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With the'end of the month, comei the end
of all High Art Clearance Sales so it's time
for'quick action, if J you want to'save your
clothes money.
This then is the final notice of the sales
the last days of extra savings for all saving
wise and clothing-wise. For you must know
that there can be bought no better clothes than
High Art at their plain figure-fair prices.
Save now
20 percent Discount on Men's Suits.
20 percent Discount on Boys' Suits.
The Sale of Summer Clothes.
- The Sale of All Shirts.
Any Straw Hat for Si.oo.
To Smokers Who Gare
A mild, olear, Iodr Oiler Havana
"GfcNTO" will plea.o you "5c"
Browning Bros.' Ice Cream
Parlor Formerly Nixon's
News of the Town
"Good morningl Have
yom seon The Courier7
gYAnavillc'i best paper."
" Leo Salmon has returned from
An enjoyablo dance was given bv
the young men of this olty Tuesday
oronlnR In the Victory buildiug.
Qeo. K. Drake and Master I? u ford
Webb are visiting friends In lioone
Tllle, Ind,
Mrs. O. F. Barnett, of Nashvlllei
Tflnn., Is the guest of Mrs. C. V
Thurman Rudd, of Terre Haute.
Ind., spent Wednesday with Mr. and
. Mrs. C. W. Webb.
FOR BALE A HM six octave or
gan for 1 10. Ask at Bee olllce.
Paul.IUce, of Madlsonvllle, made
a business trip to town Tuesday af.
Misses Eugenia Coll, Josephine
Willis and Laura Nlabet, of Madl
sonvllle, were in tho city Tuesday
ovenlng to attend the dance given
by the younglmen of this city.
Chester Ashby, Dick Arnold, Fe
lix Vanuoy and "Chunky" Thomp
son, of Madlsonvllle, attended the
dance given by the young men in
this city Tuesday evening.
Oleau cotton ones. The Beo v.
Herman Vaughau is spending a
few days In town visiting frfendp.
Mrs. Mlnule Noel, of Dixon, Is
spending a few days in'town vUttlng
Ned Barnes has returned from a
few days' vlsll at Providence.
Ernest Dunning, the popular Hard
ware drummer, made his usual trip
to the cv the early part of tho
Neal Stivers, of White Plains,
nude a short Btny In town Tuesday
FOR SALE Several used sewing
machines. Prices rango from $3.60
to $10.00. Atk about them at The
Bee olllce.
Mr. and Mrs. B, E. Nixoil, who left
Earllngton m their Siudebaker some
days since for Detroit, happened to
bad luok near Vtncennes, Iud. Tho
rear axle broke aud they had to have
a new due put In, reaohlng Detroit
last Sunday night. They ask to be
remembered to all Earllngton
Mrs. 0. P. MoManus, of Fort
Worth, Tex., formerly of this olty,
will arrive In a feW days to visit her
grand ohildren, Willie Andy and,
Matthew MoManui, whom she has
not seen for thirteen years.
E, E, Tlttsworib, of Nortonvllle,
was In town Tuesday.
Frank Giannlnl, who bat been in
Dixon for the past few days, bai re
turned borne,
Examination For
Road Engineers
Beginning on S?pr. 10, Dept.
of Public Roads will give exam
inations throughout tho State for
tho position of Oounty Koad En
gineer for a term of two years
from October 1010 to October
Certificates will bo issued to
al! candidates who attain a grade
of at least 75 nnd the various
counties will then mnke Elec
tion to fill the above position.
The position of Oounty Road
Eagiueor is one of the moat im
portant, if not the most import
ant, in tho county and at present
this State is expending between
a million and two million dollars
for tho building of roads and
bridges, exclusive of the counties
participating in State Aid woik,
and it is easily seen that efficient
men'are necessary, if a wise ex
penditure of the money is ex
pected. HW Dlscsvsry.
"I have finally discovered bow to
have a good deal of fun out of arguing
rtbont war, tariff, religion, politics, tho
gulf toward which we are rapidly and
inevitably drifting and tho various
other subjects o'er which I used to
violently and woll-nlgli endlessly con
tend, without arriving anywhere In
particular," confessed J. Fuller Gloom.
"Nowadays I simply own "up that I
havo no sense, anil then walk away. I
find that this Is the meanest thing I
can possibly do." Kansas City Star.
Cheap jit accident inenraoce Dr.Tlioaiia' Ec
lectle Oil. For burnt, soldi, -'J! J and emerci n
del. All druiciita sell It. ajc and joc.
Whenever wo havo a great na
tional strike, bo it railroad or
othorwiae, the common people
are always tho goats 'and their
bloatB of distress are consistently
ignored by both aider.
The Best laxative
To keen the bowels regular tho
best lsxatlvH is outdoor exercise.
Drink a full glass ot water half an
hour before breakfast and oat an
abundance of fruit aud vegetables,
ntBo establish a regular habit aud be.
sure that ynur bowelB move once
eaohdar. When a medicine Is need,
ed take Chamberlain's Tablets.
They are pleasant and mild nnd
gentle in effecr. Obtainable every
George ArTlold left for Bulfalo
Tuesday morning after a visit ot sev
eral weeks to Iiib parents and frieuds.
Mrs. 0. B. Thayer of Chattanooga,
Teun., who has been visiting hnr
pitonts, Mr, and Mrs. E. Rootz, tor
seyeral days, has returned home.
Mrs. W. A. Randolph and child
ren who have been visiting relatives
In Cadiz, have returned home.
Mrs. B. Stevens, ot ttie Barnes store
is spending her vacation in Hen
derson. Mrs. M. A. Deshon !: In Louisville
this week purchasing her Fall stook
of Mlllinerv.
Drives Out Malaria, Builds Up System
The Old Standard .antral tirthtnln tonic,
If aUrt,artchts the blood.md tmUde up the ra
te m. A tint tonic For adults and talldrt. 50c
Carter In New York Sun.
Brief Sentences Featuring the
Speech of Acccplcncc of
Charles E. Hughes.
America Fjrit and Amorlea Efficient.
We are too great a country to re
quire of our citizens who are engaged
In peaceful vocations the sort of mili
tary service to which they are now
We cherish no Illusions. We know
that the recurrence of war Is not to be
prsvented by pious wishes..
Wa denounce all plots and conspira
cies in the interest of any foreign na
tion. Adequate preparedness la not mili
tarism. ,
During this critical period the only
danger of war has lain in the weak
course of the administration.
The nation has no policy of aggres
sion toward Mexico. We have no de
sire for any part of her territory.
Wa propose that in the competitive
struggle that is about to come tho
American worklngman shall not suffer.
This representative gathering Is a
happy augury. It means the strength
of reunion. It means that the party of
Lincoln is restored, alert, effective.
Tha deatlnoa of tha administration
with Mexico constitute a confused!
chapter of blunders, it Is a record
which cannot bo examined without a
profound ssnss of humiliation.
We must take Vera Cruz to get Huer
ta out of office and trust to other na
tions to get our own citizens out of
peril. What a travesty of international
Destroying tho government of Huerta,
wa left Mexico to the ravages of revo
lution. I stand for adequate federal work
men's compensation laws.
The administration was to seize and
punish Villa for his outrage on our soil.
It haa not punished any one) we went
In only to retire.
I favoj- the y,ot forewomen.
In the demand for reasonable
preparedness tho administration
has foUowcd, not led. Thoso
who demanded mora adequate
forces were first described as
"nervous and excited." Only
about a year and a half ago we
were told that the question of
preparedness was not a pressing
one; that tho country had been
misinformed. Later, under tho
pressure of other leadership, this
attltudo was changed. Tho ad
ministration, It was said, had
"learned something," and itmado
a belated demand for an In
creased army. Even then tho
demand was not prosecuted con
sistently and tho pressure ex
erted on congress with respect
to other administrative measured
was notably absent
Wo aro told that the defects re
vealed by tho present mobiliza
tion aro duo to tho "system." But
It was precisely such plain de
fects that under tho constant
warnings of recent years, with
tbo whole world intent on mili
tary concerns, should havo been
studied and rectified. Tho ad-
V ministration has failed to dis
charge its responsibilities. Ap
parently It Is now seeking to
meet political exigencies by its
naval program. But It has im
posed upon the country an In
cpmpetent naval administration.
From Mr. Hughes' Speech of
Had this government by tha
use of both Informal and formal
diplomatlo opportunities left no
doubt that when we said "strict
accountability" we meant pro
- cisely what we said and that wa
should unhesitatingly vindicate
that position I am confident
that there would havo been no
destruction of American lives by
the sinking of the Lualtania.j
There wo had ample notice in
fact, published notice. Further
more, we knew the situation, and
wa did not require specifio no
tice. Instead of whittling away
our formal atatements by equiv
ocal conversations, wa needed
the straight, direct and decisive
representations which every dip
lomat and foreign office would
understand. I believe that in
this way we should havo been
spared the repeated assaults on
American lives. Moreover, a firm
American policy would have been
'strongly supported by our people
and tho opportunities for the de
velopment of bitter feeling would
have been vastly reduced. From
, Mr. Hughes' Speech of Accept
Wa live In a fateful hour. In
a true sense, the contest for tha
preservation of tha Nation is
never ended. We must still be
Imbued with tha spirit of herolo
sacrifice which gave us our
country and brought us safely
through tha days of civil war.
We renew our pledge to the an
cient ideals of Individual liberty,
of opportunity denied to none
because of race or creed, of un
swerving loyalty. Wo have a
vision of America prepared and
secure- strong and just- equal
to her tasks; an exemplar of the
capacity and efficiency of a free
people. I indorse the platform
adopted by 'the Convention and
accept its nomination.
Some time ago a consideration
of our economic conditions and
tendencies, of tho position of
women in gainful occupations,
of tho nature and courso of tbo
demand, led mo to the conclu
sion that tho granting of suf
frago to women is inevitable
Opposition may delay, but in
my Judgment cannot defeat this
movement If women aro to
havo tho vote, as I bellevo they
aro, it seems to mo entirely
clear that In the Interest of tho
public llfo of this country tho
contest should ho ended prompt
ly. I favor tho voto for women.
From Mr. Hughes' Speech of
I stand for adequate federal
workmen's compensation laws,
dealing not only with tho em
ployees of government, but with
those employees who are engag
ed In Interstate commerce, and
are subject to tbo hazard of In
Jury, so, that thoso activities
which aro within the sphere of
tho constitutional authority of
congress may be dealt with un
der a suitable law, From Mr.
Hughes' Speech of Acceptance.
J $fr:uno-wacener i
1 1 CNOW l'M n.MT'
RUT t WN7 ''
will uc-
I CH)-.-
DO Vni.Tuifc- it
aXiii-tVpJ jr- o r.fpf f
Jeys of the Poor.
Tho happiest people In the world
are tho poor. Without attempting to
stifle tho ambition 'for self-advancement,
religion has always taught men
to be content with' their lot and
shown tho folly of relying upon posses
sions ns the key to happiness. Our
materialistic day has worshiped finan
cial success, and by hearing this doc
trine constantly preached, those who
are poor have been made to feel them
selves unfortunate and condemned to
miss the great Joys of Ufe. Leslie's.
fits Qulnlns That Does Not Affect The HeaL
Became of Its tonic and laxative effect, LAXA
TIVE BROMO QDININE is better than ordinary
Quinine and doea not cause netronaneas not
unetn. In head. Remember the full name and
look lor the signature ol S. W. GROVE. 25c.
Wifely Whimsies.
"Married life," says a woman's page
writer, "would be Infinitely happier
if married men would obey the whims
of their wives with half the alacrity
J,hey displayed when their wives were
their sweethearts." why not make
allowance for the fact that a bache
lor isn't eternally worn out humor
ing his sweetheart's whimsical Idea
that tlero's a burglar In the house
and hunting for him with a flash
light? Louisville Courier-Journal.
A lazy liver leads to chronic dyspepsia and
constipation weakens the whole system. Doan's
Regulets (ijc per hot) act mildly on the liver and
bowels. At all drug stores.
Insanity and Pyromanla.
It used to be considered a possibility
for an insane person to be a pyromanl
ac and exhibit his Insanity In nq other
way than by setting firo to places, but
this has been disproved, so much so
that any firebug who pretends to py
romanla Impulses must have other in
sane history or ho cannot pass muster
among alienists as permitted to swln
dlo insurance companies with pretense
of incendiary irresistible inclination.
Washington Post.
r rr i i i
Y AZhv ) Mouse.l
i (
Fourteenth Annual
LOUISVILLE Ssptemfeer 11-16, 1916
Daily Trotting, Pacing and Running Races
Glean ap,d Glassy Midway muim?oupmui AM,a
Stupendous Decorated Automobile Partdf) forJMxe
Great Fraternal Gathering forFriday of Fair Week
Free Auction Sale of Pure-Bred 'livestock Thursday and
Reduced R. R. Rates
Addreu W. J.
Suite 604 RepuVUc IW.
The Stronger Never Say Die,
While tho Weaker Be
come Disheartened
The old adage, "if at first yon
don't succeed, try, try again," has
worked wonders for most of us.
SomejHmejn Hie lives cf everyone
we imagine things are going against
us. The weaker become discouraged
and give np, while the stronger face
this great game of life Willi staunch
hearts, clear brains and steady hands,
and with this good old adage as Iheir
Probably more persons become
discouraged over continued ill healfb
than from any other causer The rec
ords of every city will bear this out
Others, who probably suffered as
much physical pain and agony -as
their mentally weaker brothers, will
not give up the fight, but will do all
in their power to gain relief.
Difficulties are the test of the man.
Hundreds of people testify daily
that they had suffered years of tor
ture and agony from stomach or kin
dred troubles and had tried every
thing before they heard of Tanlac
These people did not ' give up the
Ship" after the first remedy failed to
cure them. When they heard of the
wonders that Tanlac, the new recon
structive tonic, was working, they
did not lose this opportunity be
aided simply because other prepara
tions had failed, It'is this "stick-to-it-ive-ness"
that has won happiness
for thousands.
The truth of this is clearly brought
out by the fact that business men,
professional men, artisans andx wo
men, too, in all walks of life, whose
common, practical judgment guides
them in all acts and conclusions, zxt
daily testi'ying to the merits or
Tanlac. -
Improper food, poor digestion, ov
er eating and lack of healthful exer
cise have cut short lives of thousands
from the lowest to the highest in the
land. Tanlac, the famous vegetable
preparation, has proven invaluable
for stomach troubles, which, after al
are the base of most ills. Tanlac
overcomes poor digestion, restores
normal appetite, brings good restful
sleep, and banishes that tired, nerv
ous feeling in short, it restores the
stomach to the habit of doing a full
day's work and doing it well.
Tanlac may be obtained in the fol
lowing nearby towns: Earlington,
Geo. King & Sons; Madisonville,
Gardiner & Bowmer; Morions Gap,
B. T. Robinson; Nortonville, Giy
Drug Store; White Plains, Dr. BaJ
ley; Mannington, Walter Mcintosh;
St. Charles, George King & Sons;
Carbondale, G. A. Woodruff; Daw
son Springs, Coleman & Wallace;
Crofton, Brasher ,& Croft; R. F.'D.
Orotton, Ranee & Mcintosh; Prince
ton, Wylie & Walker,
Nation's Drain Cells.
In national government, as In aft
other great human concerns. It is not
possible to destroy long established
nnd complicated systems with K
sledge hammer, no matter how evil
their real character may be without
Injuring tho Innocent, nnd temporarily,
at least, halting tho fluent nnd logical
co-operation of .tho nation's brain
$40,000 in fremiunu
COOCH, Secretary
LofaYffle, Kentucky

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