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Official OrRn of the Republican Party in Knox County.
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New Series: Vol. 2. No. 3.
Vol. IX. No. 36
An Open Letter from the Knox County Republican
Campaign Committee to the Voters of this County
Barbourvillc, Ky.,, Oct. 14th, 1912.
MR. VOTIiR: .-,. '
Please read nil of this letter ns well as the inclosure, and examine the list of names on
the margin ol these pages, who make up the campaign committee of Knox County. We are making
a winning fight for the Log Cabin . This is the strongest and most enthusiastic, campaign committee
that ever led a fight for the log cabin in Knox County. We want your help.
We want to talk to you briefly, why you should not desert the Log Cabin this year,
but give it your earnest support. Each and every member of this Republican campaign committee,
concedes your rights to vote as you wish. This letter is not intended to criticise or abuse you if you
differ from us, but to appeal to you ns u patriotic citizen to do the thing that is best for you, for your
home and your Country. We think that any Republican who goes off after the so-called "Prpgressive
Party," will net against his own interest as well as the best interest of his country. We must bear in
mind that Mr. Roosevelt 1ms quit the Republican party. He says he is not a Republican. He says
that bis party is a new party. He instructs the people who are for him to get out of the Republican
party. You cannot be a Republican, nnd at the same time belong to the Progressive Party.
You say bow will that effect tf.e? Last Winter the Kentucky Legislature passed a
state primary law, and that law defines what is a Political Party. It provides that no organization
is a political party, unless it cast 20 of the entire vote of the state This so called Progressive Party
will not be a Political Party under this Primary Law unless they get something like 100,000 votes this
fall, and il it is not a Political Party, it cannot have candidates on the ballot in the State Primary next
year. We know that the Progressive Party cannot get the required number of votes. The registration
of votes in various towns in the state n short time ago, showed tlint the Republican Party got about 10
to 1 over the Progressive Party. The Progressive Party supporters and leaders every where are desert
ing it, and ndmit that it is a failure, and is loosing ground every day. According to the registration,
the Progressive Party will not get more than five per cent of the votes .in the State. There is the City
ol Lexington, that registered more than 3400 Republicans, and 112 Progressives. Winchester registered
more thon 700 Republicans nnd only about G8 Progressives. The Registration in Corbin was 9G Re
publicans and 1 Progressive. This is the home of II. H. Seavy the Progressive Candidate for Congress.
Middlesboro registered nearly 400 Republicans and G7 Progressives, and thus it was all over the state.
This proves beyond a doubt that the Progressive Party will not become a Political
Party under this Primary Law, and if you vote with this Progressive Party, you cannot be a candidate
or voter in the State Primary in this County next year. The Progressive pnrty will not be entitled to
have any candidates on the Itnllot. This is the Law. You can read it for yourself. These men who are
trying to get you to vote the I'rngsessive Pnrty and leave the Log Cabin this year have not told you that
it is entirely a new Party, nnd this will disqualify you from being a voter or candidate in the Primary
next year. Why should you leave the Log Cabin What retnrn will you get for giving up your party.
,' and thus depriving yourself ol being a voter or candidate in the Primary next year.
Some one says the Republican Party is not Progressive. Let us sec. The other day
Kx-Governor Ueckham in bis speech in nnrbourville, Ky., says that whatever development there was in
- the-gowoment-in the lnst40-ycnrs (excepting Cleveland's Administration) the Republican Party is en
titled to credit. Of course we don't waut to take Credit for the Panic, misery nnd Soup Houses of the
Cleveland Administration. Governor Beckham was right. Wc Republicans have been telling the people for
years that the history or our n.ition for the last 50 years is a history of the progress and achievements of
the Republican Party. Is it not a splendid record of glorious progress and development. It struck the
shackles of bondage from 4,000,000 slaves. It saved the Union. It has extended the Dominions of the
United States so that the sun never sets on American soil. It raised our nation from the second rate
Powers in 18C0 to being the greatest Nation in the World in 1912. It shouldered nnd paid the great debt
of the Civil War. It gave freedom to the oppressed Cubans and Phillipinos. Under its wise direction and
encouragement the great railroads connecting the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans were built. Think of the
wonderful progress in schools, our homes, Religious Institutions, in our farming, mining, railroading,
manufacturing nnd commercial industry, making the American farmer the most prosperous of any class
of people in the world, the laboring man of ourCountry has better homes and more educational advanta
ges than the laboring man of any coimtry.
It has made us the most enlighted, most progressive richest, nnd most powerful na
tion of the earth. We repeat what a glorious record of progress and achievement. Are you not
proud that you huve been and arc now a member of that great party that helped to make this progress
and deyeloperaent possible?
And urc'you now ready in order to satisfy the hatred nnd boundless ambition of one
man or a set ol men to tun upon this party, to rend it and destroy it.
Mr. Roosevelt demands that if you follow him vou must turn your back upon your
parly, nnd look to him. He made his boast that he would destroy the Republican party. Why?
Simply because we would no give him a third term, an honor which was never sought by Washington,
Jefferson, Lincoln or Grant.
Roosevelt tjie friend ol trusts. Roosevelt is now posing as the friend of common peo
pie. Let us see how that is.) When Roosevelt went into office there were 141 trusts in this country
with a capitalization of three billion dollars. At the end of his seven ami one-hall years of office there
were 10000 trusts with a capitalization of thirty three billion dollars. Who is the friend of the trusts?
George W. Perkins and Mijdill McCormnck the heads of the Standard Oil and Harvester trusts the
two largest trusts in the country. Why did not Roosevelt do some of these good things while he was
These saijie fellows tell you that President Taft said recently, that a dollar a day was
enough for nny laboring nutn. Don't you know this is n lie? Don't you know that any man who has
sense enough to be President nnd in politics would not make any such statement. It is an' insult to
your intelligence to try to nlake you believe any such statement. Taft rendered the greatest decision
'that was ever made for the bjnefit'of the labor unions. He has always stood for high wages, for the
labor, and high prices for tbi- farmer. There has been more wholesome laws passed in favor of lnbor in
raft's Administration, tbntirin any other.'
We npuC'l to you Veterans to stand by the log cabin, the party of Lincoln, Grant and
McKinley. What rcwad have you for turning upon the party which you loved and which loved you,
'the party whirh vou heVpcd to make, nud the party which has cherished you in your declining years.
Don't you know "that ji vote fon the Progressive party (which has been properly nick named the Demo
critic Aid Society) is aj vote to ive aid nnd comfort to the Democratic party; but you say, did not the
Democrat vote for peisinn Legislation this year? Yes, nnd when they did it, don't you know they
were bidding for Tour vote Who first introduced pension Legislation? Who has been consistently
supporting it for the fast .10 or 40 yars (the Republican partyjf ' s oeen nguum; y u.u ..-
pension laws proposed by tne Kepuuncausiui mew Tni " " ""
mi imunen. because the Government wihhcd in this small way to in a measure nt
eciiition of the services which you rendered to the emmtrv, in saving its flag nnd in
The Democrats of course. Do you now feel like giving them aid and comfort, or
e party that has been your friend? Do you think you ought to do itf A vote
rty is a vote to help destroy the Log Labin
jil any eW respecting colored man vote for the Progressive party. Mr. Roosevelt ,
. . .- i ii. - c-.-.l. II... l tn i,ilit!ali n wliiti" mini's
wH ru'nijufliir tUafi he placed John JJ. Parker, a Democrat of New Orleans at, tjte
diew and fighting tj
sing you and calling'
least, express its ap;
saving the Union?
nvif.'.ajr tp destroy
for the Protf niivc
at Chicago ktrawtj
Wounds not Serious
and He Will Soon
Theodore Roosevelt was shot and
Wounded tonight as he was leaving
the Gilpatrick Hotel for the Audi
torium to make a speech. Despite
his wound the Colonel went on to
the hall and began his speech after
he had seen the assailant arrested
and taken to the police station.
With the Colonel were Philip
Roosevelt, a young cousin, Mr
Cochcms, Mr. Martin and Capt.
The crowd pressed close about
the Colonel and gave a cheer as he
appear.-!). As the party approached
the automobile, Col. Roosevelt's
companions stood aside and he
stepped into the car. Martin en
tered directly behind him, and sat
on the further side of the car.
Col. Roosevelt stood up waving
his hat in answer to the cheers of
the crowd. The . assassin was
standing in the crowd a few feet
front the automobile. He pushed
his way to the side of the car and
raising his gun fired.
Martin caught the flash, and leap
ed over the car a second after the
bullet sped on its way,
Col. Roosevelt barely moved as
the shot was fired. Before the
crowd knew what had happened,
Martin,, who is six feet tall and a
former football player, had landed
squarely on the assassin's should-
ersnnd had borne him to theground.
The fourth rib on Colonel Roose
velt's right side was fractured by
the bullet which struck him. This
became known Wednesday. It
was also learned that the x-ray
photograph taken in Milwaukee
failed to reveal the exact location of
the bullet. A more- minute exam
ination of the place will be made
this afternoon.
The fractured rib, it was explain
ed, had caused pain iu breathing.
Schrank is a foreigner and dis
patches from his native country,
llnvaria, state that he is au army
deserter. His trial will not be had
until after the election. Schrank is
the man that fired the shot.
of Barbourville,
Appeals to the thoughtful man or woman
as the bank with which to do business.
It has the financial backing.
It is being managed by careful and suc
cessful business men.
It is growing every day.
It is the United States Depository.
It is a City and County Depository.
It pays 3 interest on time deposits.
every citizen and voter in posses
sion of the true facts concerning
the issues of the present Presiden
tial campaign.
On Thursday of this week the
precinct committeemen were called
together. This proved to be some
what of a general rally, as there
were a large number of Republicans
present both fron this city and
from different parts of the county,
besides the committeemen and all
were optimistic over the prospects
of a large Republican majority in
this county.
h H. Seavy is Not
The Labor Candidate
II. II. Seavy who has for years
and is now connected with one
of the biggest ami most power
ful corporations of the whole
country is posing as the laboring
man's candidate for Congress in
this district. In the literature
sent out by him he claims that
he is a member of the Brother
hood of Locomotive Engineers,
and to be iu good standing witii
them. He is neither a member
of such order, nor is he in good
standing with its members. It
is true that he was a member
but he is not a member now.
While lie is, hiuuelf, a laboring
man, the truth further remains
that he lias never been friendly
to labor, lie owns au autoino-
Meeting Held Last Mondayj mie ami speeds around an over
Niflht and Preparations, the streets .f Corbin Ky. lu.ld-
I nig himself above the laboring
Made to Conduct a men engaged oven in the same
Thorough Campaign Over! -
Knox County.
calling with himself,
If there be those who doubt
the truth of these statements,
you are referred to Bill Shirely,
and O. B. Upton,
all engineers along with
Mr. Seavy on the 0. V. Division
of the L. & N. Railway Company
and who are in situation to know
all the facts, and if this does
not satisfy you, you are refer
red to W. It. Bingham, Corbin,
Ky., W. C, Campbell, Barbour
ville, Ky., and S. B.Dozier, 1231
North Main S.. Mt. Oarmel, III.,
all of whom used to tiro the en
gine for Mr. Seavy.
Caleb Powers on the other
hand, has always stood Hat-footed
by the cause of labor and al
ways met the laborer with ex
tended hand and greeted him as
a brother and fellow traveler on
the road of life. ' Powers is a
member of the Benevolent Order
of Odd Fellows, the Itedmen
and the Junior Order of Ameri
can Mechanics, all of which are
friendly to labor, standing tor
its uplift and betterment.
To Consumptives
Rev. lid ward A. Wilson was cur
ed by simple means of a severe
throat and lung affection which de
veloped into consumption. If you
will write to Mr. Chas. A. Abbott,
00 Ann St New York City, he will
send you (FREE OF CHARGH)
Mr. Wilson's full description of his
cure It will cost you nothing aud
may prove.a blessing.
The Republicans of Knox County
are awawe ami ugniing m
meeting held in this city last Mon
day evening at which were present ,
prominent Republicans from differ
ent parts ofthe county preparations
were completed for conducting at
wide-awake campaign to extend all
over Knox Connty.
Reports have been falsely circulat
ed that the Republicans of this
county were not trying; that they
realized that theirs was a hopeless
cause and that they were beaten.
If any one who has been circulating
these reports c uhl have been pres
ent at this gatheriug they would
have received a far different impul
sion This was one of the most
enthusiastic meetings of Republicans
ever assembled in this city. Plans
were here formed and committees
nppoiited to carry them into action
which within the three weeks limn
election will
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jhm ii "" - Li .AJMMUJ
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