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irfffi bz endured
If ju'ti irsutal with
C. DicKinson & Co.
OI(ic over CoU-Hi'gbti Stcir
At nnrbourvlllo, In llic Slole of
Kentucky, lit the Close of Business
on June aotli, 1020.
'Loans and Discounts
U. 3. Uondn deposited
lo Eccuro ctrculutlon
(parvahio $15,000.00)
Owned nnd unpledged
Total U. S. aovornment
!3ecuritIo3, other than
U. S. bonds (not Includ
ing sloclts) owned and
unpledged $8,8C3.76
Stock ot Federal Re
serve Bank (50 of
Equity In hanking
Furniture and fixtures .
Lawful reservo with
Federal Reservo Dank
Cash In vault and not
amounts due from na
tional banks
Chocks on h.inks locat
ed oulsido ot city or
town of reporting bank
and other cash Items . .
Redemption fund with
U. S. Treasurer and due
from U. S. Treasurer . .
. $2,400.00
. $1,000.00
. . $572.56
.. $750.00
Capital stock paid In .. $50,000.00
Surplus funds $30,000.00
Undivided profits
- $22,345.14
Loss current oxpenscs,
Interest, and taxes
paid $8,976. 6C $13,368.48
Circulating notes out
standing $15,000.00
Certllled checks out
standing $1,105.30
Cashier's checks on own
bank outstanding $3,809.35
Total last two Items
Individual deposits sub
ject -to check .. .. $37C, 072.64
Total Of demand de
posits $376','672.64
Certificates ot deposit
(other than for money
borrowed) 172.387.00
Total deposits subject
to Reserve $553,974.29
TOTAL $002,:$42.77
I Robert W. Cole, Cashier of the
above named bank, do solemnly
swear that the above statement' Is
true to tho best of my knowledge
and belief.
ROBERT V. COLE. Cashier.
Correct Attost:
Sawyer A. Smith
J. M. Rob3lon
L. M. Colo.
Subscribed and sworn to before
rao this 7th day ot July, 1920.
R. N. Jarvls, Notary Public
tal number ot cars of strawberries
.shipped during tho 1920 season was
196 and the sum received was $411,
337.64. The total number of cars
In 1919 was 128, which brought
$307,000. The money is being paid
out. Louisville Herald.
Tho Redpath Chautauqua has
como and gone. It was a succes
from start to finish and only expres
sions ot ploasuro were hoard as to
the general program. The audience
naturally had Its preferences but
'even In that case It was divided as
to particular speakers or fun mnkers
Tho Chautauqua Is to como again
next year, due to tho civic pride of
tho men who guaranteed the $1,200
necessary to get It. Tickets will bo
$3.00 which, when divided Into the
ten performances, makes them cost
thirty cents each, a small price sure
ly fpr tho ploasure and profit that
may bo gotten out ot them. It Is to
be hoped that our citizens will show
their appreciation by buying tickets
enfeugh to bring the guarantors clear
which was not tho casa thtji year.
WHEREAS, At tho 1920 session
of tho General Assembly of Ken
tucky, ilotiso Dill No. 60 wuh enact
ed, and by said act, It was provided,
among other things, Hint u State
Highway should be constructed from
Covington, Kentucky, to tho Ken-turky-Tonncstis
ntilo lino, near Mi,ii
ring, Tann.f nnd designated lu uMil
Act ns project No. 5, and said High
way pa.oj thru Knox County (and
Barbourvlllc, tho County scat there
of) from Corbln via Gray, Ky lo
tho Knox-Bell line, nnd
WHEREAS, Knox County. Is de
sirous that tho said Highway should
be constructed thru Knox County n,j,
early as posslblo und la willing to
furnish such linanclnl aid to the
construction of the Hlghwny as It
tion of V. II. draco, a Justice of th?
Pence, seconded by S. T. Jackson, a
Juntloo of the Peace, It 3 moved
that request lie hereby made to the
Slato Highway Commission that the
said Highway bo constructed thru
Knox County Immediately, and that
Knox County loan to tho State High
way Commission for tho Department
ot Stale Roads and Highways all tho
State Aid money ot said County in
the hands of the Road Commissioner
July 1st, 1920, and such other State
Aid money as will como to ICnox
County for road construction In said
County lo July 1st, 1920, being ap
proximately $75,000.00 to be applied
on tho construction of the said High
way thiu Knox County, same lo bo
refunded to Knox County when Pro
ject No. 5 shall havo been completed
This. proposition to be binding upon
Knox County upon tho acceptance by
said Commission and upon such ac
ceptance tho said State Highway
Commission and State Road' Engi
neer are authorized to appropriate
the said funds lor said purpose, and
tho yeas and nays being taken result
ed ns follows:
Yeas: John I). Martin, S. F.
Jackson, E. G. Mills, N. E. Ham
mons, N. H. Cuice, A. O. Grant.
Naj-3: A. J. Furgerson.
Motion carried.
It Is therefore now ordered by this
Court that lequest be. and It Is here
by made lo the State Highway Com
mission, that the Highway thru Knox
County be immediately constructed
nnd Knox County hereby loans to
the Stato Roads and Highways all
the Stale Aid money of Knox County
In tho hands of tho Road Commis
sioner July 1st, 1920, and such
other Stato Aid money as will come
to Knox County for road construc
tion in Knox County to July 1, 1920
being appioximatcly $75,000.00
(the exact amount to be determined
later) to be applied to the construc
tion of th: said Highway thru Knox
County aud same to be refunded
when Project No. 5, of which same
Is a part, shall have been completed.
That upon tho acceptance of this re
quest by tho State Highway Com
mission tho said Commission and
State Road Engineer are authorized
to appropriate the suld funds for
said purpose.
The roads to be Improved are
Stinking Creek and Little Richland.
Engineer J. R. Murphy wont to
Frankfort with these projects and
received the approval ot the State
Commissioner of Roads. County At
torney J. S. Golden was In Frank
fort this week further assisting In
the good work
Thru tho courtesy of Mrs. n. II.
Mooro, wo are able to show to thoso
who care to drop In and seo them
a number of photogravures of Decor
ntlon Day observance In France.
There has been some criticism of
the French among those who were
abroad nad It would bo hard to find
perfect human naturo In any nation
but those pictures prove that the
heart of the French peoplo Is really
grateful to thoso who offered tholr
lives on the altar ot liberty.
Tho Knox County Toacljers' In
stitute will convene In tho Daptlst
Cluych, July 12 nnd continue live
days. Tho instructor will bo (Prof.
E. E. Ervln of Center College, Dan
ville Ky.. and Miss Muttlo C. O'Nell
of Catloshurg, will act as Assistant
Instructor. Under the ruling of the
Department of Educutlon, all teach
ers are required to attend this In
stitute. Mountain Advocate $ 1,50 a year
L. L. Hamilton, real estate dealer,
consummated a deal last week whore
by the mines of tho Richland Coal
Co.,. In Knox County, becomo the
property of 11. R. Shorter, of this
city. J. F. Hanulgan, of Blrmlng
hi.in, Alabama, will tako charge ol
tho mines as superintendent. Mr.
llamllgnn was hore tho first of the
week, but returned to Hirmtnghnm
Tuesday to get his family. .Air. limn
ilton han created quite nn interest
in real estate since lie entered the
business n few months ago. Ho has
mado several big deals lately and
has sovernl pending now. Mr. Ham
ilton says pioporty lu Plucvllle will
increase 100 per cent lu the next
eighteen months. PInevlllo Cltlzon.
Little Frank Henry Citron, ion of
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Catron, likes to
help his dad and last wool; ho wont
with him to drive home the cow.
Mr. Catron was driving his auto be
hind tho cow and Frank Henry
Jumped on tho machine when It was
in motion. His hands being sweaty
he leC go fur u moment aud was
thrown off, breaking a leg lu the fall.
Fortunately the wheel of the auto
did not pass 'over htm. Drs. J. II.
Albright and Leslie Logan set tho
broken bono and the little fellow Is
doing Una and being a good Injun.
Drew Tye, Sanitary Inspector of
Dalrle3, Atlanta, Ga., Is visiting his
mother, Mrs. H. C. Tye, accompanied
by his daughter, Miss Lcontiuc. On
Sunday it is hoped to have a regu
lar family reunion, with one excep
tion, the first In thirty-three years.
Those present will be. Dr. J. G. Tye,
Josh J Cager, Thomas, Charlie,
(from Frankfort) Mrs. J. R. Jones
and Mrs. John Parker. Mrs. Tye
may well bo proud of the family she
has raised aa may also Knox County.
.. 'Mrs. G. W. Tye gave a swimming
party and breakfast at the river on
Wednesday morning of last week.
About thirty young people, including
member4-fo the Red Grenadier Rand
were present and had u good time.
A delightful luncheon was served
Wednesday of lust week by Mrs.
Sam Condon in honor of a number
of young viultoni to Barbourville.
Those present wero Misses Jewell,
Drucllla, and Llllydalo Tye, Mary Me
Dermott, Roberta Cole, Cecil Dyrley,
Kntherlne DIshmau, Nelle Jones,
Detty Perry of Richmond, Francis
Tato ot Stanford, Marjorle Brown
of Yarllla.
At the last examination for toach
ers, there were thirty applicants, of
whom twenty-two passed and obtain
ed certificates of which six were lbt
Grade Elementary and sixteen 2nd
Grade Elementary. Eight fulled.
For tho law that requires banks thiuout tho United States
to print ut stated Intervals a full and complete aud accur
ate stateluent of the Rank's resources and liabilities. Tho
reason is not that the officials of the Stato or the Nation
shall be thus given an insight into tho financial conditions
of tho bank, for the Government Dank Officials have made
their Investigations before tho statement was prepared.
They have gone Into tho bank's affairs with the most
mlnuto euro," examined nil tho notes uud securities due
the bank and have, carefully scrutinized the bank's assets,
and have been convinced that tho affairs ot tho bank are
In first cluss condition; elso tho statement would not be
permitted to be prepared.
Is given to the public so that tho public may seo for itsolt
Just tho condition of tho institution. The amount of
dopo3lts, tho amount ot money borrowed by the bank on
time loans, tho amount deposited by savings depositors,
all u ro shown. Also all tho bunk's resources are shown,
so that uuy man may read tho atatomeut aud .know Just
tho condition ot the bank.
Read it and then come In and let us talk Investment
with you. Wo recommond U. S. Treasury Savings Cer
tificates und Liberty Hands, They are tho safest Invest
ments wo know of and pay fair Interest.
Miss Amy Lomntrom of tho Hon
lieplii County, Minnesota Speakers
bureau, tells why sho Is a Republi
can. "1 choose this party because ot Its
bread principles which enable It to
embrace the Interests of all the peo
ple, not only of u small section or
"Tho Republican Party has nlwnys
mainly Instrumental In giving tho
ballot to women, whllo suffrago wns
secured to us not becauso of but lu
uplto ot the Democratic Party.
"The Republican Party hos nlways
stood In tho front rank of welfare
legislation. It hns numerous laws
In favor of labor to Its credit; it has
always had tho Interests of women
uud children ut heart, and It was n
Republican Congress that passed tho
hill Incorporating tho Red Cross.
"In the matteer of child labor, tho
hiind-matdcn ot Illiteracy, I find that
theie ure fifty times as many young
children employed in Industry lu the
Democratic States as are employed
In the Republican ones. The percent
age of. Illiteracy according to tho
census of 1910 ranged from 29 In
Democratic Louisiana to 1.7 In
Republican Iowa, with statistics de
nying the statement that the high
per cent of Illiteracy In the South Is
brought about by the Ignorant color
ed vote.
Only seven of the Democratic
States have a compulsory education
law, and In some of these the en
tire session is short and tho exemp
tions so absurd as to make the law
u mere pretense.
"Only six Democratic States have
a mother's pension law.
"Only three Democratic States In
the nation grant to mothers equal
guardianship with fathers over their
"The Republican Party has the ab
lest leadership nnd the moat con
structive program. It has always
been tho party of a strong and vigor
ous Union. It has ever put the Unit
ed States before the Individual state.
i'Whut other party can we women
look to with as much confidence If
the pust is to lie the Judge ot tho
Tho marriage of Miss Esther Joc
kel, daughter of Mrs. Muinyo Orth,
of Warren, Ohio, uud Mr. Hampton
S. Golden, sou of Mr. Juntos Golden,
formerly of Burbourville, occurred
at tho home of Rev. W. F. Drown, ot
Wurren, Monday, June 28th. Mr.
Golden, who was recently discharged
from the Navy, is now an employee
of the Cleveland Constiuctlon Co.,
of Toledo. Ohio. After a short lrouey
moon tho young people will bo at
home to llieir rfiends at 18 Iowa St.,
Wurren, Ohio.
Reb. C. M. Summers, District Sec
retary of the Y. M. C. A. will tako
charge of this ccotlcn, vice W. E.
Harper, who has been transferred to
tho Covington district, effectivo on
September lbt. Mr. Summer's head
quartern will bo at Winchester and
those of Mr. Harper at Covington.
Judge J. D. Tugglc, of Knox
County FIscul Court, and County At
torney J. S. Golden returned this
week from Frankfort,
Tho State Road Commission held
Its first meeting at Frankfort, July
6th. It was announced that tho
rond reveuuo on liquor tax had been
declared unconstitutional aud that
the revenue from the automobile
lux will not bb nvallablo until tho
first of the year 1921. All that re
mnlus ns revenue Is tho gasoline tax.
On the motion of II. II. Asher,
Commissioner of Bell County, the
State Hoard decided to uso $75,000
from the Stato fund and $75,000 ot
tho Federal Government fund on tho
road running from Darbourvlllo to
tho Bell County lino. Nono of this
Is Knox County money. Road Com
missioner Joseph S. Doggs told our
official uu leaving that it will be
necessary to advertise this road pro
ject for four wcoks nnd that the
contract must bo let in thirty days.
Tho line as located from Darbour
vlllo by the way of Richland nnd
Grays has been approved by tho
Stale Highway Commission aud by
tho Federal Government and this
line will be constructed ns soon ns
funds are available. At the sugges
tion ot Mr. Asher tho $150,000 was
applied between Darbourvlilc and
tho Dell County lino so ns to bring
thut end of tho rond up with tho
Corbln end ofthe road as there Is a
good graded road from Barbourvllle
to Corbln.
In regard to the four miles lead
ing from Darbourbllle up Llttlo Rich
land, tho contract for which has al
ready been approved by tho Statu
Road Commissioner, this will be
built with tho County funds and
Stato Aid money. Tho ratio between
tho County and Stato will be approx
imately 35c from the County and
65c from the State for each $1.00
Tho four miles from Old Flnt Lick
up Stinking Creek will be construct
ed in the same manner and on the
bame basis. Neither of these last
two projects come3 under the Feder
al law.
The Fibcal Court has appropriated
$1,000.00 for grado purposes for
one milcof road on Indian Creek
around the Andy Hill aud has also
appropriated $1,500.00 to connect
tho gap In tho macadam south of
Darbourvlllo on tho Williamsburg
road so us to corBfet the pike with
tho city limits.
Filduy evening, July 16th, at 8:00
p. m. at the Presbyterian Church,
Rev. J. J. Clopton will administer
Holy Communion to which service
all citizens are cordially Invited.
Fllmdom has turned to airships us
express curriers lu the mad rush for
speed caused by competition.
Transporting u rush shipment of
film from a company on location at
San Diego. Cnl., Norman Manning, of
the Patho Company us passenger In
Hie "pony blimp" belonging to the
Goodyear Tiro and Rubber Company
arrived In Los Angeles recently In
three hours nnd eleven minutes Just
in tlmo to pluco the film on a' fast
overland train for New York.
Tho cntlro trip of 138 miles was
mado five miles off shoro over the
Pacific at a height varying from 700
to 1.000 feet. Two pilots were car
ried besides tho film company mana
Tho llttlo 95 foot dirigible, pro
bably tho binullest practicable air
ship ever constructed In the United
Stales, aud tho first commercial dir
igible lu tho country, consumed but
nine gallons ot gasoline and u halt
gallon of oil a cost of approxi
mately two cents a mile.
Manning, who was recovering
from the effects ot Injuries received
lu un automobllo accident, was bad
ly shaken up by tho uutomobllo trip
to Sun Diego, but suffered no dls-
comofrt from his three hour air trip
This Is tho first trip ever made in
the United States by u lighter than
air craft und tho longest ever mado
by bo smtill n craft..
The United States army has taken
cognizance ot tho practicability ot
these small blimps by purchasing
two for uso In connection with ar
tillery spotting and observation.
Goodyear Nowb Service.
Good, fast, satisfactory work done
In the Advicato Job Printing Office.
NO. 7284
Al nnrbourvlllo, In the Stnte of
Kentucky, at the Close of Biuincss
on June 30th, 1020.
Loans and Discounts $674,621.71
Overdrafts unsecured $466.71
Doposlted to secure
circulation (U. S. Bonds
par value) $22,500.00
Pledged to secure pos
tal savings deposits
(par value) $2,000.00
Owned and unpledged
Total U. S. Government
securities $96,935.00
Securities other than U.
S. bonds (not Including
stocks)ownod and un
pledged $22,956.10
Total bonds, securities,
etc. other than U. S. $22,956.10
Stock ot Federal Re
serve Dank (50 of
subscription) $1,950.00
Equity In banking
house $6,650.00
Furniture and fixtures $2,400.00
Lawful reserve with
Federal Reserve Bank $37,735.08
Cash In vault and net
amounts due from na
tional hanks $60,100.11
Checks on other banks
In same city or town as
reporting bank $1,477.76
Checks on banks locat
ed outside of city or
town of reporting bank
and other cash Items $2.00
Redemption fund with
U. S. Treasurer and
duo from U. S. Treas'r $1,125.00
Other assets $989.29
TOTAL $807,408.70
Capital stock paid In $30,000.00
Surplus fund $41,000.00
Less current expenses,
Interest, and taxes
paid $342.81
Circulating notes out
standing $22,100.00
Certified checks out
standing $2,158.00
Cashier's checks o n
own bank outstanding $686.37
Individual deposits
subject to check $355,168.81
Dividends unpaid $3,000.00
Certificates ot deposit
(other thun for money
borrowed) $195,606.66
Postal savings deposits $1,688.22
Other time deposits $155,657.89
Total deposits $708,121.58
TOTAL 9807,408.70
I, W. R. Lay, Cashier of the above
named bank, do solemnly swear that
the above statement is true to the
best of my knowledge and belief.
W. R. Lay, Cashier.
Correct Attest:
A. M. Decker
S. H. Jonea
L. L. Richardson
Subscribed and sworn to before
me this 7th day ot July,-1920.
Emma Morris, Notary Public.
The Ladles Aid ot the Methodist
Episcopal Church met at the home
ot Mrs. Thomas F. Faulkner Friday
afternoon, July 2nd. Miss Faulkner
read the Scrlpturo lesson followod
by the Lord's Prayer. A short busi
ness session was held and several
committees made reports. Tho meet
lug was then given over to tho lit
erary program. Mrs. Swearingen
and Mrs. R. N. Cornett had splondld
papers on Obedience. Seventeen mem
hers responded to roll call with scrip
turo verses containing the word
Those meetings are very much en-
Joyed as everyone takes part in tho
open discussion which proves to be
very helpful. Two visitors added
ploasure to the social hour during
which tho hostess assisted by Mrs.
Edward Faulkner and Miss Nancyo
served delicious gherbert and cake.
The next meeting of tho Methodist
Ladles Aid will be held with Mrs. J.
T. Hcddow, on Muln Street, Friday,
July 16th, at 2:30 p. m.
Senator Harding's election will
mean a buaines administration.
.- -..

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