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jata- ' ..I. !
Fowr Work, Business, Office, Dress or Sport
Summrr Weights, the new kind in blue or (ray urges In ll aires
ami models lio anil o to j6.jo.
Sammer woolens, clone or looie spun mini -woven, (ancy mli
lurrs, nrst stripes, nl tlie new checks, (to up to Ijo, the suit, j
The Mack anil bides, In all lie new shapes and plain of
finer bnl IUa, f i up to li.ju.
Straw lists radically different now In braid and shapo ste,
from past seatoni, f i,m to $).jo.
The Shoe (or all summer purpoes, In Ihn nerest laitr, of the
best makes, cloths and latlirra. I'.verjrlliing worn in color from
thite to Mack, t and up to V oo.
Summer' latVist In title and madias shirts, plain and fancy
scarfs, lisle and silk halt hose, woten and knit underwear in all
aloeve and lex lengths.
Hoys' Store Second Hloor.
IMau was wsUseis dewa a
Atttt tie tkiaes ke kaste Mil
Will mtmt m; aerepaf asllara
Liks as was citato a tt aaa
j News of the lown
Dou't forget I will be ac my Earl-
inuton Studiifi every Tuesday (rum
8 a. ui. until p. tn.
l .
MIhs Nell Skinner, of Morjranfleld,
will spend Sunday In the city, with
. Miss Mabel BrownIug.
Miss Margaret Spalding, of
- Morganfleldrwlir bo the'guest of
1 !Mii Mabel Browning Sunday.,
John Gilchrist, of Morganfleld,
, will spend Sniulay In the city.
Mrs. Carl Dorrls. of Dixon Is the
guest of Mrs. Marion Sink this
Mesdarues W. S MoGary and M.
B.Long, spent Thursday In' Mor
tons Gap, with Mrs. H. L. Brown
ing. Mrs. W. S. MeGary, will leave
, -next week for Union City Tenn..
'jjjffigjptp she will Join Mr. MoGary, In
pnttiDg-on a baby show.
.jMrs. J. A. Broome, or uttawan,
'WTeho., who has been vlsUlmc Mrs.
L.V. Renfrow, has returned to her
. Mrs. E, W-.A Renfrow was JialleA
to her home in Hum bolt, jfenn Off
account of Illness (n her family.
FOR RENT. Twp.;atory house on
Moss Avenue, $18.00 .per Mouth, ap
ply to Boe office or Mrs, Fred Feller,
Madlsonvllle, Ky, 2t
FOR RENT, Furnished rpouis
with eleotrio light and bath. $8 per
month, apply to Mrs. John. Brink
ley. 2t
Mrs. Walter McCarthy, ot Duluth
fttinu, Is the guest of Mrs.. Newal
Mr. aud Mrs. Jake MoEueu, of
StGbarles. were In the oitv today.
Wm. Fanll, of St.. Charles, was
here today on business.
Miss Agues Lyuu. and visitor,
Miss Louise Leewis, were In Madl
sonvllle Monday Bhoppiug.
Misses Mairgret MItoliell, Bardie
Jennings and Miss Ethel Coleman,
of NashviUe.'Teng. Were (n MadU
sonvlUe Moaday s.hqppI.OK,-
' ' rt ....... l ...... l.,l ' l.'lnlntr-
stou, Amos More and Mattle Rudd,
were In Ea'rllnRtou Monday even
ing. Mrs. IS. Kelsey aud children, of
Oakland City, lud ., who have been
visiting Mrs. L. V. Reufrow, several
days have goue to Bowling Greeu,
Ky.. to visit relatives.
Hardy "Wyatt, was In Providence
Thursday ou business.
Misses Agues Lynu and LnuUe
Lewis, of Fordavllle, and Messers
Hal Thompson aud Tom Ryan, were
tu Madlsonvllle Thursday night at
Misses Helen I'etidletou aud Oain
ille Lackey, , of Pembroke, .are the
ga'ssts of Miss Margaret Dudley this
Mlaa, . Uultts Drapad, 3lltiQK
frtenaViH Provide fcMW Hilarevk. 9
w V afta WS fVa
Miss Hattlo Cordler who has been
vlsttlag relatives In St. Louis lor
several months returned home
Saturday night after a very pleas
ant visit.
fills Ruth McGrawv ot Mortons
Gap, ta Tinting Miss Mary Martin
this .week.
Miss Ruth McGraw, was In Madl
sonvllle Thusday afternoon.
Misses Lena Davis andMaiy Mar-
Sin, were In Madlsonvllle Wednes
J James Bordler Ross and Harrl
son Clements, of Madlsonvllle.
were In the City Wednesday after
Miss Lena Davis, will spend the
week end In Providence, with
Mrs. H. L. Smith, weut to Madi
sonville, Thursday afternoon.
Mrs. N. E. McKinnon aud sister
Mrs. Mooro, were in Madlsonvllle
Thursday afternoon.
Miss Bardie Jennings was ui Mad
iionville Thurday shopping.
Miss Sarah Featherstou went to
Madlsonvllle Thursday atternpou.
Raymond West, of" Hopkinsville,
will spend Sunday in the city with
fr endB.
Miss Geneva Hutlftker will leave
Monday for her home tu Lawrence
burg. Ky.
Miss Margaret Kemp was in Mad
iionville Thursday morning.
OtRONG and
VP clean it will
keep your house and
barn sweet and sani
tary. It means clean drain
pipes. Unseen filth and
danger leaved wherever
itj j& sprinkled.
"Higkest ia streHgtk,
set ia price"
Write for booklet showing
the many uses of B. T.
Dabbitt'a Lye.
Valuable presents in ex
change for Can Labels. Ask
for our free Premium Catalog
illustrating hundreds of valu
able presents exchanged for
Tha Great Soap Maker
The Heat Home Soap Maker
P.O.IexOTS NewYerfcCitf
Thm sW Dl
M'tm All"ti Duvls. th ptti-
did flollcitiir Atid manmur if the
Madlsoiivilte Oriatieh ulUue, Is tak-
lug a intioli needed rest this week
aud Incidentally; "house cleaning,"
she eayn that house oleniiing bat
lout alt its terrors and half its labor
f 1 too using the 410.0O carpet sweep-
rr and vnconm cleaner the Bee Is
putting out for the small sum of
$5.00, with a yearn subscription,
Miss Sarah Crutohfleld will leave
Monday for Glomleit to meet her
sister Miss Susan Marie Crutohfleld
who hai been attending College at
Tom Ryau was In Madi sou ville on
lAiBlness Thursday morning.
George Robinson wan In Madison
vllte Thursday ulght.
W. E, Rash spent Thursday in
Henderson and Evansville on im
portant business.
B. E. Nixon was m Madlsonvllle
Thursday ou business.
N. O. Whitford was in Nortonville
Wednesday on business.
A goodly number from Madlson
vllle ahd Mortons Gap attended the
Commencement exerolaos at this
place last night.
London "Tango" Necklace
"Evelyn Thsw" Bracelet
These two beautiful pieces of pop
ular Jewelry are the craze among so
ciety women in New York and the
Jarges,tr,ctiesj Tbeyf arBfcrwatr arid
eidgam goia unisued articles that
wlll'itladden the heart of every girl
or woman, no matter bow young or
old. Very stylish and attractive.
Oar Free Offer. We are advertis
ing Bpcariraeat Chewing Gum and
desire to place a big box of this fine
healthful gum Into every home. It
sweetens the breath whiteae the
toeth and aids digestion. It is 're
freshing and pleasing to sill'. To ev.
ery one sending us but 60o and' 10c
to cover shlbaine oosta wa will shin
a big box of 20 regular 6o package of
ine apearimoo t uum aud include the
"Tango" necklace and "Evelyn
Thaw" bracelet absolutely free.
This offer Is for a short time only.
Not more than 2 orders to one party.
Dealers not allowed to accept this.
Dayton, Ohio. P. O. Box 101
Four buffalo calves have' just
been born ou the Wichita nation
al forest, briupiog the . herd up
to 51.
In cooperation with theVeath-
er burejiu, forest raneera are to
measure auow depths iii1 the
western mountain's.'
Students of the Oregon agri
cultural college are workins: at
the forest nursery ou the Stasia w
forest. The arrauemeut is said
ta be mutuHlly satisfactory since
the students gain experience in
forest nursery practice and their
assisteuce lowers the cost of
uursery work.
Manufacturers have found that
red alder from the Pacific coast
is a suitable material for clothes
pins. Alder makes a white,
smooth, springy piu. As a re
sult, of this fact, a' clothespin
'fsicWy, sltid' to be the first on the
Pacific coast, may 'be established'
at Portlaud, Oregon.
The city of Taconia, Washing
ton, has entered into a coopera
tive agreement with the forest
service for the protection of the
source of its water supply, the
watershed of the Greeu river,
which lies within the Eainier
natioual forest. The two agen
cies woiktng together will pro-,
tect this stream from the results.
of forest destruction bv
by other agencies.
fire or
The jaost economical, cleansing andj
germicidal ot all aaUBeptlcs is
A aeliiUc Ajstsssytic JTowdar ta
b dUsolvl Watar aj neacbd.
As a medlctif i antiseVtlo for douches
in treating catarrh inflammation or
ulceration otnose, throat, and that
caused by feminine Ilia It has no equal.
For ten yelara, the Lydla E. Plnkham
Medicine Co, has recomtnended Paxtlne
In theip private correspondence witU
women, which proves its superiority.
Wom'e who. have been cured say
(t is "orth Us weight la gold." At
druggists, 50c. large box, or by mall.
The Faxtoa Toilet Co., Boston, Mass.
paid Old Cuatom.
Att q& deed which was bslug trass
;rd' la Plseatauts, Me., taiw
Uettsd a eustom oaee jmvaleat ot dig
gisg'a handful of d4rt aad brsaViag
wp twigs frosj a. lff estate
ttsfy wkkk a a.tfag was s
age4.KeaHas 'frVfaal.
T ' . . . .
Gdoaby ore feet, biirnloi:
foot, swollen feet, sweaty feet,
tired feet.
Good bye corns, callousep. bun
, , i
i on b ana raw spotc jno more
shoe tightness
no more limp
ing with pain
or drawing up
your face ' in
agony. "TIZ"
is niaical,ftct8
right off. lTiz'
draws out all the poisonous ex
udations which puff up the feet.
Use "TIZ" aud forget yonr foot
misery. Ah! how comfortable
your feot. feol. t Get a 25 cent
box of "TIZ" dow at any drug
gists or department store. Don't
suffer. Have aood feet, clad
feet, feet that never swell, never
hurt, never get tired. A year's
foot, comfort guaranteed or mou-
ey refunded.
White Plains Notes
Mrs. Thomas of Bowline; Green,
awsts4ntd,w.aja few days last week;
Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Cart.v. and
little Bon Harry Maydwell, were the
guest of Mrs. Carty's Mother, Mrs.
Pratber, In Madisonvil(e a fe
days last week. ' .
Mr. and Mrs. T. O. Dillingham,
and daughter Miss Clara, of Daw
son, visited friepds and .relatives
here last week.
. Mi ss Sam ma Bailey', returned
home from Jlioutsville Thursday,
where she spent the winter and
spring with her sister, Mrs. C. O.
Dr. W. N. Bailey. Mrs. Bailey
and daughter, Miss Ora May, re
returned home Sunday frsm a weeks
visit in Calvert Oitv.
Mrs. Maud, Cobb, of Mortons Gap,
is the guest of her aunt. Mrs. B. F.
Miss Anna smith, returned to
Mortons Gap Friday, after a weeks
visit to frlendB here.
Little Miss Qaeeu L. Cobb, ot
Alortons Gap, Is the guest of Miss
Llbble Dillingham.
V. L. Sadler was in Mortons Fj-I
day on business.
-Dr. E. B. Hardin, of Madlsonvllle,
is in town.
Mr. George Dillingham and Miss
Elsie Allen, were married in Madi
sonville Friday, this is the second
marriage for both bride and groom
they both reside here, and will
make this their future home.
Field Rice, of Madisodville,
In town Monday.
Mrs. Bell Clements, of Madison
ville, was, iu town Monday.
Drs. Hansou WilliamB, and Bob
Bay, motored over 'from Crofton
Monday to attend the funeral of
R. J. Williams.
B. J. Williams, who has been very
ill for a month, died at his horn
Sunday nisrbt at nine o'clock. 'Mr
Williams was more than seventy
years of age and has lived In and
dear town for many years. He was
survived by his wife and three
children Ohas. Williams, -of Green
ville, Clarance Williams and Mrs
Lizzie, Harrison, oi this place..
Funeral services conducted by Kev.
Fanchia, of tthe Unlverslal church
at his home Mondav at 2; p. m. In
terment at Coucord Cemetary.
Mrs. Blrk Stanley and daughter
MIbs Iva, ot Madlsonvllle, uiottored
over from Madlsouvillu Monday, to
be present at the funeral of K. J.
WilliamB. I ikSssi
$1 Complete Shaving Outfit $1
10 Articles 10
To advertise. oilr Universal'Shav
lug Outfit andrvUdl Vsiil ffPteiducts I
we Will iur a iiiuiiau uuio vuiy, objju
this well worth $U 00 Shaving Outfit
for $1.00. We sell our products to
the consumer direct aud therefore
you save all agents' profits which
as you know are very large.
I Hollow urouuu iiaeor.
1 6-inch Lather Brush.
1 Razor Strop, Canvas Back,
1 Nlokel Easel Back Mirror.
1 83 inch liarber Towel.
1 liar ShavlntrSoap. '
1 BoxTalouin Powder.
1 Decorated China Mug.
I Aluminum Barber Comb.
1 Bristle Hair Brush.
Raoh outfit' packed In ueat box
$1 00. Coin or Money order, postage
lOe extra.
Dayten, OWe.
When You Ssrve .Fn;lt. , &
Lesaeu ulee SBrlakled oYer- irsi.
i Ueed tor dsssert or used ta a
will wt Us turning dsrfc
Program For
Idle Hour,
Ethel Grandin and Alex Gaden. '
"Sheridan's Pride," Joker
WEDNESDAY. "She was Only aWorking Girl,"
Nestor in 2 reels with Eddie Lyons
and Victoria Forde.
"The House Across the Street" Rex - V
with Bob Leonard and Hazel Buck- '
ham. ' V
THURSDAY. "The Yaqui's Revenge" 2 Reel
Jt Bison featuring Wm. Clifford.
1 "Some Boy" Joker comedy,
FRIDAY. "A Modern Fairy Tale" Rex. Ella,
Hall, Philip Smalley and Lois Weber t
; . "The Tale of a Dog' Powers, with
Laura Oakly and Howard Hickmaa.
"The Ndttiesis .that Passed" Victor
SATURDAY. 'The Flaming Diagram" 2 Reel -Imp
with Leah Baird and King 1
"A Murderous .Elopment" 'Powers
cpmedy. Howard Hickman and
VerdSUson; i'
1 ' K
We Show r Only the Best Pictures "
'Nothing Too Good
Twelve Reasons
Why You
Should Buy Your
Groceries of Us
BECAUSE we treat, all cus
tomers with equal fairness.
Our grocery business is meas
ured by tha golden rule of a
square deal -for all...
Our prices are squar,o, too.
St. Bernard M
Grocery Department
Tbi Coupon
This COUPON is good
Green River
.FOR. iiii i"
If Voted n r Before June Ilti
Tuesday, June 28, A person
ally conducted two days outiug.
Round trip railroad fare from
Earhugton $5J.40. Kooms reeerv.
ed at Oavo Hotel iuc'luding board
and trips in the Cave for $5 50
making the total cost $8.00.
Special coach ou retjular train
4 :45 a, tn. Write or phone L. &
Success That Hurts.
Tbe sueesss of the rogue soweUsoes
aautraUssa tke sCerls ot tfce Ka
--Ksw York Aaiwleaa.
Next Week at.
June I to 7
"The Diamond Master," Eclair in 3
reels. Featuring Barbara Tenncnt
and O. A. C. Lund.
"The Opal Ring," 2 reel Imp with
For OurPatrdns"
mpany ,
i qpd for
( i I k
t . . - 1
v i
ar r 1. r w
a ( . 1
In the Grand;Premium ConFe$t.,!f voted on or
uciurc may ju
for (500) Votes irKthe
Contest Trip
Beautiful College Feaaa&t
Yale and Maivard, each 9 x 24 lecher,
Princeton, Cornell, Michigan
Each 7 x 21 Inches
All best quality felt with felt bead
ing, streamers, letters and masses
executed ifl proper colors. Thi. ,
splendid assortment sent postpa
for 60 cents and 5 stamps to p,v
postaKe, Bend now.
Daytea, Okie- '
To Keep Plane la Time,
A class Jar filled wltk waUaf
ahdad la tke vsry.liettwa M ttta
tU1 asl to kB H ta. Amm aa4
las 'wa IrtNai .waryhig.

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