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Strength Beauty
Come With Dr. Picrco's
Golden Medical Discovery
This Is a blood cleanser and altcrntlvo
that starts tho liver and stomach Into
vigorous action. It thus asaliU tho
body to manufacture rich red blood
which feeds tho heart nerves brain
and organs of tho body. Tho organs
work smoothly liko machinery running
In oil. You feel clean, strong and
strenuous instead of tired, weak and
faint. Nowadays you can obtain Dr.
Fierco'a Golden Medical Discovery
Tablets, as well as tho liquid form
from all mcdlcino dealers, or trial box
of tablets by mall, on Tecclpt of COc.
Address R.V. Plerce,M.D.,Uuffal6VN.Y.
Dr. Pierce! Grel 100S P(ro Illuitrated
H" O R.-.1T--1 will I.-
FREE. Cloth Dound for 31 One-cent Stamp.
The man who whiipois down a
About tho things he has to sell
Will never reap a crop of dollars
Like he who climbs a tree and
News of the lown
Don't forgot I will bo at my E
4ngton Studio overy Tuesday from
8 a. in. until 6 p. m.
Aday at the Hopkins County Fair
with several of your good old friends
i . iii.
wnora youaon i see oueu, wiwi
plomo dinnor for your family and
friends will (rladyen the heart of
every motnber of the entire family
and furnish a tonio for talk around
the winter fires for all next winter.
Nod Barnes. Thurman Rudd and
EIrIo Qoodloe spent Sunday in Ev-
If you want a ticket to tho Great
Hopkins County Fair, subeenbo for
the Bee and tret one.
Misses Mao Lillian and Sarah
Margaret Fish are visiting friends
and "relatives In Waturtown and
.Liberty, Tenn. Tbey will return
about Avgust the Oth.
Rev. and Mrs. H. J. Brazelton and
son, Howard, and Mrs. S. IS. Stevens
will leave Friday for a weeks Btay
Jn Monteaglo, Tenn.
Pay your subscription to the
Semi-Weekly Bee and get a ticket
to the Groat Hopkins County Fair.
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert King, of
Madlsonvillo, have moved in a cot
tage on Moss Avenue, and will
make tnis olty their future home.
Idles Geneva Hart, of Carboudale.
pent Sunday in the city with"
Ertley Bobbitt, of Madlsouville,
was in town yesterday.
George Clements, of Madisonvilte,
was' in town Sunday.
John Moore was In Madlsonvillo
Good morning! Have you
seen Tho Courier i
Evansville V best paper.
Mr. and Mrs Thurman Rudd
spout Sunday with friends in Han-
Miss Charlie Davis left Sunday
for a two wooks visit in Nashville.
Mrs. Charlie Barnott spent Sun
day with friends in Madlsonvillo
Marvin Mltbhell spent Sunday in
MosBrs. Jack Holeman, Mack
Lynch and John Haluoa, of Dawson
Misses LurlinefJoylo andLuoy
Fawcott, of Madlsonvillo, were in
the city Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Nichols, spent
Sunday in Evansville with frlendr
Miss Mlna Johnson, of Providence
Ib visiting MIsb Fern Nichols this
Mrs. Walter Davos and son Law
ronoo will leave this week to visit
friends in Tacoma, Washington.
Walter Daves was in Evansville
O. I. Truempy loft Sunday for
Canneltnn, Ind., where he will en
gage in the Jewelery business in hi
homo town.
Mrs. Belle Wilson was in Dswson
Mr. and Mrs. R. N. Clark and
family taken a pleasure ttip to
Dawson Sunday afternoon and to
Hopklnsvlllo Monday in their car,
J. T. Yates, Gao. McCulley and
Judla Vincent . visited friends in
Dawson Sunday.
FOR SALE 1 upright foldingbed
(new), 1 mantel folding bed, 1 bed
room sot, 1 kitchen cabinet (new;
1 Refrigerator (new).
at Mrs. P. B. Davis
Ed and Will Phillips motored to
Ciarksville, Tenn., Sunday.
O. E. Darrah left last night for
Chicago on a two weeks vacation.
Dr. and Mrs. A. 0. Sisk and obll
dren left Monday morning for a vis
it to relatives and frlendB'in Texas
Walter Dulin, of Madlsonvillo
was in the city Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Dan M. Evans and
sons, Miller and Ben motored to
ClarkBviliu, Tenn., Sunday.
Quality counts. Use Red Band
Mtf. Jesse Phillips and Mrs, Fin
loy, of St. Charles, wero hero Fri
Mrs. W. A. Randolph and children
and Mrs. D. M. Evans and Miller
were guests of Mrs. Jgbbo Phillips
of St. Cliarlea this woek.
Miss Ziloah Morehoad will loave
Thursday for Greenville to visit her
Miss Eliza Porter, of Pembroke
Is visiting Miss Margaret Dudloy
this weeK.
H. R. McOreary.of Princeton, was
In tho city on businobs Monday.
E. O. Oaronenl spent Sunday
with friends in Pembroke.
Miss Dollio Banks Bpent the week
end in Trenton wyh relatives.
Mrs. H. R. sBrownlug roturned
last night from a ten days vacation
in Monteaglo, Tenn.
Sip by sip here's ptire
enjoyment cool com
fort a satisfied thirst
a contented palate.
Demand the gcuulncby full name
Nlclcnamci eucourage substitution.
you' see an
Arrow think
f Coca-Cola.
Bat This Does Not Bother Mrs.
BurtoH, Under ike
Cir canstances.
Houston, Texas. In an interesting
letter from this city, Mrs. S. C. Burton
writes as follows : "I think it is my duty
to tell you what your medicine, Cardui,
the woman's tonic, has done for me.
I was down sick with womanly trouble,
and my mother advised several different
treatments, but they didn't :eem to no
me anv rood. I lingered along for three
or four months, and for three weeks, J
was in bed, so sick I couldn't bear tor
any one to walk across the floor.
My husband advised me to try Cardui,
the woman's tonic. I have taken two
bottles ot Cardui. am feeling fine, gained
15 pounds and do all of my housework.
Friends hardly know me, I am so wen."
If you suffer from any of the ailments
so common to women, don't allow the
trouble to become chronic. Begin taking
Cardui to-day. It is purely vegetable,
its Ingredients acting in a gentle, natural
way on the weakened womanly constitu
tion. You mn no risk in trying lardiu.
It has been helDing weak women back to
health and strength for more than 50
years. It will help you. At all dealers.
Advisory Dept.. Chattanooga, Tenn., for bjt(al
hutruction on your case and 64-page book. Home
treatment fer Women," sent In plain wrapper. E69-B
C. C. GIVENS, President
W. C. HOPEWELL, Secretary
'Greater and Grander Than Ever"
AUGUST 4, 5,6, 7 AND a 1914
J, P. Cox, of Bevier Co., does
not Believe Striking Miners
Led Attacks on Cleaton
Summons Topeka Insurance Man to Con
fcrence on Confiscation of
Huge Estate
Topekn, Kan., July 19. Sum
moned by a telegram from Gen
eral Fraucisco Villu of the con
stitutionalist army in Mexico,
F. A. Thomas, president of a lo
cal insurance company, today
will leave for Juarez for a con
ference in connection with the
possible confiscation and distri
bution of big Mexican estates.
Thomas receutly wrote a letter
to the constitutionalist leader
outlining a plan for cutting up
the big ranches of northern Mex
ico and distributing them among
the poens. The telegram waB
the result.
Gaining in Popularity Daily
A prominent Druggest says:
"Hughes' Tonic has given more sat
isfaction thau nny other chill tonlo
we have ever sold." Sold by Drug
gists 60o and $1.00 bottles.
ROBINSON-PETTET CO., Louisville, Ky,
Find Fossilized Remains.
The foaalllzod remains ot the head
of an elephant were recently found by
fishermen in a cliff at Dacton, on the
Norfolk coast The lower law was
missing, but remains ot what are bud-
joBed to havo been tusks were round
Bome time ago. London Malt
Tho most economical, cleansing and
cormlcldal of all -antiseptics Is
A soluble Antiseptic Powder to
be dissolved in water as needed.
As a medicinal antiseptic for douches
In treating catarrh, Inflammation or
ulceration ot nose, throat, and that
caused by feminine malthas no equal.
For ten years the Lydla K. Plnkham
Medicine Co. has recommended Paxtlne
In their private correspondence with
women, which proves Its superiority.
Women who have been cured say
It is "worth its weight la gold," At
druggists. S0. large box, or by mall.
The Paxtoe Tollt Co., Beatee, Mass.!
Cleatou, Ky., July 20. Quiet
prevails here today after the ex
citing events of last week. Ofli
cials of the Boviea Coal Co. state
that a repetition of the rioting of
the past week, when the office of
the company was twice attacked,
is not anticipated.
J. P. Oox, general manager of
the company, in a telephone mes
sage today from Louisville, gives
it as his opinion that the strik
ing miners at the Bevier plant
had nothing to do with the re
cent depredation?, but that the
two gangs making an attack up
on the company affice was com
posed of what is commonly known
throughout this section as "pos
sum hunters."
About half a dozen pieces of
dynamite were discovered today,
placed in the company store in
what is believed to have been a
well-laid plan to blow up the
There is some talk of asking
County Attorney W. H. Gray to
call upon the Governor in case
there is threatened repetition of
disorders. Trouble almost as
serious as that which has pre
vailed here, was experienced re
cently at Beaver Greek and a re
quest for State troops was con
sidered, but abandoned, after af
fairs had quieted down.
How to Overcome Sleeplessness
In the August Woman's Home
Companion William J. Oromie
writes a moBt practical and in
teresting article entitled "Every
Girl Should Know How to Stand,
Sleep and Walk." Following is
hia advice as to how to overcome
sleeplessness ; '
"To overcome sleeplessness yo
should perform intense mental
work during the first part of the
day ; tho evenings should be de
voted to a uniform occupation in
a uniform environment, and you
should be careful to take a suffi
cient amouut of muscular ex
ercise. If the lungs are cramped
by improper posture, they fail
to get the proper amount of ox
ygen and do not throw off the
waste and poia'ouous matter they
should. A warm bath will often
draw the blood to the surface of
the body and thus bring about
sleep. Those who persist in go
ing over in their minds tho af
fairs of the day should sip a cup
of warm water slowly or a glass
of warm milk."
Pine Rain Falls Thursday NiHht
The long drouth was broken
Thursday night when a soaking
ruin fell over this part of tho
county. This rain is worth quite
a great deal to tho corn crops and
farmer b are correspondingly
One Lone Germ
Breeds Million
A tor or cut ltd tht
tprma uadtr U tltfcb
ft you don't top lu
brMdtsi thor will M
IBtlUoaJU lU (Uj.
I Stop UU BnHbar WUk DR. BELL'S
'Antiseptic Salve
Mktr mil wMM w4 bl m mim m
ju iuXmTA to wU prTMt kw4
sk ushii at -
, "TH K Br Tho
"Love and Vengeance" Sterling in 2 Reels, featuring
Ford Sterling. .
"Risen from the Ashes" Rex, featuring Edna Maison
andWm. Worthington.
"The Daughter of a Crook" Victor in 3 Reels, fea
turing Irene Wallace and Harris Gordon.
"Old California" Bison in 2 Reels, featuring Edwin
August and Edna Maison. '
"The Stranger at Hickory Nut Gap" Imp, featurinS
Wm. Shay and Mona Hungerford.
"Mountain Law" Rex, featuring Bob Leonard and
Hazel Buckham.
"The Sharps want a Flat" Joker Comedy.
"The Taint of an Alien" Powers, featuring Edwin
August and Edna Maison.
"Broken Vows" Victor in 2 Reels. Children's Play,
featuring Irene Wallace.
"Temper vs Temper" Imp, featuring Ethel Grandirt
Hobert Henley.
"Lucile Love the Girl of Mystery" No. I. Gold Seal
in 2 Reels, featuring Grace Cunard and Francis Ford
"The Old Maids Triumph" "In The Barracks of the
Royal North West" 'Powers,
This COUPON is good for (100) Votes in the
Green River Contest Trip
' If Voted On Or Before Julv 30th
Sold Hogs by Telephone
A Softth Carolina farmer had a large number
of hogs which were ready to kill. The weather
was so warm that killing was out of the question.
He went to his telephone, called a dealer in
Columbia over Long Distance and sold his hogs
at a good price. He then called the local freight
office and arranged for shipment.
The telephone is now a necessity on the farm,
' You can have one on your farm at small cost.
See the nearest Bell Telephone Manager or
cend a postal for our free booklet.
Cumberland Telephone
and Telegraph Company
9IS femtk Fryer St., Atl&sU, Cfe.

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