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ms. D. Com Editor
Km rfil m Hcond-Clns Mnttcr February
. )H nt the Poitofllco at IlnrbourTlII.
K;.,under Art of Cnnarra n( March .1. b7,
One Dollar Per Year in Advance
The Official Oman of the RcpuDllcan
Parly In Knox County
We are authorized to nil
uouiice Thn. (J. Ilammons as a
candidate for County Judge sub
ject to the action of the .Repub
lican Tarty at the Goncral
Primary to ho hold Aur. 2nd,
Harriet Tcrell
C. L. Terrell Dcfts.
By order ol the Knox Circuii
Court, rendered nt its January terra.
1913, in the cac of Harriet Terrell
plaintiff against C. I.. Terrell de
fendnnt. I will, n commissioner,
on the 21' day of February 1913
Pell at the home of Harriet Terrell
near Place, Ky., to the highest and
beet bidder, the following decribed
property, or enough thereof to sat
isfy the judgement in said case,
amounting to $2300.00, vi-.
AH the pcrsonel property ol C. L
Terrell consisting of 2 cows, 1 calf,
13 bogs, 1 buggy and harness, 2
mules, 25 logs, set blacksmith tool
farming implements, 1 saddle, feed
stuffs, household goods etc. It bring
the same property attached in this
And also on Monday the 21-th
day of Feb. 1913 same being county
court day I will sell at the front
door of the court house in Harbour
ville, Kentucky at public outcry to
the highest and bidder the follow
ing land or a Mifficiont amount
thereof to complete the satisfaction
of above judgement.
A certain tract or parcel of land
lying ia Knox County, Ky., on the
waters of Lynn Camp Creek. Be
ginning at a maple on the bank of
Stony Fork Creek near the mouth
of a small branch; thence north
eastwardly direction to a maple
near a spring on the north side of
said spring; thence northeastward
ly direction to a stone at the County
road; thence with said road a
north direction to n black oak
stump and a stone; tbence west-
wardly to a stone on the bank of
Stony Fork Creek; thence down the
creek with its meanders to a point
opposite two bourwoods; thence
crossing , creek to same; thence
soatbvvestwardlv with Mnv's line
to a stone; thence cnstwardly with
Peace's line to n stone and two
dogwoods; thence to the beginning
containing 45 acres le the same
more or less,
r Said property will be sold on a
credit of six months the purchasers
to execute bonds with approved se
curity, bearing interest at six per
cent, from' date until paid, having'
the force and effect of a judgement
and retaining a lein on said proper i
ty until the purchase money is paid, I
Witness my hand, this 6th day
of Feb. 1913.
W, W. Byrley, Commissioner
SaleaboutlP. M. Purchaser
Vniust execute bonds as soon as snle
Ss-over, or the property will be itn
ed lately put up and resold.
Sheriff's Sale
of Food
Mate with different Baking Powders
Frm Series of Elaborate Chemical Tests:
An equal quantity of bread (biscuit) was made
with each of three different kinds of baking powder
cream of tartar, phosphate, and alum and submitted
separately to the action of the digestive fluid, each
for the same length of time.
The relative percentage of the food digested is
shown as follows:
Bread made with
Royal Cream of Tartar Powder;
1 100 Per Cent Digotcd 1
Bread xnada with
phosphate powder:
S8Vt Per CcT Dieted1
Bread made with
alum powder:
674 Per Ctafc Digested
These tasts, which aro absolutely reliable and
unprejudiced,1 make plain a fact of great importance
to everyone : Food raised with Royal, a cream of
tartar Baking Powder, is shown to be entirely diges
tible, while the ahim and phosphate powders are found
to largely retort the digestion of the food made from
Undigested food is not; only wasted food, but it
is the sourceof very many llxxiily ailments.
Corn prowlnc roile-st for the )
In our rural schmils nro enmnirnllvolf
now. but they aro n itrs-nt mieecss
Girls' Tomiito C.innliip elnlis nrp Mill
newer, hut lliej too. are n eni" In
Iors than four years tin membership
In tho flirts' Toronto Canning eluli bus
reached tho splendid nt.il of 27.000. all
To 'introduce our very complete
Spring line of beautiful wool cuit
inji, wash fabrics, fancy waistings
lands of Elisha Peridot oa the south
by the county road leading to Cor
bin, Ky., and on the west by lands
of Lcroy Peace, coptainicg about
60 acres and levied on as the prop
erty of Simon Peace Jan.l5tb, 1913. illts, etc., hdkft, laces and petti
Sale willbc forcaah or ona cred.coats- All up to date N. Y. fits
ItnlslTmnnHitwIth nnnrnwil w. f. Patterns. Finest line on the mat
curity, the purchaser to execute
bond bearing interest nt the rate
of G per cent from date of Bale, and
having the force and effect of a
judgement, and retaining a lein
upon same until all the purchase
money shall bare been paid.
The amount to be raised ia $192.
50 aad interest at the rate f G per
cent from the 20tb day of Decem
ber, 1909, and $30, probable coat.
Given under my band this 5th
day of February 1913. -
S. II. Jones, S. K. C,
ket. Dealing direct with the mills
yon will find our prices low. Pro
fits $10 to $30 weekly. Samplrs
and full instructions packed in a
neat sample rnse shipped express
prepaid. No money requited. In
clusive territory. Write for par
ticulars. Re first to apply.
Standard Dress Goods Co., Desk
10. Uinghamton, N. Y.
Arnold Ifeneger Doyle & Co.,
(Simon Peace.
,lly virture of execution No. 3G37
1 sning frota the Knox Circuit Court
,r the 13th day of Janunry, 1913,
ll, S. H. Jonet, Sheriff of Knox
Gouaty will on Monday Feb. 2rtli,
51013, the same being the first day
gof Kboi County Court, z at pub
Ipic iHitcry at the front door of the
"Court Hotuc ia llarbourvillr, Ky to
Ft he bighett and beat bidder the
Jbitowrag described property:
fMawBiltd m the north by land el
NOTICE--Change in
There will be filed in tbe County
Court of Knox County os Feb. 20th
1913 a petition for a change of
roadway leading from Flat Uck.
Ky., up Big Stinking Creek through
the lands of, J. M. B. Baker and
lames Warren and 6V scribed n
Beginning at Btation O on a stake
surveyed by C. B. Parr-ott, and abo
on a route heretofore surveyed hy
Francis Reese: thrnce raaniag alonj:
t)ie npper edge of the present road
and the heretofore proposed survey
route to station. 3; tbence along the
heretofore, survey to station 4-50
near a ravine:, tlictsce around the
ravine, and cbovc the heretofore
proposed surrey so as to obtain ft
suitable graJe line to station 7;
thence with ibe tiere-ttHfore survey
ed route to. a ravine below Alex
Baker's house, thence lrond said
ravine so a to obtain ab.out 1 per
cent grade line to a joiat 'about 2
feet below stntiioa 3 GO; . tbence a
little above the bcrehofure, Surveyed
route to station f - 50; thence a
little above tbe hcrctolorc surveyed
route to station 6 - 2O5 thence be
low the heretofore Hmveyed route
so as to abtain u'Daut 1 per ceut
grade line to the iinr be tweets Aler
Ilakcr and Jam en Warren; thence
through the laoi't of (nines Warreo
and below the iR-atofu re purveyed
route to station lfi; tt tence nbove
the heretofore iur. eye 1 route and
above n sprie;j tKtr Jno iet Warren
line to station, ltf - W 91e.tr a ra
viae, so as tn obttptt n ituble
grade 'm; tmntutioa 50 r 5Crt
C, M. I'arrotr. tewd
Money Back (or any Cate of
Rheumatism, Neuralgia or
Headache that Solace
Fails to Remove
SOLACE BCMC0V It a rei'ont dlcoery o
lUn German Hclentltti that dlaanU et Url
AoldOryitali ana Purin.is ibe Blood. It li
ay to take.and will not affect the nrakrbt
It li cturanteed under tbe Pure Food and
Drui Law to be abaolutely free from opiates
or harmful druit of any description.
SO LMCC li a pure ipecinc In erery ay,
and hai been pnnen beyond question to be
the surest and quickest remedy for Urlr
Aold troubles known to medical sclenoe. n
matter how loni atandlnc. Hrcnchus and
removes the root of the trouble tUrlc Acid
and jmrlfllss the blood.
THCSOLACCCU. of Buttle OroeV. are the
tola U. H. Agents and hare thousands of ol
untary te'llraonlal letters which hare een
received from grateful people SOLALCIma
restored to health. Tesilmonlal letters, lit
eratur and rRCC BOX sent upon request.
It. Lee Morila. president ai rhu Firt s.i.
tlonalllank. of Olitcii. Texas, wrote IhuHo
Lace Company as follow:
"I want you to send a box of Bolace t
any father In II emphla, Tenn. (or which I
easlose II. Tbla remedy has Imii used by
aouie friends of mint here and I must say
Its actlou was wonderful.
tHIgnrd) R.L. Moirla.
Put UD In 55c. 10 c and II. Ihiihi
intv fine to be well ana you can be
av laaina sulalc. -no sduui
Treatment schemes or fees." Juit soLAre
hmcdoes the work. Write today for (re?
aMMJVCC RCHCOY CO.. Battle Creek. Mich
tra mlflt
,'tkHllM- I Jl
MAnt nonr.ng
working uuilcr directions from tho pov
ornmoiit nud acnttercd nil over the
United States. In these contests each
girl must grow one-tenth of nu ncre or
tomatoes and strive to can the Rreatcst
losilt)le amount of the fruit,
'Although the Hoys' Corncluh Is tliroo
years old In Kentucky wo bollevo lhi
yenr Is the first for tlm OWW CnnnliiK
club. Last sprlCK. when Jcirenson
county onranl7ed Its Hojs Corn and
Potnto cluti. It also orcnnlzed n Ghls'
Canning club and offered some very
sutistantlal priies. The seanon was nn
unfortunate on and thoso hmluB tho
work In charge did not nt first reallzo
that It was not only n mnttor of grow
ing and harvesting n crop, but also a
matter of mrniifaeturliig the crop Into
a marketable commodity. Nevertheless,
tho club marks the beginning nnd :i
very good beginning nt that
One strong tencher nt 11 small, dilapi
dated schoolbouso ten miles from the
city was the prime factor In this be
ginning The second factor wns n
strong mother whojiad the ability to
see and understand the educational
value of the work for hcrhlld. Tint
child was Mary Rogers. wliop clear
gray ees spell nn ability to hold fat
to what she undertakes.
"Yes; It was aw fully hot part of laM
summer." she replied to the questions
put to her. "but I had made up my
mind to w In If 1 could.
"Lots and lots of my tomatoes rot
ted because of tho rain." she contln
ued. "nnd then we nte a great many
too. I bought my plants, and they be
gan bearing about the 1st of August,
so I had six weeks' canning. Yes; that
wns hotter than the patch, because I
did tho work over a wood stove Next
year I think we'll get one of tlio-o ten
dollar canning outfits. You know, you
can use them out In the yard under the
shade of a tree if jou want to.
"Yes; I'm going to be In the tomnto
club next jenr. If they lme one. Oh.
I'ni only thirteen, so 1 h.ne weral
j cars more In the club. 1 forgot to
tell you that I canued 'J3S quarts 1
have had a good many offers for some
of them, but after getting the prize,
which Is quite large, we will ejt most
of them nt home."
Mamie ftelle Shepherd, who was the
nriminr of the second pi Izc. tried to
grow her own plants and for that tea
ton got a very late start In canning
her crop.
An fc'aty Way.
If you have time and words to
waste, wasto them by asking one
woman to giro another th benefit of
tke doubt.
Dtsy Raise Tomatoes While the
Boys Raise Corn.
Tha Splendid Movement Waa Started
by Strong Minded Teacher and I
Paw rr 8a!nB Parent Mary Rob
ot, Who Canned 2H Quarts.
TUo faraior'n wif had been examlu ,
Haf tM a?!! of Gtwn uv mo y.
Cora abair. Si mglh she looked up
aa4 ek4 b a pu4ed and btfrt rasa
Mr: ) about w frriT Toa ve
Mt' OM Wtot k ttw tt
Low Fares
Fertile NorthWest
DAHA' AtAnOII 16 TO Al'firr ir; 101a to points In Wes
tern Montniin. Idaho, Witshliiutiiii Ouhoii. itntlsli Col
iBtnnd 8rl TU1 DAYS EACH ONTll to n.nn.v points
in tlm .N'uilhttnl t'nltnd &tnti- inn. Cm iicln Li'lly limit
and stopovers
Trncl on the
Northern Pacific Rv.
CTJQ.22 f imtlvi'iio ilnjr IIupIi
Minncscta, NorthrDakota. Mcntana. Idhi.
JSII Washingtcn, Oregon, or to Manitct a, Sas
katchewan, Alberta, British Columbia.
Will moiiiI fn o lllitstrntttl lltdriituri about t lie Northwist
Tniteil tstntes and rull iiifurroiitloii nbout Northern Pm-iflu
rnieh or fnro and service piomptly tiini n iiiiim. It costs
you nothing. Write tutlny.
M. J COSTELLO Dlst. 1 nss'r Agt.-IOH 1th Ave.. ( Incliu nll.O
J. h V'lO.V. Tinvellmr Initnli!. Airt. ! K -lili ,vi . t h i d nml i
'f VS"
Silver of
Unquestioned M
durability and
the highest ideals in plated ware arc assured in
spoons, forks, and fancy serving pieces bearing the
renowned trade mail:
There are various makes of silver-plated tableware
which are claimed to be "just as good," but,' like rJl
imitations, they lack the beauty and wearing quality
identified with the original and genuine 1847 R0GEcS BROS,
warc.popularlyknown nr. " 'Silver "Plate that Wears. "
Sold by leading dealers everywhere. Send for
catalogue "CL," fhcving all designs.
International ShVr Co., uinolnimiZHco.. Mcriden, Conn.
i rffwSrTrwreswrTTV' -
naaaaawnnn rv:
LiYery, Sale & Feed
Nicn Itigh ut Ilorsoa.
,i .wjj) isiDES
Wool on Commission. Wiltt tor price-
list jnentlcnlag this ad.
,.,, ,.,,- n EatablUbed 1887
JOHN WHITE & CO, louisville,ky.
. .ivtiwn
'Vittslmtgh Perfect" Fence
With Ike Latest Improvements, This h the
Highest Q talily Wire Fencing Made, Bar None
Based on long Vtc xneriments, do- to make the best fence.
cided improvement ? hi t been made in
"Pittsburgh Psrf'Ct." Aci MADE TO
DAY, it is so ar sup- rior to any other
'as to place it in n clasrby itself.
These improvements corcern tho qual
ity cf wire, construction and jjalvnnlzlng
three vital point3 tliat must be right
We now produce "Pittsburgh Perfect"
in our own furnaces and mills from the
ore to tho finished product. We know
everything is right from start to finish.
These facts positively Insure your in
vestment in "Pittsburgh Perfect."
Every Rod Guaranteed
Mad. In Different Strlw far flELD. FARM. RANCH. LAWN,
Ask j -ur dealer for "Pittsburgh Perfect" and Insist on his furnlshlnu it. Do not allow him to persuade
you that some other fence is Just aa good. If he doesn't tell it, write us direct.
"Pitutxuih ParfMt" nrandaof Barbad Wlrai
Bright. Annaaiad &. CaWanlaad W.r. Twilled
Cabl. Wtrui llaid .Spline Cad Vir.l I-inc.
Sl.ple.i Houllrr N.tlinn Slpli Ri-tulw Wlr.
NuLf CltJ.d Wir. Nallit Ur. Ile.d
Roofing; N.lUl Slnil. Loop Hal. liati "Pitta
buib P.rft ct" F.naina. All mada of Opra
liaarth saat.rlaL
M rou ar. tntaraatwl U Wtr Feaclnt , writ
for FREE copr of ur ALMANAC 1013-
Pittsburgh Steel Co.
Pittsburgh, PcnniylvanU
' V
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s 1
' JUPi'i
iJL .. .
Tntm; m the Mt by
VUr K Xfxf. 'jMry.
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