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No. 74
Twenty-Five Thousand Miles
Long From the Mississ
ippi Valley Every
Indianapolis,lnd., Sapt. 11.
A fqaeral procession 25,000 miles
long, winding its dreary way en
tirely around the earth ; an army
of 500,000 pale, emaciated sol
diers, a pyramid of coffins three
times as tall as the tallest of
'the giant piles that have made
Egypt famous. These are only a
few of the reasons for the Missis
sippi Valley Conference on Tn
bercalosis, which meets here on
Sept. 20th and 80th and Octt Ut,
They are "real" reasons too, that
anyone will understand when it
is pointed out that each year in
tho Mississippi Valley, 100,000
moo, women and children fall
viotims to tuberculosis, some
times known as consumption or
the "white plague." Could these
100,000 fanorals bo held at one
' time, the string of hearses, car
riaeos and pill bearers would
tpsk one gigantic, awe inspir
. io4 ciftego, long enough to reach
entirely around the earth and
some to sparo.
Aiui-Tubercuiosis workers es
timate that there are-cow living
in the Mississippi Valley afleasr
00,000 persons nor afll cted
with the disease and that the
coffins filled each year by the
victims of this preventable mala
dy would make a pile higher
than any known structure of an
cients of modern timer.
For the purpose of co-ordinat
ing the forces that direct -the
crusade against tuberculosis tn
the Mississippi Valley, and these
agencies include state and city
health boards, sanatorium heads,
visiting nurses, newspaper men,
club women and representatives,
of anti - tuberculosis societies,
mora than 1,000 delegates from
eighteen states will discuss the
topic "The Best Tuberculosis
Prevention" for three days at the
Mississippi Valley Conference
on Tuberculosis which meets here
Sspt. 29ch and OOtb and Oct. 1st.
There will be sub topics of
course, but the general theme of
tha Conference will hinge on the
oldjadage "An ouuee of proven'
tiou is worth pounds of cure.
Headquarters for the Conference
have been opened at 210 Public
Savings Bldg., this city, and any
person in the Mississippi Valley
interested in tho prevention of
tuberculoBis,(and the affairs of
'the coming meeting, is invited
to communicate with the secre
tary at that addrese.
Buffalo, N. Y., Sept. 11, City
Courts must decide whether a
.flivver is a "tin lizzie," or not,
or vice versa, and if it's an in.
suit to call one t'other, which is
insulted, if not both.
It all arose when J. T. Jxsper
came iuto court to complain that
neighbors across the street an
noyed him by calling: his car a
''jrjlkm't object to "flivver"
Whenever You Need a General Tonic
Take drove's
The Old Standard Grove's Tasteless
chill Tonic is equally valuable a
General Tonic because it contains the
well known tonic properties of QUININE
and IRON. It acts on the Liver, Drives
-oat 'Malaria, Enriches the Blood and
Builds up the Whole System, SO cents.
Itinerary of Inspecting Com
mittee Over Different
Routes of Bee
Line -e
Following la the itinerary of
the Inspecting Committee of the
Bee Line routes.
First Djy, S?ptember 18.
Leaves Evansville at 8 o'clock,
stop at Henderson for 1 hour, at
Poole for 16 minutes, at Dixon
2 hours to take dinner, at Provi
dence for 1 hour, at Nebo for 15
minutes, at Manitou 15 minutes
and reach Madisonville at 5 o'
clock. Spend the night at Mid
isonvillo. Second Day, September 14.
Leave Midiaonville at 8 o'clock,!
go to Greenville via Graham and
Dapoy. Take dinner at Green J
yille. From Greenville to Has
sellville via Dunmore and Dia
mond Springs aud Lewisburg.
Spond the night at Russellville.
Third Diy, September 15.
Liave Russelrville at 8 o'clock,
visit Adairville, Springfield, Ce
dar Hill, Adams, Tenn., (Camp
Fort) and reach Guthrie for din
ner. After dinner go to Hop
kinsville via Trenton and Pem
broke. Spend the' night at Hop
kinsville. . s
Fourth Day, S 'ptember' 16.
Liave Hopkinsvie at 8 o'clock,
go to Olarkitvilleu4XeQi).tjdaMa
sonville, Fidelia, ThompsonvilTe
and Edgetoo, thence to Adams,,
Tenn., and back to Olarksvillo
for dinner. Return from Olarks
ville, passiui: through Hopkins
ville, Kelly's, Orofton, Daniel
Booue and S . Charles to Dawson
Fifth Dav. S ptomber 17.
Leave Diwon Springs at 8 o'clock
Go to Earlinetou via IUley, then
to Norti nvillp via Mortons Gap
and back to Etrlmzton for din
ner. Go from Eirlington thru
Madisonvilli.1, Hanson, Slaughters
Sibree, Robards to Henderson.
Spend the night in Henderson.
To Drive Out Malaria
And Build, Up The System
Take the Old Standard GROVE'S
TASTELESS chill TONIC. Yon know
what you are talcing, as the formula is
printed on every laDei, snowing it is
Quinine and Iron in a tasteless form.
The Quinine drives out malaria, the
Iron builds up the system. SO cents
Big Anthracite Agency Uses
Union Demands, as Ad
One biic anthracite coal agenov
in this city haB placed a curious
advertisement in the Coal Trade
Jiurua'. It consists of a front
pise eetting forth verbatim the
demands made on tho anthrr cite
oDerators by the United Mine
Workers of America, to become
effective April 1, 1910, when the
present agreement expirep. Not
word of comment iiccompanies
the Union" document. Presum
ably tho advertiser chose this
method of intimating to its cus
tomers that stocking up against
the possible shortage of next
spring might be expected to be-
nin iu the r.Hur fu'ure and 'hat
it might be ib well for them tn
cover their requirements early.
If You
are troubled with heartburn; lasts and
a distressed feeling after eating takes
before and after each meal and .you wiH
St. Barnard Minino Co. Inoorpo.
Courier Journal
The oonfeaalon and conviction ot "possum banters" at Hartford his'
inspired among tne iaw-amuing and
counties in that seotlon of the State
Is at an end and progress has an opportunity. In several counties indict
ments were bard to procure a short time ago, because; of the timidity ot
ine grana jurors, or ineir sympathy
returned It was not expeoted that proseontlons wonld be successful.
The situation In the "possum hunter" section looks now a little like
sunrise. A Hopkinsville dlspatoh to a Nashville newspaper is in part as
"While this immediate seotlon has been almost entirely free from
such disturbances since the quieting down'of the night ndeis under the
Influenoo of Gar. Wlllson's troops,
lu some of the adjoining counties, and
suits cannot help but have a most salutary effect upon the trials that are
to be held In nearly all of these counties upon .Indictments whloh have
a'ready been returned."
The sway of "possum hunters"
which iRDotanoe of the importance
the value of the propertyas well as
ment, was a atring feature. Aotual
were In a decided minority, of course,
gent or mistakenly sympathetic.
It the optimistic forecast ot the Hopkinsrille co-respondent proves
accurate the regeneration of the section will be worth millions to the ow
lers ot property In a put of the state where organised) violence Is exotic
and imitative rather tnan nativo to
Oakhill Has the Record in
Increase of Population
Per Couple
' Born to John and Rose John
son, colored, at Oakhill, on Sat
urday morning-, a fine, boy, this.
being the eighth boy and the
sixteenth child in the family, of
which there are four sets of twins
and eight single births, The
coupIeJiavo been married fifteen
years and arebbth proud of the'
increase in their family. Anoth
er peculiar feature is that both
parents are louder 35 years of
Cheapen accident Ihsnrance Dr. Thomas' Ec
lectic Oil. For burnt, icaldi, cuti ami emer-gem-let.
All dtngslstt tell it. ifeandjoc.
The Tax Amendment to be voted
on at the November Election Is en
dorsed bv all classes of Cltlxens re
gardless of Party affiliations as the
following extracts from the Plat
forms of the three prinoipal political
organizations clearly Indicate.
All political parties favor Reform
in the Tax Laws and this Is one is
sue otfwhloh all agree.
Every voter should vote "yes" for
the Tax Amendment as no reform Ib
possible without lta adoption no
matter whloh party wins.
"We favor the adoption of the Tax
Amendment to the Constitution to
be voted on at the regular Novem
ber EieotioD. We favor a wise Re
vision of our Tax Laws so as to die
tribute the burdens of taxation
among the Tax Payers of the State"
"Wo favor the adoption by the
people of the Constitutional Amend
ment enlarging the power of the
General Assembly on the matter of
Taxation and a thorough revision of
the Tax Laws whloh will equally
distribute the burdens ot Taxation
and invite capital."
"We denounoe the inequitable un
just and inefficient system of Taxa
tion in Kentucky and pledge our
selves to enaot a law equalizing the
burden of taxation and doing away
as far as possible with doable taxa
tion." A Texas Wonder
The Texas Wonder onres Kidney
and bladder troubles, dissolves grav.
el, oures diabetes, weak aud lame
backs, rheumatism and all irregu
lantles of bladder troubles, remov
ing gravel, the kidneys and bladder
in both men and women. Regulates
bladder troubles in children. It not
sold by your druggists will be sent
by mall ou receipt ot 1.00. One
small bottle Is two months treat
ment and seldom falts to perfect a
eure. Bend tor testimonials from
Kentuoky and other (nates, Dr. E.
W. Hall, ma Olive St.. St. Louis,
Mo. Sold by Druggists.
wide-awake cltlxsns ot numerous
hope that at last organised violanee
wun on us, wry, ana where they were
there hae been wholesome' outbreaks
it is figured that the Hartford re
Indicated a' lamentable social state of
of law and order la Us bearing upon
the safety of the law-abiding ele
prepetrators and supporters of crime
but the majority waS timid, negll
tne sou.
Whs! Should be the Attitude of Labor
Toward an lndary Thai Destroys
Always and tytf. Produces?
They say that the liquor in
dustry demands raw. material
giving employment to labor in
manufacturing and distributing
its product, aud is, therefore,
'good for busirjess,"
The Sari Francisco -fire and
earthquake created a demand
for hundreds of dollars' worth
of material andlabor. Thousands
of skilled worgthen poured- into
Sin Francisco to rebuild that
city. Business in some linea
Of course, therefore, the Sin
Francisco earthquake was a fine
thing for business. Would it not
be a goqd thing for us to burn
down all of onr cities? Just think
of the demand for labor aud raw
material which would result 1
This is fooli'h, of course, but
to support the manufacture and
sale of liquors because it con
sumes some raw material and
employs some labor is just as
foolish as to advocate the burn
ing of Cnicago because the re
building of the city would re
quire billions of dollars' worth
of material and hundreds of mill
ions of dollars' worth of labor,
The necessity of rebuilding a
burned city imposes upon the
country a tremendous drain of
resources. All the people must
be taxed to make good the worth
ot every day of labor and every
bushel of grain used in the man
ufacture of liqiors.
The laboring man cannot af
ford to ignore longer the fact
that every dollar which goes iuto
the saloon still represents an ab
solute and total oconomic loss of
labor and material. Upon the
working man is throvyn the great
part of the burden of making
this good,
We would bo fortunate if labor
and raw material constituted the
entire loss to America because
of the l.quor traffic. But we
muft not. forget the lost uitu
hood, the lost sanity, the lost
health, the lost efficiency which
follows the dqllar across the bar.
Piles Cured In O to 14 Days
Your druggist will refund money If PAZO
OINTMHNT falla to cure any caae ol Itching,
Blind. Bleeding or Protruding Hire In 6to 14 days.
The firat sppllctUoa glres Bate aud ReU SOc
I "I Don't Feel Good"
That is what a lot of people tell as.
Usually their bowels only need cleansing.
'will do the trick and make you feel fine.
We knew this positively. Take one
tonight. Sold only by us, 10 cents.
8t Bernard Mining Ce.lncere
UaU Drtjjj Data.
Until further notice we
will club the Semi-Weekly
Bee with the three magazines
"Plain and Fancy Needle
work" "Woman's World"
and "Home Life" for S1.25.
This applies to new and re
new subscribers and is un
doubtedly the best offer we
have ever been able to make.
For $1.15 more making $2,50
in all we will give one of
those handsome Artfelt Rugs.
These rugi are a novelty and
are selling in the city stores
for $5.00. Better get in on
this proposition NOW.
The Bee Earlington, Ky.
(adv.) '
Earlington Juniors defeated the
Dawson Wagner Recruits Sunday,
scores being 2 to 1 in favor of the
Juniors, this making 21 names play
ed. 17 won and 7 lost. They played
fast ball, O'Connor and Nourse hav-
ins; made the two runs fpr Earlin
ton, Johnson making the one for
Dawson Oarpeutor held them down
until tne9cb, Iettlnjj.Johnsou score.
Batteries for Earlington Carpen
ter and O'Conner, for Dawson Men
nes, Hampy and Johnson.
Scores by Innings:
E'tuu 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 0
Dawson 000000001
2 10 2
1 8.3
Stolen baaua WjHtt 2, Carpenter
1, O'Connor 3. "Old Monk" was o
luk' soino, he etole Home and sec
ond twlcp. Dawson: Johnson 1.
Two Base hits Wyatt 1, Nourse 1
Dawson; Johnson 1.
Line-ap for Earlington:
Nance, Stokes, DeVylder, O'Conner,
Carpenter, Wvatt, Nourse,
Boyd, DeVylder.
Since the suspension of the
Louisville Weekly Courier
Journal, there has been quite
a demand for a weekly Ken
tucky newspaper that gives
all the more important state
news, as well as the general
news, crisp editorials, good
stories, timely cartoons and
There is no such excellent
paper as the
Owenaboro Messenger
(Edited by Urey Woodson.)
It comes every Wednesday
and Saturday, (16 pages a
week or more), and is up-to-date
in every regard.
Try the Twice-a-Week Mes-
senger for a year in connec
tion with The Be.
Both papers, one year for
S1.50. All clubbing subscrip
tions should be addressed to
The Bee, Earlington, Ky..
8100 Eeward, $100.
Tbe readera ol (bit paper will be pleated to
learn Ibat there It at lean one dreaded dUeait
cbal telence baa been able lo cure In all lta am
ea, and Ifaal It Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure it tbe
only poallife core now known lo tbe medical
fraternity. Catarrh being a constitutional dlteaie,
requlrea a conttltullonal tratemenl. Hall'eCa.
tarthCure la taken Internallr, acting directly
upon tbe blood and mucout turlacti o( tbe tit
tem, thereby dettroylnf the foundation cl lbs
dlteate, and string the patient atrengtb by build,
lag up lbs conttitutlon and aitlitlng nature In
doing lta work, The proprietor! have ao much
(aitb In lta curative powers tbat Ibey offer One
Hundred Dotlara (or any cats tbat it tailt lo cure.
Send lor list ol tettlnoniala.
Addrets F. J. CilBNEV & CO.. Toledo, O.
Sold by all Druggist!, 71 centt.
Take Hall's Family Pillar lor constipation. i
Much Enthusiasm Over Gath
ering and Big Delegations
Will be Here.
KnlflhU of the Grip are Exploltine; the
Fair All Over This Ref ion
Saturday, October 2., will be
Traveling Man's day at the Pen-
nyroyal Fair and big prepara
tions xaro being made to have
that one of tho biggest successes
of the entire fair. There are a,
Ianre number of traveling men
who reside in Hopkinsville and
they are all enthusiastic over tho:
proposition. But the mater will
not end with them, for other
traveling men all up aqd down,
the road will bo enlisted, and as
many of their customers as poa--
siblo, to be hero on that day imj
enter into the festivities.
All sorts of advertising will bar
done for this feature of the fair.
Lithographs, banners and stick
era will be left in every hotel
prominently displayed turnout
this section of Kentucky ani
Tennessee, so as to attract tne
attention of all traveling hi -a
and other people as well, Stick
ers will be affixed to grips and:
trunks as the traveling men are
at depots aud hotels and they
will put in eyery opportunity to.
pass the news along by word of
On that day it ia expected that
not less than two hundred trstfH
eling men will be here to takft
part in the gala occasion, These?
will meet at Hotel Latham on
the morning of October 2, and at
10 :30 they will form in line ancE
headed by the Third Begiment
band they will march to the fair
grounds. Each traveling man.
will be appropriately tagged an
at the fair grounds space will bcr
reserved for them in the grand
stand and every possible arrange-
ment. looking to their pleasure
and comfort will be made.
Saturday will be the concludes
ing day of the fair which is al
ways one of the most popular
days, it will be Darby Day audi
with Traveling Men's day added
it is assured tbat one of tber
largest crowds ever known hem
will attend. m
A committee to pe'ecb atH
ranfcettienta for Traveling Mod's;
Day has been appointed as fol
lows: J. W. Robertson. Guy
Champion, Mr. Utley, Alex Boul
ware.'L. H. Davis. F. K. Yost
Edgar Wyatt, F. H. Mason mi
Garner Dalton.
A meeting of tho Directors o
the St. Bernard Mining Co., Ia-
corporoted, will be held at tho
offices of the Company in Earl
ington, Ky., on Wednesday, Oct.
13, 1015. Dan M. Evans,
Are You a Woman?
1 Gardui
The Woman's Conic

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