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msc&' "V ca, in mil 1 1 in IHliittSTRY WE jjiMliii SSg2-
No. 67
Parties Ready For tho Won
derful River Trip to
Tht rnniesfs are now nvr and fh
winners are busy packing their grips
for lhe Green River trip to the Mam
moth cave, l here will he forty or
more on this trip -and Mrs. J. E
Fawcett will be the chaperone. Fol
lowing is a list of the winning con
testants and how they won. Mrs
Ed Rule won in the Chautauqua tick
et selling contest. Miss Mary Lou
Ashby won in Whitford's contest.
Miss Bessie May Burton won in
Browning Brothers contest. Miss
Sue Wade Davis won in the Idle
Hour contest. Misses Mabel Brown
ing and Nell Blair tied in the n. D.
Cowand contest and Miss Nell Blair
won in the drawing. Miss Margaret
Mitchell and Lena Davis won in the
Set's contest making seven in all,
in addition to the winners there are
thirty or more friends going with
them thus insuring a lively, jolly
party. The reservations have all
been made, a special coach will be
put on train No. 52 at 11:08 Satur-
urdaymorning for this party and the
same coach will be on 93 Wednesday
night returning. Everyone is request'
cd to see that suit cases and grips are
plainly tagged so there will be no
trouble in handling and transferring
at Evansville. On arrival at Evans
ville Saturday the party will go di
rect to the H. P. Lahr & Son New
Store for luncheon and arterwards
will be free to go where they will un
til 4:30 when they should be on the
Steamer Evansville and identify their
baggare. .The boat leaves at 5 o'clock
10,000 BEES
Hive of Insects Fall on Street
Chicago Crowd is
Chicago, Aug. 23. Ten thousands
bees, liberated in La Salle Street in
Chicago's financial district, today
stung a score of people and sent
brokers, clerks and messengers hurry
ing to cover. The bees were being
earned in a case when a youth bump
ed Into a man holding them, causing
him to stumble and smash the case.
The usually crowded street was in
stantly deserted for a a block.
Miss Agnes Lynn was the charm
ing hostess at a Rook party Monday
night in honor of the Misses Corey.
The color scheme was yellow and
white. Those present were: Misses
Mabel Browning, Lucy, Julja and
Hazel Fawcett, Susan Marie and Sa
rah Crutchfield, Margaret and Eliza
beth Kemp, Elizabeth Long, Connie
Fenwick, Cammye Fox, Ethel Old
ham, Katharine Blair, Frances Mc
Elfatrick; Evangeline McMillian,
Monroe, La ; Margaret Gordon and
Myrtle House, Nashville, Tenn,;
Mesdames Ralph Dudley, Dick
Meacham, Chas. Barnett, Ellsworth
Evans, Chas. Trahcrn, Gilbert King,
W, L. McGary and Harriett Brown
ing. Refreshments of brick cream,
and cake were served. All present
had a most delightful time.
Subsea Liner Anchors Off
Brcmcrhafen All of
Crew Well
Berlin, Aug. 23 (by wireless to
Sayvillo, N. Y".) The merchant
submariuo Deutschlaml arrived
at the mouth of tho Wescr on
August 23, according to the Over
seas News Agency.
Tho agency says that the
Dentschland arrived on tho af
ternoon, of August 23 and an
chored beforo the month of the
river. All on board wero well.
Tho Dentschland, a German
super-submarine, built for carry
ing merchandise, arrived at Bal
timore from Breraon on July 0
with a cargo of dyestnffs and
malic Her arrival was hailed in
Germany as tho beginning of a
regular submarine merchant ser
vice between tho United States
and Germany, wonld be ablo to
defy the British blockade. It
announced that sho would bo
followed shortly by the Bremen
a sister ship.
The Dentschland left Baltimore
on ner rotnrn trip on Ausust 1.
with a cargo of rubber and metal.
Headquarters Kentucky Divi
sioo, U. o. y.
Frankfort, Ky., Auk. 22, 1010.
To Every Confederate Veteran lu
Kentucky,: ,
Tho Don. Mat Cohou, Commis
sioner, and the State Board of
Agriculture and the Louisville
Board of Trade have united in
cordial invitation to all Coofed
erato Vital aus to bo present at
the State Fair at Louisville on
Sept. 12, 1010, which is set apart
as "Governorb' nd Military
Day.1' Tnoy desiro your attend
ance in order that they may show
you especial courtesies as an evi
dence of th( et-teem in which you
are held by these organizations
and the citizens of Kentucky
I therefore urge that every
Confederate Veteran in the State
who en do so accept this invita
tion and attend : and to further
show onr appreciation of this in
vitatinu it is hereby ordered that
everyone who attends meet mo
at the office of Hon. W. J.
Gooch, Secretary of the Fair,
promptly at 11 o'clock A. M.
S-pl. 12, 1016, and join in a short
parade acrosa the arena accom-
pmiod by bands playing uatioual
Come, and be sure to win your
uniform, Confederate button or
Camp Badge, ono or all, and let
us huve a good ddy together at
our groat State Fair.
W. J. Stone,
Maj.Geu'l. Oom'd'g. Ky. Div.,
U. C. V.
The Misses Whalen will entertain
the Earlington chapter U. D. C. at
their home on Main street Wednes
day afternoon from 3 to 5. All
Earlington and Madisonvil'e members
are cordially invited to be present.
After the business of the chapter is
transacted, a social hour will be en
joyed '
An Ice Cru.a Supper will be held
at Grapevine Church Saturday night,
Sept 2. A big time is expected and
the public Is cordially invited. Pro
ceeds for the benefit of the church.
j! l i '
Senator Sherman of Illinois
Again Attacks Labor Lead
er Gompers
Washington, Aug. 21. Char-
acteiizing him as "Tho Great
American Skuuk," Senator
Sherman of Illinois, bitterly de
nounced Simuel Gompers. presi
dent of the American Federation
of Lubor, and said ho was a men
ace to society and to civil zation.
This is the second attack made
upon the I thur leader bv the Illi
nois senator Uuring the last week,
and was prompted bv a lette
written by Mr. Gompers to Sau-
ator Sherman challenging him to
a debate.
"Mr. Gompers" declared the
senator with all the emphasis at
bis command and with eves
turned toward tho galleries, " ia
a- parasito upon tho body of
organized labor, a creeping
poisoned ivy upon tho woilJ, a
Dinner, a coward and tho groat
Amenoau sknuk. There
vast difference between
imato organized libor and
is I
who prostitute its cuuse,
Mr. Gompers is a publio
nuisance and a peril. lie is
an apologist fpr crimiuah and a
disgrace to civilization."
Following this romark, Sen: tr
Used aske'd what "the great
Kuardiau of tho proprieties and
tno rules or tho senate," refei-
nug to Sauator Gallinger, who
had previouily interjected some
observations had to say "about
that sort of laneuage."
Senator Galliugor replied that
ho had nothing to say excect
that he regarded Mr. Gompers is
"in about the same light as the
senator from Illinois,"
baia'or blierman's attack was
the result of a ppeech bv Senator
Reed defending Gompers.
I wish to thank my many friends
for their kindness shown me duiing
the "Idle Hour" contest. Mthough
I was not fortunate enough to win
I shall never forget those who helped
me and wished me success.
Elizabeth Long.
With Every Yearly Subscrip
tion to The Earling
ton Bee
While they last we will give every
subscribe! new or old who pays $1.00
a Gem Ironing Shoe free. These
shoes make ironing easy. Fits any
iron Nickle plated, heats instantly,
made of best rolled steel plate very
thin. No dirty streaks, Tno scorched
clothes and never rusts, saves time,
labor and buying new irons. See
them at the Bee office. Remember
you get this Gem Ironing Shoe by
paying your subscription.
In a letter just received here from
Portland, Texas, some harrowing
scenes are recorded of the damage
done by the recent hurricane, which
struck Corpus Christi, Portland and
other cities in that vicinity. The one
in which our people are. more inter
ested, however, is the little town of
Portland, just eight miles across the
Bay from Corpus Christi, where live
a large number of former Earlington
and Hopkins county citizens. The
causeway, recently constructed at an
enormous expense connecting these
cities is ruined, the railroad bridge
torn away and telegraph- and tele
phone communication still cut off,
and the little city of Portland on the
bay is one of wreck and ruin. Much
live stock and vegetation was destroy
ed, but fortunately the Kentucky col
ony escaped with their lives.
The beautiful bungalow, formerly
occupied by O. H. McGary, but now
tne nome ot tne rresuytenan minis
ter, was entirely demolished and deb
ris from that building broke windows
in the home of H. C. Bourland close
by, letting in a terrific wind, accom
panied by rain.
The banisters and columns on the
porches and windows at the home of
Mrs. Harry Corey were torn away
and a heavy folding bed in her home
was overturned. The Christian
church was lifted from its foundation
and the little home of Mr. and Mrs.
J. E. Mothershead blown about six
inches from its original foundation.
-That felloe who owes us four
bucks on subscription aud pud
fifty cents n account lar week
w:H bo thrice welcome if ho
tnpkea it a dollar M e next time,
Illinois Central Preparing to
Handle Special Trains
Hodgenville, Ky., Aug. 23. The
Illinois Central Railroad Co. has
large .force of workmen here engaged
in laying extra side tracks in the local
ysrds to care for the special trains
which will bring the crowds to the
Lincoln Farm exercises Sept. 4.
More than a mile of extra siding:
- ... ... . ...
win ne jam, ana tne yards will ac
commodate six or eight special trains,
Chas. S. Minor, of New York
City, who has charge of the Lincoln
Farm Association's part in the exer
cises which will make the farm into
a national park Sept. 4, is in Hod
genville today making final arrange
ments for the occasion. Mr. Minor
will confer with Louisville citizens
who made the trip from Louisville to
Hodgenville today in automobiles.
Stop Using Dangerous Drug
Before It Salivates You!
It's Horrible!
tf .
xoure unions, sluggish, con
stipated and believe' yon need
vile, dangerous calomel to (tart
your liver and clean yrur bowels,
Here's my guarantee! Ask
your druggist for a 50 cent bottlo
of Dodson'a Liver Tone and take
a spoonful tonight. If it doesn'
start your liver and straighten
you right up better than calomel
and without griping or making
you .ick,l,want you to go back
to the store and get yonr monev.
Tako calomel today and tomor
row you will feel weak and sick
and nauseated. Don't lose
day's work. Take a spoonful of
harmless, vegetable Dodaon's
Liver Tone tonight and wake up
feeling great. It's perfectly
harmless, so give it to your chil
dren any time. It can't sali
vate, so let them eat anything
Actor's Salaries Are as
Fleetihg as Summer
In the September American
Magazine a Broadway critic tells
the truth about actor.s salaries
H says:
"ino actor's reputeu salary is
snaro and a delusion' and
falso god not to bo worshiped, in
that it is intermittent' fleeting,
evanescent. It is a will-o'-the-
wiep, now here, now there, but
uever enduring. Any expert
ouce actor would with profound
gratification agree, to devote his
life to stage work if guaranteed
thirty weeks of employment.
One of the jokes porpetrated at
the expense of slackers at tho be
ginning of the war was, The.
English aotors at tho Lambs Club
in conference yesterday agreed
to notify their Government that
they would enlist in tho army
but only ou condition that they
should bo guaranteed thirty
woeks.' "
Speaking of strikers reminds
us that it is about time for the
ondarpnid newspaper publishers
to strike for higher subscription
rate?, inoreased jnb priuting
prices, and better compensation
in evory way. With printer's
supplies up in price from 25 to
100 poiv cent, abont tho only
profit mn tho publisher is his
experfouoe, and that has never
yet satisfied a gnawing stomach.
Five Hundred and More foe,
Attend Pennyroyal Fair
Saturday Sept. 2nd
The committee in charge of Trav
eling Men's Day at the Pennyroyal!
Fair are very much encouraged as to
the outcome for the big gatherinjr of
drummers on Saturday, September 2
Not only have the local men been,
spreading the news, but nearly every
traveling man in Western Kentucky
has been interested in giving publicity
to the big meet and in all towns are
to be found attractive posters telline
of the big day.
Men will come from Paducah,
Nashville, Louisville, Henderson,
Madisonville and many other towns
where traveling men make headquar
ters and the prediction lias been made
by the local committee that the visi
tors to the Pennyroyal fair will num
ber five hundred strong and that the
gathering will be the largest gathering
of traveling men yet assembled in
Western Kentucky.
Nothing but fun will be pulled off
that day. Mules will be provided for
all who enter the Derby and harness
event of those who are not furnished
saddles will ride in the Derby bare
back. The speakers of the day wilt
be Gov, Stanley and Congressman
Kincheloe. These two notable trav
eling men have both entered the DeiH
by and the harness race.
The trip to the fair grounds will bctfc
made in automobiles ond the parade
will be headed by the celebrated Met
ropolitan brass band.
The start will be made at 10:30
o'clock from the Latham hotel.
Numerous events will take place
during the day and the winners will
be awarded handsome prizes.
Conductor Praised
For Delaying Train
To Get Milk For Bab
Cotter, Ark., Aug. 23.-
O'Donnell, a conductor on the
White Rivor division of the Iron
Mountain Railroad, was .some
what worried when he learned
that a report had been raado to
division headquarters on his re
cent action in holding a passen
ger train here for twenty min
uter, so that milk could be pro
cured for a sick baby on tho
train. Today he was astonished
it reoeiviug a letter from B. F.
Bash, of St. Louis, receiver of
the road, commoudiughis action.
'Your aot proved that railroad
officials and employes place tho
interests of humanity abovo evea
railroad discipline," wrote Mr.
The bazaar and luncheon given
by the ladies of the Catholic
Church on Wednosdav afternoon
at thn Victory building was ono
of the most successful ever held
here. Crowds thronged tba
building from the opening hour
at 8 o'clock until lato In tho oven
ug ; beautiful haud-made articles
toys and useful household neces
sities were received. Tho sand-
witches and ices were well pre
pared and generously but daintily
served. A goodly sum was realized.

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