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IWW PrbfiS
-wwrr TV.
Republican Nominee for
Governor Speaks to Big
' all W M X. 1
I tomnlete Stnrhs I
i4rc ?eady
VVe never hftve bad as complete & showing of Fll Suits
and Overcoats, never such variety of color and pattern.
Especially good are the new Donneybrook Plaids, the
Normandy Gheoks. the Waterloo Squares and the Imperial
Stripe. And the colors run through the gray, green and
various shades of brown,
Whatever your clothing needs vou will see what rod want,
here. You will And our prices are based on actual worth ;
you will find our models absolutely correct; and you will
find the same good Hand-tailoring, for which ''High Art"
Clothes have always been famous,
From 10 to 30 with wonderful lines at
$15 $20 $25
It makes no difference what you pay, our guarantee for
satisfactory service goes wltb each purchase,
Thi bud who5bisei s dovn a
Atxrat the thjjyf hi hu to sell
V WfllnTetmpiOBof doyn
Like fet who climbs a tree and
News of the lawn
"Good morning! Have
8)U seen The Courier?
vansville's best paper."
Ben Evans and John Moore have
returned to Purdue University.
Miss Geneva HufTaker, of Law
renceburg, Ky., will arrive In the
.pityfflunday.for Sohoolwork.
The Bee and tbe dishes: that's
the time.
O. E. King and family have mov
ed to Nashville, where Mr. King
has accepted a position as machin
ist or tbe L. & N. B. B. Co. Guy
Asbbv and family will occupy tbe
house made vacant by Mr. King,
Mr, and Mrs, Johnson have moved
to Howell, Ind, Mr, Jnbnsou form
erly worked for the L. & N. at this
We have a few more of tbe Art
craft Mexican War rugs that go with
tbe Bee for f 1.50 extra, Better get
one now.
Frank Chilton, salesman for the
Swift Packing Co,, was In the city
on business Thursday.
Miss Hattie Cordler has gone to
St. Lon(s on an extended visit.
Posle Llttlepage, of the. Hustler
Force, was in town Wednesday.
Ned Barnes was in Hopklnsvllle
After Four Tears of Discouraging
Conditions, Mrs. Bollock Gave
Up in Despair. Husband
Came to Reicue.
Catron, Ky. In an interesting; letter
from this place, Mis. Bettle Bullock
writes as follows : "I suffered for four
years, with womanly troubles, and during
this time, I could only sit up for a little
while, and could not walk anywhere at
all. At times, I would have severe pains
in my left side.
The doctor was called In, and his treat
ment relieved me for a while, but 1 was
soon confined to my bed again. After
that, nothing seemed to do me any good.
I had gotten so weak I could not stand,
and I gave up In despair.
At last, my husband got me a bottle of
Cadhl, the woman's tonic, and I com
menced taking it. From the very first
dose, I could tell It was helping me. I
can now walk two miles without its
tiring me, and am dolngjny work."
it you are all run down from womanly
troubles, don't give up In despair. Try
Cardui, the woman's tonic. It has helped
more than a million women, In its 50
years of wonderful success, and should
surely help you, too. Your druggist has
sold Cardui for years. He knows what
it will do. Ask him. He will recom
mend it. Begin taking Cardui today.
Writ (of pxHuooca Msjldnt Go,
AiIvUatv ' rat.. ChAttanooffl. Turn., lor
Jlmtructbnl on your cue and 64-pt took. Horn
I imUmdi (V Wwuu," wot la oUln wrafpsf. U6-I)
Stocks ,
iU;'va 'tfoojcll-nwppiltlpp. Tbe
xsamngion nee, me woman's worm
and J-piece set of dishes all for
$4 00.
Mesdames John Long!. and: A. O,
Bisk were la adisonvllle yesterday
Henry. B(rownngrof Jortont Gap,
was in tbe city
Leo Salmon left Tuesday for Mil
lersbnrg, Ky., where he goes as bead
oJ the I)epartme.pt pf Modern Lan-.
guageS in Jlllleri,b(i;g Military In
Mrs. Ella Carlander, of Kansas
City, Mo., visited her cousin Mrs. J.
R. Peytou Tuesday.
Yuu will frnj.iv a meal at Brown
in if Krui. Itcvinurant, .Madlnpvlllt,
Kv. Out- bluck imrtb of L. A N.
dm.it. Meals 26c K Ticket for 2l
int-alt 18.00. - lm.
Mr. Bud Bishop, of Madlsonville,
visited Mr. J. R. Peyton Tuesday.
Miss Ida 'Martin, who has-been
visiting friends In Morganfleld, re
turned dome Wednesday.
Frank Glanninl left Thursday for
tbe East, where be will spend sev
eral (lays.
On Sept. 22ad J. W. Llgon is ex
pelted In tbe cty to visit bis broth
er J. T. Llgon. While he is here he
will attend tbe Christian Copven
tlon at Madlsonville on the 23rd and
24th of this month.
Rice Bowles and little daughter
Gladys were In Hqptown yesterday.
Mr?. BllrJClark was In Mortons
Gap Thursday visiting.
Charlie Doyal left yesterday for
the East to be gone for several days
Every Home Needs a Faithful Cough
and Cold Remedy
When seasons change and colds
appear when you urst aetect a cma
after sitting next to one who has
sneezed, then It Is that a tried and
tested remeay snouia oe raitnruiiy
UBed. "I never wrote a testimonial
before, but I know positively that
for myself and family. Dr. King's
New Discovery is the best cough
remedy we ever used and we have
tried them all." BOo and $1.00. At
any drug store.
Mrs. John Long visited her sister
In Mortons Gap yesterday.
Geo. Robinson was in Madlson
ville last mgbt.
Mrs. Bailie E. Stevens, who has-
been In Louisville 'marketing for
several days has returned.
To the Public
"1 feel that I owe the manufactur
ers of Chamberlain's Collo, Cholera
and Diarrhoea ltemedy a word of
gratitude," writes Mrs, T. N. WUh
erall, Gowauda, N. Y. "When I be
gan taking this medicine 1 was in
great pain and feeling terribly sick,
due to an attaok of summer com
plaint. After taking a dose ot it I
had not long to wait tor relief, as it
benefited me almost Immediately."
ODtatnable everywhere.
Raymond Lynn spent Thursday in
Hopklnsvllle with relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. Thurman Rudd are
visiting in Chicago.
Mr. and Mrs. B. E. Nixon and Mr.
and Mrs. W. H. Whltford returned
frpm tho Cave Tuesday.
Health and Happiness Depend Vpon
Your Liver
That sluggish liver with its sluu-
glsh flow of bile is what makes the
world iook so uarK ai time, lit.
King's New Life Pills go straight to
the root of the dllllculty by waklmt
up the aotlon of the liver and In
creasing tbe bile. Dr. King's New
Life Pills cause the bowels to aot
more freely and drive awaytboie
"moody day p." 25o a bottle- Drug
gists everywbeje4.
There a no need to suffer the
annoying, excruciating pain of
neuralgia; Sloan's Liniment laid
on gently will soothe the aching
head like magi& Don't delay.
Try it at once.
Hear What Others Sty
"I bare been a sufferer with Nruralgta
for several iears and have tried dillerent
Liniments, but Sloan's Liniment ts the
best Liniment for Neuralgia on earth.
I have tried It aurrenfullyi It has never
railed." P. 11. WiUwmi, Autuita, Ark.
Itn. Ruth C. Clavpool, tndeptndmct,
llo., vrittt: "A friend of oura told us
about your Liniment. We have been using
it for 13 years and think there Is nothing
like It. We use it on everything, sores,
cuts, burns, bruises, sore throat, headache
and on everything else. We can't get
along without It. We thick It b tho beat
Liniment made."
is the best remedy for rheumatism,
backache, Sore throat and sprains.
At aO'slealan, 2Sc
Scad four coU In stanpt for'
Dr. Earl S. Sloan, Inc.
Dept. B. . PliUMphia, Pa.
Curly Vannoy, Grover .Long and
Charlie Webb are flshibg at Golgers
Lke'. Good timet have been re
ported. - Kenneth NUbet has returned to
.Stu'te University. "
A UI liver eadt to chronic dyspepsia and con'
ttlpitien weakens the whole iritrm. Doan's
ReiuWtl, (c per boi) act'mildly on tbe liver and
bowslt. At all drur stores.
Mrs. G. M. Hale It. In Hopkiutville.
visiting this week.
Paul King was in Madlsonville
The Next Best Thing to the Pine
Forest for Colds is
-Dr.. Bell's .Pine-Taroney, which
goes to the v.e'rv rootofcqld trou
bles. It clears the throat aud given
relief from that cfbgged and stuffed
feeling. The pines have ever boen
tbe friend of man In driving away
oold. Moreover, the pine-honey
qualities are peculiarly effective (n
fightlug children's colds. Remem
ber that a cold broken at the start
greatly removes the possibility of
complications. 25c. Any druggist.
Mrs. P. H. Coleman It on the sick
list this weok.
Frank Glanninl, Jr.; waa In the
city a few days this week. .
Cures Old Sores, Other Rtmsdles Won't Cure.
The worst casec, no matter of how long standing,
arc cured by the wonderful, old rellole Dr.
Porter's Antiseptic Healing Oil. It relieves
Pain and Heals at t.c tame time. 23c. 50c. SIM
Owen Shaver leaves In a few day J
for Detroit, Mich.
Mls Mnrgaret Mitchell la vlaltlng
frlendt in Nashville, Tenn.
Mirb Elizabeth Loner leaves Mon
day for Lexington, where she It to
enter Hamilton College.
"There is no greater patriot not even
the eoldier on the battlefieldthan tho
man who battles with tho stubborn soil
and makes it yield for tho support of tho
nations." We have in Kentucky a power
of dominion in our resources 'hat will
make the power that comes with strategy,
brute forco and armament insignificant.
If we know what we have and use it wisely,
we will make others dependent upon ua.
Tho stomach la the center of the body
from which radiates our vitality, etrenu
osity, our fighting strength.. A, healthy
Btomach turns the food wo cat into nour
ishment for tho blood stream and the
nerves. Dr. Pierces Uomcn Medical
Discovery refreshes and tones up tho
stomach walls. Removes the poisonous
gases from the system.
The first day you start to tako this
reliablo medicine, impure germs and accu
mulations begin to separata in me uioou
aniT are then expelled through tho liver,
bowels and kidneys.
fSnt nr. Pierco'a Golden Medical DlS-
covory to-day at any medicine dealer's;
it is a powerful blood purifier and tonic,
DepcnU upon this grand remedy to
give you tho kind of blood that makes
the skin clear, the mind alert, tho vision
keener and puts ambition and energy
Into the entire body. Contains neither
alcohol nor narcotics. Its ingredients are
mode publio and printed on wrapper. It's
a puro alterative extract made with gly
ccrino from native roots and herbs.
Sold by medicine dealers in liquid or
tablet form, or send CO cents to Dr.
Pierce's Invalids Hotel, Buffalo, N. Y.,
for a trial box of tablets.
are fully and properly answered In "Tho
reopie s common Denso jticuicai au
viser." All the knowledge a youne man
or woman, wife or daughter should have,
is contained In this big Homo Doctor
Book, containing 1008 pages with engrav
inirs and color mates, ana bound in cloth.
By mail, prepaid oa receipt of 3 dimes J
f CrnwA in Rnwrlinrf (Irann
V VM U 111 UlMfllllg UlVtll.
' BOWLING GREEN. Ky.. Sept. 6.
The Republican State campaign was
opened here by Edwin P. Morrow, ot
Somerset, the nominee for Governor,
who .adore. -sea a large crowd from
Warren and the surrounding counties,
Mr, Morrow made a good presentation
of the Issues. His address in full
follows i
Ladles and Gentlemen
Political campaigns are primarily for
the benefit ot the people, not the poli
ticians. The period preceding an elec
tion of tho State's executive and leg
islative officers is the time of Investi
gation and discussion; a time in which
an accounting for stewardship should
be demanded and given, in order that
responsibility may be fixed the good
and faithful servant rewarded, the un
faithful servant rebuked.
Political parties act only through
their selected agents, and therefore
every party is responsible for the acts
and cfoJuct of its agents for the good
or bad they do, for the results and con
ditions which they produce. If a po
litical party, through its agents, has
kept faith with the people, efficiently
jjnd honestly managed fiscal affairs and
produced me- nenoutiai results or gooa
goveriirpcnt, -juchva party deserves tbe
confidence 'of "the.1 people' and Should
bb giy'en' the control of their affairs.
If, however, through, its agents, H had
broken faith, failed .in Its promises,
and Droven Inefficient and extravaeast
in the management ot public business,'
it ' gnouid te denied tne trust ana
suffrage, .of -the. people Aand the party'
or opposjqon epouid oe entrusted witn
tha. affairs. ot State.
Thp, ballot of rebuke Is the great
weapon of the people, and by lt
pKiper use alone' can political parties
be compelled ' to keep- faith, fulfill
promises and render good and 'faith
ful service. On these conditions we
propose to discusB with .you today the
-promises and deeds' of your pupllc
servants who have, for four years, had
the control of your affairs and who are
responsible for the expenditure ot your
money and the general condition of
-your business. In this discussion I
Want it clearly and fuHy understood
that 'any criticism' I may make is in
tended for officers, agents and officials
in their official capacities, and not for
the great body ot patriotic, conscien
tious, homeland-lovfng "Democracy.
The platform of a party Is its given
word ot honor, and, when accepted by
the suffrage of tbe people to whom
It Is given, it becomes a solemn con
tract, sealed with the great seal of
the commonwealth.
Four years ago the Democratic par
ty made such a covenant with the
people of Kentucky. Today I charge
the wilfull breach of that covenant,
both 'in letter and in spirit.
First it broke the covenant con
cerning the use and misuse ot the
people's - money.
The promise: "We pledge ourselves
to retrenchment and reform and to
an economical business administra
tion, of public affairs."
Fulfillment: Wanton, useless and
reckless extravagance.
Result: An empty treasury, a bank
rupt State and a public debt on out
standing interest-bearing warrants of
Second It promised to tako the
penal Institutions out of the mire of
politics, to rescue them from the dom
ination of politicians.
The promise: "We favor the removal
of all politics from our penal institu
tions." Fulfillment: The Board of Prison
Control Is still partisan, still in poli
tics. Its officers and agents and
guards are still but pawns, mado and
moved by the bands ot their creaVrs.
Result: The three penal Institutions
ot the State have been operated dur
ing tbe last three fiscal years at a
loss of $574,000.
Third1 It violated the contract in
the matter ot taxation a matter vital
ly affecting every borne, every farm,
every business and every citizen in the
The promise: "We favor submitting
to a vote of the people an amendment
of our State constitution, broadening
the powers of the General Assembly
so that It may classify property for
the purposes of taxation."
Fulfillment: A resolution providing
for a tax amendment was passed by
tbe Legislature, ratified and carried
by the vote ot the people, who awoke
one morning to discover that they bad
been parties to a colossal hoax, staged
by "The World's Greatest Forgetter,"
the Secretary of State, who "forgot
to remember" to advertise the amend
ment and who, in all the State House,
had no one "to refresh his recollec
tion." Result: Four wasted, useless years;
an unjust, unfair and unscientific -tax
system still galls tbe back of tbe peo
ple, still drives capital from' the State,
still compels farms and other visible
property to pay 90 per cent of all
taxation, while it compels millions In
stocks and bouds to avoid taxation.
Fourth It promised to pass a cor
rupt practlco act a law to. protect
tho very fountain head ot ail authority,
ihe ballot and tbe public office.
'The' pledge: "We favor "the enact
Went ot an explicit, effectiv.e corrupt
(ractlcs act. which shall determine'
, Southern Housewives-
Skilled as few others in the cooking art;
appreciate the delightful qualities of
Post Toastie
Corn prepared in Various-forms and ways-
-. has ever been a favorite Southern food.
InvmaKing Post Toasties the Superlorr-j
Com Flakes the choicest pprtions of the---,-kernels
of selected white Indian Corn are -
processed into a wonderfully crisp' and' . '
tasty food nourishing and satisfying -morning,
noon or night. ' ' ' , '
To&sties come FRESH-SEALED, triply protected
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.serve. . ; , . ' - '-
. , Skilful co6jcappre6iate - - - '
Post ToaetieV y
Sold by Grocers eVeryvyhej;s.
MmWTyS: sport but they want certainty in- their Sheltti f .1
SBifeaa Get the Itemtngton-UMC "ArW and."NitraCZtSiT t '
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3fflpMr JfnlS -fit The steel Ualng tript thejxwder pat ell the-force- eFtflte- ( t
SfSScrtjfini VI; explosion tuck of the shot.' Shorter lead, leu guesswork. aSxaB I
i SHng3Hwlwf!!l' angles easier to ret the "fast ones." l '
' illtisfKfflKJlvjr m.i Go to the dealer who shows the Rt DaB Usri. o KmASSUaM 1
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' Mtwiw3 So& by your home dealer and 3095 I
iP oUierloadlngmerehanUlnKentuckjr - '
It' is: free it tells
local and long distance telephone str
vice in your home at very small cost!
Send for it T09ay. Write nearest Bell T3e
phone Manager, or
Cumberland Telephone
and Telegraph Company
how you can. hkvi
...... ..".i
lllKdlte.. n 1 Tissiii
UJ.SSt-kz V.

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