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Mountain advocate. (Barbourville, Ky.) 1904-1935, February 19, 1904, Image 1

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P < r t SY 1qR hnR A1R71r1 tY6o Pisa9nrlrrtwarlaim r ueM6aor itC a L erc I1p > Emum Mri istsrt
wA a
x L ± L a n ° BARBOURYILLE KiUGKYL rid yFbruryii 1904 r VI l t
liar J 1 O J
R OuR1f 1 UN t
Advanta a V
feeds at pray n Vf
t Wt See T Kcfr
11 o
I boiurvilIc the county
Y county is siuated i tl
gkofthe Cumber a q
Jhe tnouth of i1Ji R1dnt
broad kyyclcl l ntJl
oundcd on all Si des lie
s mostly coveried in fo nee
mountains contains nn a the
of coal of the finest aqua ity ORl
town is supplied with all
i consumes by the farmert r
surrunding country whoJd eJ
coalaud imagl nit to to Wntl
assfarmera do their potato j
Bluegrass section of our Stat 3rJt jr
The town of BarbPurvillc u
I spy 2000 inbabitantsSj m
i almost entirely of nativehi
leand ti are thrifty and indust I
nassrof people as can be four j
yhefe in Kentucky They at
Sband attend to their owi
i J
t f
essrand every one has > a bust
MI vi v V1
woyyn to occupy his time 1d 1
Mnetown is well laid ou n
do serous modern and sti
j al brick residences andl rick 4
I any oi which are tiireestoj
I wojlargebanks enjoy J
busineos which slow
isfjn a flourishinj
j crej are two colleges i
c Union College of J
lomination under
rg t and oldest college and li7
I lib al patronage the new
tilt ollege is also ina flourj
1cond tion and rapidlybuilding
II Besies the two colleges alrea y
namdfd the town Imam graded pee
school I which is conducted six mor the t1h
out off the year thus giving opvpor h
Jturiityto those who arc not ft pan
1r iciallvTable to avail them8clyei ol a p
collet a education to get a goc d
schpSl education with tuition abso I
r luteh y free
w a Cli chilies of almost every de nomi
siiacic in have their own ho sea of
o hip erected here andm have
prey clung and Sundayschooj regu
larly f
of the to rn has
TLeprinciple part
goo asawed stone or bric1 side
wish ks and some of the ilfenciple
Istrc ets have been macadamiztj i The
grei it hindrance along that Ii W here
JjlUickof stone with which tit make
Sjfthe streets as the stone fonj mtion
Jpiher is sandstone and when Broken
smi ill enough to be used bin the
stn fets soon grinds into ppy itler or
me is away
1 1 He treetfr are well lighted t bya
ser es of incandescent lctrtc jights
business houses an ost
am 1 all the juost
of i he homes are ligli ted in tli lame
w by the electric plant viilcli hi
Floc ted in the town
The town is wells
with business 1 muses reprem sting
all the variuus Thies Melt 1 dry
go ds groceries nilliaer7 rsg
ha ware c a d1tserwt o be
21 do ig a flouritkiagusiueH
oil induetfyieh a miner
sec tipn of the State lxior fern
ago is still a yirig good
bustne tsalthough tia t the
int west shown m tha line th thetre
once was There ar how er a
of prod ing Ilk
Iai Enub
T near this town fi > a It oil
istaltete toatirtuo sly the
Is mnwiiir hye d he x
r uet um from lsmK + t prim
Ile c of operatuM
Courtkoissc it 1ut
ttern and while it y be
inIrfairly goad that > < a
all t immix
tin yet it lacks
ovmcnts and
p it Mould hays hieS
erir i rt on foWP the
ofce art1Mse tow + a
w amtdru st i1
N d
tiilri r itiiYl11 T1pr ii1Iiih
tom4wt pt opo tatvid awdai
ian1 movMeat that fit tel o
th teawdWe
Wt neghctecl 16 tnctttMii that l I
r viliIIwi a street ear JiMcx
t U ndit rr9fi l i i tiW1 I
streeA Ei thJxdipjit drerI4 l I
horse car is run to meet aUJncoia iot
inJW tgpm trains oyer the L
rN rnUwiiy which passers thro u i
the eastern border of our to R
This great LI 9c K railway ysttrri
gives our people direct conneci oT
vrith the outside world and affc d I
abundant facilities for both tratn
pprtRtion and shipping purpose to
oil who live along its lines
There are many other things
might mention but will defer 11 ntil
some future me and not weary our
readers with stein lengthy article s
ir XU A Quiet Wedding
Last Thursday evening at 9 oclock
of pretty and quiet wedding was sol
e nied at the home of Mr John M
Messer in this ciry when the mar
page vows between Mr E F Hui 1
and Miss Kate Matthews were p
npunccd by DrrA F Baker ro
n istchurch Only a few il1tthc
friends of the contracting tmmte
and the
were present y
marriage was quite Jws of the
many of their rnerts11rpnse to
they expected the Wro although
niiriateinamB courtship tQCI
sue rise tonage were taken by
alreai h earn that heyWere
vac ited in marriage Tile AD
tl J1x fxtends congrtul uii41 9
ikJ young gentleman in securingssc h
in accpmplishcdjrbunij 1 Avto be
hiS partner tirougal1 me and wishes Ii t
for them my happy years of wed Ii
ded bliss I t
v Our first Subscrlberi
1 t
Before we lelt Georgetown Ky for
thIs cityour mother placed in ou
hnnd a silver dollar and as she did
sori rcd UI want to Ix the > firs
suhscribe for your paper and 1 J
ant to establish time precedent which
hope you will follow to nlwty
collect in advance God bless that 4
dear woman may she live to read the
DVOCATB for irtany years and yet sc
mp as ve have anything to
with the publication of it we wil
see to it that she shall have tin
leasure of perusing its column
weekly Now who will follow the
example she has set
Mr and Mrs W R Hughes wen
blessed a few days ago by the ad
vent of n bright eyed baby boy who
ade his appearance to bless the +
oome The proud father is much
ated over the advent and thinks he
cnn see a great Democratic states
m ian in the new born son while the
other is as equally confident thai
arson will grow up to be a gfcai
publican leader We have not sect
tbe new arrival but are inclined tt
ike the side of the mother
BOKX Last week to the wife 01 r
Wr loho Woodward general man
Ground T 1eplion <
axer pf the Camp
child both I
Co a son Wife and
sing well
This Morning another 111 pi the
alitil carpe and carpeted the
itH once more bat as time itQttItd
M wet from tM rainfall of Mash
gtt k melted almost as fast ac itt
U Tji jh bctii train a winte f
wep 1Ms n very before Bctn wit
said by the ywfMdfejr jjeneratioji a
told w atHr baa cpntUtjHNl un
smSi 111 ia + DctolKr
ooM beq piftax the upt
abrt lhi w3kk cisrR r t
ith bhe Wades etael sir The
tof 1 1
N d ltLxlttAttrm rimie
The ti treat lcpuWk Lc r
In NaHorml Affairs pass t
i tAWjy Last lay Ifd
WUblrmOrt Nome
> f Y
HM ccritM XShMf Tht
Ltst Monday aavening atfli o
oclock deth invaded tJ1eapti t
nierttf of Senator Marcu
Hanina in the Arlington hotel in
Washington City and called frobf
earth the spirit of Hint who w
recognized ly all to be the leader
of the National Republican party
At the time of his death Ser
tor fianna was serving his tint
pired term as senator froth Ohio
and only about three weeks a
he was reelected for the suc
ceeding term of six years by the
largest majority that any moan l
Ohio ever received
Curing both terms to which
Prr2ent McKinley was elect l
a peesmu dent Senator Hanna Wns
prea Jan of the National Repu
c aum mum r t tee and managed
1 ican Chp jgnB so successful r
the caw won the coiifideiice nd
tIt ne
k tf all who came in caft
esteem tall YI
4 withlt
tact with
WIoC WI 1 t
frequentHis r
His connectionwith
AP connection with tile
men loneuu nomination whip
> re81 en ulJ
this sum ill r bU t
will alb m < modestly declin R
h e 110 I ay f to
allowy name to be fug
I oW lus ted p
Funeral serVIces wer
Funeral t r conduct g
ti41es i YlttJl l in the th
enate bhambept Washington
atwbieh the President and all
lie cabinet officers were present
after which the remains were g
ikon to his home in Cleveland t
Objo where service i will Iie field n
today n
Marcus A Habra was born in r
isbon OM Sept 24 1887 and t
wben five years of age removed IJ
with his fathers family to Oleve t
i1and where he spent the remain s
der of his life except when in 1
Washington serving as a member I
of the United States Senate t
While lie was always an ardent
Republican and a strong party
worker he never attempted to
deliver a public address until in f
897 1 when an effort was made by 1
tlle Democrats to defeat him for
his seat in the senate 1
In ail his dealings Mr Hunna
ras regarded by all to be per c
featly honest and by good mUll
gement he had managed to ac I
umulato a snug fortune
The gold plank in the Repub I
Ican platform of 1890 was cred
jtedto Mr Hanna while the
ruth was that Mr McKinley
wrote it himself in the office of
Mr Hanna in Cleveland with a
leiid pencil before Mr Hanna
Utrfcod to the St Louis conven
tion During all the turmoil over
the adoption of the platform Mr
IHannastutJeto the McKinley
lank and it wag the plank
doptffd by the convention
The personal between
JireKitiley and Mr Hanna
of close
were demoted by years
gocitio and they were bosom
ritnd and each had the great
MtrHpeqt the one for the other
In the death of Senator Hanna
tile nation as well as the Repine
clin party has sustained a loss
that will take some time to re
sist and all laboring men will
tf gel the loss of his wise cpimsel
ft ndiphtCJtl1 I + fi y I
f 1
kids rHeta
fouwwl for Caleb Powers in his
lit front the death penalty is
K mpra r hiM by the 5cett Circuit
< pMTta being mi acc wory before
t1M feet to thin awrder of Wm Got
w hawfih 1tknfr hi with the
1 oMctaAipsemis
n drepas arete lcy
m 1 1Ir1iUNWt61
gi t i
t a is
1irjiiii1itt 1i a
1 14
< 1iiIk
3Tliere are few who would gain p
Ifcf proposition that n bright young
F ilm her teens is the most atrac
tjepbjcct in the whole realm of
ii tpre With the flush of hope on
t cheek the gleam of intellige e
i jl Yehr springy elastic step
fr ngttg joyous laughter JJhe
pvi forth to conquer And if to
tjieae qualities is added the touch of
J MtWe that come from contact with
edscated people the unmistako e
Xouch of gentility and modesty too
itwil be a wonder if society d s
rift reach on Its hands for her rc
the is ready to meet its exacting de
It is said however that only in
the home can a perfectly correct pic
tune be gotton of its members All
masks are laid aside there hpoc
1ri Fr except in extreme cases has nol
existynceJfVthe parent the mother fii s
in the daughter the turning towards
the ideal she had for herself then all
is well Jf she realizes that she is a
part ofa great organization n d
Imps hef duties to perform if she re
W4 the vvilmescf her father a d
it t lurr Ip6rc than of any one e
St f Fries them with joy
1J1e there nee nis type who
ie o talk of the superior f
attainments and qualities df their
rents And the public easily for
gives them for it such as they an
> e polished stones in the temple oft1 C
But airgirls gifted by nature aneli
surroundings do nol
with helpful 1
Rte equal pleasure to those within
lhe home circle or without The
ear have miiyhap ah r iniperiou j
manner a sour spirit impatient andj
rstivc under authority they go
irough life seeking to have their I
lown wiry A voting girl dying said
that she was losing her life be fuse
she had not honored her parent I
The text Honor thy father and
other that thy days may be long
in her
upon the earth kept ringing
To this class also belongs the gir
who having been away to school
for some time was walking down
the street with a friend on her return
whenthey met her mother She Iinc
heen fearfully disfigured in trying tc I
snatch her this very girl when n
child from a fire The young lad
asked who was that horrible crea
ture Shc said she did not know
She denied her own mother Pride
has an overmastering influence nut
there are few American girls so
heartless as she was 1 it is pleasan
to belice
It is not ahvays the girl who sto
blame for unhappy home relations
1lasl there are unworthy parent s
who are responsible for the failure o If
their children to do well One doe s
not go far afield in saying like moth
cr like child The relationship b
ween mother and her daughter i s
the closest of all ties and no other
iflucnce is so potent Would sin
e to excelm books Ther
she mast receive the impetus fron
her mother ltis next to impossi
for n mother who ignores educatior
tQ hftveR cultured daughter The
desire for it must begin at the moth
ers brei st cvcmin the lullaby songs
anti the eird talesslie relates tc
the listening child
1Then ton if the parents woutt
1bnve the girl love the true the beau
tlr111 and the good they must tOYs
lesc themselves Nothing teaches
o w 1taR example And after al
the best results are obtained in the
Ration of the girl and the parenti
when there is perfect harmony 10
relCrve and n loymg intimacy
Mere that exists that home is r
tic bit of IwavcHw Dr Hawlhr
ot1CC in A memorial cltlres ef
t h a Iwomit t t
a M a t
s t k
funnily of daughters who OCCHJ
high relations in life Mid he wotald
rather be the architect of ki
home than to be president Bip it
Richmond Va a V
New Cetrnfy Cemmlftce
r1The newly elected Repubju ui
County Committee met last Sat r
day and adjourned by electing w
W Byrley Chairman W B JJizncy
Secretary W M Mitchell Tre s
urerThe following list now constitute S
ethe new committee
Barbourville No 1W Mr Mitch
Barbourville No 2 Jesse Childe s
Artemus W R Marsee
Brush CreekFred rice
Flat Lick Matt Smith
Upper StinkingDr Tip Jones
GirdlerS H Jones
Blacksjohn Black
Grays Boyd Dizney
Corbin lohn Gilliam
State News
The little son of Lewir vds h
1burn5d todeatlmJs delastweek as
jUy his cIothPCtching fire from an
I grateI h
W 0 Ashurst Chief of Police of H
jeorgetown has resigned his office p
and W W Harper was elected to fill
out his term
State Senator Jr F Porter of Webc
stcr countywas painfully injured s
at Frankfort by the accidental dis
barge of a pistol
T D Fitzgerald of near Stamp t
ing ground Scott county was bit
ten by a mad dog and has gone to 6
Chicago to try the Pasteur Serum
ure to prevent the otherwise prob
able resulthydrophobiaf
It is reported that Ollie James 0
from the First Dis
Congrtsmarafrom r
net will announce his candidacy
for United States Senator to sue e
eed J C Blackburn in a few days f
ltis further claimed by those who
claim to be in position to know c
hat he will hare the backing the
present administration in his race I f
which will make it rough sailing for
Representative W Godfrey HunIJ
Iter of Kentucky appeared before the 1
Rivers and Harbors Committee with 1
a delegation from Burnside Ky to 4
urge an appropriation for the comI
ilelion of a lock thirty miles below
iurnsidc on the Cumberland riverI
C W Cole B W Lord and L E
Jryant composed the delegation
The completion of lock 21 would
c 0st 300000 and would give a
hirtyfoot harbor at Burnside the
sear round Coal barges could be
loaded in the summer and for five
months of the year even with pres
et conditions on the lower Cumber
and and could be tcwed down the
sriver to the Ohio and the Missisppi
Lock 22 located three miles below
iurnside completed would give a
welvefoot harbor there
11In the District Court of the United
iStates for the District of Kentucky
in BankruptcyIn
In the matter of V
IKNRY THE DAY V In Bankruptcy
Bankrupt J
To the creditors of Henry Tee Day
of Whitesburg in the county of
etcher and district aforesaid n
ankrupt Notice is hereby givcrtthat on the
15th dayof February A Qll90
the said Henry Te Daywas duly
djudicated bankrupt and the first
meeting of his creditors will be held
at Barhourville Kentucky on the I
IC29th day of Fdruary A D 1904
tiat 9 oclock in the forenoon at which
ime the said creditors may Attend
prove their claims appoint trustee
xamine the Bankrupt and transact
uch other UtftneM assay nroiierly
mc beto saidwteetiag T tz l fth
of Pc v At D lP
tcvctoftmcM by H c StowM ate
it0IMr Ceaika
8toccaC l Gtnaifactarersf lweEerl j
great deal of new work h ili
commenced in the lower d ypli
ments of the Kentucky el M14
during the pst few day 1i
creasing interest is being Magi
fested in all sections and durl
the coming spring and Jsummer
there will be x good demand tfa
drilling contractors At presemf tt
field work is being somewhat re
tarded on account of the bad con
dition of the roads but in spite
of this impediment work in the t
developed sections is lively i
Detroit capital has lately beei >
invested in the development t
leases in the southeastern m rt9ji
the state and laot week alt Big
Five Oil company made upiOf
business men of that city let
contract for the drilling of fifteenth
new wells in thejjfjfc >
division The fir tScne8ew mg
is now yKSSPvay w This work V h
PSe carried on in the develop
d portion of the field and the i
holes will be drilled as rapidly
Among possible other new concern
hailing from Michigan is the
Kentucky Giant Oil Gas C it
pany newly organized TIlls tti
ompany is now doing its initial j
drilling in Knox county The r1
contract will keep a rig busy forjj
several months k
The January record of produarV
bion was the best in the history >
the field The runs from thust
developed sections approximated
50000 barrels while the number r
af completions was above the aj
erage The lower part of the f
field commanded the principal l i
attention and furnished the best 1 i k
Y >
Work is reviving in the south >
pastern division of the Kentacky1
fields Last week an oldtim0i tf
gusher was drilled in Kno jf
Bounty and it is the best pro4 7j
lucer encountered in that fiel < lt
for several months past The oilC f k
ushed to a height of 100 feet t
when the sand was penetrated
and the capacity of the strike Vv 4 4
placed at 100 barrels A newt
territory is gradually being
opened up in the Big Richland
section Some late completions
jhaw up with a good production
md pipe line extf unions are now
under way Most of the worKis
being done northern concerns > <
dbut a few localL pitalists are in
terested t
eThe central or tis eriields are
iCthe centers of considerable activ
ity In the BathRowan division
the Standard has lately started i
25 more wells to pumping and is
iegetting a big production TViTs
company is now pumping 75
wells in that division altogether a
The latest completion which was r
made last week is credited with
a daily production Of 15 barrels
A number of rigs are kept busy + Y
by the Standard
Some test work is under way
in the counties of Bath andi
Rowan and it is usually in Ute ty
ature of deep drilling The St
Louis Oil Gas company is try 4
ng to develop a deep sand in the r
Smbery territory where there
a number of shallow wells
The contract calls for drilling to tp
feet lfii
a depth of 1400
Several strikes have been made 1t
in the eastern division during j
the past month and drilling tJ
active throughout time eastern
part of the state In the couni
ties of Wolfe Estill and Morgaui
a number of rigs are at work and1
rpbably a dozen wells wet ° 1
frilled to completion in t
owntiea during the mo tlt
Jan uar1 Wolfe County jj
tp the hest ai my ttttd
ill iil tf tW i
slat c4ititr diri + dwiw rd r
tW r tI
tt J

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