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i Ube Mountain Hbvocate
Published Every Friday at Barbourville Kentucky
k Entered ap Second Class Matter February 16th ISO at the 1ostofflco at narbounrlrte Ky
r under Act of Uongresa or March 8rd 1879 V r
Subscription Rates 100 per year in advance to everybody
1 4
Is the number for those desiring to communicate with
this office by phone King up Central ard ask for
number You will then bo connected direct with this
office if you 1110 fho Camp Ground rrelophono serico
The Official Organ of the Republican Party in u Knox County I
We are authorized to announce
Of Barbourville Kentucky
as a candidate for the nomina
tion for Oircuit Judge of the 3ith
34thr I
T Judicial District of Kentucky
subject to the Republican Pri
mary to be held Feb 4 1911
The people throughout the
county and so far as we can learn
throughout the district hail with
delight the announcement of
iiludge Flem D Sampson for the
tjircuit Judgeship of this the 84th
Judicial District of Kentucky
Judge Sampson is a lawyer of
well known ability and his fair
dealings with his fellow man has
won for him the confidence es
teem and respect of everyone
and now that they have an op
portunity to honor him by eleva
ting him to this exalted position
they stand ready and waiting to
cast their votes for him
Judge Sampson is of a gener
ous hearted disposition and was
never known to refuse to aid de
serving ones when called upon
and his public spiritedness has
caused him to contribute liber
ally to every enterprise that has
came this way
L Both of our colleges have re
ceived a generous subscription
from him as well as every church
ill the town has been materially
aided by his liberality
Such men as Judge Sampson
observe recognition and when he
Delected as he doubtless will 1
S he will stand as high so far
Pa vlegal qualifications go as any
JpTuclge in the State
0 Knox is lining up solidly for
fjudge Sampson and js expecting
Whitley to join with her in mak
ftirg TUB nomination unanimous
Every little country village has an
ambition to become a trade center j
uula boom t ity with no special
Satural features or geographical ad
vantages Under such conditions
jwfbafis most needed is some enter
J rise on the part of its local capital
fists They must make the first advance
jre I
vance in the uncertain field of devcl
tf i
pment They mast capitalize small
ftictpnep Jandsce that they are en >
ployed When the local business is
finally developed and proves to the
world that they are successful then
outside enterprises will be sure to
SJep in and enjoy your prosperity
pwith you Just like a fellow who
P nds a favorite fishing hole and
patches fish and all the other fisher
ptiten who see that he is catching will
ifsrop their hooks right by the side of
the Juckv fisherman The business
mcnp zInytgtYIslrgjlldsloptulktgg
nac hoping for Others to do some
9 llliirjg for tne town They should
pjgetj together themselves and prove
lftjci the world that they have a money
lniakjng town No outsider will
want to fish in our swimming hole
Kmtu we porye that they can catch
S We have for years past noticed
ore very undo > able feature in the
tewlnnce of the public school in
w higher grade viz There are as
a rule many more girls attending
t tanb fn Why is this Where are
the YI They leaveschoolr many
af 4
s iI
of them in their early or middle
teens as soon as they are able to get
a position as clerk in some store or
office under the impresson that they
are wasting time by remaining in
school longer The average boy
thinks that if he gets some business
position that will enable him to earn
a few dollarsa month and that looks
toward his final occupation in life
while his classmate sticks to school
three or four years longer he has
just so many years the start of his
companion who remains in school
Now the real facts in the case are
that the reverse of this is the truth
The boy who remains in school and I
acquires a thorough education InsI
a foundation that will surely other II
thingsbeing equal enable him to
surpass his class mate who left
school three or four years earlier
Suggestive Monument for A Town i
Cordiality Harmony
Talk about it
Write about it
Speak well alit
Healthful location
Help to improve it I
Advertise n its papers J
Good country tributary
Elect good men to r lice
Hoclcst competition in prices
Faith exhibited by good works
Try to make the atmosphere healthy I
Fire all croakers loafers and bumsj
Let your object be the welfare
growth and promotion of your town
and its people Speakwell of public
spirited men aid also be one of them
yourself Be honest with your fel
lowmen and just to your friends
Richmond Climax
CheopeiUo Live
Someone who takes a rosy view
sou life gets ofl the folio wing i
There are men who argue that
living is high but they might try
dying A live man gets shaved for
ten cents but a dead one pays a dol
lar and never kicks A good kersey I
overcoat cost 25 but a wooden
one costs 100 A grave digger will
plant potatoes for twenty cents an
hour but for planting you he gets
four times as much A carriage to
he theatre costs 2 but one to the
cemetery Cost 5 A saloon keeper
will fill your hide to bursting for 50
cents but an embalmer gets 7 50
for the job Come to think of it
there are lots of things left to live
for in this world despite the high
prices and the contrary weather
I 1 1r
A game of chance in which the
chances are about even The man
leads at first but after leaving the
altar he usually follows breathlessly
in his wiles trail The rules are
very confusing If a tpa ked player
holds you up sortie night at the end
i falppg gun itis called robbery
and entitles you tp telephone the
police but if your wile holds you
up fpr a much larger amount the
next morning it is termed diplo
macy and counts in her favor In
this as in other games qf life jyivcs
are usually allowed inmre privileges
than other outlaws I
i i
1 I i
i f I i 11 i
1 J fr t
ftbe Lobe SSe 1 jb JEbe Slue
Is thcro Lqdge rooinupin heaveiVr
Is there a master and brothers to
In that land beyond the blueI
It is said we know each othelI
I Tell me if you know itss truef
That we will use the word brother >
I In that land beyond the blue
I think I hear the Angels singing
Masons Red Men IC Ps to
I can hear their voices ringing
In the land beyond the blue
The day is coming not far distant
Let us all our vows renew
So that we may join that meeting
In the land beyond the blue
There we will meet the Great Grand Master
Wardens Deacons brothers to
Singing anthems everlasting
In that land beyond the blue
There we will see them from all Nations
When the gates we have passed through
Oh the many million Masons
In that land bepond the blue
If we knew we would not meet there
This world here we sure would rue
But we know good Masons go there
To that land beyond the blue
Now we end the labor of the old year
AId begin upon the new
Lets gel ready for the Grand Lodge 5
In that Lodge beyond the blue a
If we never meet again here
Let us to each be kind and true
If we expect to meet each other v
In the land beyond the blue > K
0 Fraternally
Barbourville Kentucky December 27th 1910
Prof f H Cooper of Grays was
the guest of home folks the last of
the week
Mrs 1C J Campbell was in Wil
ton Thursday
The entertainment given at tin
Campbell school house the 24th was
attended by a large crowd
Prof J H Campbell of Iexinton
is visiting relatives here
ii B Croper and daughters Miss
Emma Cooper and lrsO N Pilch
ard were in Corbin Tuesday shop
Mrs S n Reese and son Ben
were in Barbourville Tuesday the
guests of relatives
Granville Hubbs of Permon was
calling on Miss Lydia Engle the
latter part of the week
Prof E Knuckles was calling on
Miss Ada Wells Sunday
Miss Pearl Harris was the guest
of her grand parents Mr and Mrs
A B Helton Sunday
11 B Cooper and tiife entertained
Sunday J A Campbell wile and
son 1roi I B Campbell Misses
Sudie and Ada Cooper and Mr and
Mrs 0 N Prichard were present
Bradley Reese was in Barbourville
Wednesday on business
W H Campbell was in Wilton
Misses Clara Campbell and Linda i
McVey were the guests of Miss Em
ma Cooper Friday
Mrs Ann Helton is on the sick
list this week
Born to the wife of John Smith on
the 123rd a fine girl mother and
babe doing well
Success to the Mountain Advo
cate and Hurrah for Flem D Samp
son for Circuit Judge
Rosh BUD
It is becoming quite a fad in Pen
di ton for the girls to go hunting
with the young gentlemen A trag
cdv nearly occured the other day
over in tile neighborhood Lenov
burg A young man shot at his
sweetheart in ti dense liiicket tfecause
she looked Ilkea deer to7 him She
2ujt e b
If i 1 < > Jfr rf
tj fi 1
returned the compliment because he
resembled rabbit Falmouth Out
first Christmas Observance
Christmas gets its name from the
mass celebrated in the early days of
the Christian Church in honor of
the borth ol Christ its first solemn
izntion having been ordered by Pope
Telesphorus This was in or be
fore the year 128 for in that year
Pope Telesphorus died I
At first Christmas was what is
known as a movable feast just as
Easter is now and owing to mis
understandings was celebrated as
lute as April or May In the fourth
century an cclesiastical investigation
was ordered and upon the author
ity of the tables of the censors in
the Roman archives December 25th
was agreed upon as the date of the
Saviors nativity Tradition fixed
the eotir of His birth at about mid
night and this led to the Celebra
tion of a midnight mass in all the
churches a second tit dawn and a
third in the later morning at ten
One Hundred Words Most Often
Manila Philippine neuralgia traf
licking separate receive believe aer
oplane chaufleur susceptible sincer i
ity dis hunius dirigible icicle in
flammable iniquitous rigid thor
acic vigorous Reiuselaer February
benefited embarrass acquiesce priv
ilege parallel judgement until anal
ysis lettuce precede divisible super
sede pursue origin fulfill descend
ant government ver fiche prejudice
noticeable miniature umbrella ad
jacent similar foreigner hygiene
victuals millinery sovereign labor
atory cistertr reverend cemetary
mischevious vinegar bilious sieve
clevis celery apparition lachrymal
cavalier initiative inimitable lex
terity agility diphtheria dissipate
khaki hare lip erysipelas vaccinate
legible prejudice specimen partici
ple auxilary censure facilitate lic
ense serviceable fugitive audible
rhinoceros versatile bicycle cynical
acetylihe indelible millionaire al
paca surcingle mademoiselle cyan =
drical chute isosceles corpuscle
Delaware i I y
IIDIDIDffiIf LiIgip1i1g 1t 1IDmi1t IDtf f1H ltf
tube MAZDA LAMP will double your
light without Increasing your light
bill The metal filament affords two
nndaImlf times as much brilliancy
as the ordinary carbon Incandescent
and tho quality of the light is pure
write Wo would bo glad to quote
you prices on this lamp chandeliers
and any electrical fixtures dfiBirovl
ifJCIJ fffi1IDIDID lI rIDffiRT illI i Jt1fJ
Wo shall bo glad to give estimates of
cost of wiring your homo for
All our work is done by careful ex
perienced men and is guaranteed to
give satisfaction
Uarbourvillc Electric Light Heat S Power Co
A D SMITH Uoeeoo
Phono No ill
Improper Emblems
and Devices
In the Powell county local option
case where the drys won the Court
of Appeals reversed the cnse of Con
Icy Sc vs Hardwick and held that
the election was void because im
proper emblems or devices were
printed on the official ballots The
ballots under the head of liVes
which was the dry column contain
ed an open book with the words
Holy Bible under it In the
No column which was the wet
column there was a picture ofn
whisky bottle with a gluts beside it
nun u snakes head poking out of
the bottle The court says such
things materially affected the elec
tion and are therefore to be con
demn d The opinion says the proof
showed that one old negro soidi
I had ter vote under dot Bible fer
if 1 hadnt de Lawd Almighty would
er struck me dead Jessaminejour
Why does Great Britlan buy
its oatmeal of us
Certainly it seems like carrying
coals to Newcastle to speak of export
year the Quaker Oats Company sends
hundreds of thousands of cases of
Quaker Oats to Great Britian and
The reason is simple while the
English and Scotch have for centuries
eaten oatmeal in quantities and with a
regularity that has made them the
most rugged physically and active
mentally of all people the American
has been eating oatmeal and trying all
the time to improve the methods of
manufacture so that he might get that
desirable foreign trade
How well he has succeeded would
be seen at a glance at the export re
ports on Quaker Oats This brand k
without a rival j is packed In regular
lOc packages and in hermetically seal
ed tins for hot climates j lit
ryJ I
t o spa J r1I
t f
I Who Was There That You Knewf
N tho shadowy ranks of those who marched to defeat or death or victory fifty
years ago in tha mighty conflict that convulsed this great nation is there I ° I i
father or grandfather or im le of your Would you like to sea a photograph Jh
of him in that long njo day of his yutha photograph that ho never knew was
taken Perhaps v3 fin chow you oar and in any case we can tell you a I
Iof knewaslI I
story stranger than riy detective fiction of 3500 priceless photographs that 1
were lost and aroul tTli
3500 Long Buried Photographs
of the Civil Wer
IKY wore 1 Ji Lv r a I 10Irl er la t eI
Ualted sates d frI La 0e be lt bL
United UteaUrerrn Of 5100 e t rr eb fled I
In the War Dciwrtiunt f i o rr7 a3 lri d there
still But a duplcat at 11 L ° tc ihUoxili r who
died poor and broken d owr 1 hit h > lWs at vaj knoekM
from polar 10flot fir near > yea t a lit was ilsctwercl
by a New Earned collector J Iterpa t Morai tried b
securo the collection rvPrs Jet Carcld and Genertl
Benjamin f IJukr sal it rte forth fl53rti yet wt
the help ct too Ksvww r + i tao cnltw collection
has been nattered into 11 treat vcr1 and U rsced within
your reach at es tlai the aie rl c a of Ot pVrtoeraphi
It h tlis one lucurateUpcrfal 1stsiy cf ti enl War
for the camera cannot I1 It ti f e rtonr tl ts War you
never head before Taken under > roteetliri cf the Secret
Service thee photographs brics to Ileht thou anrl3 of little
known phases ot the war they penetrate to trance place and
record strange thins
REMEMBER i Our privilege of telling these book Ii
limited ns to time Our supply of Free Portfolio Is limited
in quantity You must be pompt to secure either fetter
mail this coupon today
or The
PlctureaFREE 11
Forth Cot of Mallinrfj
I la order to the you some Idea 1Jt
uf the prMtncis of this work we y
will send you 12 superb reproduc 7
tier d the photographs free of
chare i n handsome portfolio
These r fbre very ex
peni valuable bet you
end o r 10 cants to cover tJet
curt ofr ailing They Are not only 1
ruint but framed make a splen t 1
did addition to your library walls 1
At the urn time we will tell you
haw the llel w ot JeTlem rtu <
uycr thtt 160roo collection ofx I
I Jhotollralbl lUbe rrlce
mrot three wn
I hep
Send the eoupon
at once
IJ A Place i
iNew 1
Bends mefresohuge t
the 17 reproduetlont rri e
ol ilu War photogphs reedy
for learning sad conlalDed In a
haadeomepoufalla All tend me I
the story of there pictures sod test
me bow foe whit the rnerDnltDI A i
pal4 for ball s 40un print 1 un
make the whet collection myowm
I eorlole 10 cents 10 cover tho cost ci I
fame milling l I
Professional Cards e
Powers Sampson Smith Y
tftarbourvitte JfontucJey
Office on Public Square Notary in
Office PHONE 101
OFFICE Over First National Bank
j Office West side Public Square
OKKIOK Up Stair In Parker
Phones Ollico 80
Residence 00
Tonsorial Parlor
Jf you wanE a good clan
shave a neat hair ot or u 1i
shumppo you vlll flan no opt f
tor pjace In town < si Y
HiTE RS 9P S 04
e GIVE t ptA CAJi sr t I I
Ih Rw Xt

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