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Cii as. D. Colk Editor
Kntrc4 m Becomt-Olas Mutter February
, INI ntHk rostoinc at llnrbourvllle.
gjr. r Act f Oonnren of Mnrch S. 1P7.
One Dot far For Year in Advance
The orficlnl Oman or the Republican
Pari v In Knox County.
Should tho new rule proposed
become effective, tho Kepubli
can strength, in delegation, will
in the future be considerably
reduced. It is now proposed
allow national delegates in pro
rata of the number of votes cast
by that party at the last regular
election, and this ruio, if car
ried out, will reduce the repre
sentative strength of this state
by about 2G9& . Heretofore
these delegates were allowed,
two for eacli Congressional Dis
trict and four delegates at large
from the state. Since the Re
publican vote was divided at the
last regular election and we did
not poll our usual strength our
delegation would necessarily be
greatly reduced. This then is
only one of the evils resulting
from the leaving of the party by
thoso who voted for Roosevelt at
the recent election because "he
was just as good a Republican"
as the nominee, and who were
told by the leaders of the Pro
gressives that they could vote as
they pleased and that it would
not effect them in the future.
Another direct stroko at the
freedom of the pres-s is embodied
in tho bill now before the Lower
House at Washington prohibit
ins the advertising of whiskey
and other intoxicating liquors in
We are strongly opposed to the
sale of liquor in any form either
legally or illegally nor would we
carry a liquor advertisement in
any column or the Advocate.
Only last sveek we replied to a
request for advertising rates for
matter of this nature and point
edly refused the same. In this
instance it is not a question as
to whether we align ourselves
with the liquor element or
against them, but it is a ques
tion of rights and freedom ; per
sonal freedom, freedom of the
Should this measure become a
law or be defeated it will not
materially eiract us, but it is
vicious in its conception and no
doubt wonld be declared uncon
stitutional should it over be
come a law and be put into ef
fect. Should this bill ever como
to a vote it is hoped that our
representative will not be de
oeived or influenced by any such
nonsensical sentimentalities
which could in no degree aid tho
temperance cause.
Just what relation tho organi
zation of thn Democrats will
havo with the coming primary
elpction for county officers in
this county remains to bo seen.
Ff.ir enmntime there has been
going the rounds hints that thoro i
would be a fusion between the'
Democrats and tho remaining
Progressives in Knox County in
which an attempt would bo made
ivmaf. Mm n I nnfl from thai
Republicans entirely, but here
tofore tho talk ban been solely
between Individuals and was
not "official . " Tho Progressives
havo no organization in this
county and probably will not
perfect one.
A very prominent Democrat
rent1y eVlfl wbon aiked con-
cerning any fusion between ttie
two parties, that as individuals
thoro would bo no use whatever
to discuss the matter, but be
fore any discussion would tako
placo officially tho Progressives
would havo to bring their organ
ization, to tho leaders of the
Democratic organization and
tlion discuss tho matter.
Sinco the Progressives are not
yet organized nothing moro can
bo learned now than before the
election of tho Democratic
County Chairman and subse
quent organization of the county
but it is almost a certainty that
the Democrats will undortako to
play a part in tho coming Aug
ust primary election.
Treasurer's Finan
cial Statement
J. M. Riddle salary as Judge
for fan. Feb. nnd Mnrch
John Williams overcharge on
tn.x for 1911
Kev. E. W. ilnrrop over
charge on 1911 tax
J. A. Owens freight on lime
Orders paid in May 1912
J. A. Bowman snlnry for
April S -'
First National Hank cou
pons on 1909, 1910 and
1911 bonds
Sherman Maker labor
Birt Catron hauling on
James Bunch, Labor
Peoples News Printing Co.,
for printing
James McQueary, labor
Judge S. H. Dishmnn brick
bats for streets
5 50
(Cumberland Natural Gns
Co., gas for April and
fames McQueary, labor
Birt Catron hauling on
James Hunch, labor
Sherman Baker, labor
2 3G
Bill Moore, labor
i Bfirbourville Electric Light
Co.. for April lights
H. C Faulkner r. salary as
City Atty
J. T. Williams & J. T. King
for fdl at r'lTer bridge G5 00
Henry Hubbard labor 1.25
S. ij. Jones city cost in
Hershberg case S.55
J. D. Faulkner, labor 3.50
. F. Catron salary as City
Atty for Jan and half ol Feb. 2t.90
Bob Goins, labor .56
Total G35.01
Orders paid in June 1912
Charles Kelley, labor $ 2.50
James McQueary, labor -- 11.4-0
Sherman Baker, " 12.50
Birt Catron hauling on
streets 21.25
Rice Bowman, labor 1.00
James Bunch, " 9.33
B. S. Matthews salary as
Assessor for 1912 G4-.G2
John Vanbcrer for black-
smithing 1.80
II. C. Faulkner Jr. salary as
City Atty. 1G.G5
Josh Faulkner hauling on
streets 11.85
J. A. Bowman salary for
May 25 00
J. A, Bowmon for burying
dogs, and lumber 0.25
Herndon & Tinsley, chairs
and freight for City Hall 21.73
Birt Catron labor and haul
ing on streets 42 75
Arthur Bowman, labor 8.75
Sherman Baker, labor G.23
Rice Bowman, labor 2 50
John McCreary, labor 1.80
W. M. Deaton hauling on
streets 15 00
Borbonrville Eleciric bight
Co , lights for May
125 00
E.- Geary & Co. railing" tor
r City Hall
C. C. Smith salary as City
' 00
ircaiiu iu. i, .-..
W. II. Imvis dieting prisoners 41 .20
Peoples News Printing Co ,
printing for city 12 50
James Shorter, labor 0 25
Dan Dufl, labor 5.00
J. R. Tuggle desk for city hall 9.00
W. C. Faulkner moving tiling 2.00
J. H. Blackburn services as
wperviKr for 1012
John bnrgis, labor . 6,00
Wilson Bros, dynamite nnd -p
. powder hammers steel 39 10
nmcM MeCrenry, labor ll 90
Sol Hubbard, labor 0 25
James Hurgis, " 7.50
James Bunch " 0 25
Steve I'hilpot " 5.00
James Bright " 50
lames Golden " 1.00
J. II. Cntron services as
supcrviser 0 00
Wm. Fisher hauling on streets 5.70
Sherman Baker, labor G 85
Birt Cntron Inbor nnd hauling 39.37
(olio Brav hauling on ttreets 4-.00
Rice Bowman, Inbor 5 25
George Hurgis, labor 5 G2
Snm Fisher, hauling on streets 12.30
T- F. Faulkner services as
Evic Messcr hauling on
John Denton hauling on
0 00
31 50
William Moore, labor
Wade Priclinrd hauling on
O. W. Tyc freight nnd hauling
losli Faulkner hauling on
9 37
James Bnrgis,
John Bnrgis
Steve Philpot
Arthur Bowman
James Bunch
Dan Ctifl
Sol Hubbard
James McQueary
lames Shorter
Bill Pope
Shnrley Kelley
13 1
12 50
Orders paid in Julv
Sam Fisher fur hauling on
Rice Bowman Inbor
Arthur Bowman "
James Bunch "
6 82
7 fil
Birt Catron labor and hauling 2G 07
First National Bank coupon
o.i 1912 houd.
John Burgess for Inbor
First National Bank for
coupon on 1912 bond
Rice Bowman labor
John Bray for labor
First National Bank for
coupon on 1912 bond
Birt Catron hauling on-
First National Bank for
coupon on 1912 bond
II. C. Faulkner Jr. salary for
John I). Burgess labor
T. F. Fnulkner & Co state
ment rendered for tileing
First National Bank for
1913 bond and coupon on
.-, T
First National Bank for 1
coupon on 1912 bond
Bill Moore labor
James McQueary "
George Burgess "
James Burgess "
Wilson Bros for dynamite &
tax book 35 41
lames Bunch labor 9.5G
Sol Hubbard " 8.87
James Shorter " 9.18
DanDnff " 7. 13
Joseph Moore salary as coun
cilman to lune 30th 5.50
J. M. Tinsley salary as coun
cilman to lune 30th 0.00
Y. H. Dethernge salary ns
councilman to lune 3,0th G.50
W. C. Faulkner salary as
councilman to lune 30th G.50
E E. Sawyers salary ns conn
cilman to lune 30th G.50
. W. Hughes snlary as coun
cilmnn to June 3Qth 7 50
A. . Mitchell cutting and re
(Continued to Uli imps.)
Mrs. Chos. Davis Entertains
O n Monday afternoon tho
china class of Mrs. F. D. Samp
son was entertained by Mrs.
j 0JiarleB Davie at her home on
River Street. Mrs. Davis being
tt mpmber'nf.the class served u
beautiful luncheon, using her
own hand painted china.
Kalin Tailoring Company of
Louisville is one of tho nldost
and most reliable clothing
houes in the South, See their
representative a t T h e Gibson
Company's Friday and Saturday
and have your measurement
thkeYt tor ftfrim? kutt,
At a meeting of tho Hoard of
Directors of the rccontly incor
porated Middlcsboro Paso Hall
Club the following officers were
J. L. Matiring, Pros.; Boyd
Rice. Vico-Fros., Will Horr,
Treas , W- Clint Halo, Sec'y.,
L. K. Rico, General manager,
and War Sanders, of Chat
tanooga, Player Manager.
Mr. Sandefs is a loft handed
pitcher and can also play the
positions of first base and out
field. He has played on the St.
Louis, Nationals and Nashville
Southern League teams. Tho
season of 1012 ho was in a crip
plod condition, but played a
number of games with tho Mor
ristown Appalachian League
team. Ho reports that ho is
now in fino shapo for tho coining
season. No ws-Reuord.
Henry T. Brown after a brief
illness died at bis home Friday
night January seventeenth, at
the ago of sixty livo years and
two days. Mr. Brown was one
of the older citizens of Barbour
ville having lived here for the
last soveral years. He had the
confidence and esteem of all who
know him. Re was ono ot tho
few men who stuck to his word,
whatever financial cost it invoU
ved to him. He was a member
of the Barbmirville Baptist
Church, and for a long time had
served as a deacon in that con
jugation. lie h-aves a wife and
two daughters Mrs. L. G. Mil
ler of thh city and Mrs Sudic
Sutton of Corbin, and a host of
friends in the church and com
munity who mourn his depar
ture. The funeral was held in
the Baptist Church Sunday af
temoon, conducted by the pas
tor. Rev. A. 0. Hutson, after
which the body was buried in the
City Cometery.
A Card of Thanks
We wish to thank all ol our
neighbors and friends who s-o
kindly remembered us in our re
cent affliction in tho death of
our husband and father.
Mrs. Henry Brown,
" Loss Miller,
" Ben Sutton.
Prize winners at the Picture
Last Saturday night was ame
tuer night at the Slur Picture
Show and the best crowd yet to
attend was then present. The
house was crowded to standing
room and the performances were
greatly enjoyed by tho large
audience. Jessie (Sheepy) Ver
million was the winnor of the
first prize, doing sumc high
class work in Ins toot shuffling
act, while Miss Roberta Cole
and Miss Ethel J onus were also
awarded prizes for their singing
acts. -
The manager, Mr. Brown, is
having the greatest success of
any who havo undertaken tho
moving picture business in this
city, and from his past experi
ences in this line knows just
what it takes to successfully
handle this business. His pin
tu res arc better than those form
erly shown Ihtc and that ac
counts in ono way for tho in
oreusod attondaiue. Hereafter
ametuer night will ba on Thurs
day unless otherwise announced.
To Consumptives
Rev. Edward A. Wdson was cur
ed by simple means of a severe
throat and lung atfeciion which de-
Yclopcil into consumption. If you
will write to Mr. Chas. A. Abbott,
60 Ann StNew York City, he will
send you (FRES OF CHARGE)
Mr. Wilson's full description of his
cure. It will cost you nothint: and
may prove u blciiipu.
! 4-12
Never harbor mongrel stock.
Dont forget to whitewash the In
terior of your houses.
Expect disease and low vitality
when fowls ro Inbred year In and
year out
Sond to market alt the stock that
you can spare, for the prices ot feed
are still high.
Plump chickens are wanted in
market: repember that loifsy chick
ens will not fatton.
From October ISth to about Nov
ember 20th the best prices for poultry
aro generally obtained.
New blood may be added to the
llock, by buying some choice pullets
of a rcliablo poultry keoper.
Lining neat boxes with nowspapcrs
makes It easy to lift out litter, paper
nnd all. Then aet a match to it.
Authorities claim that the eggs
from a hen will bo fertile for ten
days after the removal ot the male
from tho flock.
Do not lot your young birds roost
with the old hons, as thoy are llablo
to catch diseases which old bens are
more subject to.
All hens which have completed tholr
second laying season should be dis
posed of at once, to make room"for
the young Btock.
Save the small potatoes and imper
fect heads of cabbage and other waste
vegetables. They will all bo relished
by the hens in the winter.
Don't delay any longor making re
pairs to the houses or fences, winter
may bo here before you aro ready
At tho samo time, clean up the runs
and walks.
- " -,.,...
National Supply Company,
Knox Lubricating Oil
& Refining Company.
- PltfT
lly virture of n judgement and or
der of sale made and entered in the
above styled action at the Novem
ber term, 1910, ol the Knox Cir
cuit Court, the undersigned, Master
Commissioner will on Monday,
January 27, 1913, at the Court
House door in the city of Harbour
ville, Ky., about the hour of 1 o'clock
P. M., upon a credit ol six months,
sell at public auction to the highest
and best bidder, the property de
scribed in the judgement nnd order
ed to be sold in this action, viz:
Two tracts of land, lying in Knox
County, Ky., on waters of Little
Richland Creek, viz:
FIRST TRACT: beginning nt a
water birch and sycamore, J. R.
Payne's corner; thence with the
Hurricane branch road to the Tug
glo line; thence south with the Tug
gle line to I he second crossing of the
creek, northeast corner o f Hughes'
fence; thence with Hughe's fence to
corner n J. R. Payne's line; thence
with said Inst named line to the
creek; thence with the creek, as it
meanders-to the beginning.
SECOND TRACT: bounded on
the east by the lands of Harmon
Pavne: on the south bv the lands
of Samuel Newman: on the west by
the lands of Samuel Newman; on
the north by lands of Harmon Pay
ne. Or so much of said lands, or one
tract, as may be necesiary to raise
the debt, interest nnd cost.
The purchaser will be required to
execnte bontPwith nrjproved secur
ity beariug interest nt six per cent
from the day of sale, with lien re
tained on the property to secure
the payment, payable to the plain
tiffin the judgement.
Amount to be raised $06 00 with
interest from October 2, 1000, nud
cost amounting to $15 00.
This 4 day of Jnn. 1913.
W. W. Hviu.uy, Mnster Com
missioner Knox Circuit Court.
Sale about I P. M. Purchasers
must execute bonds ns soon ns sale
is over, or the property will be im
mediately put up nnd resold.
Ellis Gregory,
Helen Jones et at, Defts.
The undersigned. Com missioner
of Knox Circuit Court, will on Jau
uary 27, 1913, at the Court House
door, iu Uarbourvillc, Kentucky,
between the hour of 10 A. M. osd (
fj P, M,, txptN (9 puWJt t to the
.. . . .'
highest aad'best bidder the proper
ty hereieaftef described. Said tale
la made pHrtunnt to a- judgement
and order of sale of the Knox Cir
cuit Court, made and entered the
January term, 1013, on the 3rd day
thereof, nnd is to satisfy n judge
ment on a mortgage and note for
the sum of $100.00, with interest
and cost from and after October 3,
1908, nnd this action nnd snle is
approximately $20.00 The said
property will be sold to the highest
nnd best bidder on six months
time the purchasers to give bond
with approved surety, immediately
nfter the snle, nnd if he Inils for 30
minutes so to do the property will
again be sold pursuant to this no
tice and the bid of the first pur-'
chaser disregarded. Said property
is the following: '
"A certnin trnct ofjand situated
in Knox County, Kentucky, on the
waters of Fighting Creek, and
being the same lands conveyed to
first parties by deed from Samuel
Jones, hearing dnte February 9,
1900, nnd recorded in Deed Book
No. 11, at page35Gin Knox County
Court Clerk's Office, nnd more
specifically described as follows:
Ort'tjie Wiggins Branch, the wati
ers of Fighting Creek, and bounded
as follows:- v
Beginning ntajpeust post in the
wire fence; thence nTjiTw-r44 poles
to a gate post; thence s 70 n "914
poles to a sycamore at Hen (ones
house; thence s 8314 n 12Hr poles to
a stake on Mnry Hartellow's line;
thence with the same s 15 e 28V!
poles to a stake at the fence; thence
with the fence n 75 e 9 poles to n
stake; thence n 34- e G-'ft poles to a
stake; thence e 12V& poles to n stake
in Alex Jones' line; thence with
Alex Jones' line and Charlie White's
line 28 poles to a stake; thence n 85
w 1 pole to the beginning.
Given under my hand ns Commis
sioner of the Knox Circuit Court,
this January 9, 1913.
W. W. Bvrlev, Commissioner
Knox Circuit Court.
Sale nboat 1 P. M. Purchasers
must execute bond ns soon as sale
is over, or it will be immediately
put up nnd resold.
Pursifull, PltfT.
Thomas Valentine, &c, Defts.
By virture of a judgement nnd or
der of snle made nnd entered in the
above styled action at the April
term, 1912, of the "Knox Circuit
Court, the undersigned Mnster Com
missioner will on Monday January
27th, 1912, nt the Court House
door iu thecity of Uarbourvillc, Ky.,
about the hour of 1 o'clock, P. M.,
upon a credit of six months, sell nt
public auction to the highest.. nnd
best bidder the property described
in thejudgement and ordered to be
sold in this action, vis:
Lying in Knox County, Ky., in
what is known ns Crowder addi
tion to Himyar, and kndwn as the
James Hampton house and lot:
Beginning at a stnke on the road
leading from the Itarboueville road,
nt a double poplar corner nnd on
the northeast corner of Flem Cam-
es1 lot; thence southward 210 feet
to a stake on Wm. Miller's line;
thence northward course to J. L.
Reeder's line; thence with Reeder's
line (i southeast course to a stake
nt the street lending to the double
poplar; and with the street a south
erly course to the beginning. Con
taining about 114 acres.
Ths purchaser will be required to
execute bond with approved securi
ty benring Interest at six per cent
from the day of sale, with lien re
tained on the property to secure
the payment, payable to the under
signed Commissioner.
Amount to be raised $118.12,
with interest from June 10, 1900
subject (o credit of $35 pnid March
10,1908 and $20 paid December
21, 1908, nnd 1-2.15 cost.
This -1th day of January 1912.
W. W. Hyhi-uy, Master Com
missioner Knox Circuit Cort.
Sale about 1 P. M. Purchasers
muit execute bonds as soon ns sale
it over, or the property will he im.
4i,tly put up sd retold,
- LiJ
.! " t
Lfr i - uiiiimxnWtiiumMm'M iff H'wjMMtWtlWfl

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