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Mountain advocate. (Barbourville, Ky.) 1904-1935, June 10, 1904, Image 3

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In consideration of this lamentnbjc e
fact I have made great reduction irf
prices I realize full well that none y
art is much harder to get and in order
S to assist my customers in every pos
sible way I am willing to make only
1 s a small profit I have only space
enough for n few prices this week
but will name othprs next week
irs >
Polks best corn Oc
Polks best Tsmatoes 09
r Ice cream freezers as low as 175
Glass ware worth 25cts for 10
v See 10cent table for best
58 Goose neck hoes 25
> 48 Goose neck hoes 22
Packages 21b Rolled oats
for 15
Try my No2 Santos Coffee
t pcr Ib 15
w 1 Gal Syrup in Bucket 35
T 12 Gal Syrup in bucket 20
0 lQt Syrup 10
i If you desire to injoy yourselves
1I during the hot weather get a sup
r < k ply ofmy Screen Doors and Screen
to Wire to keep out the flies Prices
1 myr
r g v friends and patrons for past favors
f and hoping to merita continuance of
f your patronage and friendship
If I am faithfully yours
fei k i R W COLE
j J rx ss Af A vvv
r t V tt SX KMire y8 w at 6
IP Gardens are looking fine
> Mayor H C Cole made a business
t trip to Manchester this week
w See the adof the new National
r Bank of John A Black in this issue
Strawberries are ripe and straw
berry suppers are the fad at present
i James M Gilbert and Lee Pope
Z A have formed a partonership in this 1
17 place for the practice of law
Summer has set in now in real
earnest and the common expression
is Is it hot enough for youI
Last Saturday was a gala day
f for Barbourville a big circus and a
Democrntic conventionboth once
The Presbyterian church has at
last been completed and the regular I
services will be held there next Sun
The town was well filled last Sat
urday with candidates who were
busy shaking hands with the dearI
r See the sale notices in this issue
This property will be sold County
Court day If you want to buy you
should be at the Courthouse when
it is cried off
The catalogues are out announc
ing the premiums offered by the
Knox County Fair Association atC
hthe fair to be held Aug 31 and Supt
1st and 2nd
This office has printed cards for
x Mr F M Miller who is a candidate
for County Court Clerk although
jhe has not as yet announced through
the official organ as such
A severe wind and rain storm vis j
ited thissection last Monday after
noon The rain cooled the atmos
phere nnd revived the vegetatiqn
while the wind did no damage that
we have heard of
In todays issue appears the of
ficial announcement of Mr W H t
Grace for Magistrate Mr Grace has
never voted anywhere except in
Knox county and always voted the C
party ticket and supported the Re
publican nominees This is the first I
time he has ever asked for public of
fice ana as no one else has an
inounced from this district he has c
IIno1nced to ask the voters of his dis
s trict to elect him as the party nomi
nee We are sure that should Mr
Grace be elected to the office he is I
w now seeking he would endeavor to I
serve his constituents faithfully and
honestly and make the county an
honest nnd worthy official He
places his claims in the hands of the I
Republican party relying upon his
friends to honor him with this im 1
ortlnitpotitioftad will abide the
d cikm of the November primary
it i
> p
J we
= r y 1 r x
Mb E T England one of our
hs known merchants of the firm
of1 England Ellison Co caught n
BcVere cold Tuesday night causing
ficyVre pain and soreness at the back
of the neck One application of Ku
Vcr o Oil Mr England states af
ford dright smart relief KuYer
o Oil is on sale during the day at
the Iu Vcr o Medicine Cos saleroom s
room tent The public is invited to
wa AA Y Jrt s sasc + r e A 1
v vA j
John Bowman left Tuesday night
2for Louisville on business
Mr Alex Sommer was in William
soul W Vnf last week on business i
5It O Allen visited his sister Mrs JC
E Gilbert injellico Tenn last Sun
day i
J R Bailey attended the Demo
critic State convention in Louisville
this week
I F Hawn attended the Demo
eratic State convention in Louisuille j
this week j
Dr Black and wife of Knoxville 1
Tenn were the guests of Judge Mil I
ler and wife in this city f
Mr Edgard Albright of the Mt
Vernon Signal was in town last
Monday on business
J A McDermott of Moticcllo
Ky was in our city Friday and Sat c
urday of last week on business
D B Cornett of Hnrlan Ky and
well known in this place passed
Sunday afternoon en route home r
Pendleton C Beckley of Louis
ville representative the Kentucky
State Board Association was in
the city Tuesday
Mr Jessie Keel was in town Mon
day on business Mr Keel is one of L
the principle stock holders of theJ1
First National Bank of this placet
Mrs Faulkner was in Louisville t
last week purchasing goods for her o
stock on North Main Street She e
was accompanied by her son Ernest t
It P Block who has been in the
Wayne county oil field came home
last week Mr Black has charge of II
Black Bros drilling machine in that r
countyCompany t
Company B K S G drilled ons
the public square Monday evening t
Capt Dishman is getting his comp
pan in shape for the annual en is p
campment which will be at St Louis
in August j
Hon R C Ford of Middlesboro li
was in our city Monday last Mr I
Ford was on his way home from I
Clay county where he has been sev i
eral days on business He had in t
his possession Democratic instruc c
tions and credentials of Clay county t
to be used at the Democratic State t
convention in Louisville t
R B Scare and Ellis Maves be B
came involved in u difficulty when i
Mayes opened fire on Scare striking
him once in five shots Scarce re
turned to fire and both men emptied
their revolvers Both men had been
prominent citizens of Western Ken
tucky and had been the best of
friends previous to the shooting
The shots that killed Mayes en
tered the side coming out at the
lower part of the heart
The Sun Brothers Circus
Last Saturday the Sun Brothers t
circus appeared in our town and 1
gave two splendid performances In v
the afternoon the big tent was pack ii
ed to standing room and the per b
formance was pronounced entirely r
satisfactory to everyone n
The eleven oclock street parade c
was witnessed by a large gathering ii
of people and the costumes and G
bands were commented upon as be a
ing very good li
The evening performance was not a
so largely attended but the perform p
ance was pronounced good s
The troop composing the show h
was very quiet and orderly andrl
was commented upon by our citizens o
as being BO orderly and well be ii
haved I We can cheerfully recom n
mend Sui Brothers show to the v
public as being worthy of the public is
patronage p
fIt 7 4 tf
v Ii J r
< E
Crude Thuughti
u they Fall from
the EcltorLtI Pen
Pleasant Even
Ing Reveries
THIS column is prepared weekly
in the hope that it may awaken ont
the part of the husband and the
child a deeper appreciation of her I
who is the central figure of home
that it may strengthen the family
bonds making them more beautiful
and tinder that it may encourage
charity and breathe hope for the
future where language is music
thought is light and love is law To
the mature in years the Home Circle
Column may voile as sad sweet
melodies touching the soul with a
gentle dew melancholy and bring
ing into view the reflected radiance
of a golden dawning To the young
we trust it may brighten and deepen
the pleasures and a memory of home
awakening a nobler life and a grand
er future
WOE to him who smilesnot over
a cradle and weeps not over a tomb
He who has never tried the compan
ionship of a little child has care
lessly passed by one of the greatest
pleasures of life as one passes a rareI
flower without plucking it or know
ing its value The gleeful laugh of 1
happy children is the best home 1
music and the graceful figures of
childhood are the best statuary
We arc all kings and queens in the
cradle and each babe is a new mar
vel a new miracle
OUR ideal home is not necessa
rily adorned with the trappings of
wealth neither must it be saddened
by pinching poverty A competence
there must be which with indus
try and thrift will preserve its in
mates from painful anxieties
In this home the husband is the
bread winner the wife the home
makerand together they reign over
this little realm The children for
there are children in our ideal home
are loyal and obedient subjects ev
every one and it never occurs toJ
them to question the divine right of 1
their Icing and queen to rule
Order ana system prevail but 1
love selfsacrifice for loves sake ani
mates all hearts within this home
and to he good and to do good is
their constant rule ofconductHealth 1
smiling gooddess stands at its por
tals and scatters happiness and pros
perity with lavish hands The table
s not only the place where natures
recurring wants are daily supplied
but a school of manners yet there
harmless mirth disports itself unre
buked and thought unfettered flow
Books there in nbundandace bring
ing the culture of all countries and
all ages within the reach of this
charmed circle Flowers bloom in e
the window and smile at you from
the garden paths with their sugges
tions of beauty and refinement YetI
whatever else may be there the 1
guests who frequent this house arej
its choicest most valued ornaments
So great is the mind of a sweet
minded woman on those around her
that it is almost boundless It is to
her that friends come in seasons ofj
sorrow and sickness for helpand I
comfort one soothing touch of herJ
kindly hand worko wonders in the
feverish child a few words let fall I
from her lips in the ear of a sorrow
stricken sister do much to raise the
load of grief that is bowing its vic
tim down to the dust in anguish
The husband comes home worn outC
with the pressure of business and
irritable with the world in general
but when he enters the cosy sitting
room and sres the blaze of fire and
meets his wifes smiling face he suc
cumbs in a moment to the soothing
influences which act as the balm of
Gilend to his wounded spirits that
are wearcd by the stern realities ofCI
life The rough school boy flies into
rage from the taunts of his com
panions to find solace in his mothers
smile the little one full of grief with
her large trouble finds a haven of
rest on its mothers breast and sq
one might go on with instance after
instance of the influence that a sweet
minded woman has in the social life
with which she is connected Beauty
s an insignificant power when com
pam 1 with hers
i bpt
< jIi
A Column Ded
icated to Tired
Mothers u they
Join the Home
Circle at Eve
ning Tide
IT is a truth no thinking person
IIwho will deny that every man and
woman whom the world calls great
and whose words have been saved
for their wisdom or goodness all
cherish with the utmost tenderness
their memories of mother of happy
innocent childhood and of home
Their testimony is always interest
ing often very beautiful and they
speak the common sentiment of the
human race The love of home is
universal The ties of home should
be and usually arythe strongest
and most sacred on earth True in
the busy street young people go
rushing on until the work of the day
is over but when night comes on the
heart is apt to wander back to the
Old Folks at Home The old old
house the familiar walks about the
place the garden paths the deep old
fashioned well the bam and gentle
horse are all called buck to memory
and the son or daughter is again
with the loved one at home It is
true that many a young man goes
to a city and too soon forgets his
father and mother but they do not
forget him The social circle theI
ballroom and tht theatre occupy his
time and his evenings are spent
away from his room If this Home
Circle column falls into the hands of
such young man and it willWe I
hope he may stop and reflect before
he leaves his room at night and
write a letter home undI
Dont go to the theatre coicert or I
But stay In your room tonight
Deny yourself to the friends thnt i
And a good long letter write
Write to the good old folksat homo
Who Bit when the day is done
With folded hands and downcast
And think of the absent line
MANY men have been obscure in
their origin of birth but great nnrl
glow ious in life and death They have
been born and nurtured on farms or
villages but have reigned and tri
umphed in cities They were first laid
in the mangers of poverty and ob
scurity but have afterwards become
possessors of thrones and palaces
Columbus was the son of a weaver
and a weaver himself Homer was
the son of a small farmer Demos
thenes was the son of a cutler The
biography of ten of our presidents is
the story of ten poor boys John
Adams second president was the
son of a grocer of limited means An
drew Jackson was born a in log hut
in North Carolina and was reared in
the pine woods for which the State
is famous James K Polk spent his
early years toilingon a farm in North
Carolina Millard Filmore wasborn
in a small town in the Alleghany
mountains His father cut logs of
which their cabin home was builtC
Abraham Lincoln waR the son of a
wretchedly poor farmer in Kentucky
and lived in n cabin until he was
twentyone Andrew Johnson was
apprenticed to a tailor at the age of
ten years by his widowed mother
U S Grant lived the life of a village
boy in a plain house on the Ohio
river This house is now on exhibi
tion at the St Louis Exposition
James A Garfield was born in n log
cabin Grover Clevelands father
was a Presbyterian minister with a
large family and a small salary
Wm McKinleys home was plain
and his father worked hard to keep
him in school Thus you all see that
poverty is often a beacon light guid
ing industrious honest young men
to fame and fortune No young man
in glorious America has cause to be
discouraged because he was born in
poverty From the most humble
walks of life has sprung our greatest
and best men and women
A little ad in the ADVOOATE
may bring you big results Try
it and be convinced
All persona wbhlng accommodations at
The Worlds Fair St Louis
a make arrangciiMato fee tame by 1
I 3m Pine It
Rated 150 to 309 pt day
sct Kin II Partin
L 2z LT Local Time Card
I No lit
1 > litI
111511 m
u2tJ n JII
Vn lit
35Hn m
4OUn in
4ea n in
4211a in
l55 i vii
r tMben in
flees of
1 Drugs
liI I
handles Just that line Call upon him and get what you wanttl
Hlso be fteeps
W Constantly on
tit 1 Ibano all Mnb
rrIIn nil the colors suitable for house Painting In fact anything rIb
rthat is usually kept In n flrstcluss Drug Store cnn be found In Ii
Customers Pleased
de ii
mark to Indl
eIeeoteata 2
822 p alt
821 p JII
Baj p m
4110 P III
410 p JII
421 p III
4N P in
4 lap m
4rJl P lib i
612 p III
Trains do not stop nt Rtnttoa whoro noI No2
time II shown Rlly
= Oniya Kinfinuol = = =
ISarlxnirvllIu I
Pint JJck
w w ii i Li
we know the meaning of word and will do u we rar We
claim to t the lowa6prieed Whfkeylloe adtheLr
If fekt
adulterate uthl
hero wouidn t rf they knew bowthey ere toe h
art Most whisker teller are noted for mt biending and
watering We eellmoregcnntneokrwhlkeyaldleaweierthas
enyknowncompetitor Iquldlayd itlode bybonetTkrbeelinthemounlatnof Cy
North Carollnaln 0Idet1IecoPPfutlilloIolC ultwu made by
our IffndratbelL FlntratewkeyteoldetG00toi0O
mattriltaworwewlllbuyltbaclc per IfllonbuUt not an r than W hare CuperI tcaplulof Year 10000008 Old Ie
ntl rIOrO
r1t rO c
and tho Piedmont Barlnm Bank of thta city will ttllyoa onrwom
II rood To Introduce tnHoidbonp > twhl8krylreorferfoorK U j
Quart of Caper11 Tear Cl4twl aampie boU1eaooel6
one 18 veer olda corkscrew and a drinking glawanforLPS
If > lu II rent we will double the above and pot In free 0e
and will Bend nveiralion keg for 110 or win ternlh twenty 08
quart bottles on receipt of ell and give tree eorberewr drinking
Iflooea and samples making thla wblalre eoet me than SLlO pep
gellondeltoered We rhlpInpIalubozeawltbnomarbtolndlate
hYlnlz mo11o
cameoLL and Irepay ali Pzprea orders from Arizona
Utah Wyoming or WUIlIDgton must call for ii 00 worth by
nlgbt prepaid THE CASPER CO Inca
u rlt
Champion Mowers I
2i II ZE I 4ci1
You want to get those that you l
know PURE the r J I
are place to II
get them is from a professional ift
Druggist and Pharmacist J1m
IReabv llixeb Ifoaints I
This machine is regarded as the LEADER among all the tfi
various makes of mowing machines and yet it is sold at the same r
price as inferior machines I
Call and examine our goods before buying a machine and bet
convinced of the merits of the CHA1IfPIONt
You can see this machine set up at our store at any time
J ftlt11 IS 5TOlte KeNTfJeKY1
Fr ll ll nr M t
Breakfast Bacon Cured Hams Sausage Minced
Hams Nice Sweet Lard Fresh and Clean s
Renovated Butter In Fact Everything to be Found in a
First Class Meat Store tl
Phone No 12 For What You Want or Call on
1080 n m
1003 n in
050n m
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029 nnt
9HN u m
858 n in
851 a in
HM2n in
825 n ni
N5 80
I eJ L
li0T G n
1042 p at
loio Dan
10M pfjnl
1040 Din
and Rakes
With all Equipments i
Kept at all times in our h
Stockf y
Dlshmnn Building r
Unrbourvllle Ky
Let 1 Fip II In 01 1
Your fob Sprinting
No matter what you want see us before cpn t
tracting we can save you money 0 J t

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