this kind.
"His oompanlou, the nitieU, a
king by titje. ua received a gram
mar lohool education, aud speaks
excellent Englllh. He, tools R retf
utar attendant at church. Perhaps
I may explain here that there are
really four kmg In Abeokuta, aud
nianv mluvr chiefs, the city baylna
been formed by the atualrfamRUoii
of the ohlefsfrom townst VflHUll in
former years wi destroyed by the
Botb InftU kliigs wlife keoiily, in
lWeVtl in allrellglou, aud biIucr
mvvt.i w.irk. unci any extension of
Uur work alont; educatlou )luer
petslallv will recelret all tne nip
that they oau give, W? are rfad to
know cat they were pleKVe1 with
the receptlouw gae ti. After
liM refreshment .they .'took. tbeiV.
leave. We regard Wrelr visit an" the
' official reoognf ttop 'if our work and
welcome Hi tlrtVaity'
HsVilirim DjlnR Ott
The mtrtt regrettable fact in re
gard tohe census statUtliSs for Ha
. t' ...
LI TurW .r. "''"LM1rvr
LutUf ;
r4lllHI (MT AU Kp
Ulna suu
Thtt Try
Dying Out
waii, just published, is that they I
show no cheek tu the Bteady dying
out of theYslaiiders. The total num
ber left Ui!0,OH; a decrease of Pin
percent in a decade. At that rate
therf will soon be an end of a splen
did raco which might have endured
for ages but for the coming of the
white man. Nor did the white man
come to much purpose, so far ae he
is concerned. Ol the 191,lK)l) people
on the island over 55 percent are
orientals, the Hd.OOO Japanese alone
making 45 percent. Of the Hi per
cunt of Caucasians, half are Portu
guese, Spanish and Porto Hicatie,
leaving less than 15.000 for all other
Caucasia', peoples, Tneso Islands
are one of tho beauty spots of thn
world, but fur some reason It is not
n "white man's country." For res
idence nothing from all accounts
could be more delectable, but the
climate Invites to leisure rather
than to work. . Tho natives are the
right product of that environment,
and it is a pity that tlm strong and
handsome race is dying nut.
Honse-Building in China '
When a Chinaman would build a
house, he consults a wizard itistoad
of an architect. Ho decldeB the spot
for the front door for that must
fnco exactly in tha right, dlreetion
never toward tlie'eoutlK unleBs it is
the house of an emperor pjr high of
ficial. The wizard' also determines
tile exact slr-H-of -the 'doof,tor an
jnoJujiutiofjthttiWay, might .prove fa
tairTlieVmusTbe VbfkeA three
yards In ront of the door to keepj
out tho evil breath not human
breath,, made by eobat'co'jtfr' liquor,
-nor malarial vapors, but some mys
terious and fatal somethlng'that no
one knows .much about. ,i
Then the wizard locates he spot
for the kitchen, and he settles the
jthne to begin digging, for- if
earth od should be at home
e the
workman might thrust the spade
through his skull, and the family
would all die.
The question must also be 86ttled
whether this Ib the right year to
build. There are lucky years and
there are unlucky years. For In
stance, a man must not! marry in
any year beginning with an even
number. Having picked out a luck-
year, the next thing is to hit upon
the lucky month of the year, aud
then the lucky day In the month.
Lucky days are yellow and unlucky
days are black, iliere are more
black days. than yellow ones.; bo the
case of the Chinese builder" is not
all pleasure and ease, The Kmg'a
Given at 2:30 by Mrs. S. Mullin,
Boiton. Mm, at the Dulin Store,
in Madlsonville, Ky.
Hvt S. Mul'ltt rBUr3entiug the
Joseph But'liett'Co., of Boston,
llaYoriug extracts aud fruit- col
oring will give special Domestic
"Solonce lectures at 2:110 each af
ternoon for the remainder of the
week at the lin lin store.
1 leas given ip fancy cook-ry,
aud many beautiful salads, de
serts and ices carryiug out color
Airs. Alullin lias a great many
new original salads Mvhich so.
will serve and gladly give the re
oipes Si bring your notebook
1 !l ..' 1
ami pencil wnn you.
This is a rare dpppjrtunity to
the Housekeeper andjjisjiould be
taken advantage of"; by every
AnotherWjfw' Grocery fi EatJinjft
-Messrs' HJrosby -A W-jod
have opened a grocery store in
the J)0. X. Taylor old stand and
ar nnw readv for bigness.
TheBe'Qentl mon will keep
hand at all rimes a full line
the best staple and fancy grpc,
eries aud -8k tlmt ft publiu
give inem a snare of tneir pai
Recent Cold Days are Mild Compared
With Pait Year! !
Last Thursday moruhia, Feb-,
ruary 12ih, recorded , our Lowest'
temperature for fhia. winter with
i aeiirees uuove zro, vj r
morning of tli6. ninth, tilt tern
perntu.re wiu 10 Above
paring with recent past y
stj ydarij
this nunears rather mild.
January lS'.h, 1012, the record
Was 18 below, add oil the 15 h of
the same month, lii below. InJ
Xvll lllO low recorus were j.;iu
ary JJrd, 10 below; January. 1th,
8 bebw. January Oth, 1910, the
temperuture wua minimum 10
below, aud on, Ifebruary 17th,
tho sa.ineyear, 8,,belo.v, Every
body ihtureated iii the coai bus
iness hereabouts is willing to" see
rnore of this cold weather, ,uud
that includes e 'erybody kround
these diggings, but there not. a
unrv livwlv linnu exnressed that
" ' r ' , .
turtlicr near z.4ro leniperaiurcs
will be experienced. And yet,
who cnii tell? M irch is still bui,
tore us, wnoii most uuyihuik
the .weather line lnuy happen.
aw tt? TutaimiTT.'n'C
" A vlTftwntiP T? rnATPn,and "ladder troubles, diss
OTS U? IS C.0ATEDel, cures .diabeteB, weak
. V. t a nr o . rKoiimnf tain a tH
Don't Hesitate! IfiCroif, Fev-
ernh, Constipated, Give vCalifor
nia 'Syrup' of Fig'
Look at the tongue, mother
If coated, it is a sure siu that
your little oue's stomach, liver
t.,v..,l,n tAnl n irAtiflA til nr.
bughcleansing 5afe.4JJftl,
nrf&r. -.f...'fiitftDr i,ai
II lieu pccvio", liuai iioii.oo
pale, uoestl'l iiRep, uuksii ubui
or act naturally. Or is feverish,
stomach sour, breath bad; has
stomnch.ache, sore throat, diar
rhoea, full of cold, give a tea-
spoonful of "California byrup ot
Figs," and in a few hours all the
foul, constipated waste, undi
gested food and sour bile gently
moves out of its little bowels
without, griping, and you have a
well, playful child again.
You ueedu't coax sick children
to take this harmless "fruit lax
atixe;" they love its delicious
taste, aud it always makes them
feel splendid.
Ask your druggist for a 00
cent bottle ot ''California Syrup
of Figs," which has aire'etious
for babies, children of all ages
aud for grown-ups plainly on the
bottle. Beware of counterfeits
sold here', T) ,b? jure you get
the genuine, nek to see,tliut it U
made by "California Fig Syrup
Oomrjauv." Refuse auy other
kiud with coutempt.
Will Spend $1,150. Irt botaih Adver
Berlin, The German Imperial
parliamont today adopted a reso
lution aiUhoVnt.ng the Germau
potiish svftdicate to use -1fl,lo0,
000 'froin its 'propaganda fund"
of H, Kfyb'tfQQ in "advertising fer
tilizers abroad, aud also to spent
25,000 on an exhibit at the
I'.i'imina Pjcifle Exposition at
"S.ui Fraucitco.
The niost economical, cleansing and
xernlcldal ol ail. aauieptis
A. olubl Antbwtie Powdr to
b distelveJ in yvtXf at needed.
Ab a medlolnal antiseptic fqr tlouche's .
In treatbig catarrh, lfammutlon or ,
hio.rat oM of noso. tliroat. aim -mm
I caused by feminine UU It has no eauaL
I nr t.vCars the Lydla E. Pluldmm
on MedlcleQo.ia8rcoinineidd paxtlue
of . m "r v i xrwwvm , -'
,YTCJtt itAweigtat In tW At
- 'druggj,. so-- Ora box, or by wan
Prominent Sunday School Worker At-
Li tending General Sunday School
rof. 0. E. Dudley, superin
lent of K-trlinston School?,
es tonight for ilot Springs,
., to attend ihe Conference
Chairmen of Sunday School
. 1 11! !- a-.J
ras nnu riei 3'creiuries,
thoilht Episcopal (Jhurcli,
itii. Prof. Dudley goes to
fits general Sunday School con-
once nt Mm entire :l
urch or
tiiation as chairman
of the
liisville Oonfereuce Sunday
iv. ...
Sfiiool Board, w'nch position ho
lm been houored with the past
o years. During this time he
spent most of his vacation
Im school work in active Suu-dlV-Sjhool
work throughout the
bl'und8 of the. Louisville Confer
ce. Prof. Dudley is on the
cjgrain at Hot Springs T.iurs-
day afternoon for a discussion of
'iThe Country Sunday School
aTid If Needs."
A Texas Wonder
JThe Texas
Wonder cures itlduej'
dissolves grav-
and lame
backs, rheumatism and nil lrreiru
lantieB of bladder troubles, remov
ing gravel, the kidneys and bladder
In both men and women. Eegulates
ladder troubles in children. If not
Sold by your druggists will be sent
y mail on receipt of 1.00.- One
agnail bottle la two months treat-
one nnu SGiuoiii iaiiB to periect
lire.. Send lor testlm3nlnlB from
vnnt.uo.kr mid other States. Dr. E
iV,H.all. 292r. Olive St.. St. Louis.
ashington'j PhtoU Bring $4,000 ;at
, - 'Sale
JNew York, 1'eb. 10. t'Or one
pair of Pistols said to liaVe been
used by George Washington, . 14,-
000 was paid today by tkdwaru
Litchfield, a collector, at.' an
auction sale ot American aud
oreiirn antique weapons. Each
CnJiUli IB Illtccu JliLilICO lung
Washington's medicine chest,
still containing one or. two rem
edie?, brought $375.
Lou D lion and Miss M iry Oobb
were married last May'. I'ollow-
ng letter is self explanitory.
ifr. J. E. Faweett : '
Earliugtnn, Ky.,
Dear JNIr. Fawcett :-
1 am receiv
ing numerous inquiries from sev
eral of my friends in Earlin'gtou
l8 to whether or not Miss Maty
Oobbs aud my self married last
spring; in order to put them
right in the matter I have de
cided to write you to publish in
your yaUmble paper au account
of this wedding so that they may
all be satieflnd and, certain
about it.
The ceremony was duly
performed the 1st of May, 1018,
but for reasons purely ' personal
we decided to tr to keep it Be
cret, however it lias leaked out
and wo are uotv dujoyiug life, in
its fullest here at this good little
old town. 'l'f 'yu willmefition it
in your next iesue 1 will be very
obliged to yOu a'fid it will set at
rest all the minors concerning
Mary and ll.
You no doqbt remember
my wife ns she visited her Aunt,
Mrs. "Sullivan, for. quite a. good
while': she sends her regards to
you. ' .
Tours very truly.
J.E. (Lou) Dillon
More Positions Than Men
Lucrative places are far more
numprotlb tjmn quallied. ypuug
, , ilU(i women. A good place
j awa'ts every person who chin-
pletes the combined course in
the liowjiug OreM Buaits
Root Declares Lea Resolution
Wholly .Void Without Le-
-gal Effect
Washington, Feb; lii. Four
S.uators resisted vigorously .to
day the proposal of the Senate
Committee on Contingent Ex
penses and Interstate Commerce
that a special group of five Sna
tors be appointed to r.q-operatee
with the Interstate Commerce
Commission in its efforts to se
cure access to the flies of the
Louisville & Nashville railroad.
A desultoly debate was carried
on for several hours after Senator
Williams, of Mississippi, had fav
orably reported the resolution of
Senator Lea, of Tennessee, pro
viding for the special committee.
"Mortifying Failure''
Mr. Brundegee-'s argument
deaU with the subject of the jus
tice or iu justice of Smate action
while the courts were dealing
with the point at issue. Mr.
Sutherland made a long legal
argument in his opposition. Mr.
Works attacked the" Lea resolu
tion on the ground of4-inexpedi
ency aud superfluity, while Mn
Root contributed the most striking-
passage of -the debate by- ex
claiming hotly :' . ' Vmir"..
1 ' W.e can. do nothing mqre t'liau
the Interstate Commerce 'Com
mission lias-already ( done.' In
making the preliminary i.nvesti
gati.on the commission has-been
invoking its qwn jnrisdi.ctroy
This resolution is wholly void
aud cau have, no Iqgal effect.
Its passage will simply subject
the Santite to' mortifying failure
in an attempt to exercise power
it does not possess."
"Those who spoke against the
Lea resolution seemed to accept
it as a matter of course that if
the ollicials of the railroads are
summoned for contempt of the
Senate they will go to jail rather
than produce papers which they
regard as privileged, and which
the speakers uls seemed to re
gard as probably privileged,"
Score Commlnlon
Drande'gee scored the com
mission for not being "willing to
uwait the .outcome of the due
process of law."
"Wo think the L. & N.is using
the time exhausted iu court,'?,
remarked Senator Lea, "to de
stroy many of the records the
Senate has demauded."
"A remarku bl proceeding,"
scoffed Mr. Braudegee. lrou
want to a'ljudge these gentleinon
guilty before you know it. They
may be as guilty as hell and
ought mayhap to hang as high as
Hainan, but it hasuVbeeu proy
ed yot. M. Mapother had a
right to inspect the documents
before he turned them over."
'But they mixed up the privi
leged with the unprivileged doc
uments apparently," repliedMr.
WillianiF, "and insist that they
shall.judge which is which,"
"If somebody rushed in on me
ip the eaiiie way," retorted the
Connecticut Senator, '"I should
be inclined to exorcise my own
tiidument. too. 1 would be at
capable of selection as a special
exammpr. This is an attempt to
scare these people into produc
nig the paoer regardless of their
rights. There ought to be more
committee deliberation about
It." i
'Wft are continually passin
i-?golotiva here,'ui U
erlaud, in beginning his discus
sion of the legal phasns of the
case, ""that invade tho executive
authority, and we pass them
simply because they affect some
uupopular trust. We wouldn'r
do the samp thing to a private
citizens. We can't punish mor
al delinquents not covered by
statute. Is the Siiiato to become
flrst aid to tho injured?'
When "Pape's Diapepstn" Reaches the
Stomach all Indigestion, Gas and
Sournejs Disappears
You dou't want a slow remedy
when your stomach is bad or au
uncertain one or a harmful one
your stomach is too valuable;
you mustn't injure it with dras
tic drugs.
Tape's Diapepsiu is noted for
ts speed in giving relief: its
harmlessuess; its certain unfail
ing action in regulating sick,
sour, gassy stomachs. Its mil
lions of cures in indigestion, dys
pepsia, gastritis aud other stom
ach trouble ha6 made it famous
the world over. (
Keep this perfect stomach doc
tor in your home keep it handy
get a large lifr.y cent case from
any drug store aud,then if any
one should eat somethiug which
doesn't agree with thejn; if what
they "eat lies like lead, ferments
and sourHind forms gas ; causes
headache, dizziness and nausea';
eructations of acid and undigest
ed food remember as . soon as
Pape's DiapepBiu come,s'-iu con
tact jvith .the stomach all such
distress vanishes, Its,, prompt
ness,, certainty aud ease su oyer-
koming the' worst stomach dis
t . ' .J ! ' ' 1 i . . .
yruers is. u .eyeiauon tto piose
who try it.
i 1, , ,
' ' " .Kaiser-Clark
M . Fro.emnu Kaiser,
of Mulisouville and Miss Annie
Clark, of this city, were secretly
married on the Kith of August.
last, at Springiield, Tenu. For
various reasons they desired to ,
keep the matter a secret and
were very successful in doing so,
Miss Annie is the 'daughter of ,
Mr. aud Mrs. Ii N. Olark of this
city, and is a popular youuglady,
Mr. Kaiser is a well known young
man and has held several suc
cessful engagements on the'stage,
The young people will make their
home with the brides parents.
Earilngton Bridge Club
The ladies of the Bridge Glut)
wero entertained by Mrs. Daves
on last Friday afternoon. Mrs,
Atkinsou making the highest
score. Tie,ladie8 named below
lead in the total score --vis;
Mesdamea ltule, Kline, Atkinson
aud Daves. Misa Z'lpaii More
head wa' the tjueat of fjie ohtb
Delicious refreshments were get
ved at the conclusion of the
Peens Plentiful
1'ositioiiH fdrjy
'hd '.f .
fopyridfin; people arr
so plentiful tliac "not even one
student ii the'last ten years haa
left tho Bow IjU'g' Green Businosa
University without a position af
ter completing the combined
course of that school.
Got Atiy-
Cl(At-Pt: HANM
Da ou rllr nt t heal It U4 mmhcIi to
nui 15c. ( 1 ken i i tk itr m4 Kur a.
box ot Wt, Sii.i-'jf
Antiseptic Stive
It la uioar wWl h4 Mb
Mw't i ib m-k., ut
md tt It

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