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JVb. 75
An Extensive Field Besides
Beer and Wine, bits Banks,
Theatres and Circuses.
" Washington, Sept. 17. War
revenuo bill refrained today tax
es the banks' capital and surplus
which does not exceed $25,000,
fifty dollars annually and two
'dollars for each additional thou
sand, j
Other taxes range from one
hundred dollars for theatres and
cironse'e to five dollars for each
bowling alley and billiard table.
It includes tobacco dealers and
manufacturers with a maximum
tax of twenty-four dollars and
Stamp taxes range from two
cents for checks to one dollar for
It taxes certificates of deposir,
and promissory notes two cents
on each hundred dollars; life,
fire and other insurance policies,
telegraphtelephone, messages,
mortgages and other instruments
These taxes are in addition to
those on wine, beer and gasoline
previously agreed upon.
For Sale
Or will exchange for Earling
ton property, my residance on
WestBroadway, .7 room' brick
cottage in good repair. Front,
back and side porches, two good
rooms in basement. Cistern on
back porch, hydrant in front
yard, house newly papered. Two
cabinet mantels. Lot 110 by 200
feet, beautiful shade trees in
front yard. Concrete walks and
steps. Good outhouses and fruit
trees. Splendid grape arbor.
Place cost $5,000 and have put
$450 improvements on it. Will
sell for $4,500. Reasons for sell
ing, will move to Earlington.
Harrodsburg, Kv.f Sept. 15
Twenty moonlight schools are
now in operation in Mercer coun
ty. Tho teachers are enthusias
tic over tho eurne&tness and zeal
Of the pupils. Therey are prob
ably about 150 now enrolled.
A meeting of the Directors of
the St. Bernard Mining Co., In
corporated, will ,be held at the
.offices of the Compuuy in Burl
ington, Ky., on Wednesday, Oct.
14th 1014.
D. M. EVANS, Sec'y.
Get the'Best
in the First
. Place
Jewelery ktore
Earlington, Ky.
Giles County Negro Confesses to Hor
rible Crime
Tha following is from the Nash-
Yijlo Tenneeseaii of Sept. 14th:
Mr. Ewing is well and favorably
known here, having worked on
tho Henderson Division for quite
awhile. Mr. Ewing will, be a
candidate for Sheriff of Hopkins
County next term and will doubt
less make a strong.one. , '
Eirl Smith, a negro boy, con
fessed to R. T. Ewing, a' special
agent for the Louisville & Nash
ville railroad, Saturday morning
that Friday he first, killed Fed
Barnes, a watchman at the -big
L. & N. tunnel below Lesters,
Tenn., in Giles county, with a
shotgun, then placed his body on
the track near, the tunnel, where
it was cut to pieces SO minutes
later by a freight train. The
confession was made- before' a
coroner's jury, empanueled by
Squirvo Geo. Nenl at Aspen Hill,
and the negro was remanded to
jail without bond,
When the. body was first found
it was thought that the train
caused the olc3 negro's death, but
after Mr. Ewing and Deputy
Sheriff A. J. Powell, of Giles
county, had worked on the case,
they found a shotgun wound over
the heart. Suspicion was direc
ted towards the Smith negro, who
had a quarrel with the. watchman
Friday morning. Smith lived in
a house belonging to Burues, and
BarneB had ordered him to move.
Smith confessed that he shot
the negro and "left hirrf on the
track screaming for help. North
bound freight No. 76 ran over
A Texas Wonder
The Texas Wonder cures Kidney
and bladder troubles, dissolves grav
el, cures '.diabetes, weak and lame
oaoKs, rneumatism and all irregu
larities of bladder troubles, remov
ing gravel, the kidneys and bladder
in both men and women. Beeulates
bladder troubles in children. If not
sold by your druKKlBts will be sent
by mail on receipt of $1.00. One
small .bottle is two monthB treat
ment and seldom fails to perfect a
cure. Bond for testimonials from
Kentucky and other States. Dr. E.
W. Hall. 2A2B Olive St.. 8t, Louis,
Mo. Sold by Druggists.
The Conference year for 1018
and 1014, will end next Sunday.
The pastor. Rev. W. A. Grant,
will leave for Conference next
Tuesday ; which will be held in
Louisville, Ky., beginning Sept.
23, 1014. Next Sunday will be a
full day at M. E. Church South.
The morning service will be de
voted to the interest of the local
church, and the service will con
sist of a Baptismal Service for
Children, followed by a reception
of members iutp the church, and
Will close with the Sacrimental
The closing .sermon for the
year will be preaohed by the pas
to'r at 7 :30 P. M. .All the friends
of the Church are most cordiully
invited to be present at both
Sunday School at 0:45, A.M.
All who are not i& one of the lo
cal Sunday Schools are urged to
meet with this Echoot next Sun
day, You are always' WEL
Lula Nolin, a colored girl, at
tempted suicide last night by
shooting, -herself with, a pistol.
She iuflicred a 8fcve wound and
is is a serious coudition, She
has been dispoudenk for several
days and is supposed tojiave been
MfWiBg tfum wflftaek&li,
Congrtiilonkl Action Delays Action on
New Wo)k Indefinitely
Evansville, Ind. The action of
the Democratic leaders in Con
gress Saturday in deciding to
eliminate the $8,000,000 approp
riation for Ohio river improve
ments in the appropriations bill
will mean that work will be de
layed" on the proposed Ohio river
dam near the mouth of Cypress
creek, a few miles above Evans
ville. The action of Congress is
not exp'ected to affect govern
ment dam No. 48 that is being
built across the river 17 mileB
below this city. Work ou dam
48 was started about two .years
auo and ib now being actively
Wins honors in texas
The following item was clip
ped fram the Fort Worth, Texas,
"Herald"accompanies by a large'
four column picture." Jack's,
parents are well known in tbie
city and have a large number of
friends. There were over 100
contestants in the race from over
that country. He was born 'in
this city a year aco.
Jack Powers Davis
Jack Powers Davis, sqn of Dr.
and Mrs. E. A. Davis, of Mineral
Wells, born July 4, 1013, prie
winner of the better baby con
test at) the. Palo P(nt;o county
iair. u.e win prooaoiy oe an en
trant in the State fair to be held
at Dallas. v.
Chamberlain's Liniment
If you are ever troubled with
acbes, pains or soreness of the mus
cles, you will appreciate the good
qualities of Chamberlain's Ijinlment
Manv sufferers from rheumatism
anb'eolatlcs have used It with tha
best results. It is especially valu
able for lumbago and lame back.
For Bale by all dealers. 4m
Presented; by that.Peer of II-
lustrutors, Arthur W. Wyndham,
O. E. Mr. Wyndham, as Man on
the Spot, will describe and illus
trate with. 160 special views.
Special arrangements have been
made with Engineer A. W.
Wyndham to visit Earlington,
Ky., under auspices of Graded
School, 8 p. ra., Sept. 21., at the
Idle Hour Theatre.
Mr. Wyndham has had practi
cal experience on the job with
the Ubited States Commission,
in thd construction department,
where he worked one whole year
among the' men as a common
foreman. This brought him face
to face and iu close touch with
the employees in every grade of
the work.
'That ho is an authority on this
subject can not be denied,
There are, iu his Travelogue,
special illustrations, -used by an
other lecturer, many of which
are, from his own personal pen
sketohes made while the work
was in progress.
Also, some of the latest view's
in photography, a special favor
presented by Colonel George W.
Goethals, Governor of the Canal
Mr. Wyndham will give a mat
inee lecture at 8 o'slock Monday
afternoou. Admission lOo. The
lecture at night will be prefaced
with the regular moving pioture
show, seven . to eight o'clock.
Admission at night for whole
evening, Adults 96. cU, Child
rea Ifcrtr; v
Very Aciive in Western Part of Hopkins
r County, Laying Waite Whole
Meadows ,
'Reports from the N.ebo section
are to, the effect that the cut
worms are playing havoc with
meadowF. A fine meadow of H.
R, Cox has been literally strip
ped and likewise one of Ez Tapp's
meadows near Manitou. The
worms seem to be traveling in
an easterly direction jmd it is
probable that the entire county
may be threatened with these
(Farmers in the western section
ae ditching and doing every
thing they can to prevent the
It would be well for
our farmers in all sections
to be
prepared and take all' necessary
preventative measures!.
Notice i
Notice is herobv eiven. pursu
ant to section 501, Kentucky Sta
tutes, that the Atpontley Coal
Company, a, corporation of Ken
tucky, is closing ud its Business.
afod that all debtB and demangs
against said corporation must be
.presented for payment on or be
fore the 1st of October, 1014
By Jas. E. Rash, President.
r-Paul M, Moore, Secretary,
J. . . " 68t8
he October Woman's
,f Home Companion
the October Woman's Home
Companion is a call to American
women to support American in
dustries. The idea is that in the
past American women have pre
ferred imported goods and that
in the present crisis they have a
splendid chance to show real
patriotism by supporting our
American industries. The auth
or of the article'is Ida M. Tar-
Another special war feature of
great interest is a French wo
man's personal recollections of
the siege of Paris at the close of
the Franco-Prussian war.
The new dances are also des
cribed with illustrations in color
by Troy Kinney; Ralph Waldo
Trine writes entertainingly un
der the title, "When is Youth
What After Youth?''; Laura
Spencer Porter gives splendid
advice under the heading, "How
to Start Your Library;" Anna
Steese Richardson, director of
the Better Babies Bureau of the
Woman's Home Companion, con
tributes news of the movement
and suggestions under the' head
ing, "What Every Mother Wants
to Know'? and a minister of the
Gospel goes on with his series of
articles relating his pastoral ex
periences with women.
The fashion department con
ducted by Grace Margaret Gould,
fashion editor of the Woman's
Home Companion, is filled with
the latest news and suggestions,
beautifully illustrated and ad
mirably adapted to the practical
needs of women,
Fiction of singular interest and
power is contributed by Grace
S, Richmond, Mary H. Yorse,
Margarita Spalding Gerry, Fan
nie Heaslip Lea, Kathleen Nor-
ris and Temple Bailey.
The regular departments
About People, Tower Room, En
tertainmeut, Yoaug People's
OooKing and Housekeeping
complete an entertaining and
practically helpful number.
" " it'".'
OhXp accldat lamiaccDr. Tbowai't
MnH Oil., Vt harm, e!i, cuM iiul !wu
All itTiUlii ull U,B)C suffcoc,
Formally Announces for Cir
cuit Judge
Elsewhere in this issue will bo
found the formal announcement
of William J. Cox as a candidate
for circuit judge of this1 district,
subject to the action of the dem
ocratic primary.
Mr. Cox was bdrn in Hopkins
county, about five miles east of
Madisonville. His' father died
when he waB only one year bid
and he was left to fight the bat
tles of the world. He worked on
the farm and began teaching
school at the age of sixteen. Be
tween times he attended school
and secured an education. Be
ing ambitious1 he took up the
practice of law and for the paBt
twenty years has been recognized
as one of the leading. members of
the Madisonville bar.
The only office Mr. Cox ever
held was that of representative
from Mnhlenberg county in the
legislature. At the time he was
elected be was teaching school
and was urged by the democratic
committee to accept the nomina
tion. He was. elected in a strong
republican .county and served
with credit in the states lawmak
ing body.
Mr. Cox is a Christian gentle
man, suave in manner, popular
with all who know him and is
splendidly qualified to discharge
cue duties ot cue oiuce. ue is a
self-made rrian and has risen by
dint of his own merit and indus
try to a position of honor and
confidence" among1 fafs fellowmen.
There can be no doubt that Mr.
Cox will have a strong ana en
thusiastic following at home and
friends in the lower counties have
assured him that he will receive
a flattering support there.
Diarrhoea Quickly Cured
"My attention was first called to
Chamberlain'a Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy as muoh as
twelve years ago. At that time I
was seriously, ill w,ith summer com
plaints. Que dose of this remedy
checked the trouble," writes ilra.
C. TV. Florence, EookQold, Ind.
For sale by all dealers. iu
The Public Defender idea
which Lob Angeles introduced
some time auo seems to be catch
ing on-and fast. Generally, the
East is slow to adopt anything
which originates in the West,
but the idea of having a court
official to defend, as woll as hav
ing one to prosecute, seems to
appeal to the Easterner' eence
of fair play, with the result that
in all probability a bill will be
introduced in the Legislature of
the State of .New York providing
for the appointment or election
of a judiciary official of this char
acter in certain municipalities.
Hon. Mayer C. Goldman, a
member of the New York City
bar, is the leader of tho move
ment in the East in favor of a
Public Defender, and has suc
ceeded in interesting both the
daily press and a number of the
influential magazines.
The contract for tho new
Christian Church was let last
night and was secured by Jack
Shanks, of Madisonville. Work
on the building will begin at
Whenever Yoa Ned a Oeaeral Tealc
Take Grove's
The Old Standard Grove's TacUlcM
ehllTo&ic it equally valuable m a
GMMral Tonic bctt It ce&UiiM tbe
wll kaowa teak ptqptttta of QUININH
Mtd IROU . It cU ou tbc Ww, Df iVM
at HaMtk, Knrkb tbc Btoo4 a4
1MU vm tltc Wbok 8ya. MtMta.
September Furnlthci Many Wet and Dry
Battle Grounds
Lexington, Ky. Local optioa
elections will be held this month
in fifteen of Kentucky's 28 wet
Monday, Septal, elections te
determine whether or not intox
icating liquors may be sold in
licensed saloons will be held in
Christian (Hopkinsville,) Dav
iess (Owensboro,) and McOrack
en (Paducab,) the names in par
entheses being those 6f the prin
cipal city in each county, and
Monday, Sept. 28, in Henderson
(Henderson,) Bourbon (Paris,)
Bell (Middlesboro,) Boone, (Burl
ington,) Carroll (Oarrolltotf,)
Clark (Winchester,) Anderson
(Lawronceburg,) Fayette (Lex
ington,) Mason Maysville) and
(Shelbyville) and Scott (George
town.) The eight wet counties in wjiich
the question is not now to be
submitted are; Boyd (Ashland,)
Campbell (Newport,) Kenton
(Covington,) Jefferson (Louis
ville,) .Franklin (Frankfort,) Nel
son (Bardstown,) Marion (Leb
anon,) and Meade (Brandenburg)
Frankfort business men were ab
le to preyent the submission of
the question in Franklin county
this mouth, but a petition lias
been put lno oirculation calling
for an election to be held Dec- '
ember 2.
viiamoeriauvs uoiie, unoiera anu Di
arrhoea Bemedy
'I advised the boys' when they
enlisted for the Spanish war to take
Chamberlain'a Colic, Cholera and ,,
Diarrhoea Bemedy with then, and
haVe received manv th Antra fnr. tha
advice Riven," writes J. H. Hough-
land, Eldn. Iowa. "Ho person
Whothef traveller or at homo should
be without this great remedy." For
Bald by all dealers. m
Gov. McOreary has appointed
many farmer bovs from all over ;
Kentucky to represent Kentucky
at tue corn convention to oe neia
at the Panama-Pacific Exposi
tion, San Francisco, Aug. 5 and ' Sv
6, 1015. These appointments are
honorary only and will incur no ."
expense to the State.
Appointees from Hopkins, and
some adjoining counties are as
Hopkins Howar.d Kerchival,
Elmer Rudd, Madieonville, Lion
el B. Eoa, Earlington.
Christian Kobt. Cox', Graceyt , ,
Frank King, Cyrus White, Hdp--
kinavillo. ' v
McLoau Holla Hicks, Calhoun
Muhlenberg Jas. Le.wis Fraz- . ,
ier, Greenville; Earl Hardison
Yost; Herschel Miller, Bremen.
Webstorr-Woodruff Brackett,
Sebree; George Vaughn, Provi- -dence
; Strothor Stanley, Yarbro.
b Tncti R:n:nnn iTi.
aint no use to argue
agin a success."
We have seven years
of successful banking
back of us and good
indications of several
times seven ahead of
us. We know how to
help YOU. Come in
and talk it over.
J. T.AmarAKBu frtm,

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