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Member ot
Kentucky Press Association
Second District Publishers League
Advertising Rates
Dlsnlav Advertisements.
Ingle Utnfl 26o per inch
Locals and Inside Pages,
Readers Co per line
Resolutions ana uaras 01
Thank 60 per line
Obituary Poetry Bo per line
Blight redaotlons on time
ocntraot display adrertlso-
ments. Also locals that ran
several months without obango
Entered at the
Post Office as Second
Branch Office in Maditonville,
Pkont No. 61
Kentucky, hlitt Lucy Fawcetl, Manager,
telephone 47
Friday, September 3, 19J5
Cooper Besieged With Call
ers.Who Want Famous
Louisville, Ky., Sept. 1. Hun
jdreds are now calling almost dally
'lo meet L. T. Cooper,' the noted vls-
Jtor, and to find out Just bow bis
-famous medicine, Tanlac, Is sold,
. .now It Is prepared'and what the pre-
paratlbn actually looks like.
' In commenting upon' the' rush "to
meet Mr. Cooper and obtain bis cel
biated medicine, the nianager of
the'Taylor-Isaacs store, said:
' Th'e success of the opening of the
introductory sale of Tanlac exceed
ed our expectation. We have been
agreeably surprised by the" know
ledge the Tuollb seems to bare of
the preparation. While many came
just : to' meet Mr Cooper and see what
the medicine really looked like,
squally as many came prepared to
attain tho preparation. These pec
fie simply ask for Tanlac and the
lacllitr with with wbtcb tbe medl
sine was distributed throughout tbe
day proved somewhat of a revela--iion
to many of our older men."
Mr. Cooper said: "I am, Indeed,
gratified to such marked enthus
iasm, and I feel Justified In predict
ing that Tanlac will prove jnst as
successful in Louisville as It has In
ihe larger cities. I do not believe
that I am overestimating tbe suc
cess of the medicine when I state
that I am confident that from three
lo five thousand people will call and
obtain Tanlao during tbe week."
Mr. Cooper was asked about tbe
.charitable work he intended to per
form in Louisville. He replied:
"Yes, it is true that I have written
tbe Associated Charities asking that
organization to furnish me, as soon
as practicable, with tbe names and
addresses of at least fifty ot ths
I think 111 be toeA rJl
the rest of my life.
Ibr I v&rA io be, sure.
vmerv I die.
Tko.t 111 jlrtiobtwtv
jTN turn into &rv toel
1m just crtay
to kiSou Vow
to Fly,
Mayor W. B. Rash.
Police Judge John M. Gansler.
Chief of Police J. H. Ham by.
Night Chief A. J. Bennett.
City Clerk Paul P. Price.
Treasurer Frank B. Arnold.
City Physlolan W. K. Nlsbet.
Cltv Engineer R. E. Whlnfler.
StreetCommlssloner AmosNance
Councllmen Madison Oldham, M
Bobnn, F. D. Rash.D.M.E vans.Thos.
Blair, O.M.Henry. Meeting night
first Monday night in eacn montn.
Bcnooi Trnsteos raui ai. Mooro
Pres.; Ernest Newton, Secy. 5 w. E,
Daves, Treat. ; E. L. Wise and A. O
Board of Health Dr. w. K. Nls
bet, H. D. Cowanc. and E. Mt Tra
Postmnster Chas. E. Barnett.
Fire Department H. W. Rog-
I ore, Chief; F. B. Arnold, Assistant
unlet: unas. unrnett. uapiain
nt...j. t... tr r n.i
or Fugate, Geo. T. Miller, Will Rav.
burn, jryant ueai ana u. x. riiiora
Weather Bureau Brick South
worth, Observer.
uatholio OiiORon. First mass
every Sunday and holy day at 0 .30
a. m. second mass ana prenciiinp
B:15 a. in., roiiowea ry oeneaiction
Rev. J. P. MoParland, Pastor.
Christian Uhuroih Sunday
I school at 0:30 a. m. preaching every
Lord's dav at 10:45 a. m. ana 7:45 r
m.' Prayer meeting every Wedne6
day at 7:45 p. m. ,
Rev. H. J. Bkazelton, Pastor.
M. E. OiiCROir. Regular service!
third Sunday at 11 a. m. and 7:80 p. m
rrayer meeting inursaay evening
iat7:EO. banaay-scnooi at a:on. m
Class meeting, second Sunday at
10:50 a.m.
Rev. W. B. DuXoah, Pastor
M. E.CnDRon, Sooth. Rev. W.
I A. Grant, pastor. Services on
every Sunday at 11 a. m. and
most deserving poor families of your
city, whom 1 propose to help. II
have also written St. Joseph's Or-
pnans' Home offering certain con
tribution. I shall communloate
Itb similar institutions within a I
few days with tbe view of endorsing A Soluble Antiseptic Powder to
their noble efforts by assisting them b dissolved in Water as 1 needed
uu8tmmi way. Pnr TlnnoTion
in coniormity with my usual cus- In tbe local treatment of Wi ill..
torn of encouraging the hospitals. I such as lenconhoea ud inflammation, hot
will make special concessions with CTmS .T.rTMSi
reference to supplying such lnstltu- douches will fall to appreciate the clean and
Hons of your city with Tanlac, as I ltZF.
consider tbe preparation a superior irbJcbfollomluuM.ThltiibecanaaFaztine
tonio in all cases of convalescence.' P?"! "perfor cleansing, disinfect
The famous medicine, Tanlao, can I Kor ten years the Lydla E.
now be bought in Earlmgton and St. nkbam Medicine Co. hu reft
r!hM. tTrina. Vi .. mmended P.axtine In their
. . "'"k Diuio, private correspondence with wo-
in Mortons Gap at Robinson's drug men, which proves its mperi.
wii.j. Huooa too uaTo oeen
telieTed say It la "worth ita
store, and in Nortonvllle at The
City drug Btore.
Constipation Causes Most Ills
Accumulate waste in vour thirtv
feet of bowels cauBed absorption of
poisons, tends to produce fevers,
upsets aigesiioD. xou Deicn gap.
feel stuffy. Irritable, almost crankr.
It isn't you it's you condition,
.caimiuaio iniB poisonious waste oy
taklncr one or two Dr. Kind's New
Life Pills tonight. Euioy a full.
iree uuwei movement in toe morn
ing you feel so grateful. Get an
original bottle, containing 86 pills,
iroin your druggist toaav for 25c.
weight in gold." At drni
I coc. large box or br mall,
The Paxton Toilet Co., Boston. Mass.
1st. '
mple free.
7:4o p. m. Sunday school at 9:80
a. m. rrayer meeting, weanesaay
evenings at 7:00 o'ciocjc. .uaaies
Aid Society every Monday after
noon. Official Board meeting Mon
dav after first Sunday lu each
Missionary Baptist Church -
Servlses every Sunday at 11 a. m
and 7:45 p. m. Sunday school 9:46.
rrayer meeting every weanesaay
evening at 7:3?. Ladies Aid meets
overy Tuesday at 2:60 p. m.
key. z, Xj. uonoway, 1'astor.
Uenfkal Baptist CunRoii.-
Servlces fourth Sun Jay morning and
ovenlnor in each month ana Batur
day evening preoedlng. Prayer
meeting Tuesday ovonlt.R. Sunday
school 10 a. m.
Rev. L. L. Todd, Pastor.
Episcopal Ohuhoii Servloos 2nd
and 4tn Sunday night at 7:45 at the
Library. Sunday School at 0 p. m
Masonio Lodtre E. W. Turner,
No. 548 meets 1st. and 3rd. Fridays
In each month.
Victoria Lodco. No. B4. K. of P.
meets every Monday night. Visit'
ore welcome.
Ernest Newton,
K. of R. and S.
Hopkins Lodge, A. O. U. W. No
501 meets every Thursday night.
Y. Q. WALKER, Sec.
Golden Cross Lodge, Earlington,
No. 625 meets 1st. and 8rd, Saturday
nigbt-ln each montn.
Decree of Honor, No. 10 meets 1st
and 8rd Saturday nights in eaob
month. Miss Lizzie Huff, Sec
Ben Hur Lodge. Earlimtton
Court. No. 66. meets every 1st and
8rd Monday night at old Masonio
Hall. Dr. O. B. Johnson. Scribe.
C Wood men of the World. Catalpa
Camn No. 801 meets every weanes
day night. All members are ear
nestly requested to be there.
Monroe Davib, Deputy Clerk.
Modern Woodmen of the World;
No. 11992 meets every Wednesday.
Y. Q. Walker, Sec.
Elks. B. P. O. No. 738 meets at
Madlsonvllle Monday night.
J. r. dkmpbky, jsxaitea uuier.
Rot S. Wilson, Secretary.
Earlineton Chanter. U. D. C.
meets 1st Thursday In each montb
at 2:30 p. m.
miss, flora rxAROE, rres.
Knlebts and Ladies of Security
will meet every second and fourth
Monday nights. Visiting members
invited to attend.
WillCarriqan, Clerk.
Visiting members are cordially
Invited to attend any of these
fits Qolabis Tint Doss Not Affsct Tbs Httd
Because ot it tonic and laxttlrc effect, LAXA
TIVE BROMO QUmiNSii better lhan ordinary
Quinine and does not canie nenroanini nor
nndnc In head. Remember the (nil nine end
look lor tbe ilcnature 01 JB. W. GiOVE. zsc
I STETSON 1915 f
The New Fall Headware is now
ready for your inspection. Natty, new x
)t creations in the best Hat at $3.50 and ?
4 $4.00 await you at our hat department. ?
7 . I
i Time to change is not later than Sep- m
4 tember 15th, better cast that old straw E
c aside and look over that ivrtnrlerhil !
4 showing of the Men's best $3.00 Hat i
5 in flip wnrlrl nf uViinV. wta oonotlforl fU u
county agency. The new line is $
known by the name of !jf
Young Bros- Hats ;
All Styles $3.00. no more, no less. $
' ,
quality the best and style always the '
latest. : , &
This wide awake concern has ten
stores in New York City alone and '
they sell the best Dressers in America : &
their Hats. You can buy the same s a
style at the same price of us and be g
dressed as properly as the city man.
Grand Leader f
Madisonvdle, Kentucky 1
THERE are many kinds of Auto
loading and Pump guns some to
be had at very low prices.
But It is typical of sportsmen that tbe great J
majority prefer HemlMton-UMC Pump and
AuiouHuuDg guns in ue Hand ox Ue average man.
If .you shoot at traps or in the field, go to the
ilemington-UMC Dealer in your community and
let him show you these guns. You will know him
1 ty. hJf dJ?pUy of tb fl3 Work o Rtminottm.
1 1iiC Sportsmen'sIIeadquarters andhe knows
rtbe diiierence in guns.
Sold by your home dealer
and 3095 other leading
f, mercnants m Kentucky
Remlniton Arms-Union MoUnie CsrHdie Co.
They are beauties, all colors, woven
from heavy felt, 36 in. wide by 72 in. long.
Make a handsome and desirable Rug or
Table Cover. Are reversible and washa
ble. This Rug sells for $5.00 in the city
stores. You get them with the Bee and
Woman's World for
N.wYorU City
Call to Sec Them
You Will Like Them
Honnd trip Ittilroad Fare $3.40 Board at hotel including the routes
in rue uave for fi.W. An allexpenee two dayb outing for $8.00.
'Write or phone L. & N. Agent fpr particulurp.
Subscribe F
me JDee
Weeklv B
ret :
(3,1 -jj ?IK -. .i
OHkL. .'r3 X'ao bk Jrr
' fcu

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