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Tke Pari Milling Co. of Paris has
Ike honor of betnj; the flrat employer
acoept the terms of the new work
asen's compensation act.
Mw. Kathorlne T. Hardin, 7C years
H, widow of M. It. Hardin, onee
Chief Justice of the Court of Appeals
mi Kentucky, died at St. Joeeph's In
annary at Louisville of senility.
Knox County's first road construe
(fas. work will bo started on the four-
jaflo extension from; Flat Lick to the
Bell County line, this being a portion
nut the Dixie Highway and the only
aamtract in Knox" County approvod by
" Sfce BUte Engineer.
It costs the State of Kentucky
IH.053.03 ansually to pay the salaries
he 1,920 persons employed to attend
to the business of the state. Including
ba Circuit Judges and Common
-wealth's Attorneys, there aro 1,990
3rsans on the stato's payroll.
Heprcsentatlve A. B. Rouso, of Bur
"StaEton, obtained permission of the
Souse .of Representatives that the
peaches delivered by Governor Stan
ley and Senator James at the recent
Kentucky Democratic State Conven
fian be printed In the Congressional
, .TSecord.
Fraternal Insurance companies do
"i&sJjuslness in Kentucky are filing no-
'.C&scs with State Insurance Commls
. efioner Thomas of acceptance of the
nnlform fraternal lnsuranco statute
which becomes effective January 1,
3117. This statute has been advo-
-cated by fraternal insurance compan'
S and hag been adopted In 30 states,
(George McKenna, formerly a cabaret
-a&aer,' was sentenced at Louisville to
serve five years in the penitentiary for
-abashing his wife, Ora Burch McKen
ao, a singer in a local rathskeller, with
atiraior. He cut her about the face,
and 'Claimed be was drunk and did not
Sbaow -what he was doing. McKenna
declared, '"I love her beyond words.
Slight or wrong, I am with her."
The city of Mayficld may issue $200,
48fti in bonds and buy the plant of the
itayfleia Water & Light Company, said
Qxs Court of Appeals, affirming the de
rision in a taxpayer's suit to enjoin the
- Issue' on the ground that it would bond
the city bc-jond 5 per cent of its prop-
srty -assessment and necessitate a tax
fevy in -excess -of the cpnstitutlonal
Governor A. O. Stanley delivered the
' unveiling -address of tho D. A. R.
' Tronument In Courthouse Square, Hen
'Season. Twelve soldiers of the Reve
lation are "burled in that county, and
Ore chapter of the D. A. R. erected a
XBonument in their memory, Hender-
jsrm sent a company of 100 men to par
ticipate In the war of 1812, and only
Sfw-en'ty-five returned, twelve of them
Jiclng burled in Henderson County.
'Having completed his sentence of
ttwo years In the Frankfort Pen-
ffitfotlary on the charge of robbery,
wan wnite, or Kenton County, was ar
Tested as he left the prison gate on tho
Ttaarge-of housebreaking. White Is ac-
jrasea of laving broken Into a house
ssSl taken a suit of clothes of a guard
when "he escaped from prison last year.
He will Tje hold to the Franklin Coun
Xsr Grand Jury.
Fawners around Winchester contln
aa to experience hlg losses among fat
rattle on account of the white clover,
tsMch is said to be tho heaviest In
aaany years. The animals swell qulck
Jyand die. The only remedy that has
rsra found to be anyways effective is
by sticking them and inserting a tube,
at least 100 big cattle, averaging from
1,200 to 1,500 pounds, and valued at
Irom J110 to $135 have died.
Henry Clay Scott, seven-year-old son
at a farmer living near Brannon, a
lew miles from Nlcholasvllle, was
Stilled Instantly by lightning during ft
heavy storm. Tho child was asleep in
a room with an older brother, who was
ot Injured by tho bolt. The residence
-of George Fain, near the samo place,
was -struck by lightning, which caused
damage amounting to several thou
sand dollars.
The United States Senate has set
aside Saturday, June 24, as tho date
"or culogUs on tho late Senator "WIN
-lam O. Bradley, of Kentucky. Ad
J reason will bo delivered by Senators
James -and .Beckham, of Kontucky;
Ktenyon, of Iowa; Smoot', of Utah;
Bmlth, t)f Arizona; Williams, of Mis
sissippi; Kern, of Indiana, and a few
others, Senator James made the mo
tion for this recognition of his late
"olleague. v
A. D. Wells, Deputy Collector, and
xwo posecmeu raided a moonshine still
in Morgan County and captured Qua
"Vance, for whom the Government au
thorities have been searching for 30
years. He was taken before United
States Commissioner Cisco at West
IJberty where ho gave bond for his
appearance. Deputy Collector Wells de
stroyed a ninety-gallon copper still, 21
fermenting tubs and a quantity of
whisky and ber.
The Mellck Producing Company, of
Illinois, larve oil promoters, has leased
4,600 aeros of land from Georgetown
landholders, Including Waterson Show
alter, Jack Fhowalter, Rhodes Ashurs
Thomas Ailmrst, Otis Ashurst, John
Fluke and liviuo Davis, with the ex
pectation or boring for oil, David
Mellck, of Kosovllle, O., president of
the company, thinks the land is in the
direct line with the bit; vUi In Kstl.i
Ffetraty. Four huu4rd wore acres
wfll be 1' c boring.
fn the seventeenth annual registered
tournament of the Kentucky Trap-
suooters i-easue, new on tne grounw Tlttje o departure of trams puss
u n, t.v. rw t w.,. " n.rouRh KariitiKtmi
rove, win the cliailenge cup
fron lien HMle, of Fayetto County,
who captured the prise at Lexington
recently. Gay broke 98 oat of 100.
Securing a derrt of diverse frttn I
his third wife only a few days age In
circuit coutt at tlendai-son, J. D. Boat
man, 67, ana Mrs. Mary Rowland, 47,
were united In marriage at the QAmb
Hirer hotel In that city. Ileforo the
marriage ceremony both signed a mar
riage contract that the bride was to I
receive a child's portion of the estate,
In the, event she outlived Itoalmr
uoatman was married to his third w o
just a year ago, and In hlg petition fori
divorce he alleged she abandoned him
throe woeks after the coremony.
Rttotive Sunday, April 0, 1016
Ni 1)2 n.20 a, m.
X.; 2 ai.13 a. tit
1st i. .8.15 p. iri,
? V4 ll.WJp. m.
'-. Hi 7.40 a. m;
i)l arrive 70 a. mi
'"t 10a 11.80 a, m.,
it ;09 1.4S p. ms
No. 110 4.80 p. til.
aotJTi bound. ' .
No. 53 4.8 a, m,
No. CI 4.25 p.m.
No. 08 10.62 p. m.
No. 103 0 61 a. m.
No. 107 12.27 a. m. .
No. 100 3.22 p.'m.
Nc. 10o ).... 12:27 p. in.
NovJOl, 106 and 107 daily ex-
oept Souday.
No. 105 Sunday "uly.
Time of departure of IlliuoiB Con
tral trains from Nortonvllle, Ky.
ESectlve Sunday, Feb. 20, 1016.
102 1.15 p. m.
101 3.25 a. m.
122. local pass. 11.52 a. m.
No. 136, local 0.15 p
No. 101 4.03 p.m.
No. 103 1.50 a. m,
No. 121, local pass. 12.50 p.m
No, 1S5 local DAaa 6X5 a. in.
Two men were killed Instantly and
three others stunned when a bolt of
lightning struck a canoe near Louis
ville under which they had taken shel
ter on uooso island, during a severe
electrical storm. Those killed wore
Jasper Needy, 65 years old, and Jacob
Benson, 23. Tho injured are Joseph
Barrlmore, Charles Hunger and John
Benson. The men composed a fishing
party which had spent the day in the
waters below the falls, and were
caught on the Island when tho storm
bore down upon them.
Fayetto County's road specifications
Involving the expenditure of $300,000
for the rehabilitation of tho public
road system of the county, drawn after
much deliberation and discussion by
tho Fayette County Road Commission,
have been approved in every detail by
Road Commissioner R. C. Terrell,
thereby guaranteeing Fayetto County
state aid on Its road construction pro
gram and allowing Judge F. A. Bul
lock to proceed with the work of
awarding contracts. It Is expected
that the work will be under way by
Juno 15.
L. H. Bellbaum, the Cornlshvllle
druggist, and his wife wero fishing In I
Chaplin River, near Harrodsburg, and
had thrown in their lines about fifteen
feet apart in the water. A fish grabbed
Mr. Bellbaum'a hook and drew his cork
under, and a few seconds later Mrs.
Bellbaum a cork bobbed out of sight
It developed that a big catfish weigh
ing several pounds had caught Mr.
Bellbaum's bait and started swimming
down the stream when it saw Mrs.
Bellbaum's bait dangling temptingly
near and grabbed that also, and both
hooks caught the greedy fish.
Corporal Davis Marksbury. who was
killed by Villa bandits, near Cruces,
Alex., was tne son of Thomas Marks-
bury, who lives about four miles from
Harrodsburg. His father is the
owner of the famous old Shawnee
Springs farm. Corporal Marksbury
was 27 years old and spent a two-
weeks furlough with his parents and
other Mercer county relatives about
six months ago. , His early training
was received at the Columbus (O.)
barracks, and he was later transferred
to Ft. Leavenworth, Kan., from where
he was sent with tho first troops to
tne .Mexican sorder.
iteports from Winchester state
mat Fletcher Deaton, the seventy-
year-old Breathitt County feud leader, c r- , . u . .
was taken -to the State Reformatory Some EarIinSon Peop,e Hm Ltarned
to serve a -life sentence following a That Neglect l Dangerous
conviction on a charge of complicity
In the assassination of Sheriff Ed. Cal-
lanan, Jackson, several years ago.
Deaton's case has been carried throueh
all of the state courts and into the Su
premo Court of the United States.
Trains from and to Henderson.
No. 146, Louisville Limited
3:11 . m.
No. 142, Louisville Express
7:01 a.m.
No. 144, Louisville Fast Mail
2:52 p. m.
No. 148, Owensboro Accom
modation 0:25a. m.
No. 166, Cloverport Accom
modation 5:35a.m.
No. 145, Louisville Limited
1:48 a.m.
No. 141, Louisville FaBt Mall
12:58 p. m.
No. 143, Louisville Express
No. 147, Cloverport Accom
modation 0:00a. m.
No. 149, Owensboro Accom
modation 5:15p. m.
E. M. Womaok, A. G. P. A.
L. W. Rogers, T. A.
The slightest symptom of kidney
trouble Is far too serious to be over
looked. It's the small, neglected
troubles that so often lead to serious
where his appeal was refused. Deaton k,3ney ailments. That pain in the
is said to be the last of the leaders of "small" of your back, that unnarv
tne celebrated Deaton-Callahan feud irregularity; those heartaches and
mat waged for years In Breathitt dizzy spells; that weak, weary, worn
County. out feeMnir. mav be nature's warn.
Evidences are multiplying that the Ingof kidney weakness. Why risk
tobacco dealers expect tho demand for your life by neglecting these symp-
me weea next season to exceed the torTB? Reach the cause of tho
supply, according to dispatches from trouble while there yet is time-be-
w.;nr - VZ I f m 8ln treating your kdneys at once
era before the crnn ni.lV, wlth aB(1 proven kidney rem-
all the tobacco raised at S7 ia ss nor edy' No need t0 experlment-
100 pounds. The planters are expect- Doan 8 -K'dney Pills have been
lng big prices next year, In view of the successfully used in thousands of
government reports showlnc: a ahorf. cases of kidney trouble lor over 50
ago incident to the European war, and years. Doan'e Kidney Pills are used
I II I V arp IllirriTlfr niit nil rW V. k I
,u " lua fiuuia ana recommenaea tnrougnout tne
vu.. uum m. iiowever. tne imviiiToH nnri,i nnn.inih
news of the shortage was not widely
spread until It was too late to procure
plants In abundance.
A. W. Davles, a son of Hywel Da-
vies, lornier ousmess agent at the
mony follows
Mrs. E. Allen, W. Main St., Se.
bree, Ky., says: "I had sharp twing
es 'aoross my loins. One box of
University of Kentucky, was awarded Doau'8' Kidney Pills cured me and
the prize of $100 offered to tho honor made my kldneva normal. I highly
student making the honorary engi- recommend this mediome to anyone
noerlng fraternity, Tau Beta Pi. at sutferlug from kidney trouble, as it
the annual initiation banauet of th ii n .i i.i 1. ...
..w.mij, Ql uve $20
koiu pieces was given bv D. P
Crawford, suporlntendont of motive Prloe 500 at alL dealers. Don't
power of tho Pennsylvania linos west B,mPy Bsk toT a kidney remedy
of Pittsburgh, here for tho silver ju- S'tD'au's Kidney Pills the same
bllee exercises of the Colleee of Mn. that Mrs. Allen had. Foster-Mil-
cianical and Electrical Engineering, burn Co., Props., Bullalo, N. Y.
t mo uunquei mcnaru u. Btoll, a vis-
i rnr nnornii win rn
X,; vr...r.:rr"' pzo The Dofl'. t.h.
...i, viawiu unureu jiuu lor tn hm t .r . . ....
Mm nionnl,. iroi- n,.i. ... k. I " " " ""-' "-m
ui aroourviiie, nas ceen selected out
of 132,000 applicants as tho winner of
ino -ueauty and Brains" contost which
has Just come to a close. The contest
was held by tho World Film Corpora
tion, a motion picture syndicate, for
tho purpose of recruiting new stars for
the screen. Mrs. Golden was nrevaiinii
upon by her frlonds to allow hor name
to bo entered, which she did, sending
a photograph and writing a letter giv
ing hor reasons for wishing to become
a motion picture actress as requested.
Barbourvilld feels proud to havo tho
prettiest woman out of 132,000 In the
unnea biatos and Canada who submit-
Notice 1 Poultry Raisers
Cholera, Gapes, Umberneck, Roup
f9nlffr murrhnuft fln1 all
Olteases of Poultry
Will CoomM. BarJitown. Ky, ayi: "One droo
I of Kcclpe 4-11-44 dropiwl down the bill of a
icapmf ciucKcn hum me worm auu relieve
the chick iiikuinur ii it me wn preventive
I ever ucd." Nont n cood Ko cuti, no pay
Mfg. t Cuir. ty J. Root. Crume, Birdttown, Ky.
j rocs soe it an Druuisit
" my - -w. , 3 illBUUa lUMl (UIIII1. -
ien w, iee94 ,n h(jr incorporated
taw ' , fi i o the aniora. n,....'., itimrtn..)
Bulletin No. 3
Wliy Not Face te Facts
About Armor Competition?
To the Pconk: . "
Tho policy of tlio United States Govornmont for many yoare lma mado rod competition in
luiuut-uiUAllijj HlUUUUUlve
Tho Govornmont might have nsked tho threo armor planU for bids and lot tho cnliro
tynago to tho lowest bidder. That would havo mado competition effective.
Tlio result of such a course would have been lo drive two of the three manu
facturers out of business, and leave the country with facilities of only one
plant in time of need.
The Government in fnct lias nlwnys nsked for bids from'
the three manufacturers, but no matter what thoprico
quoted, each year's business was divided among them.
Armor makers servo but one customer tho Government, just as a public utility
serves but one customer' a community.
Tho solution of tho public utility problem i3 regulation of rates.
The solution of tho armor problem is for tho Government to fir the price.
Wo voluntarily acrco to accent nnv nrlcc (imA 1W Psvi.1 r ji.t
- - - V vivi a. A UUU ViUUiUUIfBlUai
Isn t acceptance of that offer better than tho destruction of on industry built Bolclr
to acrvo tho Government?
CHAS. M. SCnWAD. Chalnata
Bethlehem Steel Company
Travelinf Man's Experience)
"In the summer of 18Sfl T hurl
very severe attack of cholera morbus-
'iwo physlolans worked over me
from four a. m. to On. m. wlthnnt
RlvinR me any relief and then told
me tney did not expect me to live;
that I had best telegraph for me
family. Instead of dointr so. I eavn
the hotel porter fifty cents and told
him to buy me a bottle of Chamber
lain's Colic, Cholera aud Diarrhoea
Remedy and take no substitute. I
took a double dose accordlDf; to the
directions and went to sleep after
the BRRnnrl rinan. At. f1trn n'nlnnl.
next morning I was called by my
order and took a train for my next
stopping point, a well man. bnt feel
ing rather skaky from the severity
of the atfaot." nrltm T-T w T.
land, Louisville' Ky. Obtainable
Institutional Treatment of Tuberculosis
means that the patient Is given constant attention; that tho re.
k'ltne which Is found to be best adapted to tho oase is rigidly ad
hered to: that a resident physician is at hand all of the time,
studying the case and adapting the treatment to it; that nursing
service is of the best. All of these things mean improvement,
greater comfort and possible recovery. Hazelwood Is operated
witnout profit by the Louisville Ant'-Tuberculons Association.
Rates $12.60 a week. Write for detailed Information.
Hazelwood Sanitorium
SR. 0. MILLER, Physician in Charge
Station E Louisville, Ey.
Subscribe For The Bee
The Proper Place to Spend. Your
Summer V acation
, Is Cerulean Springs, Kentucky
Cerulean Springs is situated in the Hills of Old
Kentucky, where the air is pure and ,cool, the hottest
nights in July and August are so cool'that light cover
is needed, and the days are dreams of delightful' rest
and soul satisfying recreation. The Water as its
name signifies is blue sulphur, free from any offensive
odor and. is always cool and fresh; it is noted for its
wonderful curative properties in diseases brought
about from malaria, brain-fag, kidney trouble, stomach
trouble and nervous dispepsia. The cuisine is unex
celled, there is a large garden connected with the place
and the farm of 130 acres gives us plenty of fresh milk
and butter, fresh eggs, fried chicken, shoar, mutton
or beef all the time. We invite you to spend your
vacation at Cerulean Springs thecoojest and most de-v
lightful spot in Kentucky. Rates per week $10.00,
$12.00 and $17.50 Special Rates to Families and
Parties. 1
TURNER & GRAY, Managers

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