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Official Oran of the Republican Party in Knox County.
New Series: Vol. 3. No. 22.
Vol. X. No. 10
Tried on Alex Sevier, o
This City, But There
was Nothing Doing.
Polls to Fall For This Moss
Grown Scheme and Is
Greallv Amused.
Tlmt there is a "fool born ever
minute" seems to be (he basis foi
the perpetuation of that ancient
Nobleman in Prison" fake. Tin
old scheme lias been tried nnd it
some instances worked forages pas
ami yet we iirid it' being tried tvei
now, despite the fact that it ho?
bsen exposed over and over nga n
to the public through the column
of the daily papers and by the Gov
eminent Secret Service agencies.
Unlv last week one of our prom
inent citizens, Mr. Alex Sevier, re
ceived one of these fake appeals tc
come to Europe and aid an alleged
w althy piisoner to escape, that he
m ght come to America and recover
hislortunc. The letter follows the
old line ol appeal, offering the usual
fortune and at the same time ap
pealing to the gallantry of the pro
pt.seil victim,' beseeching him to
give his aid to the "darling daught
cr" ol the "Russian Noble man"
Now Mr. Sevier is not averse to
taking care of all the finance that
comes his way, but he is long on
what in the mountains is usually
called "boss sense" nnd he was
greatly amused at his being selected
as an easy mark. He gave us the
letter nnd remarked at the snmt
time in his usual jovial manner,
"You may publish this if you like,
and may say for me that if any 01
my friends would like to take tlm
matter up I am willing that the
should have a reasonable cotnpen
sutioti lor their trouble, and that i
will allow them $25,000, when the
money is collected."
The envelope also contained a
newspaper clipping supposed to bi
tateii irom one of the leading dail
pipers cf London, England, it
winch a lull and complete account
of the arrest was chronicled. II this
is u true clipping from a newspaper,
then we wisli to say, that they
need a proof reader and a new
liaeotype machine, for there were
more typographical errors in this
small clipping than there ever ap
peared m a whole column ol the
Advocate, and that is saying a
great deal.
, The letter received by Mr. Sevur
was as follows:
iS 1-2-913
"Dear Sir: ftjgt-
Althougli I know you. only from
good relerence of your honesty, ray
sad bituation compels me to reveal
ynuan important affair in which
you can procure a modest fortune,
saving at the same time that oi
my durling daughter,
"licfoic being imprisoned here I was
established as a banker in Russia,
as you will see by the enclosed ut
tide about me of many English
newspapers which have published
my urrest in Loudon.
"I beseech you to help me to ob
tain a sum of 480,01)0 dollars (un
derscored) I have in America and
to come here to raise the seizure ol
my baggage puing to the Regis
trur ol the Court the expenses ol
my triul and recover ray portman
teau containing a secret pocket (also
underscored) where 1 have hidden
the document, indispcnsible to re
cover the said sum.
"As a reward I will give up to
you the third part viz 160,000 dol-
'lars (more underscoring.) I cannot
receive your answer in the pruon
but you must scad a cablegram to
to a person of my confidence who
will deliver it to me.
"Awaiting your cable, to instinct
you in all my secret I am Sir,
Yours truly,
"First of all answer by cable, not
by letter, as follows:
"Riardo Montnncr,
Licsta Telcrnfos,
Sonatander, (Spain.)"
Mr. Sevier has so far (ailed to an-
iwer either by cablegram or by let
ter, and thus the fortune and the
darling daughter" are still on the
he other side of the "big pond."
It is also reported that this is not
he first p.rson in this section to re
vive "bait" of this same variety,
-o it seems that there is a gcntral
cvival of this time-worn fake by
'noblemen prisoners" in Spain. Re-
narkable, isn't it, how ninny of
hesc great men arc falselv im-
irisoned in Spain?
Continue, at .the Baptist
Church and Large
Crowds Attend
The revival services which were
begun at the Uaptist Church in this
city last week are being attended by
large crowds at all the services. A
morning, afternoon nnd evening
service of each day are being held,
and at the evening service when the
largest crowd attends it is impossi
ble to get a seat inside the house,
even the aisles being taxed to their
capacity to accomodate the im
mense crowds that throng the build
ing. Never, since our sojourn in this
city, have we seen the interest
manifested in a religious revival as
at the present series of meetings.
Nearly half the business houses arc
closed in the morning that the pro
prietors may attend, and that this
might have an influence toward
ringing other to attend these ser
vices. A feature of these meetings is the
singing service which preceeds each
meeting and which is conducted by
lr. and Mrs. Scholficld. Doth are
iifted singers who arc experienced
m leading song services at the
ncctings of Rev. T. T. Martin and
to a great extent their singirg is
responsible for the remarkable sue
ess of the meeting. Mr. Schofield
n a young business man of Kansas
vho has given up his business then
o devote his time to the cvnngelis
ic field and is n great leader foi
this wor,k.
Rev. Martin is one of the most
learned men we have ever heard ii
this city, is well versed in the Uihh
ind liiblical history, and impress
es his audience that he is enrnes
ind sincere in every thought thn'
ic gives them. lie deals with fact
tud truths as written in the flibl
md is not a "buck biter" ol otlu
lenominatiotis. In his audience
will be found the pastors and mil
isters ol the other churches of tin
ity and members of every denonu
lation represented in Ilnrbniirville
Four services were conducted
Sunday. A mass meeting for tin
children just at the close ol Suudax
school, in which there were several
idditions to the church; the regular
'Horning service; a meeting that af
emoon in which his subject was
Social Evils" nnd which wns at
tended by a large crowd, and the
regular evening service. The meet
ings will continue through this week
and probably a part of the next.
Lighthouse Jervlc Coitly.
During toe last fifty years the light
some servise of the United State hat
ct a tui of tmmw.
Make the Home Orchard
Produce This Year
The problem of what to do with
the apple orchard in order to make
t produce good Irmt is an import
ant one. Everywhere one can find
orchards that have produced good
fruit during the past seasons, but
owintr to neulcct nnd advancing
age, they have fallen into the habit
of bearing only in seasons at whidh
time every tree is lull ol fruit. Any
one who has an orchard of this kind
should be anxious to know what
steps may be taken to make the
trees return a crop of fruit regular-
One of the chief difficulties in car
ing for the home orchard is the
spraying. Fairly good fruit may
often be produced without cultiva
tion. Pruning is not such n difficult
opcrntion nnd there is n wide range
of time in which this operation can
be performed. With spraying it is
different, however; and in order to
get the best results the spray ma
terial should be npplied at the prop
er tunc.
If San Jose scale is present in the
orchard the first spraying should
be applied during the dormant sea
son, preferably as late as possible
before the buds start to swell. For
this spraying use strong lime-sulphur
wash. This may be prepared
at home or it may be purchased
from various manufacturing com-
next important
should be given just after the petals
fall, and before the calyx cup closes.
It is given at this time so as to
guard against the codling moth,
the insect that causes wormy fruit
and causes the young apple to fall
off. Bordeaux or dilute lime-sul
phur may be used, to which add
two or three pounds of lend arsen
ate. The Bordeaux will serve to
keep the fungus disease in check.
From four to six weeks later a
third and a fourth spraying may he
necessary in order to protect the
fruit from bitter rot, scab, black rot,
sooty blotch, codling moth, etc.
For these sprayings use dilute
liordcnux mixture, to which should
he added the arsenate of leud.
In this work one should always
know just whnt he is spraying for.
In general, all leaf and fruit eating
insects, such as slugs, caterpillars,
beetles, codling moth, etc., are con
trolled by using Paris green or
arsenate of lead when the insects
first appear. Scale insects, such as
oyster shell scale, Snn Jose scale
nnd scrufv bark louse, ore control
led by using some one of the con
tact sprays, such as kerosine emul
sioi), or lime sulphur solution, in the
spring before the buds open.
Spraying is not the only operation
that is necessary to make an or
chard profitable. It is but one of
the links iu the chain of successlul
orchard management. Pruning nnd
cultivation are also important and I Congress for the purchase of a site
should not be neglected if one ex-! upon which to erect a public build
pects to get the best results. ! iug here. Mr. Powers said he would
The outfit needed for spraying a
small orchard should consist nt a
good brass lined pump with a barrel
twenty-five feet of hose, a good
eight or ten foot bamboo extension
rod, with one or more standard
tiotzles. The whole outfit should
not cost mbrc than twenty or,jcvinte froin tltfjr fixe,i ruc an(j
twenty-five dollars, and il cared for
it will last several years. A hall
day or n day at the most will suffice
to spray an orchard ol from twenty
five to fifty trees, according to size.
Limcsulplutr wash is made as , 8loim succct ; accomplishing this
follows: Twenty pounds lump lime 1 (or us
is slaked to n creamy mixture nnd ' This bil hns l)CeD favorably re
fifteen pouuds of sulphur added. , )0rte(i 1otn ,y tlc s,.,,, nnrt llT
To this should be aUUecl hlteen gni -
Ions of water. U01I for one "our,
stirring frequently. At the end of
the cooking process the mixture
should be nmbcr in color. Add
water enough to make fifty gnllons
innil apply at once.
F. II. Carmoov, Assistant Hor
ticulturist, Kentucky Experiment
Names Must Be Printed
On Ballot, Else He
Cannot Oet on the
Frankfort, Ky., Feb. 2 f Attor
ney General Garnctt today, in an
answer to a number of inquiries
concerning the construction of the
State primary law, decided that
names of candidates can not be
written on the ballots in the pri
mary. The vottr in the primary
must indicate with the (X) the list
of candidates for whom be desires
to vote.
This decision was made in an
swer to the inquiry if Republicans
could vote for Democratic caudi
dates or Democrats vote for Re
publican candidates by writing the
names on the ballots.
The Attorney General also held
that in county races the candidates
were not required to get a specified
number of signers to the petition in
in any certain precinct.
Meeting of Brush Creek
Coal Operators Asso
ciation A very important meeting of the
Ilrush Crcek Coa Operators Asso
ciation was held in this city last
Friday in which steps were taken
and plans discussed for going before
the Interstate Commerce Com
mission at Washington and secur
ing a through rate for billing coal
from points on the Cumberland
Rnilway to any given point ofT this
railway. Heretofore a rate of 10
nnd 12 cents per ton has been
charged by this railroad for haul
ing the coal to Artcinus, the termi
nal point connecting with the L. &
N, and thus making their rate about
12 or 13 cents higher on the ton
than from points ns far south on
the L. & N as Pincvillc.
The operators claim that they
were unable to get this billing rate
by application to the L. & X. direct
and that they arc now taking it be
fore the Interstate Commerce Cora
mission for adjustment. Their rul
ing will affect a number of people in
Itarbourvillc ns many of the oper
ators and mine owners are citizens
of this city.
Barbourville Has Good
Chance to get Puclic
Representative Caleb Powers,
while writing the editor of the
Mountain Advocate on another
matter; stated that he was very
hopeful of getting an appropriation
ol $5,000 during this session of
luive no dillicnlty about it at all but
fur the (act that llarhourville falls
far below the requirements for an
appropriation, both ns to popula
tion and postal receipts; but he is
straining every nerve and is trying
to get the members of Congress to
favor Uatbourvillc, nnd he believes
that he will be successful in doing
so. This is indeed goods news for
our town, nnd our citizens will feel
vcrv creatful to Mr, Powers ii he
, tic Lowcr Hou8c aj seera8 from
nu indicntiaiis that It will nasi both
100 J0
of seeyRiTY
PaysP Interest On
"Uncle Sam"
Keeps his money with us,
why Don't You?
Barbourville, Kentucky
Rowdy Students; Profes
sor at Williamsburg
Has Harrowing
Williamsburg. Ky., Feb U I. -Prof.
Taylor, a member of the faculty of
Williamsburg Institute, was set
upon by eight boys, students of the
same institute, wearing masks, and
with n pair of scissors undertook to
cut of! the mustache of the proles
sor. In the melee which followed most
all the students received bruises at
the hands of the teacher, who bit
off the finger of one of the students,
and succeeded in taking core of
himself until assistance arrived nnd
the students fled, later in the dor
mitory, the teachers recognized one
of the students and hit him a severe
blow on the jaw. The teacher was
seriously cut about the face and eyes
by the scissors in
the hand of al
The names of the students could
not be learned. Prof Taylor U a
graduate of Harvard University and
has only been here a short while
Our Moving Picture Show
Replying to a general criticism of
Moving Pictures we wish to state
that in our picture show no film is
shown now that has not been pas
sed on by the National Hoard ol
Censorship, whose duty it is to see
that nothing of an immoral nature
is allowed to be produced on can
vas. VYc invito any and all do
nominating ol Religious hodis to
attend our show ami ne as to
whether or nut our pictures are ob
jectionable We ate endeavoring to
give the people of Hurimurville the
best ftud highest class service to be
obtained regardless of cost, many
of the subjects being taken Irom the
works of standard authors and re
produced on the canvas, micIi ns
"Vanity Fair," "Martin Chiuzle
wit," by Dickens, and other well
known works. All of
which con -
ttiin lessons that are beneficial to
the grown people as well as the
children. There may be in some
places bad picture shows but in
llnrbourville we propose to keep
our show clean nud 011 the same
high standard as in the past:
Thanking the public for their past
patronage I nm, very truly yours,
S. J. Brown,
Manager Star Theater.
Uy Paul. )
Prctu weather now and garden
ing anil farming is talked freely
bv the rural folks.
A large crowd ol boys and girlh
were visiting nt Sawyers Bandy's
on Onni Creek, last Sunday.
Wahcr Cory and G G. Cobb were
in London last week cm business.
Rev. O. M. Cobb and wile were '
out boat riding Sundav.
Joel Corv. ol Sprulc, hns moved
to Clay coitntv.
Clabc Cobb is still making a vig
orous campaign for Magistrate, on
the Republican ticket.
Flowl Cobb made a business trip
to Richland last week.
Miscs Magpie and Tilda Ulevin--,
of Wnolluni, were in Sprulc, this
Henry Cobb is not smiling so
ver.v '""'
now. What's wrong
A. . Hughes, of rtirdler, was in .
Woolhim, this week lookin" up a
singing school.
Farister Colo, of Hopper, is in
llnrbourville. this week.
Ins. Grcgoty is enlarging his nr
den in I.mv Gnp, this week.
Andrew Cobb, ol Tedders, was in
Sprulc, lat week on business.
James and John Gregory uiailc a
business trip to Manchester, Satur
day. White SlaveLav
Spicml Irom Washington, of
Feb , 2.'1 - flic I'cdcrnl "white slave
trnlKc aci" ol 1JU0 was upheld as
' constitutional by the Supreme Court
01 the Tailed States todav in
opinion by Justice McKcuna.
Marking Keyi.
If ou have a number of key to tn
1 tnIll'' fi''i. heoiicuse ana suca butia-
1115B tuui iuuk aim irri auuui aui,
put wooden tags on them with one
notch for tho stable. to notchea for
thn henhmuft, etc. You can tell at a
elancc then, or by feeling them If It
la dark, vhlch key It the right oa.
Origin of th Toaat.
Th word "toast," ai applied to a
health drunk In some one'a honor
cornea from tbt old custom of oJCerla'
the piece of toast floating la ta
punch bowl to tho most diatlorulhe4
guests pretest at the tumuat Av
I "fltlfiki-iii'ili VkfiitilHsfefiit
1 'j'33C55HBR5B5BSBR"''w

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