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Official Orn of the Republican Party in Knox County.
New Series: Vol. 2. No. iy.
Vol. X. NoVyS
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IWw&&a . .. '-itraud iwrv.
Dr. Stutz,ofOhio, Writes
of Dr. Friedmann's
; Tuberculosis
An Aniercnn patient has been tnk
inj tliV treatment of Dr. Friedmann
for tulwrculosis, He is Ur. Otto
Sun ol Uuner Sandusky, O. Here
in the account of Dr. ntutz 8 expert
ciicr in hi" own words.
"I hne been a victim of tuber
miosis foi two venrs. In despern-
t.on I came to Berlin bopinj; to find
a cure for myself nnd for my tuber-
c.ilnr patients in Ohio. Dr. Fried
tmnn nve me nn injection of bis
scrum in the thigh lGdaxs ago. I
differed no inconvenience except for
ii alight soreness lasting about n
w'eek. Within tour dnvs niter the
injection the pniniu tnv lunjs liegnu
to lessen. My weight has increased
dx pounds My appetite, which
hn been irry poor th- past mx
months, has become ravenous, I
climb four fights of stnirs daily to
my rooms, which was nn impossible
fent for me three weeks ago. I cnn
only sny that something little short
nl marvelous has befallen me I do
not know whether Friedmann will
jive nn n second Injection as I am
doinji'so well, hut I feel sure 1 will
be nble to leave for home on March
1, il i hj iniiroemcnt continues.
1 shall be entirely cured, 1 ihink at
that time. ,
"Icannot bring nny Friedmann
germs home with me, but. I think it
ill sonn be available for all doctors
i' II e I'niitd States.
"From what I have seen f Dr.
Friednuiiiti'sgeim 1 would ivc it
to my patients in Ohio with delight
1 make this statement with the
Krentcst care, fully realizing that
it would be criminal to raise false
hopes in American sutlers. My
message to American doctors is to
withhold criticism of Dr. Fried
Minim's treatment until they get the
facts about it.
NOT.CE-First meet
ing of Creditors
In the District Court of the
United Mates tor the Iinstern Dis
trict of Kentncky.
In the matter ol (JKO. VY. CA.MF
HELL of Leger in Clav County and
District aforesaid, a bankrupt.
Notice is hereby given that on
the 14 dny of January 1913 the
said liin, W Campbell was duly
adjudged bankrupt; and that the
first meeting of his creditors will be
held at Hnrbnurville, Kv.. on the 8
day ol February 101 at i! o'clock
in the afternoon of said day, at
which time the said cieditors may
attend, prove their claim, appoint
a trustee, examine the bankrupt,
and transact such other businesH as
may properly come belore said
This 30 day of January 1013.
' W. W. TINSI.KY, Kcllcree in
A H. Hampton, Atty.
Uncle Steve Hrown, ot Smlf, died
Ian. 27, 1913. He was iu the eight
ies at bis death.
Harrison Jackson and Lester
Mills left Wednesday morning for
Duff, Tenn. Jackson went to locate
a place to sell goods while Mills
went to get a job loging,
J. II. Hubbard returned back to
' BnrWeunrille to finish tip on the
T G Hnmiiions left Wednesday
morning for llrtrbourvillc to do
some business
John Mnrkle returned home from
Hell where he lias lietn working lor
the Aaher Coal Co.
Gale Murphy don't care lor ex
penses ou know, for he got a hnir
cut and a shave the other dnv
E. C. Mills one of our merchnnts
of Scall, went to Flat Licit Wed
nesday to bring in same codec and
. ObjeSams, of Hammond, Ky., unci
Nnncy Hargo, of Scalf were mar
ried a few days past.
There is going to be some ped
dling going on up here, as I saw a
wagon full of chicken coop go up
Wednesday morning look out
chickens (or you will he caught.
Squire Nnsbv Mills said be" wns
about through clearing snd cutting
briars as be began early on his job.
Jinunie Hrown and wife of Clay
was visiting friend of Scalf this week
Milt Scalf is having lots of friends
to visit hint since they have heard
be was going to move away.
L. C. Tavlor is enjuging a consta
ble's life fine.
It seems as though we will have
lots of candidates in the field for
magistrate, to be voted for at the
last week.
Hrock left lor 1'incville
Qaynor Outlives Man
TRENTON, N. J., Feb. 3,-James
J. Gallagher, the man who shot
Mnvor Gaynor of New York nearly
two venrs ago, died today at the
State Hospital for th.- Insnne in
this city. He had been at the State
Hospital since antiary 38, 1912,
having been transferred there from
the New ersev State prison where
he had been sentenced to serve
twelve enrs
Tilford Jones Candidate
for Sheriff in Laurel
So our old friend Tilford Jones is
a candidate for sheriff in Laurel
County. The following article in
Monday's Lexington Leader will be
of inteiest to his many friends here:
"The announcement jcstciday
that Tilford Jones will this year
again manage the Richmond Pio
neers elicits the latter information
that nnes is now a candidate for
sheriff ol Laurel County, Kentucky,
his home count v, and may decide
to retire from baseball this year
The election does not come of) until
fall, but Jones figures he may have
to do a little electioneering during
the hot suminei (lavs, lest his would
be constitunts forget he is in the
race. He is said to lie the favorite
Republican candidate, which is d
say that he is the lavorite candidate
since Laurel County in the political
league usually wins the pennant
flying a Republican banner. Jones
has not yet definitely decided
whether he will remain in the
mountains during the summer or
come out in the Illue Grass long
enough to lead the Pioneers in their
dash for the pennant."
Tilford is well known here and
lias a large number ol frieniln who
would be glad to hear of bis election
to this office. He is a native of
Laurel County and has always been
popular there ami will run a good
race. Here's to you Tilford, and
may you bat 1000 in this political
race, and in the home stretch next
fall we hope that you have such a
kit'l that you can walk in from
third atu),win without an effort.
Citizens of Breathitt County
Hold Mass Meeting to As
sist in Prosecution of
Judge Allie V. Young opened
court at a special term of the
Ureal bit t Circuit Court at Jackson
Monday and which is expected to
mark an epoch in the history of the
county. A mass meeting of citizens!
backing the clearing 'up of affairs
wns called to precede the opening
of the court's session.
For years the Commonwealth's
Attorney has found it almost im
possible to obtnin convictions in
enses in which certain men were in
volved, because of their ability to
prove an alibi every time they were
brought into court, Indictments
charging perjury against some of
these professional alibi witnesses
arc to'be asked.
The Jackson Civic Betterment
League is taking a prominent part
in the proposed cleaning up of the
county that is expected to be made
during the special term of court at
which Judge Young will preside.
The notice of the league, calling
on the people to meet an follows:
Jackson, tvv., Jnn. 2Gth 1913.
"Monday, February 3rd, 1913,
to be the greatest day in the history
of Breathitt county, are called to
meet in the Court-house at Jackson,
for the purpose ot inaugurating a
crusade against all forms of crime
nnd lawlessness, and especially the
illegabnale of liquor, and to lend
am to tiieotticersuf the county in
discharging their duties.
"The Civic Betterment League
was organized here less than nix
weeks ngo nnd great results have
been accomplished in ackson. We
want the good work to extend to
every nook and corner ot the county
that the women and children may
feel the beneficial results.
"Every good citizen is earnestly
urged to be present and lend hit in
fluence ami support to the upbuild
ing of this community, II you nre
a good citizen, come and bring some
of your neighbors with vou, as this
will be an occyaion never to be for-
Ground Hep; Day
According to the weather prog,
nosticatom lust Sunday w a s
"ground hog dav" and if there are
anything in "signs" we are due to
have six weeks more of bad weath
er. The sun shone Sundav and if
the ground bog failed to see his
shadow it whs his own fault. So
it is Imck to his lair lor another six
Income Tax
WASHINGTON. Feb. 3.-The in
come tax is now one of the provis
ions of the constitution of the
United Stntes, the Wyoming ratifi
cation today of the income tax
completing the necessarv number of
States voting for its adoption. The
new amendment is the sixteenth
chnuvcin the constitution since its
onuinjil adoption.
Congress will now enact a law
to levr' the tnx unit it probably
will become effective during the ex
traorduiniy session to he called by
President-elect Wilson in March.
The new law probably will super
cede the corporation tax nnd pro
vide for a tnx on all incomes above
$5 000. Congressinnal leaders es
timate that nn income tax will
bring iu about $100,000,000 a year
to the government. Now that the
tax is provided by the constitution
the proposed excise tax will .be
dropped by the Democrats.
To the Citizens and
VoterA of Knox County
I am n Republican candidate Inr
the nomination for County Judge
ol Knox County subject to the will
ol the people and primary August
3, 1913. I enter this race nfter a
long solicitation of many friends
all over Knox County, and 1 am
before people on that merit and
and principle.
It is true that there is some di
vision in politics in . Knox County
and even in this great nation of
ours, nnd while I am a Republican
anil always have been and enter
this race as a Republican and on the
true principles of its platform, yet I
have not n word to say against the
Mifferage ol any man how he might
cast his political affilliation. Hut I
enter this race as a man and on
principle, pledging myself if nomi
natcd and elected that I will be a
servant of the whole people ot
Knox County and look after the at
lairs of the county and the people
the very best I enn reunrdless ol
politics or political affiliation.
The Farmers, Miners and labor
ing men are the big wheel in Knox
County today and from their hon
est toil and free spent sweat the in
dividual, company, or corporation,
banks and merchants grow' and if I
am elected I shall strive to see that
every citizen shall have the -name
fair and impartial representation
from mv hands, one to another
I think I know the
needs ol the
people in general, as I am a country
man and a farmer and reside on
the Stinking Creek section of Knox
County and I know what honest
toil is and I think I know the pro
tection the people need. As to the
qualification, I think I possess thctn
I served the county ns ustice of the
Peace lour years and I alwavs tried
to vote to the best interest of the
people. That is ot political record
and an open book open tor inspec
tion at any time in the count
Clerk's olhct at Haruourvillr. There
the "eas" and "nays" can be seen
Hive in a section of the county
that has alwavs stnod by and sup
ported meu from various localities
of the county and men lor various
offices ever since Knox has been a
county, and the Flat Lick and
Stiuking Creek section has never
had the pleasure ofa County official
with the exception of one some
thirty fivejears ago.
1 now enter this contest if there
should be one, at the command ot
many friend nnd ask the support
of all. And ni I enter the race or
seek the nomination I do it with a
spirit of fairness and rights towards
every citizen of Knox County.
The legislature ol Frankfort has
mndc a law that all parlies shall
hold their primary on the same dnv
and in the same place and with the
same election officers, equally divid
ed Republican and Democrats nnd
have set the day in the law that
is the first Saturday in August, and
the same lav requires candidates
to circulate nomination papeis to
secure not less than 3 per cent and
not more t'mn ten jicr cent of the
total vote of the county nnd re-
this circulation not to be
ninety days prior to the
and the same law rtquires a riling
ofthckc piqiers at least thirty ilas
prior to the election dav with the
clerk ol thecountv court.
I shall circulate tlioe paiers at
the proper time and I hope in the
meantime to meet each citizen of
the county nnd discus the issue
with you fairly and squarely, nnd 1
hope to sec the voters of thecountv
and there make plain the protection
1 shall offer to Knox County nnd
her citizens.
I earnestly solicit your support.
Yours respectfully,
Thos. G. IIumtHons.
Of the Condition or the
At the close of business on reb. 4th, 1013.
NO- 0202
Loanynnil Discounts $163,!U3.33
Overdrafts, secured and
unsecured 3."i.".7fi
U. S. Roims to secure cir
culation! 15,000 00
U. P. Bonds to secure
Postal Savings 5,000.00
Uonds, securities etc. 3,720.34-
Hanking house, furniture,
and fixtures! , 0,500.00
Due from National Hanks
(not reserve agents)... 5,000.00
Due Irom approved re
served agents 33.74S.03
hecks and other ( nsh
Items...., SC.15
Exchanges for Clearing
House 290.21
Notes of btber National y
Hanks 3.81 5 00
Fractional paper cur
rency, nicklcs, and
cents 207.00
Lawful Monev Reskvkh
in hank, viz:
Specie. 15,024.83
notes none. 15.024.85
Redemption lund with U.
S. Treasurer! 5 of
circulation) .?.
WFoO.w i
251, $41.33
The official report
ional Bank, of Barbourville, shows
that in the year 1912 there were de
posited in this barjk ' ' "
This is a gain over the year 1911 of
more than
This bank aprreciates your business
and will do all it can to aid its pat
rons, consistent with careful and
safe banking. : : : :
Open an account with a clean, safe,
progressive, growing bank. :
First National Bank
Barbourville, Kentucky
Capital stock paid in 25,000.00
Surplus fund 22,500.00
Undivided profits, less
expenses and tnxe paid S(5(5.37
National bank notes out- C
standing l.()00.t)()
Individual deposits sub
ject to check $130,282.77
Demand certificates of
deposit none
Time certificates of
deposit 49.295 00
Cashier's checks outstaud
ing none
Postal savings
deposits 2.497.19
Total Deposits 188,074.96
Total 251.441,33
Statkof Kentucky, J
County of Knox J
I, Robert V. Cole. Cashier of tbr
above-named bank, do solemnh
swenr that the above statement ?
true to the best of my knowledge
and belief.
Rojiert W. Com:, Cashier.
Noah Smith, )
b. H. Haknkk Directors.
J. W. Kei:i.f. j
Subscribed and sworn to before
me this 7th dnv of Feb. 1 91 2.' "w1
as. M. Wilson. Notary Public.
Aly commission expires Feb 19tl'.
191 6.
of the First Nat
Livery. Sale & Feed
J.rT ,1 i iJtzJ.
Nlco Wits Fat IIortM.
BWBrWSBBaitBlBlBiRlihimiimMiiliAfiM WttiAfaTOr'ftfilr1t
j&,imr rttnm'irriUimtiirtt iv .:
h. ., -i;.

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