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01r 1
w > < q i rIJ 7
stared M Beooa dOlaM Hatter Friday February 10180 at the PostoUc at BwbouryJHo Knor County Kr nd r Aet ef Conim i of March 8rd 1879
= = I
terms 100 Per Year in Advance BAKBOURVILLE KENTUCKY FRIDAY DECEMBER 30 1910 Vol 7 No 46
The Choice of the People Throughout the District Stands High
Wherever Known and is Especially Popular in Knox
Where Every Voter Knows Him
7 pid lTI ore to Build up Knox County While Judge of I
bLr < < the County Court Than Any ian I
V Before Him
rJ Gomes Before the Voters With A Spotless Record j
and Relies on his Friends for Support
flEElVh re in this issue appears
the official aII uncement of
j Judge F D Sampson for the
t nomination for Circuit Judge of
this the 84th Judicial District of
r Kentucky Judge Sampson is in every way I
qualified to ill this position with
credit to himself and with honor
to the district
IFor the past sixteen years he
hah been a member of the Knox
I county Bar and from the very
first has been recognized as
among the most able members of
the bar and his large practice
i and remarkable success lias won
for him a reputation as a lawyer
1it throughout the entire State
l In 1905 he was elected County
k Judge of Knox County without
r Copposition and served to the end
j Clf his term to the entire satis
I JfneMon of the entire county He
was urged to make the race a sec
ond time but he declined on ac
> count of pressing law business
and has never sought or asked
1 for any other office
i The pressure and influence of
his friends both in Knox and
Masonic Meeting
Last Tuesday December 27 was
the annual election day for Mountain
Lodpe 187 F A M and the fol
year lowing were elected for the ensuing I
Read P Black Master
John B Gales j W
W H McDonald Secretary
H C Black Treasurer
S P Vaughn S D
WC Lockhart J D
W W Tinsley Tyler
J H Blackburn Chaplain
The Master and secretary had
good reports and gave a general re
port of the building of the new hall
There were 43 present which is con
sidered a good attendance consider
ing the roads and the fact that the
Lodge was held in the daytime as
as many of the members could not
attend on this account
The Haymakers a side degree in
Red Manship was installed here
last Wednesday night by Dr C F
Melton of Louisville and will be
known as Tchoupitoulas Association
of Haymakers No 11U The fol
owing officers were elected and in
Chief Haymaker W H McDonald
Assistant Haymaker 1 M Wilson
Overseer Ralph Tupgle Collector of
Straws Fred Hemphill Keeper of
Bundles George M Golden The
appointive officers are Horn Blower
J John Lawson Boss Driver G W
tve Guard pf the Hav Loft W C
Lockhart Guard of the Barn Door
L H Golden
C G Black and Chas Davis were
Jl wade Past Chief Haymakers and VV
i t < McDonald fclected as Representa
t tiT to the ext Great Council
i1 > < JvY d A tt r >
fI i L 1 t
1 I 7 oat q I
W hitley counties has caused him 1
to become a candidate for this
nomination and he is in the race I
to win and we predict that he
will win by a large majority
From the very time that the f
committee fixed the date of the i
primary his friends have been I
earnestly at work in his behalf
and from present behalfI
will receive practically the entire
vote of the district even if some I
other candidate should decide to J
enter the race
Judge Sampson is a man of firm
conviction and possesses courage
and intuiliooil suilicitMit to decide
for himself any matter that
might irome before him without
beinginfluenced by relatives orj
associates when matters of law
are envolved Judge Sampson
knows the law and if elected
which he is sure to be will see
that it is properly enforced with
out fear or favor
A vote for Judge Sampson is a
vote for the betterment of the
district Dont fail to vote for
him in the primary February 4
Resolutions Adopted
The following resolutions were
adopted by the Knox County BnrI
before adjournment of Court here
last week
The Attorneys and Officers of the
Knox Circuit Court desire to have J
placed upon the enduring jgcords ofI
this Court their sincere thanks toI
Hon Chas C Marshall for the able i
and impartial manner in which heI
has presided over this Court during I
this Special Term just now coming
to a close and to assure him that I
he will carry with him to his home 1
aud people our well wishes high
esteem and hope for the continuance 1
of his health and a long life of hap
It is ordered that these resolutions t
be spread at large upon the records I
and that a copy be sent to the Hon
Chas C Marshall at Shelbyville
Clerk K C C
Queer Beliefs
The Figinn cannibals emotions
have reference for the grtater part
to food so he worships the god
Matawaloo who has eight stomachs
and is always eating
The Tengans have a very curious
dogma to account for a day and
might being twentyfour hours long
It used to be less the sun used to
go down too quick So one day a I
ma caught it with a noose and it
had to go slower thereafter
The ancient Peruvians believed
that the sun once came down to the
earth and laid two eggs and then
went backup again From these
two eggs man and woman sprung I
hence that fellow streaJf in the hu
man rac j
I Judge Flem D Sampson I
As he appeared Five years ago when
he was elected Judge of the Knox Coun
ty Court Since then he shaves clean 11
but otherwise looks much the same
We will present a new cut befoie the campaign closes
ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooov OOOOC e
Fire in Country
Last Monday morning about 200
oclock Mr VV M rye was awak
ened to find that his home wns on
fire and was almost ready to fall in
upon himself and family They had
just barely time to escape and one
of the children came near being
burned in the building
The entire house and household
goods were destroyed by the flames
Mr Tye cartied an insurance of
1500 on the house and household
goods which was not sufficient to
meet onehalf the loss sustained
His many friends extend sympathy
to Mr Tye and family in this heavy
Black Sam0 Cbrtetmae
IElach Grace
XawD looft Down upon 010 Disb
Rn miracle 00 meat
Hn aft Oat feast ob sebcn flab
TClctl bab too mucb tec eat
Sn a ole Aoaea bit oc stone
Hn made oe wntab poub
3es bit 00 bowl ob grave one
an math it fou times mob
Bn center ninth it bettabotill
petfobm fob poor ole Sam
Bnf cbanoc oas possum bt ot > will
Get twins an etuffco wlo Bam
Frank H Brooks
A Moonless Month
The month of February 1866
was in one respect the most remark
able in the worlds history It had
no full moon January had two
full moons and BO had March but
February had none Do you realize
what a rare thing in nature it was
It had not occurcd since the crea
tion of the world and it will not
occur again according to the com
putation of astronomers for 2500
000 years
Will Mark the Opening ofn
A New Yet r
Lets Carry Out at Least
Some of Our Good
IWith the close of this week the old V s
year dies and the beginning of next
week marks the beginning of a new
year so now is a good time to
begin to form new resolutions not
or the purpose of breaking them in
a few days but for the purpose of J
living up to them and by so doing d
make ourselves and also others bets
tcr by it °
As a town the citizens of Bar
bourville should resolve that we will
not allow the nexr year to come to n
come to a close without our having
done something to try to benefit the
entire town Lets all agree upon S
this resolution if nothing more that n
we will make it a part of our busi
hess to see that some kind of a man
ufacturing plant is established in
our town before the end of the com
ing year
If we make that one resolution and
live up to it we will have done at c
least some good for ourselves and
for the town °
Let everyone who wants to see
Barbourville have a factory estab l
lished during the coming year ex °
press his or her desire on a post
card and mail it to the Advocate
and in that way we may know your u
wants and will publish the result
Do it at once Tell us your idea on
a post card v 8
Fittingly Celebrated by Most
of Barbourvilks
Christmas was celebnatcd by most
all the churches and the citizens
generally distributing good cheer to
nil alike The hristtnns festivities
in the churches were most heautifn
and the little Sunday School folks
Hid their part in the 01 ening exer
cises in well re uln ted ordrr and the
little folk as well as not Allow of
the older people had a genuine old
fashioned Christmas feeling or the
little folks ol Harhourville
And some had so much Christmas
dispensed from the Little Brnwti
Jug which fixed them in good shape
to celebrate Christmas in a stagger
ing way under the load from the
wine cup but they were nil filled
with the spirits of good clieei to
their companions wlfo were also
filled ith the same kind of OldI
Many presents weic exchanged
between neighbor and neighbor be I
tween the young man and his best s
girl which will link neighbors into
closer friendship and weld the link si
that binds the young man to his
best girl in closer relations in life
iIn all Christmns wns n beautiful
bright day and the good cheer dis
tributed here among Barbourvilles
populace both little and big will
be long remembered as a joyous il
season of pleasures jA W S d
A Startling Report
IIt is somewhat amusing to see
how the Democratic press is trying
to stir up strife within the ranks ofp
tothe CourierJournal this week reaa
ports a breech between Caleb Pow
ers and Charles linley over the be
Judicial Primary when in facr there
no truth whatever in the report in
Mr Powers has gone to Washington
on some important business matters
and is taking no hand in the Pri
mary and as yet there is no other
candidate in the race against Judge
Pnmpson so that it is evident that at
the reported rupture between these
two distinguished Kentucky States
men is all bosh and originated in
the fertile brain of some Democratic in
politician whose wish was the fath full
to the thought
It will take more than a Demo
cratic report to convince us that
such n report is true
A Correction
Last week we mentioned the
death of George Faulkner and in ble
doing so we stated that he was a
son of D B Faulkner and a brother on
of Prof W C Faulkner of this city w
In this we were misinformed as the
deceased was a son of G M Faulk a
Have your photo mpde while
Sriavely is in town He will be here d
anly a few days b
Pastor Dances In Pulpit
Wilkcsbarre PaRev George R t
Finn pastor of the Protestant Epis
copal church here did a song and
dance in his pulpit for the edification
of the congregation To the tune of
In the Good Old Summer Timerll
the minister danced and sang to
demonstrate to the congregation
that they should pay attention to
their physical as well as their spirit
ual welfare
Good photos made while ou watt 81
at snavelys Over the Arcade
Greatest Strides in History
Hove Been Mode In Modes
of Travel in the United
States Since the Days of
Daniel Boone end Davy
Palaces on Wheels Speed
Like the Wind Through i
Regions of Beauty and <
Bloom While Chill Winter v y
Enwraps the North
In the clays of Dnniel Boone Iud
Davy Crockett and Kit Carson
travel to and through the South >
as either on foot or horseback and
full ol hardships Hut today one
nmy leave any Northern city and in
a day or two tiaveling in perfeit
comfort under cat e sufficient for
even the most delicate invalid be
set down in a part of the furI
which willmnke I
make him rub his eyes i
and believe that 5ntcrnever comes i
The Northern Winters Heurt is Cold
ThoHouthlnnds HenrtisWnrm
We find n host of Joys untold
V find nil mer present cliiinii i
Where Winter bOil 110 plncet
Winter means to the Northland
ice snow sleet and chill cold and
discomfort to the Southland blue
and brilliant skies genial airs and
balmy sunshine the unrestricted
pleasures of outdoor life scenery
that never fails to enchant foliage
of perennial green and flowers of j
perpetual bloom The abundant
and delightful outdoor life of the
Southern winter its chicfest charm i
and no attractive feature has been
overlooked or for etteu Golf may
playid on the finest links in the
country tennis on clay courts kept
the pink of perfection surf bath
ing in water at a temperature of 70
degrees and above riding motoring I
over picturesque roads through trop
ical scenery and on the hard sand
beach yachting rowing and fishing
sea and in land locked waters
chairwheeling and bicycling on
palmlined prom iei and through
tropical jangles The finest climate
the world evtry day a June day
uti of sunshine For the hunter the
South provides practically every
feathered and furred creature from J
quail and squirrels to wild turke
and deer and for the fisherman
bewildering variety of game MJjf
from the rainbowhued trout to wci
majestic Tarpon The Queen1
Crescent Route has made it pcsatf
for the ix i i 13
winter traveler from th
North to revel in luxurout palacW j
wheels which speed likc
wind through regions of bean trsS
bloom The many thriving ji
attractive resorts and hiitoric poinfiL
i the i i v Vjf
aloag rOllte 1ab i
tcresting With thetli w expresB
trains electric lighted anof quipped
with the latest types of Pullman
drawingroom stateroom club li
brary and observation sleeping ttara <
is little wonder that so many
toureits in the Northern and middle r
States visit the South by this great
railway system This road operate
the finest trains in the United States
between Cincinnati Ohio and Jack
sonville Fla and theUnitedStatelI
and low round trip winter tourist
rates are being made from all poiati
along the line a
A Beautiful Home For Sale
I will sell my residence on Dish
man St and a acre lot on Main
on easy terms Gas water and
sewerage at residence
w J M Rbbsibn
> > Jl

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