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J the Mountain Bbvocate
of r
i A
Published Every Friday at Barbourville Kentucky
8 cored all aecond Class Matter February 10th 1001 nt the osto1Uco at Dfbourvl el y
d under Act of Congress of March Brd 1870 v
Subscription Rates SI 00 per year in advance to everybody
TA >
il > 14Is
Is the number for those desiring to communicate with
this ollico by phone Ring up Central ard ask for
number You will then be connected direct with this
office if you have The Camp Ground Telephone service
The Official Organ of the Republican Party in Knox County I
Wo are authorized to announce c
Of Barbourville Kentucky a
as a candidate for the nomina
tion for Oircuit Judge of the 34th
Judicial District of Kentucky
h subject to the Republican Pri
t mary to be held Feb 4 1011
The people throughout the jl
county and so far as we can learn c
throughout the district hail with
delight the announcement of
Fudge Flem D Sampson for the I
Circuit Judgeship of this the 84th a
Judicial District of Kentucky
Judge Sampson is a lawyer ofs
well known ability and his fair
dealings with his fellow man has
won for him the confidence es
teem and respect of everyone
and now that they have an op
portunity to honor him by eleva
ting him to this exalted position
they stand ready and waiting to
cast their votes for him
Judge Sampson is of a gener
ous r hearted disposition and was
never known to refuse to aid de
serving ones when called upon
and his public spiritedness has
caused him to contribute liber
ally to every enterprise that has
Qpme this way
Both of our colleges have re
ceived a generous subscription
from him as well as every church
ifV the town has been materially
aided by his liberality
x Such men as Judge Sampson
Reserve recognition and when he
ii elected as he doubtless will
plje he will stand as high so far I
at legal qualifications go as any
i age in the State
4m I
fi t Knox is lining up solidly for
Ja2lRe Sampson and is expecting
Whitley to join with her in mak
elms his nomination unanimous >
rVJjjBvefy HttUf country village has an II
i bition to become a trade center
land boom Iltywith no special 1
ti t d a Ilty
natural features or geographical adI
Lnt gesUnder such conditions
what is most needed is some enter 1
prise on the part of its local capitalI
Jijits They must make the first ad I
= Vance in the uncertain field of devell
i Y pmeiit They mast capitalize small
J < Khctpricparidsee that they are em I
played When the local business is
finally developed and proves to the 4
world that they are successful then
outside enterprises will be sure to I
V sjep in and enjoy your prosperity I
with you Just like a fellow who
jlftnds a favorite fishing hole and
tl jTr catches fish and all the other fisher
P men who see that he is catching will
drop their hooks right by the side of
ft heluckv fisherman The business
menlo banY t qYh I elmqIre atop tulk 9g i
J nU hoping for others to do dome
8JJuiJS for tOe town They should
get r together themselves and prove
to the world that they have a money
V Tii aiding town No outsider will
jfewatt to fish in our swimming hole
ntil we pprye that they can catch
V We have for years past noticed
bnavery undesirable feature in the
attendance of the public school in
he hrphir grade vii There are as
Bt rule ninny more girls attending
tbanhiys Why is this Where are
FThe leave school man r
of them in their early or middle
teens as soon as they are able to get
position as clerk in some store or
office under the imprcsson that thej
are wasting time by retnnining in
school longer The average boy
thinks that if he gets some business
position that will enable him to earn
few dollars a month and that looks
toward his final occupation in life
while his classmate sticks to school
three or four years longer he has
just so many years the start of his
companion who remains in school
Now the real facts in the case art
that the reverse of this is the truth
The boy who remains in school anII
acquires a thorough education lays I
foundation that will surely other i
things being equal enable him to I
surpass his class mate who left
school three or four years earlier leftI
Suggestive Monument for A Town
1 Churches
Talk about it
Write about it
Speak well of it 1
Healthful location
Help to improve it 1
Advertise stn its papers 1
Good country tributary
Elect good men to rflicc
Hodest competition in prices
Faith exhibited by good works
Try to make the atmosphere healthy I
Fire all croakers loafers and bumsI
Let your object be the welfare
growth and promotion of your town
and its people Speak well of public
spirited men atd also be one of them
yourself Be honest with your felI
lowmen and just to your friends
Richmond Climax
Cheape rte Live
Someone who takes a rosy view
of life getSoff the following
There are men who argue that
living is high but they might try
dying A live man gets shaved for
ten cents but a dead one pays a do
lar and never kicks A good kersey
overcoat cost 25 but a wooden
one costs 100 A grave digger will
plant potatoes for twenty cents an
hour but for planting you he gets
four times as much A carriage to
he theatre costs 2 but one to the
cenfetcry cost S3 A saloon keeper
will fill your hide to bursting for 50
cents but an embalmer gets 7 50
for the job Come to think of it
there are lots of things left to live
for in this world despite the high
prices and the contrary weather
1 J
A game of chance in which the
chances are about even The man
leads at first but after leaving the
altar he usually follpws breathlessly
in his wiles rnil The rules are
very confusing If a ma ked player
holds you up some night at the end I
9rfnlpng gun 5ttis called robbery
and entitles you tp telephone the
police but if your wile holds you
up fpr a much larger amount the I
next morning it is termed diplo
macy and counts in her favor InI
this as in other ganies Qf life wives I I
are usually allowed more privileges
than other outlaws
T re
r r
ye Lobe 1S e Je 11Jl uee
Is theroLQdge room pin < heaveiv n
Is thcrli master and brothers tot
Where the signs and grips are given
In that land beyond the blueI
It is said we know each other
Tell me if you know itss Erne r
That we will use the word hothelJ
In that land beyond the blue
I think I hear the Angels singing
Masons Red Men IC Ps to
I can hear their voices ringing
t Ini the land beyond the blue
r The day is coming not far distant
Let us all our vows renew
So that we may join that meeting
In the land beyond the blue
There we will meet the Great Grand Master
Wardens Deacons brothers to
Singing anthems everlasting
Iii that land beyond the blue
There we will see them from all Nations I
When the gates we have passed throughI
Oh the many million Masons
In that laud bepond the hl11eI
If we knew we would not meet there
This world here we sure would rue
But we know good Masons go there
To that land beyond the blue
Now we end the labor of the old year I
Aid begin upon the new
Lets get ready for the Grand Lodge
In that Lodge beyond the blue
If we never meet again here
Let us to each be kind and true
If we expect to meet each other
In the land beyond the blue
a f Fraternally
Barbourville Kentucky December 27th 1510
I 4
Prof I H Cooper of Grays was
the guest of home folks the last of
the week
Mrs W J Campbell was in WilI
ton Thursday
The entertainment given nt tin
Campbell school house the 24th was
attended by a large crowd
Prof J B Campbell of Iexinton
is visiting relatives here
i it Cr oper and daughters 1 Miss
Emma Cooper and Mrs 0 N Piich
nrd were in Corbin Tuesday shop
Mrs S n Reese and son Ben
were in Barbourville Tuesday the
guests of relatives
Granville Hubbs of Pennon was 1
calling on Miss Lydia Engle the
latter part of the week
Prof E Knuckles was calling on I
Miss Ada Wells Sunday
Miss Pearl Harris was the guest l
of her grand parents Mr and Mrs
A B Helton Sunday I
M B Cooper and + ife entertained I
Sunday J A Campbell wife and
son Prol I B Campbell Misses
Sadie and Ada Cooper and Mr and
Mrs 0 N Prichurd were present
Bradley Reese was in Barbourville
Wednesday on husiuessI
W H Campbell was in Wilton
Misses Clara Campbell and Linda
McVey were the guests of Miss Em
ma Cooper Friday
Mrs Ann Heltpn is on the sick
list this week
Born to the wife of John Smith on
the 23rd a fine girl mother and
babe doing well
Success to the Mountain Advo
cate and Hurrah for Flem D Samp
son for Circuit Judge
Rome Bun
It is becoming quite a fad in Pen
di ton for the girls to go hunting
with the young gentlemen A trag
edv nearly occured the other day
over in the neighborhood of Lenox
r burg A young man shot at his
sweetheart in a dense thicket uVeause
she looked like a deer to him She
lrti Je If a
b tiF r1a
returned the compliment because he
resembled rabbit Falmouth Out
First Christmas Observance
Christmas gets its name from the
mass celebrated in the early days of
the Christian Church in honor of
the borth of Christ its first solemn
ization having been ordered by Pope
Telesphorus This was in or be
fore the year 128 for in that year
Pope Telesphorus died
At first Christmas was what is i
known as a movable feast just as
Easter is now and owing tomilis
understandings was celebrated as
lute as April or May In the fourth
century an eclesiastical investigation
was ordered and upon the author
ity of the tables of the censors in
the Roman archives December 25th
was agreed upon as the date of the
Saviors nativity Tradition fixed
the eonr of His birth at about mid
night and this led to the iclebra
tion of a midnight mass in all the
churches a secondmtt dawn and a
third in the later morning at ten
oclock >
One Hundred Words Most Often
Manila Philippine neuralgia trill
licking separate receive believe aer
oplane chauffeur susceptible sincer
ity dis humus dirigible icicle inI
flammable iniquitous rigid thor
acic vigorous Remselacr February
benefited embarrass acquiesce priv
ilege parallel judgement until annl
vsis lettuce precede divisible super
sede pursue origin fulfill descend
ant government vet ticle prejudice
noticeable miniature umbrella ad
jucent similar foreigner hygiene
victuals millinery sovereign labor
atory cistern reverend cemetery
mischevious vinegar billions sieve
clevis celery apparition lachrymal
cavalier initiative inirnitnble dex
terity agility diphtheria dissipate
khaki harelip erysipelas vaccinate
legible prejudice specimen partici
pIe auxilnry censure facilitate lic
ease serviceable fugitive audible
rhinoceros versatile bicycle cynical
acetyline indelible millionaire aim
piton surcinftlev mademoiselle cylin
drical diuf r iiiosceleS corpuscle
Ue ware v > y
fIDlfffiJ1Jl IDfflfIXffiWJill1 1l lIDmiillllljJfIDti ft1JiJ ttjtiJ
Iho MAZDA LAMP will double your
light without increasing your light
bill Time metal filament affords two
undalmlf times as much brilliancy
as the ordinary carbon incandescent
and Limo quality of tho light is pure
wnitc 1Vo would bo glad to quote
you prices on this lump chandeliers
and any electrical fixtures dosireJ
li ID li iflIDIDWitlij f firwllitffirl I itmlW
Wo shall bo glad to give estimates of
cost of wiring your homo for
All our work is hello by careful ex
porionced mon and IH guaranteed to
give aattaftution
Barbourvillo Electric Light Heat Power Co
rt D SMITH Loeeoo
Phone No ill
I Who Was There That You Knew I 41
N tho shadowy ranks of those who marched to defeat or death or victory fifty v <
years ago In tha mighty conflict that convulsed this great nation is there I I
fatherorEnwdfaficrorunileof Would you like to seo a photograph I
of him in that long no day of his yuthtl photograph that ho never knew was F
taken Perhaps v3 c n chow you onr and in any cane we can tell you a I
I knewI I I
story stranger than ry Pet eetive Cctior of 3500 priceless photographs that t
were lost andarc > ct c1 f
3500 Long Buried Photographs I
of the Civil Wir
IIJlRV were I k t l ta > i e l3 vr la t11I
UnU1 bIn d tt 1 tr VB bor ht b l3
United tatcI vrrnct x30 C IerebuneJ I
In the War Per rtnjnt t yarri i 7 II Jrled there
till Hut a duplicate aI1 I t tc 1 h ut > 1 crwho
died poor and broken dwr Ihit r > r rte fit r aa VnockM I
from polar tor oit fx ncr r > yoariiil it was dscvv rcJ
by a New England collector J I crot MoriTki tried t
secure the collection l > rerdat Car fld and General
Beniaraa V EM tier sad it ass v twtU 1 53nrj jet wti
the help ct the Ksvwv i K Cic catr collection
1m been gathered into 11 rreit voiinw awl fa fticed within
your reach nt le s liai tha nve rl c s of 1ls prttocraplis
It li tha one accurate lapcrfal titi P
or tha earners ennot Is It tci ta non 1 iVa War you
never heard before Taken under iwottftlm tf the Secret I
Service these photograph brine to Ileht thou n3 of little
known phases of the war they l netrata to trince places and
record stranso thinks
RBMEMBEUi Our privilege ot icllinj these books II
limited aa to time Our tupply or Free Portdilioi is limited
in quantity You rouit be prompt to secure cither better
malt this coupon today
Improper Emblems
nod Devices
In the Po yell Bounty local option
case where the drys won the Court
of Appeals reversed the case of Con
leyetc vs Hard wick and held that
the election was void because im
proper emblems or devices were
printed on the official ballots The
ballots under the head of Yes
which was the dry column contain
ed an open book with the words
Holy Bible under it In the
No cplumn which was the wet
column there was a picture of a
whisky bottle with a jjluts beside it I
ann u Snake head poking out of
the bottle The court says such
things materially affected the tIc
tion and are therefore to be con
demn d The opinion says the proof
showed that one old negro said
11 had ter vote under dnt Bible fer
if I hadnt de Lawd Almighty would
ter struck me dead Jcssaminejour
Why does Great Britten buy
its oatmeal of us
Certainly it seems like carrying
coals to Newcastle to speak of export
ing oatmeal to Scotland and yet every
year the Quaker Oats Company sends
Hundreds of thousands of cases of
Quaker Oats to Great Britian and
uropeThe reason is simple while the
English and Scotch have for centuries
eaten oatmeal in quantities and with a
regularity that has made them the
most rugged physically and active
mentally of all people time American
has been eating oatmeal and trying all
the time to improve the methods o f
manufacture so that he might get that
desirable foreign trade
How well he has succeeded would
be seen at a glance at the export re
ports on Quaker Oats This brand is
without a rival is packed in regular
10c packages and in hermetically seal
ed tins for hot climate a f ji
l P r Zi
< 1 11 >
J 1181
11 ti < j J l
S > I t
W A ro r r c
or These
tha picture
Send the coupon
at once
For the Cot of Mailing
I la order to clue you tome Idea f
of the preatneas of this work we t I
will tend you 11 superb reproduc I +
Itor the photographs free of et
chart i a handsome portfolio
The rapln are very ex <
ptcth It aluable but you
send o i 10 cants to cover lira t
coetof n alinK The are not only
Interestio from a historic stand ifI1
Point but framed make a splen
did addition to your library walls
At lh > lame lima we will tell yon
him the ltctl w ot J etews ran
offer this I1MPOO Ollertlon ofr >
iphotoirrtpbtktthi price r
f ot 1a rc
the United State 1 eorrrn j
neat roalt for three or b
Company I
13 Astor PlaceI
New York NY
Bend me free ofchstp
the 12 upoductlon of
4V Ohll Wlf photographs cud
I 4Vfor lramlog sod conlalnrd Ina
6sndeomeporttollo Alto Ia lme
the Itory1 these pleturee and ten
Int how lor what the government
paid toe hall a aorta 0154 can r
F make tb whom coUrtlon myewo
Name 1 malllnl eadoIO etatl t3 conr tbo colt d
A drr
Professional Cards
Powers Sampson Smith
Office on Public Square Notary in
Office PHONE lot
OFFICE Over First National Bank w
Lawyer I
Ofllco West side Public Square
OKKIOK Up Stairs In Parker < r
Phones Mice UO
Residence 00
Tonsorial Parlor
I F D A Vr
It you wnn a good olqivii nv
shave a neat hair out or tty
slmmpno you ylll find no but = 1
tor place in town tSi
GIVE HlikiA CAT e t

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