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Official Organ of the Republican Party in Knox County.
New Series: Vol. 2. No. ao.
Vol. X. No. ft
rr, .
Prohibits the Interstate
Shipping of Liquor Into
DryjTerritory from An
other State
A very important bill was pul
upon its passage List Saturday ii
the Lower House nt Washington
which is of great interest onr
which directly effects condition
here in our own district. The Webl
Liquor Bill, which is constructed tc
put a stop to the practice of ship
ping intoxicating liquors from out
state to another regardless of wheth
er or not that state has voted to bt
'!dry" came to n vote and passer
by the overwhelming majority o
240 to G5. The same hill pns'sei
the Senate this week and all thai
it pow lacks is the Presidents signa
ture to become a law.
This will be one of the greates
temperance victories woi lor some
time, ns this condition has confront
ed them in this State at ererv turn
where they were making a fight to
kei p liquor out of a certain com
munity. Recently when our own
law making bodies passed law
preventing the shipping of liquor
from any section of the State to o
section voted "dry" by that com
munity, the wholesale houses and
distilleries established branch office
just across the Stntc border line
and would ship their products out
of the State and then have it ship
ped back into which ever community
ordered it, and there was no law
regulating this interstate shipment
heretofore. This then will have a
still greater tendency to climinatt
the "boot-leggers." for they woulc
have to go where the liquor is legal
ly sold and bring it back in person,
and in this manner they would a
sume greater risk of being detecttt
and as our laws are now very stru
upon this mutter it can easily 1
seen where the profits would l
very small even if not interfcrrn
with, and when you add tin
amount that would be paid in lint
which everyone would have to pa
soniet or later who deals in tl.i I
stufl, the number who care to tnlt 1
the risk will be very small indeu ,
greater the reason why the wou J
be easier caught.
The Kentucky delegation wa
split on this vote last Saturday,
but we arc glad to note that botl
Republican Representatives votct
for the bill, namely Hon. Cnkl
Powers and Hon. John V. Lani
ley. Other votes lor the bill wire
Fields, Johnson and Helm, whik
those who voted against it wen
Cantrill, James, Shcrley nnd Kous
Stanley was not recorded as vntii .
Anartic Explorers Perish
in a Blizzard
LONDON, Feb. 10. News read et
the world today that Captain Rob
ert Scott, the Anartic explorer nil
a number of bis party perished in
the Anartic while on their return
from the South Pole. They rend,
ed their goal on Jan, 18, 1912,
about a niuntb alter Cupin a Ronh
Ammundscn, the Norweign had
planted the (lug ol lux country theit
Then they turned buik lor the hast
they had formed on the out wan
journe but were ovcswheliucd nuc
dcstrojtd by a blizzard.
The news ot the death of the ex
plorers was brought to civilntior
by the Terra Non, the vessel whicl
had tt-ken the hcott expedition t
the South and which had gone
fetch them back alter .the ncconip
lisliniciit of tlior task.
A searching party recovered tin
bodies, Only it few bulletins wen
sent today hum the New Zenliin.
sport to Oumuru by the CRptaiii of
the Terra Novo, who related the
fate of the party and then proceed
ed to LTtleton, where he should nr
r ve Thursday.
The disaster came up as an titter
surprise to London and cast n
gloom over the community which
has been unequalod since the death
of King Edward.
It is believed the disaster did not
involve all the Scott party of GG,
hut only Scott himself and the 4
others elected by hiui for the final
dash for the pole.
Captain Scott and his party
reached the exact point where
Roald Amundsen planted the Nor
wciginn flag at the South Pole
They found there the hut construct
ed and, left behind by Amundsen's
party. These facts were recorded
ind and are found in the docu
nents found upon the bodies of the
lend explorers.
Progressive Candidate for
Jailer of Knox County
To the citizen sand voters of Knox
Counnty I hereby announce my
self a candidate for the office ol
Jailer, subject to the action of the
Progressive Party, expressed nt the
poles in the primary election to he
held on the first Saturday in Aug
ust, 1913, under the Election Laws
of the State of Kentucky. In mak
ing this announcement, I appeal tc
the citizens and voters of this county
for their assistance to secure this
nomination and election to the office
of Jailer. I hope, and ask the voters
to rise above party lines, and past
party affiliation nnd give me your
support, by votiug for me in the
coming primary election.
I am seeking this office, solely on
the ground that I want to be Jailer
only one term, and that I need tin
money the State and County pay
for the performance of the duties be
I inging to this office. I hnve nr
claims upon the people of thh
c uinty whatever. Jn the discnarpi
if my duties, and any services 1
nay have rendered them in am
vay in the pastwas only the dis
charge of doty, and for these volun
try nets whatever they may havi
been the people owe me nothing.
Jut you have this office to give to
Dsotne one, and if in your wisdom
you shall decide to give it to me, I
here and now, promise nnd pledge
to you the faithful performance ol
all the duties belonging to the office
of Jailer to the best of my knowl
edge and ability, and to your en
tire satisfaction. With an abiding
confidence, and an unshaken faith in
your wisdom and willingness to
make the right choice iu this matter
I am,
Your obedient servant,
J. H. Hlackiuihn.
Resolutions of Respect
Whereas It has pleased God in
this great wisdom to cause our
dear sisters Mrs. II. C. Drown. Mrs.
L. Miller and Mrs. Hen Sntton to
ow to the infinite decree ol death
ind L'ive up a kind husband and
oving fnl her therefore be it resolved
First that we as members of the
ndies Aid Society ot the !lnptit
Jhurch do extend to them our deep
est sympathy in the loss they have
Second that e commend them
ic.r comfort to Him who doeth nil
things well and prny t at they may
each abide under th shadow ol
Gods wings until llcshi.il call them
to join their loved one in the City
ill God where puttings arc no more.
Third In taken ol respect a copy
ol these resolutions shull be spread
upon the records of our society, a
copy sent to each of the bereaved
families and copy sent to the Adv
cate for publication.
Mr. G, II. May,
Com, Mrs. P. V Cole,
Mr. , W, HugWi.
Report Made by German
Scientists Assert that
It Is Efficient
Insist, However Upon Qiv
inp; it Further Tests
Before Being Ab
solutely Sure
An article in Sunday's Louisville
Herald which is claimed to be an
exclusive interview with Govern
mene officials of Germany relative
to the discovery of the tuberculosis
serum by Ur. Friedraaun gives out
the information that the leading
scientists and medical men of that
country are convinced that it is a
wonderful discovery. The German
Government has ordered that nil
information and data available he
obtained upon this subject nnd
be printed and scattered for the in
formation of their citizens nnd fur
the benefit of the world at large,
.ind in these paragraphs it is stated
hat there have been some remark
able cures affected and wonderfnl
results obtained bv the use of this
serum by Dr. Friedmnun. This
fact is acknowledged by the leading
scientists who have subjected some
of their patients to his treatment
and who state that they have re
turned cured.
All arc not, however, ready to ac
cept this discovery as perfect but
prefer to make tests themselves be
fore thoroughly committing them
selves. The majority of these physicians
have turned cases they regarded as
hopeless over to Dr. Friedmann for
treatment nnd were amazed over
successful cures effected.
The new treatment consists of the
injection of a solution prepared by
the doctor himself, which he says
contains living non-virulent haccilli
taken Ironi the cold-blooded nni
mills iu contradistinction to the vir
ulent organism contained in KochV
tuberculin and other tuberculosis
remedies. Up to November 18, last
Dr. Friedmann claims to have
treated 1.1S2 cases and saidinnocu
lation was an assured success.
Dr. Friedmann has so far conceal
ed the method of ptcparing his rem
edy for use. He announces that he
docs not want to disclose this se
cret until he is prepared to manii.
facture it in sufficient quantities to
supply the profession At present
he is treating nil cases that come to
his institute in llerlin.
The consul reports that the medi
cal profession in Berlin have not ac
cepted the reined as of practical
use, and reserve judgement until
they have been given an opportun
ity to make their own tests. All
seem to admit however, that Ur
Friedmnun ha effected some won
derful cures, and they arc interested
iu the discovery.
An American, II. Prescott Simp-
son, who lelt the United Stntes ior
llerlin to investigate this cine is! Notice is herein- given that on the I
very bitter iu his denunciation ofjlOd.-iyof February lOlfl the said
this socnlled cure. He is a victim of A. G Xaule was duly adjudged
. . . .
tuberculosis and went ttierc to try
the cure and returned alaiming to
have some of the Friedmann serum
and n personally lormed opinion ol
Ur Friediuauii which is in no way
eomnliuientnrv to the doctor. He
says, "I have seen and studied this
most illustluous cuariatan, ana
nave no hesitation in stating that
he is the Dr. Cook ol the medical
profession. As for his no-called cuic
it is not new, neither is it the dis
covery of Dr. Friedmann. It inny
be good as aa immunizing agent,
tint more or less effective as an nn
titoxin, but in mv opinion it oilers
no more hope ofu permanent cure
than docs Kock's tuberculin to-day
Mr. Simpson is himsell a victim
of tuberculosis, mid went to llerlin
iiimed with lettera of introduction
item the first tuberculosis experts in
thin, country.
Sec 188 Ordinnncc Amending
Ordinance No. 187. Ucit ordained
by the Ilonrd of Council! of the xitv
of Barbourvillc that Ordinance No.
187 shall be and is hereby amended
by striking therefrom the words
"between the fifteenth (15th) day ol
March and the fifteenth (15th; day
of October of each year, and ndding
thereto the turkey, or turkeys so
that it will read as lollows:
That it shall be unlawful for any
person, or persons, firm or corpora
tion to permit or allow any chlchen
or chhickens, goose or geee, duck
or d'uck9, turkey or turkes owned
or controlled by such person or
persons, firm or corporation, to run
at large upon unv street or streets,
alley or alleys, or upon the public
square of the city of Uarbourville.
ny person or persons, firm ot cor
poration violnting this ordinance
shall be deemed guilty of a misde
meanor and upon conviction shall
be Jined not less than two dollars
and fifty cents ($2.50.) and no
more thnn ten dnllnrs, ($10.00), for
each offense. This ordinance shall
take effect and be in full force from
and after its passage and publica
tion. All ordinances or parts of ordinan
ces in conflict with this ordinance
arc hereby repealed.
Approved Feb. 7th, 1913.
J, M. Wilson, Mayor.
W. M. Mitchell, Clerk.
NOTICE - - Change in
There will be filed in the County
Court of Knox County on Feb. '28,
191" a petition for change o" road
way on Calebs Creek, and through
the lands of George oiu, and de
scribed as follows:
Beginning at a point, where tie
new proposed road through Cann
dy's land joins George Jones' land;
thence a southward ccursc across a
narrow bottom near an apple tfc
to the foot of the lull on the oppo
site side of the branch sons to ob
tain a suitable grade line; thence
around the foot of the hill with a
suitable grade line and just below
a tenant house on the lauds of
said Jones nnd eoniirctinu with the
old road near the present ford mi
the creek.
C. I'nrrott, Bond
: F.ngineei for Knox County
Notice-First Meeting
of Creditors
In ihe-Dictiict Court of the Foi
led States Inr the Rnstern District
of Kentucky.
In the matter ot A. G. KAGLE
bankrupt. In linnkru'te No. 225
To the creditors ol . G. Nnglc of
Middl.'shoro hi Hell County and dis-
Uriel afores.iid. i bankrupt.
. . . ..."..-. i
unnhinpt and mat tuc nrsi meeting
of his creditors will be held at Mid
dlcsboro,-' Ky., on the 20th day of
FebruarTlJIKl at D o'clock in the
forenoon of said d.ij, at which time
the said creditors may attend, prove ,
'their claim, appoint atrusteo.-ex
amine the bankrupt, and transact
such other business as may properly
come before said meeting.
This 10th day of February 1013.
W. W. Tiuslcv, KcQcrcc in
Resolutions of Respect by
G. A. R. for the Late
William Golden
Comrade William Golden joined
The Report made by the
of Barbourville, Kentucky, tojthe
United States Government show
ed assets on
Feb. 4, 9I3 $251,441.33
Feb. 4, 1911 168,350.51
Gain in two years $83,090.82
Do Business With a Grow
ing. Succe(ssful Bank
We pay 3 perjj cent in;g
tereston time deposits
Barbourville, Kentucky
Monday, February 17th
This is positively your last chance to sec and hear this
popular Rural Comedy-Drama. Pronounced the
"best ever" by those who saw it before. Ask them.
Admission -15, 25 & 30 C.
' Benefit Athletic Association
Company F. 7th Kenluikv Infran
try volunteers, at Cuui,lick Rob-;
inson August 1801, tcrrcd in said J
rcgimeru; three yens, one month
anil lilteen ucys. tie received an
mivf m j " -..-
honorable discharge at Louisville,
October'Sth, ISOi, and joined John
G. F.i&Yost. No. 221 G. A. K. Nov-
dmber 16th, 1907 as a charter mem-
her. He. was elected as patrinrch
instructor for the year J 00$, nnd
was a faithful oflicer, always at his
post,and willing to do his duty in
all business of the I'ost. December
2Sth, 190S Comrade Golden was
elected as Chaplain ot &atd I'ost by
the unanimous vote ol his comrades
for the car 1001).
On Deecmlier '.'"th 1901) he wns
re-elected for the year 1010 by the
same vote ot Ins comrades He was
also elected chaplain lor the year
101 1, tverv comrade catting his
ballot lor him the third venr for
this. poMtiuii Comrade Golden
was elected h- ('onun.unU-r of th
Post tor the e.ir 11)12 'iv .i unnni-
-..".. ..
iiiiin 'itf
Comrade Golden was taken away
trom u- nn. 1.1. 101.1. the Lord cal
ling him home to rest with hinVj
His luneral services were eouductta
at hi old home ami 'his burial in
i,: ..i.i r...:i.. . . , s SI
his old family eemeteri and wall
conducted by hi G. A Ii. Com!
rndes He made hi comradesftn
commander unexcelled, leing (ire?!
ent at every meeting unltx prevent?
ed bv sickness.
We cannot express the lovewH
had for our Cliaphuii and Com?
innnder. Krother GtiMe.i, as lie SvS5j
always called by his comrades,'
(Sigue.1.1 1. l. IlrittamA
A. S. Fuller, Cw3J

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