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He. 42
The Following Names Have Been
Received and are Nonv
Inalcd For
M tffZenA Shnka.. 841,420
Mrs. Stanley Thomas.. . .080,440
Miss Beatrice ll6binson..JJ20 805
Miss Amelia Price ..820,200
Mru Unnoar ' 97fi OOK
Mrs. Chap. Young 250,175
Mrs, J. D. Overall...... 180 000
Jessie Parker .Nisbet.... ..75,270
Mrs, II. Spencer 70 075
Mrs. Koy Silmon.. 02,880
Miss Ketsie Sisk, R. 11 5 34,720
Mies Annie Louis Arnold, 42,050
Miss Louise A. Browning 42,880
Mibs Eula Fraocis Fagato ,84,220
Helen Golden Hoffman.. 38,180
MiseHelen Jappo 81,160
Miss Lena Hayes 20,505
Mrs. J. D. Tbonpson.... 20,150
,Mrs. K. H. Dookrey, 18,250
Mrs. Sim Powers 12,755
II ito Ponlina h'Rrvan.... 11 lifc
Miee. Mae Sights 0,620
Miss Francis Elgin 0 380
Mabel Woolen.' 1,045
Miss Winnie Hart 1.605
MisbEqK Ootbrau 107,685
Mrs. W. K. Branson 36,585
Mrs.. Writer Daves. , .... 82,700
JJUabetJi Rash 29.425
Mi ew Lillian .Kiel)., ...... 14,000
OlaMartfr,..'. 8 470
.Grace France . . 3,045
t-e,, r. ,k JNEBO . . v ..
Miss MajarUdaley.l. 1,685
If be following firms give votes
m the. Grtfnd' Premium Contest.
Purchase your poods from them
and help your favoriate win a
valuable present.
The McLeod -Store
General Merchandise
Gardiner & Bowmer
Metcalfe Millinery
It. E. Moore, Hardware
Helteley & Thomas
Meat Market
Princess Theatre
Movf'ng Pictures
Williams Tailoring Co.
Dry Cleaning and Pressing
Wijl Hoffman, Agent
IVhWa Rwbii Lanndrv
Beo Keizer
, .F. D. Cardwel)
Livery and Feed Stable
Sheet Muaioftiid Pianos Prathet;
Darlington Bee
Job Prinjiiie.aad Advertising.
I . '
ltcfal ltchl llebl Scraicbl Scratch! Scratch!
Tho Dioro jou toulch. the wotie the lice, Try
Doan'l Ointment, For ecxemt, any ikln Itch
lar. kooattf. .
It your eyes, are
giving your,, ..trouble
have them examined
by a competant op-
on able.
Prices reas-
Graduate Optician
Earlington, Ky.
All Contestants Aquifted Them-,
selves in Splendid Manner
The Oratorical anil Eloe.ntion
ary Contest held in the School
Auditorium List night was ta
splendid success. -There we.re
eight boys competing for Hie
gold medal on oratory and four
young ladies competing on elo
cution. It may be truthfully
said that each of the contestants
did well butsome did a little
better than others. The judges
decided 'that Thoe, Featliereton
was entitled to first honors in the
boys contest and Miss Klizibetb
Long in the young ladies, t.beir
sabjects were "The Unknown
Speaker" and "Dolores Defies
the King." The judges were:
Attorney J. D. Sory, of Madison
ville, Prof. Miller and Prof.
James, of Providence, the decis
ion was reached in both cases on
first. ballot and met with univer
sal approval. The pupils of
Prof. Hammond Loving rendered
some delightful music to the large
and enthusiastic andjence during
the cofteit and they were re
warderwih. pjMrpjs applause.
The 'dfosing vxejiBe8 '6flhe
school, wijl be jiejd Thursday
night at Temple Theatre and a
all who.wisb"to,,attend,' ' ' ' ' '
CHiren Com
Deuuie Barren passe'd "awty
Monday afternoon at the home
of hiB stepdaughters Mrs. M. Gil
foy and Miss Sanie Victory. Mr.
Bergen was probably one of the
oldest citizens of this place) he
came here while the railroad was
beiug constructed and has been a
resident since that time. He
wa8 8omewhere near 80 years of
age and has long been an em
ployee of the St. Bernard Mining
Co. Mr. Bargeu was a member
of the Catholic Church at this
place. On account of the ab
sence of Rev. McParland who .is
in Chicago, the funeral services
were held by Rev. Lynch, of
Henderson, in the church of Ira
maculate Conception at 0 o'clock
this morning and the interment
took place at the. catholic ' ceme
tery immediately afterwards in
tb'e presence of a number of
friends and acquaint eucee.
Giving The Auto Credit
. Sat. a man with an automobile'
(low u in auy given spot surround
ed by wonderful sights, just out
of sight, and he will bogin shout
lug foe ood roads. An average"
farmer can pull mud patiently
with a team for indefinite years.
But let him buy automobile
and he gets forward in good road
civilization three generations iu,
three months. A few years uno
the call for food rnad was con
fined to il few hoarse, voices cry
ing in the wilderness. They
were calling to the farmers to
prepare a way to get the grain
to town. They might have been
shouting tothis day had uot the
town man bought an auto. Prev
ious to this'town auto' the town
man looked on the country roads'
questiou as he did on uiissiou6 in
China strictly the other fellows
business, It is different today.
Aud-the auto did it, The Com
mercial West.
Good morning I IJave you
seen The Courier 1
Evansville's beet paper,
Will Start Monday June 1st. and Close Monday
August !0th. at 3 Q'Clock P. M. Will
Send Six Ladies Free.
JT-fie Sjyni'Weekly, Bee wiiljr-end ix ladies from Hopkins Coun
ty on a:(o) days steamboat tripup Green and Barren Rivers Free.
Tne party will leAv&rijirlingtonjo'i rraln 52 Thursday Aug. J13th
in special coachand,jwl)l return on train 98 Sunday Aug. 10th
In addition to (hisw'e .will giveihe party holding highest number
of votes' a .$50 "drop-head sewnit machine" with full set of attach
ments. The Bee's aunual Gree Oliver trips have becdmelso.pop
ulur and well knowu it ie scarceJyBeceseary t,o (lo -anythiB hni
aniiMUce them. The beHutifnl, scenery along both Green and 'Bar
ren rivers have been thoroughly Advertised every year and 'the
large nvimber of contestants' who h'ave won trips and friends who
accompanied' them have in turn told their 'friends of the pleasures
and wonders of these trips oBti) practically everyone in Hopkins
Connty kuows about them. TJais year we expect to have quite a
large party and will charter he Steamer Bowlisg-Green for this
trip in order to have the entire boat exclusively for our party,
should the number reach GO or mere. In the past we have been
running only young ladies ascontestants, but this year' it will be
free for all and any one' between, the ages of six and sixty may en
ter. Anyone wishing to take thisirip with the winners niay'do so
by paying $12.60; and this covers.fche cost, of entire trip,
As usual anyone wishing to enter this contest will-fill in their,
name or the name of friend they wish to nominate in the NomiU
noting Coupon and mail or bride it to this office. You? will be enr.
tered with 1000 complimentary, votes, and the standing of contest
ants will be published in each riday's issue. All votes will be
deposited iu a locked box and' a final .count will be made, by a
committee of disinterested parties.
Five;thou8a1iUB VOtevs.wflJrgie. in
on .subscription and 2000 for1 every-dollar paid on job work or ad
vertising. A coupon good for 500 votes will be printed in every'
isiue of the- paper and may be clipped from the paper and voted
on or before date of expiration.
RULE 1. Votes cannot be transferred after they are deposited in
ballot box.
RULE 2. Any lady, young or old,
county, may enter contest.
RULE 8. Any candidate may be rejected for canee.
RULK 4. Votes will no, be issued except for cash paid on sub
scription, job priuting,
Nominating Coupon
Is nominated! for the
enter her with (iooo)
Taking Examination Fer Mine Foreman
A large number of practical
miners from various parts, of
Kentucky are at Lexington tnk
Ing the eight weeks' course in
practical mluing conducted un
der' the direction of Prof. C. J.
Norwood, State Mine Inspector,
at tho School of Mines, State
University. All of the members
of the clasp were taking the mine
foremnuj) examination yesterday.
Those attending this class from
Hopkius and Webster counties
are as iqiiows: uen cowies,
Earlingtou; J. C. Oloren, Karl-
ington; M V. Gaddis, Provi-
deuce ; J. E. Leeper, Providence ;
V. B. Melton, Providence; J. C.
Mills, Snamrock aud William
O'Briant, Mortons Gap.
Iu an interview at Frankfort
Saturday, Prof. Norwood said
modem mining methods and the
new mining law iu Kentucky re
quire more technical knowledge
ou the part of a mine foreman
and the special course is des'gued
to meet this need.
who is a residence of Hopkins
advertising oraccoonts.
Green jAivei .Trip. Please
Complimentary Votes.
Jury Takes Five Ballets te Cemict
Former Police Officer ef Murder
New York, May2L Twelve
meijlgmded Fridny for the. sec
ond time that UliaB, Becker waB
the arch couspirwtor responsible
fur tleRftse lethal murder,-which
nearly two years ao awoke New
York to n. realization of corrup
tion in the police department
aud opened a now era of p'ohco
refpVni. ,
Becker, once a police lieuten
ant, was found guilty of murder
in the first degree. Ouly a par
don or interference again by the
court of appeals, cau save him
from following to the electric
chair the four gunmen who eliot
Herman Rosenthal, the gambler,
early ou the morninu of July 16,,
1012, The jury Friday decided
that (he gdnmen were Becker's
4ccidMis will happen, but Ibe kett refoMUJ
IwnlUai ku Or Tbowaa' Kciect4 Oil fer uuch
umeriMaiUj, Two iUm 15 anJ joo i aU atoran.
CcnleslaRts Werking Like Beavers
and Piling ui tki Yetes.
The Grand Premium; Contest4
is going ome, mi ot tne teaaing
contestants are lrard attwork and
the votes are piling up rapidly.
There 6eems'td be more real in
terest displayed in this contest
tliafnjn any previous one. Pos
sibly one reason' "is the large
number of valuable premiums
that are being given away on
July X8th. Two. piano's, a dia-,
wjond'ring, a $5000White sew
iiig machine and a '.$50.00 gold
watch are not picked up every
day and some one will get these
premiums free on tne above
date. Some of the contestants
are complaining about their
soles not beine counted correct
ly, this makes no raaterial.diff-
erence, as there will be a final
count by a disinterested com
mittee at the close Of the con
test, and all errors will be recti
tied. The Semi Weekly Bee, still
gives 2000 votes on subscription
and 1000, on jobwork and adver
Child Crocs? Fevenah? Sick?
A crpM peevish," jf stless cnlld,
with apaVHt tongne, pale, doesn't
sleep;, eata aonaUsoM very little,
t! hMn&Sgitf Imm m ;. Btomacb
6ur ; breaJhl fetiFnpalnBVln atom-'
terror-ijU.aK8t Wor JKiUer-r.
almost every cbilrt hasthemr Tilcki
apoo Worm Killer fti Bedetf. Get I
box today. Start stance, You won't
have (to coax, as Klokapoo Worn
Killer la a dandy confection. ExT
pelf the worms, the causa of your
cbllds trouble. 25c at ysur Drn?-
Evidently Hid Hookworm
Jack Shank?, the well known
contractor, of MadiEonville, is
responsible for the following.
Jack claims while he was in the
Greasy Creek neighborhood a few
days since, he taw a farmer rid
ing a horee and droppiug corn
with and umbrella over him. On
being asked if it was not Uncle
John Simms, otherwise known as
the "Tall Sycamore of Greazv
Creek," he said it looked like
him but would not say positively
Mest Prompt &aa XSetuHli Cure for
Sod Oafta.
vvneu you uhvb a uu com yuu
wut a remedy that will not only
give relief, bat effect a prompt aud
dermanent cure, a remedy that ia
pleasant to take, a remedy that con.-,
tains nothing: injurious. Chamber-.
Iain's Cough Remedy meets all these
requirements. Ic acta on nature's
plan, relieves the lunge, aids ex
pectoration, opens the secretions and
restores the ay ate in to a healthy
condition. This remedy has a world
wide sale aud use, and can always
be depeuded upon. Sold , bv All
And you won't have to beat
your carpets or .riigs if you ac
cept it. The Darlington Beo one
year, the Reliable Poultry Jour
nal one year and a $10 cumiua
tion carpet sweeper and vacuum
cle.uer, all for $5 00. Wo have
a number if ladies who are using
our sweeper cleaners in Earling
ton aud Madiflonville. . Ask them
about it. Better take advantage
of tins oiler now, it will not lust
longer than July 18th.
Oh Lshb Gem
Breeds Millieas
A tar or rat It Mi
joa t't Mm
'Mb M, MU'5
Antiseptic Salve
lC0ac. H tHfl J nil
in Win ao4 kxli m win u
mm miMt MUMada
Stuo tits MrfJdaj
"The Old CaijTaigner" Died Safw--
(lay Night After Short Illness
Frankfort. Ky., May 25. An effort
is being made here by the friendB pt
the! late Senator WiOrBradley tft
secure the consent orth6' family for
his body to lie In stale" in the ojd
State Capitol tomorrow.
Washington, May 25 .-VTbe Senate
of tho United Statep is a cold, "re-,
served body of elderly man, used to
death and change. But the crepe
that was draped over the vacant seat"
today of the Senator whom his col
leagues knew as ' tha old. campaign
er- DrougMt tears to their eyes.
When Senator pllie M. James ardee
to make bis formal announcement
he faced men wbo were much mov-J
ed. For William Q'Connell Bradlpy
the dead senior Senator from Ken
tucky, iras la. Wabmgton, as ,1k
KentmeJiy, one of the most popnla
men personally with an overwhelm-,
lng majority of bta associates.
Elevator men, pajes, Capitol po
licemen, meseengers and all the ar
my (jf Senate servants mourned for
himN too. Their faceB were to be
seen here and there, at gallery doors,
at the portals of the Senate cham
ber and In tbe balconies.
Sketch of SHMto'r Bradley
William O'Conocll Bradley was
born near Lancaster., Garrard coun
ty. Marcb 18, J47,, being a son ot It
M. Bradleyand Ella, (Totten) Brad
ley, tbe elder Bradley being'" dle
tingulsed lawyer f his tme. At
18 years of age W-$. Bradley begaa,
the practice' of, iawjat I.a8eae'ter. At
I that tlmfli ,tbe law jmvlded that ,a
Pone wae'fliKib,to.rac'tIce tbe pro-
esBlonHnde;? $tfjtfJi of ageA..
jee t a rae tcwe-wRw a t a r e waa
nceBsarv in tbe case of young Bract '
ley, and after underolns an' exami
nation before twd Circuit Judgeshe
was found qompetint and granted.
bis license and admitted to the bar
Iu 1870 be was elected County At
torney of Garrard county; in 1872 be
was Republican elector for tbe 6th
Congressional (district, and later be
made the race for Congress asa&o-
publican, but was defeated. In 187S
he again made an unsuccessful race
for CongresB in the Eighth district.
He waB four times chosen Republi
can .National committeeman ior
Kentucky, and went as Delegate-at-
Large from Kentucky to five Re
publican National Conventions.
Four times previous to this he -was
chosen as the Republican cauunB
nominee for United States Senator.
Loses for Governor Then Wins
sX'aij&st'lGeu.v Simon Boliver Buck
rner:iVl887Kbelrig"defeated by 17,0(Jo
majorityy.tue.pfqeajug uemocraiio
majority in tbe 'GntrarnatortatVaoe
beiua: 47,000.. BTe. was appointed by
President Harrison as United Statoa
Minister to. Korea; in 1889, but de
clined to aoo.ept tfie place. He also
declined the appointment' made by
President Arthur as special attor
ney to prosecute tbe noted '"Star
Route" oases.
HiB succeBsfuI race tor governor
was made iu 1895 agaiust Gen. I
Watt Hardin, the Democratic can
didate, whom lie defeated by a una
jorlty of ubout 9,000. Gov. Bradley
served four years as chief executive
ot the State, and on his retirement
we,ut to Lancaster for a short while,
going from there to Louisville where
lie ta a resident for several ytMirs,
and engaged in the practice ut law,
Daring his carter Ub a lawyer,
stretching over a period of yenrsv
Gqv. Bradley waB connected with
many celebrated caset in ail tbe
courts of tho state and nation,
Noted Political Campaigners
Ho wub noted as a political cam
paigner, and bis service? ou the
stump were given to his party iu
many states of the union. Re was
gne of the 800 who at the Republi
can National Convention held iu
Chicago In 1860, voted ior thirty
seven ballots for Gen. V. 3. Grant
for a third term of President.
seconded the nomination for Gen.
Grant In that convention, aud a)s
oflluiated in a like capacity for Tb
odore Roooevek, at the Republieau
National Ceaveatlen held at Chi
cago iu
Gov. Bradley was married Iu )M7
toMlBs Margaret Robertson n,litr.ut '
or Lancaster. Two children were
born to this onku, a ion,,. George
Habttrlsoii Bradley, who died at tha
ageot 24 V6ar, aud a daughter,
Ghriftine, wbo chrlsteued tbfe battle
sbip Kentucky, aid marrjsd Dr.
Jobu G. South, ol Kfwiktort.

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