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"What Men Will Wear"
Is the Tjtle of Our Fall and
Win tor style bobk. And- we want it to lie In the hands' of
every man and young man who wants to know trjo exaot
dletates of fashion.
Your Name on a Postal Will
luouru your kuiwuk copy,
t 1 X I
But Better Than Looking a
pictures of "High ftrt" Olothes la to try on the clothes
themselves. Coming here will glvp you the opportunity
of trying on the various models, soplnp the new and good
patterns and seleotlng from the Largest stock In this sec
tion o tho country. '. j
Our Special Display for Col-
lege men Is especially pleasing. Every college man
should see it.
The man who whiipeis down a
well ; J
About the thin pi he hat U sell
Will sever reap a cron'of dpLUrs
Like he who climbs a tree and
News of the lown
"Good morning! Hive
yon seen , The, Courier?
jSvansville's best paper."
Walter Daves has returned home
- after a visit In Van Bnren, Ark.
Henry Williams, of Greenville,
was In Awn Wednesday visiting
MrBl Mrs. Hayes Jones, of
MonwkvGap, are visiting their
daughter Mrs. Elgie Sick.
The Bee and the dishes: that's
, the time.'
Miss Elizabeth Kemp was In Mad
Isonvllle Tuesday attending the cir
ca. Mrs John Cansler and children
. are In Hopklnsvllle visiting rela
tives. Mrs. Claud Oldham and son John
were In Madlsonville Wednesday.
Triply Protected
First, the inner container of paper,
next the big- yellow carton, and
then, the outer wrapping of waxed
paper, sealed air-tight and dust
proof. Superior protection for the
Superior Corn Flakes
Post Toasties
These delightful flakes are made
of the finest white Indian Corn,
steam-cooked, daintily seasoned,
rolled and toasted crisp and golden-brown.
Post Toasties reach you fresh and
delicious, perfectly protected and
ready to eat. They are mighty
good with milk or cream, or with
any kind of fruit.
"The Memory Lingers" j
wmwfffl yvwyirorcr yim.v.'vyw
- .1 - '1 . '..J,.n.'.
This Is a good proposition. The
Earllnirton Bee, the Woman's World
and a 86-biece set of dishes all for
$400. j
Mr. and Mr. Elmer Lynn have
returned t& their home at Fordsville
after a visit to C. B. Lynn and fam
ily, of this city.
Mr. and Mrs. D. E. Nixon and
Miss Margaret Mitchell motored to
Madlsonville Thursday.
Mrs. N. E. McKlnnon was in Mad
l.onvllle yesterday shopping.
Clifton Long has returned hoxe
alter a law aays visit to mends in
Every family in Hopkins county
can have a new set of dishes by tak
ing the Bemi-Weekly Bee and pay
ing 3,00 extra.
Newman Whitford was In Madl
sonville Tuesday at the the sbo-cus.
Miss Mayme Wooten, of Madison
vllle, was in town Wednesday.
Miss Mary Oldham, of Hopklnc-
vllle. who has been visiting In Har
dlnsburg, shopped off here for a few
days to visit Miss Agnes Lynn be
fore returning to her borne.
Have you seen the handsome blue
and gold 86pleoe dinner set the
Earllngton Bee Is giving with each
yoarly subscription and $3.00 extra.
David V. Lamb, who was slightly
hurt at the coke ovens Tuesday af
ternoon, Is able to be nut, though he
Is bruised up some.
We have a few more of the JArt-
cratt Mexican War rnga that go with
the Bee for $1.60 extra. Better get
one now.
Basil Sawyer, of Hopklnsvllle,
was in town Wednesday advertising
the Pennyroyal Fair.
Fall opening Bept. lOtb. Bishop's
Millinery, Madlsonville, Ky.
Miss Vlrgle Kilroy was in Madl
sonville Tuesday.
John Bernard and sister. Miss
Bobble, were lb Madlsonville Tues
day. ,
'All the nan thtntra In hlnek and
white Velvet tyeudy tr Wear Hats
are very reasonably priced by Bish
op'sMilllneryl Madlsonville, Ky.
Jewell Webb-was In Madlsonville
Miss Paulino Rodrlck, of Antun,
has returnod home after a few days
visit to Miss Bobble Bernard.
Flsk and dago Tailored Hats are
sold by Bishop's Millinery, Madlson
ville, Ky.
Mr. Fred Oldham passed through
hire enrouto to Cecelia, iKy., Wed
nesday. ' i
Mrs. Lance, of JSvanavllle, le ln
town vtBitlng Mrs. Dick Meacham.
Mrs. John Bernard was in Madl
sonville Tuesday.
Miss Bartle Jenning was in Madl
sonville Tuesday attending the cir
cus. Bishop's Millinery, Madlsonville,
Ky., will have thelr,openlng nf Pat
tern Hats Sept. 10th.
Mrs. Nellie Harris, of Madlson
ville,, visited bft aunt, Mrs. J. B.
Peyton, Snnday.
.J. B. Fuckett, who has been in
Henderson for the past few weeks,
lsjn town visiting relatives and
Bishop's Millinery, MadisonvH'e,
Ky., are showing a complete line of
Fall and Winter Hats.
MIsa Starley, of Nashville, Is vis
iting Miss Cavanesr, o this eity.
Mrs. .M. A. Beshon baa Just re
turned'from Sr. Louis, where she
purchased , a swell line of Fall and
Winter Hats. I
Master Evan Peyion.who has been
with bis grandmother, Mrs. J. B.
Peyton, for some time, returned to
Evansvllle last week.
Are You a Woman?
The Woman's Tonic
1 will on Saturday, Sept. 11, 1915,
at the farm of Frank li. Slsk, de
ceased, about three miles west of
Earllngton, Ky., beginning at 10
o'olook a. m., Bell to the highest and
best bidder all of the personal prop
erty used on said farm, consisting of
horses, mules, cattle, hay, corn and
farming implements.
Also at 1 :30 p. m. the same day, at
said decedent's residence on Bldge
way St., In the town of Earllngton,
Ky., I will sell all the household
and kitchen furniture belonging to
said estate. There will be two extra
line saddle and harness horses sold
at this sale.
Terms made known on day of sale.
I. N. Day, Admr.,
of Frank B. Slsk, Deceased.
This Aug. 80, 1916.
Will Fill a Want
Since the suspension of the Louis
ville Weekly Courier Journal, there
has b6en quite a demand for a week
ly Kentucky newspaper that glveB
all the more important state news,
crisp editorials, good stories, timely
oartouns and Illustrations.
The Is no such excellent paper
as the
Owensboro Messenger
Edited by Urey Woodson
It comes every Wednesday and
Saturday, (10 pages a week or moie)
and is up-to-date in every regard.
Iry the Twice-a-Week Messenger
for a year in connection with tne
Semi-Weekly Bee.
Both papers, one year for tl.60.
All stubbing subscriptions should
be addressed to The Bee, Earllng
ton, Ky. Adv.
Pile Cured In O to 14 Days
OIMTMKMT 10 to car. uy cm ol Itchln.
Had. BlMdinc or rrotradlu Hlci in 6 to 14 dan.
IM&ntsppUetUaaslTW&MudKctt. JOc
Hsr Secret of Health.
A vigorous old lady when asked the
secret of ber eighty-three years of
health replied: "I never allow myself
to fret brer things I cannot help. I
take a nap, and sometimes two of
them, every day. I do not carry my
washing. Ironing, dressmaking, or bak
ing to bed with me; and I try tp oU
all the friction out of my busy lifo by
an implicit belief that there Is a brain
and a heart to this great universe,
and that I can trust them both."
Bear Postman.
The most curious letter carrier yet
heard of seems to be ono that covered
a small routo in far-off Alaska aomo
months ago nothing less'than a bear
harnessed to a bicycle on which his
master fastened tho mall sack. Bruin
hauled tho load whllo his master
steadied tho wheel, and so much In
terest was excited by this strange
combination that the outfit was taken
to England for exhibition purposes.
St. Nicholas.
Couldn't Feaze Him.
A subaltern was marching along
with his company. Ho was very young,
and his men evidently thought him
Inexperienced, so they struck up "A
little child shall lead them, lead them
gently home." When they had finished
bo halted the company and said,
"Now we'll have that verse over
again." Game, wasn't ho! .
Something of. an Insinuation,,
Wftsn' B'noscn' nnffln about 'em. .But
L ies' say dat H'e mighty lucky flat-
a chicken won' come a-ninnln' an'1
a-waggln' tta tall when Ite regulah
owner whistles, same, aa a dog."
Washington. Star.
May 8tart a Oanaeroua Precedent..
'1 fall to se.e the justice la Bending
that 'social lion' to the .Pen for, .four
years," said Npyes E. Brewmore, "sim
ply because hp borrowed 10 or less
from a few people. If that establishes
a precedent, I certainly shall have tq
be more careful In the future with
my touches." Kansas City Star.
Something of a Novelty.
Young. Actress "I am' going to get
married and I would like you to make
a big story about 1L" Dramauc Edl
tor "I don't see Just hpw I can."
Young Actress "Oh, yes, you can;
you can have a great headline say
ing: 'Actress Marries for the First
Time In Her Life!"' Puck.
Obeying Regulations.
Little Bessie went to the park with
grandpa. She was passionately fond
of flowers, and grandpa lifted her up
to see tho pretty flowers In the urn.
A policeman came along and said:
"You mustn't pick the flowers, little
girl," to, which she gravely replied:
"I'unt pick 'em; I only 'mell 'em."
Diplomatic Meaning.
"What do you mean when you say
you aro going to establish a protec-
stronger, "that we are going to pro
tect ourselves as far as possible
against any further annoyances on
your Partj"
Why He Needed a Week.
Clerk "I'd like to get a week off,
sir, to attend tho wedding of a
friend." Employer "A very dear
friend, I should say, to make you
want that much time." Clerk "Well,
sir, after the ceremony she will be
my wife." Boston Transcript.
Three "Colorado" Rivers.
Thero are three rivers known as
Colorado. Tho first Is In Utah and
Arizona, and Is 1,300 miles long; the
second is a river in Texas, 900 miles
In length; tho third is in the Argen
tine Republic, in South America, and
Is 400 miles long.
Observing Kiddle.
In a Hiawatha school one of .the pu
pils read: "The pig won't go over
tLo stile," and the teacher asked what
waa meajit by "stile." "A tight dress,"
tho little boy answered. Kansas City
One Cause of Matrimony.
Many a bachelor marries Just bo
cause he feels that when he gets old
and horrid he will want something
besides the clock to make a noise
around the house.
Small Successes Count.
Be satisfied with success In Men
the smallest matter and think that
even such a result la no trifle. Mar
cus Aurellus.
On a Diet
"What did the doctor say!" "Same
old stuff. Told mo not to eat any
thing good to eat or drink anything
good to drink."
Dally Thought.
Don't flatter yourselves that friend
ship authorises you to say disagree
able things to your Intimates. O. W.
The Albttroea. ;
The albatross is the largest of aea
"Is dem you-alrs chickens?" "Cohse
fley's my-aH'B,9hlckejJS. Who's chick
ens did you e'pose dey wast" "I
Georgia MarbJLej
aand Graniter
Is the best looking and most lasting stone for a3Ion
ument, and the Company I represent, the
3 Continental Marble & Granite Co. C-
Is located in the heart of
ana is a gigantic concern, duuc up on merit
gicii??' ieray.ffyrei? ,:
; ZZIOZ aI...II ..
Auction Sale
Saturday, &t. 4
At l:SO P. M.
I will offer for sale to
the highest bidder mij
And AH
Terms made
ti. r cut-
kj Th Urzwt nd moat eotUr touner on icy
a tiona for 1600 paiKnirera.
ff "CrTY OF ERIE" 3 Matnlfltent Slaameri "CITY OF BUFFALO"
W .imrrji tun V-1 i .1. a. r 4. a rT TFTT? A I A
ArtiTt I)o2alo :50A.U,
Connection at Buffalo for Niagara Falla and
U mdinff between Cleveland and Buffalo an
jour ticket agent for ticket via C. A H. Lin.
lleautif ally colored seetlonal puxtle chart,
Khin "KhiANUHiiiK' aeiit an reeeiDt 01 ova
for oar 4-pe(re pictorial and deaeriptiTa
Notice! Poultry Raisers
Cholera. Canes. Limberneck. Roup, Canker.
;s-o"ui:.,0o?r, Diarrhoea
W3 Coomee, Dtrdriown, Kr., urn "Om diop
cuctca idle IM worm ud riwtm im ctacKlaeUsUj. iiiium Detl pfeYocm. i ban era wed.
Wi- ud Gairutttd ij J. Bobt Cmme, Bsnktown, Ky. Price 50c at all Dro&bu.
St. Bernard Mining Co., Incorporated Grocery Department
TTT3T-K . -
TheeeDfAllil News-
the Georgia marble districtft
. ... . . .1?
Z XX1. v.
known on date
Island water of th world. Bleeping aeeommoda-
let to I
1 uec. it aurriLv
m p. u.
all Eaatern and Cinaiti.n pobiU. Railroad tlek-
good for transportaUoa 00 our ateamcrt.
abowins both exterior aad Interior of Tba Creak
ccnte to corer poatasa ami mailing Alw aak
booklet t rea.
renu la
TRANSIT CO, Cl.T.land. Ohio
and all Diseases of Poultry
ci Reap 4-11-44 dtopeed dowolie bill o( a g.piaf
1 1 'i

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