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Oil AS. D. Colk
. Editor
Jjl, Entered ni Hecond-Cuut Matter February
, IWM nl Ine iTMlomce nt imruuurTiuw.
Ky., under Aot of Oongren ot March 3, Wit.
One Dollar Per Year in Advance
The Official Organ or the Republican
Party In Knox County
Allio Rice, plttT.
Gertrude Rico, etc.,
John S. Cftlobs, ndma, of 11. A. Rice
deceased, deft.
Under n jiulgomont of tlio Knox
Circuit Court rendered at Its Sept.,
term 1912, In the above styled cnxo
tho underslRiied Master Commis
sioner will on Monday October, 'JS
1012, It being county court day fur
Knox county, between the hours of
10 o'clock A. M. and 3 o'clock P. M.
lit the enst door of the court house
In Itarbourvlllc, Ky., sell on a cred
it of six months, the following two
tracts of land. And the purchaser
will be required to clve bond with
approved security bearing Interest
from date of sale and having tho
force and effect of a judgement
with a lien retained upon said prop
ertv until raid In full. Said land
is situated on the south side of Cum
norland river near Artemus and Is
ki.own as tho J. B. Parks farm or
Gregory land.
Beginning at a small ash on
Giegory branch, waters of Brush
creek ; thenc s 07 1-2 e 39 polos to a
stone on the side of a drain thence
up said drain s 8 e4 poles to a mul
berry; thence s 33 e 10 poles to a
cucumber, in all, 17 poles to a stone
on the bide of said drain; thence s
'JO e 42 poles to a sourwood and red
oak on top of tho ridge; thence
with same to Cregory's line; thence
with Gregory's line to two black
gums; thence s 38 e 18 poles to a
spotted oak. corner of lots 10 and 11,
made in the division of Gregory, of
color, line; thence n 12 e 06 poles to
a red elm; thence n 26 e 28 poles to
a persimmon, In all, 54 poles to a
small red oak standing on a bin If;
thence a 65 o 20 poles to a stone;
thence east 8 poles to an apple tree;
thence n 25 e 20 poles to a beech;
thence n 04 w 14 poles to a cucumber
thence 05 w 14 poles to a black oak
stump; thence n 77 w 40 poles to a
black oak on John Corum's line;
thence with a conditional line made
between John Hosklns nnd Henry
Gregory of color, and with John
Corum's line to the line of the laud
Bold by J. B. Paiks to B. F. Main;
thence with said line to a persim
mon standing by a fence and a bluff
thence s 44 w 10 poles to a black
lack by a fence: thence s 41 w 18
poles to a sycamore by a fence;
thence s 45 w 20 poles to a stake In
a low gap on a cliff on Cumbcrlrnd
river; thenco s 13 e 21 poles to tho
SECOND TRACT beginning at
two small sassafrass bushes in a
swag on an upland hill and on the
line of John M. Davis and B. A.
Rice;' thenco running a course of n
88 e to a stake on a conditional line
made by and between John Hosklns
and Harry Gregory of color or
thence running with the condition
al to where It Intersects with J. B,
P.irks line; thenco with J. It. Parks
lluototht beginning.
Given under my liai.il. this Oct
8th, 1912.
J. R. Junes,
Master Commissioner.
Russian! Flock to Australia.
For some time past a number of
Huislan letUers from Siberia bave
Bad their way to Queensland, Aus
tralia, and the latest returns avail
able show that this Influx from north
era lata Is (rowing lu volume. The
vara climate seems particularly at
teaattva to theea newcomers.
Sydnoy Ingram
Frank Ingrain
By order of tho Knox Circuit
Court, rendored at Its Soptcmbor
term, 1912. In tho abovo styled enso
the undertignod Master Commis
sioner will on tho 28 day of Oct.,
1912., same being first day of tho
Knox County Court, sell at tho
Court House door In Bnrbourvlllo,
Ky., to tho highest and best bidder
tho following described property
Snld traet of land Is situated near
tho town of Flat 1 Ick in Knox
County Ky., and Is bounded ns fol
lows: "Beginning on a 15 foot
st reot, thence n 6 e 105 feet thence
n 85 w 82 feet; thenco s 52 w or such
a course as to be parallol with the
dower line of tho widow Jones, now
occupied and owned byJDnnlol Gll-
moro and leaving a ten foot street
between this lot and tho (lllmore
lot, 181 feet to within 10 foot
of tho lot owned by Mnry K Coon;
thence southwardly and pnrallell
with the said Mary E. Coon's lot o
as to leave a 10 foot street, be two n ,
It and this lot. 118 fiot to a 10 foot
street, running from the old state
road near the resldonco of Arch
Campbell to tho Barbourvillo road,
just south of Mary E. Coon's lot;
thence n 86 e with snld street. 208
feet to tho beginning, and It being
the same tract of land In which
Frank Ingram and Betty Ingrnmon
the 11th day of March 1912, convoy
ed to tho plolntllf Sydnoy Ingrain a
two thirds undivided interest, and
snld deed Is refered to for si more
definite description and boundary,"
Said property will bo sold on a
credit the purchaser to execute
bonds with approved security, bear
ing Interest from dato until paid,
having the force and effect of a
jugement and retaining a lien on
said property until the purchase
money Is paid.
Witness my hand, this 8 day of
October 1912
J. R. Jones, Commissioner.
Sale about 1 P. M. Purchasers
must execute bonds as soon as sale
is over, or the property will bo lin
medlatly put up and resold.
Sheriff's Sale
Meaning Money.
"New, bit sea. I am glvl&g you all
Mm efcaace la the world to take a
UWal eAteatlea.' "Right, dad, aad
I'M Ulte K ytti aa tut uinih
HnHH .tHaaaaBlMsHilH
Bit1 & ntIHt Wyw HlH
iBU lk,VL- ip4pHGht&,& eeBBaaaa
sJBiUBhi; t mleiiiiH
Ki&&e&8BK&$&mBUrW, b&MbH,
iDBYejraliBHflBlBBMBWHaBBBBHft, k iaK:Hy
iBiiiHI'. Mi
I ffggggigggimmmmmgmmmmammnmKx g.jKarea
Brown, Rosb Shoe Co., and Faucett
Peauler Shoe Co.,
Jason A. Dethorago
By virturo of executions numbor
3014-3617-3620 Issuing from tho Knox
Circuit Court on Sept., 28th nnd
October 2nd, I, S. H. Jonas, shorilf
of Knox County, will offer for snlo
at the east side of the court houso
in Barbourvillo, Ky. On Monday
Oct, 28 It belnj- the first day of the
Knox county court to tha highest
and best bidder, the following de
scribed boundary of land. Sale to
be made be tween the hours of ID A.
M. and 1 P. M.
A tract of land lying In Knox
Cohnty on Brush Croek nnd bound
ed as follows: on the north by
lands of the Interstate Coal Co., and
and on the east by lands of the In
terstate Coal Co., and on the south
by property of Interstate Coal Co.,
and on the west by lands of T
Brown and the Jones heirs. Said
land is the property levied on as the
property of Jason A. Detherage;
This sale will be made to satisfy
judgements of $300.00 with interest
from May 10th, 1912 nnd $143.24 and
Interest from 0th day of Juno, 1912
and probable cost of $100 00. Sale
will bo for cash or on n crodlt of six
months with approved security with
Interest at the rate of 0 per cent,
from date of sale until paid, having
the force and oiroct of n Judgement
and retaining a lulu on wild proper
ty until the purchase money Is paid.
Given under my iiauo this nth day
of October, 1912.
S. H. JOVKH. H. K. C.
Was Oood Didn't Get Measles.
The subject of measles came up In
a family that had a small boy In It.
"Have you had the measles yet,
Charles Robert T" asked tbo visitor.
"No." the youngster replied. "I did
think I was golag to bave them last
week, hut I waa real good for three
or four days, aa4 I guees I won't
All Parties Are
For Judge Kirk
(Lexington Leader)
Til E Louisville Evening Post, offers a suggestion which
tlie Leader gladly endorses. It is that all pnrtios
unite in supporting Circuit Judge A. J. kirk for the
vacancy on the Court of Appeals bench caused by the resigna
tion of Judge E. 0. O'ltear which was filled temporarily by
the appointment of Mr. Uoliert II. Winn by Governor Wilson.
Judge Kirk is an ideal selection and is sure of nomination
and election no matter what happens in Kentucky or the Na
tion, but his endorsement by all parties would have a good ef
fect. The 1'ost suys on this subject :
"The retirement of all other candidates
makes certain the nomination by tho Kepublicuu
party of Judge Andrew J. Kirk, of Johnson
county, for the vacancy upon the Kentucky Court
of Appeals to be caused by the retirement of
Judge It. II. Winn in Noveinbar. Mr. Kirk is now
a Circuit Judge, and one of tho best in Kentucky.
The district is so overwhelming Republican that
even in this year of certain Republican disaster
the Republican nominee should win easily.
Moreover, Judge Kirk is of the material out of
which Appellate Judges should be made. The
Democratic party will do a graceful act in not
contesting the election, and Wilson, Taft and
Roosevelt men can all unite in the promotion of
this Judge."
"So say we all of us." Wo believe the Leader and Post
H expn t'x. -ontunent of practically the entire district and
that the suggestions offered will be acted upon by the voter.
of the district. Adv't.
Stock Law Elections
The Sheriff ol Kno County us
directed by an order of the Knox
County Court nt its August term
191V, will open a poll in precincts
No. 17 Lower Urush Creek nnd
precinct No. 18 Upper Urush ("reek
to take the sense of the voters in
precinct No 17 u. to whether cattle
of any kind shnll he permitted to
run at large or not, nnd in precinct
Xo. 18 a to whether or not "hog"
shall be permitted to run at lare
ThU poll will he opened nnd the
election held nt the rt pillar Novem
ber Hlection, November 5th 1912
At which election nil Icgnl voters in
gnid precincts will have the right to
Witnei my h nil n Clerk of the
Knox County Court, this October 1,
Head I Muck, Ulerk.
Hie Job.
Visitor (seeking Information) "Ms
cute mo, but are you the oldeet Is
haWUntT" Native "No. air; I he
oalr tha tILUm IAbL" PuAah.
Statement of Ownership
and Alanagement of
The Mountain
Following is n stntement of tin
ownership, umnueiueut, etc. of the
Mnuntuin Advocate as required l
Act of August 24. 1912.
Chns D. Cole IMitor. Manager nnd
Publisher, n.irbourville, Ky.
Stocl.li dtlers owning 1 per cent or
mnrenf total amount of stock.
Chns. I). Cole, Harhourville, Ky.
Snwu-r A. Smith "
J. P. Catron " "
John II. I.nwson " '
W. II. Detherage '
feigned J ' HAS. I). Coi.it,
Subscribed nnd sworn to this 9th
day ol October, 1912.
S T Davidson, Notnry Public
Mr coiiimUoii ipiri Jim. aiili, two
Make Artificial WocJ.
Weed la so scarco In l'.'ngiuiid that
a process hw been Invented for pre-
d-vetag It arMelalJy. Straw, sawdust
M4 mm we oMDwita tw tuju K.
is Mv Choice of
Duke's Mixture Presents"
Among the many valuable presents now given away
suit every taste and In this nll-plcaslng satisfaction the
presents are exactly like the tobacco Itself. For all classes
of men like the selected Virginia and North Carolina bright
leaf that you get In
9fc Now this famous old tobacco will be more popular
Rl than ever for It Is now a Lizgett & Myers leader, and
W Is equal in quality to nny granulated tobacco you can buy.
HJ If you haven't smoked Duke's Mixture with the
I Liggett & Myers name on the bag try It now. You
will like It, for there is no better value anywhere.
For ic you get one and a half ounces of choice granulated
tobacco, unsurpassed by any In quality, and with each tack you
get a book of cigarette papers FREE.
Now About the Free Presents
The coupons now picked with Liggett & Myers Duke's
Mixture are good for all sorts of valuable presents. These pres
ents cost you not ono penny. Tbo list Includes not only
smokers articles out
many dcsirablcprescnts for
women and children fine
fountain pens, umbrellas,
cameras, toilet articles,
tennis racquets, catcher's
gloves and masks, etc.
As n special offer daring
September and October
only, we will tend you oar
ntw illustrated catalogue of
preterit FREE. Just send
namo and address on a postal.
Q ItolSf
JHSifiP Sl
-ajak tt,;:ii?.-i:-rTOz- b.
iW.! ifl'i'-- i V i " rniii fi
Coupons from Duke's Mixture may
b atsorted with tart from HORSE
i ci7 r.Diur.ro tukt ihi
aaA t vair'hai a wit vmy-vrrm
from FOUR ROSES (10c-lin doubit
and other tazt or toufont tuutd it u$.
Premium Dept.
"good clothes"
t v
f 17 ' HowYouSlnoulJ 1
1 Ml il Spend Your Money I
For Clothes
htit of all you shoulJ know that a Jollar of yours
your money is just as good as any other dollar in the
world. You should know that it has a purchasing powtr,
and you should make it bring you every particle of value
to be had.
You are surely getting everything you could expect,
and even more when you buy clothes made by
Style, construction and fit will meet with your hearty
Indorsement In Suits, Overcoats and Raincoats.
Barbourville, Kentucky
Jr.' vr
Making Opportunity.
When the young physician's motor
car reached the scene of the accident
there waa nothing to do: all the vic
tims had been bo slightly hurt that
they were able to walk home. The
young doctor waa keenly disappoint
A, but hie chauffeur apoke up cheer
taly: "Never talad, teeter. I'll ru
Uw imh twtaaa m the war
Good Voice to Bo Prized.
A soft, well-modulated voice Is ot
far greater assistance In the world,
oven In tho marriage market, than
personal beauty. There are few
things which possess a moro definite
valuo at a commercial asset than
gracloutnees of manner and gentle
ness of tone. We are not bora with
harsh rol-we. we aewlre the. Ha-,
. . ji

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